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Aug 6, 2017 2:00am EDT
note as -- notice as well. china's ecommerce giant alibaba agreed to pay $1 billion to take control of the company. time now for this high flyer to join us. ♪ max bittner, welcome to "high flyers." max: thank you for having me. haslinda: all it took was two weeks in southeast asia and you were sold on the idea that ecommerce was on the verge of having a revolution and there you went packing and bringing your wife and your 4-month-old daughter to singapore from munich. that was a risk. max: i think definitely. but i think the conviction for making that decision was very deep. i basically spent a lot of time back in my old career in mckinsey consulting mail order businesses, and at the time, i watched ecommerce destroying that business model over a very short period, and i saw the opportunity of ecommerce and i knew what i felt were the key components to win. when i look at southeast asia and traveled over here to do my work, the usual thing i do is go to local supermarkets, and look at what the availability of products in the supermarkets are. what is striking in a supermarket when
Sep 16, 2017 3:30am EDT
>> welcome to china, birthplace and home place of juggernaut alibaba. i'm stephen ingles, and what a past 18 years it has been for alibaba, but china, as well and the global internet economy as a whole. and we were here for the 18th birthday bash. [applause] packed in with 40,000 employees into an outdoor stadium. and we spoke exclusively with group executive chairman jack ma. cofounder and group ceo daniel zhang. >> everybody has a big chance to go digital, but people need to change. >> three leaders driving alibaba: the global disruptor. stephen: it was a humble as theyg for jack ma cofounded alibaba in 1999. the chinese were even connected to the world wide web and alibaba wanted in. ofbaba employee was expected contracting sars in 2003, senior executives were quarantined and that gave birth to perhaps the best platform today. which growth ebay out of china and led to the single day shopping extravaganza and the world meeting the new ipo in 2014 and the launch of many new businesses, much like bloomberg's set up for the interviews, the rise of alibaba has been no small feat. and
Jun 3, 2017 9:00am EDT
front page of the ft. dimon -- have lunch. and there was civil war in china. anyway, he was a little nervous. and i said, we are not going to spend time in the past. all i want to say is, you did the wrong thing for the company. i made a lot of mistakes too, and here are some of the mistakes i made. after i gave him the mistakes i made, he said, thank you for sharing that with me. we had a very nice lunch. it's not quite clear that he did the wrong thing for the company. and life goes on. david: so, you were in a small office, as i recall it, at the seagram's building. jamie: after i got fired come -- after i got fired, you mean? david: you had a small office. jamie: this shows you how stupid corporate america gets -- the company had been set up. we had a cochairman and co-ceo. john reed and sandy -- i was going to be the president and run the global corporate investment bank and other jobs. because those turmoil among management deals are very tough, we had cohead's of asset management, cohead of consumer -- coheads of consumer and , technology reported to me. instead, all of the st
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3