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Jan 11, 2017 8:00pm EST
china must be warned off. 30 minutes away from trading day in hong kong. have japan data, the yen strengthened. we have equity markets in new york, all giving us clear indication where we should be going. we are looking at singapore, taipei -- it is all going on. >> asian markets set for the highest close since october. sharese have japanese lingering, the greenback held onto wednesday's losses. 7%,iler family mart down giving us a preview what to expect from retailing later results tonight. materials supporting games a second day higher. the yuan strengthens the most against the dollar against emerging currencies. we have shipping rising as much as 29% after trading in shares was suspended on wednesday. sticking with the korean space, a quick check on samsung's shares in the wake of what went on with german lee. halting alding a -- 4 day rally. more with the latest on samsung in just a little bit. when it comes to the commodities sorry, looking with currencies, we have a weakness continuing in the dollar. ase yuan climbing as much 1.1%. we are seeing the yen coinue its price agai
Jan 21, 2017 9:00am EST
multilingual. 30% of the malaysian population and cultural links to india china, which is the two largest economies in asia. -- in english, the language of commerce. >> you have got a diverse, talent which is good in english which you need to if you want to work for a multinational. skills training. people who had the opportunity to work in many different parts of the business, which can be exported -- to help us develop new businesses in other parts of the world. >> i'm product the team that works here. we do procurement and product line management, and we do risk management. it's a multinational that has offices around the world,. different sets of working culture, different sets of people. it is about how we actually adapt and accept and try to work together. been very impressed with the amount of skill set the laser has been able to fulfill in large multinational businesses when they have moved here. one of the big transport k.l. is the skills being outsourced from other countries into kuala lumpur. that were not be possible if the skill set was not here for them to recee those functi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2