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Dec 17, 2016 7:45pm EST
china and fought against china we would have won world war iii and he was able to say, and the soviet union would not have entered the war against us. this was the position he took public which is why he ultimately got fired. he was able to get away with saying that because the if part was never qualified. in any event he could say if he had done this and no one can prove him wrong and macarthur had sufficiently high esteem for his own views that you really had to prove him wrong for him to entertain the thought. let's take another question right here. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> well with patton, patton said the united states ought to go ahead and attack the soviet union. this was the mindset you could call them sorted the battlefield general although mccarthy was not a battlefield general but he did have the attitude in this one was widely shared because world war ii became the model for americans the way wars often thought. in american history these all-out wars and with traditional surrender the enemy, that was the anomaly. that's not the way wars usually end that after worl
Dec 26, 2016 6:45pm EST
of japan with china and then after the korean war broke out the conflict in korea this is where the cold war will be won or lost. >> is very interesting, i wonder if you took a minute to talk a little bit about the strength of your book is when you talk about the personality of these two people. and you see it in a balanced way so you don't see one of these guys is a hero and you have two very strong personalities coming together. one of the quotes you had is to know mac is to love him or hate him, you can't just hate him. there seems to be this classic -- can you talk about how this affects the story? >> one of the things that attracted me to the story was that there are these two distinctive personalities but they're very different type. macarthur is this character is larger-than-life and he sits on top of a mountain or throne, he became de facto japan, he was aloof, aloof, he was one who people gave him advice but he never gave his hand to anybody else. he was a lone figure. and that was his personality style that was his administrative and governing style. and i should add, he w
Dec 21, 2016 8:00pm EST
is survival. so macarthur went to his grave to say if i could have gone after china, we would have won world war two and he could say the soviet union would not have dared to enter the war this is the position he took public and why he got fired because united states did not fall out against china's truman thought he was wrong but if he had done this bill they could prove me wrong. that you really had to prove them wrong just to entertain the thought. >>. >> to believe the same way macarthur did that it was actually a getting out of hand. >> patton said they shed pat the soviet union. and this was a the mindset to call the of the of battlefield general but he did have the attitude that was widely shared at the time because it american history the all out war that a fence with that unconditional surrender of the anomaly but after aboard old war two because this was the signature aboard -- war we were attacked we go all out we will end and come home that is that. also what he was dealing with andrea because americans are very frustrated with the ability to win the war against the cle
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)