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Feb 22, 2016 4:00pm EST
.. and prompting the company to stop importing products from china..earlier this month the c-d-c released a report saying the levels of formaldehyde were high enough to cause respiratory and throat irritation.. but relatively low risk of cancer.. only 2 to 9 cases per 100 thousand people..turns out.. government scientists forgot to convert feet to meters on the ceiling height.. so the levels are all 3.3 times higher.. which also boosts the cancer risk to 6 to 30 cancer cases per 100- company's stocks tumbled 20 percent today following the news.. the company's c-e-o resigned last year. the c-d-c's recommendations are simply to take steps to reduce exposure.. which includes ripping out any flooring that could be affected. for the now. i'm todd walker. walker. right now, lumber liquidators is facing several class-action lawsuits. but, no criminal charges have been filed in connection to this health concern. the company stopped importing the flooring from china, last may. a popular ohio ice cream company takes steps to make sure nobody gets sick from its sweet treats. treats.jeni's s
Feb 17, 2016 4:00pm EST
developing story right now... take a look at these satellite photos...the u-s... now confirming china has deployed surface-to-air missiles onto sea.we've shown you this area before...there's been concern china's building up the islands and reefs here... to create a military stronghold. in a somewhat surprising admission... beijing today said sea and air defenses have been there for years.and says the missile deployment is both appropriate and reasonable. japan calls it unacceptable. six countries in that region all disagree over who owns that territory in the south china sea. it's that time of year when if you have the money -- you start making plans to travel for spring break. break.but a trip doesn't have to break the to save you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... mexico, florida, hawaii - it's that time of year - spring millions of us plan our vacations - many of us will spend too much money during it.the now's candice aviles... looks at the best ways we can stick to our budget... and not get caught up in post-vacation debt. debt. "we're going to mexico, i'
Jan 26, 2016 4:00pm EST
-drivers-in- china-to-steer-clear- of-taxi-protests-1434181092> was to make sure contracted workers in china weren't attending protests against its service. (video via uber .com/watch?v=kjkvakouthy)but this time, the company says it will only be looking at drivers' data when a rider posts a bad review to see if the complaint was warranted. (video via uber that because the company enforces performance standards, they should be considered employees and, benefits. watch newsy 24-7 on your tv or download the newsy app for on the go updates updates one of the men behind a daring jail break is n
Jan 7, 2016 4:00pm EST
. u-s stocks are plunging again over concerns about china's economy.the dow dropped 400 points before close today. this comes after stock markets in china had to suspend trading today for the second time this week.they closed down after just about 30 minutes... after stocks dropped's the shortest trading day ever in the chinese market's 25-year history.*anchor on cam tag= wall street is off to its worst start to a new year "cheers/applause." cheers and applause...a happy ending today after some frightening moments 9-hundred feet underground.17 miners... all rescued.. and all okay...they were trapped for ten hours in an elevator in this salt mine in lansing, new york.rescuers sent them blankets and heat packs as they worked to bring them to safety. shawn wilczynski | mine manager: "most of them were saying they were doing good to cuddle up and keep each other warm, and to keep each other's spirits up and i'd say they were highly successful at doing that." that."the initial investigation shows the elevator had a mechanical will be lifted out of the shaft so it ca
Feb 12, 2016 4:00pm EST
:// .com/watch?v=qxdi_no5mnm in china and will travel from jiangsu, china, to dubai. originally, palmer wanted the sequel to hit the open waters valentine's day weekend is looking like a good time to bundle up.steve has your 9 first warning forecast in minutes. and heres todd walker with what else we're working on. five officers killed in four days across the country.. we sit down with the national head of the fraternal order of police.. hear what he thinks welcome back to the now we're looking at some downright frigid temperatures this weekend.and that means bundling up if you're headed out. steve breaks it down for us.. steve? steve? our better chance for scattered snow showers develops this afternoon and will continue during the evening rush. visibility will reduce at times with our more intense bursts of snow. but remember, it doesn't take much to make roads treacherous if a snow squall develops. in all, around a half inch of snow is possible. the max amount is around 1" but that would be very isolated. the weekend begins with another round of arctic cold air. the front that
Jan 8, 2016 4:00pm EST
report and rebound in china's stocks boosted early trading nearly 140 points.but u-s stocks couldn't hold onto the afternoon.still... it's not even close to the nearly 4- hundred points stocks fell yesterday. we're all dreaming what we'd do with 800 million dollars. that's how big the estimated powerball jackpot is now... it jumped another ndred million today... ahead of tomorrow's drawing. the prize is the largest in lottery history.check out these lines at a store on the california / nevada state line. and some more perspective on just how crazy sales are... the kansas lottery for example says at one point on wednesday people were buying powerball tickets at a rate of more then 53-hundred a minute. so what does 800 million dollars look like?we did the math to help since most of us can't imagine that much money. do you have a 20 dollar bill? multiply that bill by 40 million.that's 800 million dollars. much money?how about a professional sports team?if basketball is your thing -- forbes magazine says you could afford the charlotte hornets, memphis grizzlies and sacramento kings.. alo
Jan 15, 2016 4:00pm EST
globally intertwined. we cannot ignore the fact that china does play in a role in how you're going to perform inside our borders whether you have a lot, or a little... can you tell if you should cash out? jenkins says it's as easy -- as using online sites -- like yahoo finance.go to the dow indicator -- select "simple moving average" -- and change the number to 200. the black line is the the 200-day moving average. when the black line is above the red -- he says it's **safe to invest.but...13:22 when the black line drops below the red line, that's usually a single it's time to move out and put that money in cash...and that's where we're at right now. and if you've already done that -- jenkins says there's a bright side...this is a good time to buy. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. the dow jones has lost almost 14-hundred points in just the first 10 days of trading this year.right now... it's on target to be the worst month since february 2009. a dangerous virus triggers a travel alert for americans. what you need to know even if you don't plan to travl and ca
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7