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Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
talk about? >> in general. he has a stance on china, which is a country that is ripping our heart out. we do nothing to protect ourselves, that i really like. >> where were these made? >> i don't know where they were made. but they are great. it's ties, shirts, cuff links. sold at macy's and they are doing great. >> where are the ties made? >> the ties are made in where? china. the ties are made in china. >> that look on donald trump's face is worth a million gold plated towers. that's worth the price of whatever impulse you have towards your fellow human being donald trump. whatever price you pay in empathetic shame just for the pleasure of seeing his actual shame at having that issue resolved that way on national tv. to be satisfied with seeing this lie of his unravelled. because it is a kind of lie to make it seem like you're the guy who would be super tough on china in business terms and economic terms. you're the guy who would stop china from ripping america's heart out while you're the guy who is making his self-branded neck ware in china. you might refer to that as sort of
May 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
run by the communist party. for real. it's not an insult. it is a description. china is run by the communist party of china thchlt. this is their emblem. they have real departments of propaganda. they are state run media all over the world. in china, newspapers are run out of the propaganda department of the communist party. in the washington post reported that four of the communist party controlled propaganda directed newspapers in the city of beijing have been attacking america's ambassador to china. they are going after gary locke. he's the former governor of washington state. he arrived after jon huntsman quit the job to run for the presidency. famously jon huntsman dad said that had china been able to vote for u.s. president, they definitely would have picked jon huntsman. the chinese people loved him as america's ambassador to china. the chinese people liked gary locke too. for some of the same reasons they liked jon huntsman. in a country that's increasingly disgusted with the arrogance consumption on the part of its elite, jon huntsman riding his bike around and locke weari
Dec 16, 2016 6:00pm PST
"impeccab "impeccable" was poking along 3 miles per hour across did south china sea when a chinese frigate zoomed up and crossed right in front of it within 100 yards. cut it off. that was a slightly worrying development. but then within hours it got worse. within hours chinese military planes started do multiple flyovers really low over the "impeccable" like 600 feet over the "impeccable." that started on a thursday in march 2009. and it kept going for a few harrowing days. after the initial confrontation on thursday, on friday, this is again march 2009 right after obama was sworn in. the confrontation started on thursday, on friday the chinese started verbally threatening the "impeccable" saying if it didn't leave the area, it would face the consequences. by the weekend, by sawn, that confrontation had gotten much bigger. the "impeccable" was still alone on the high seas but by sunday there were five chinese ships surrounding it including one that got so close, got within 50 feet of the "impeccable" and the civilian crew -- remember, this is unarmed ship. i don't know if this is protocol
Jun 24, 2013 6:00pm PDT
bring them back to china, they cannot very well tell you as part of making that deal with you, you know, by the way, if the u.s. realizes you spied on them, once you're back here, we will extradite you back to the united states to be tried for espionage if they ask. all countries spy on each other. charging him with espionage seems like it makes it less likely that china would send him back. asking another country to extradite somebody for that specific crime, that's a difficult thing to ask. putting that charge out there in public, on friday, before american authorities had mr. snowden in custody seems like it might have been a strategic mistake. why did the u.s. do that? that said, china's saying that the espionage charge made it impossible for them to arrest snowden might just be another chinese excuse. they might not have been planning on arresting him at all no matter what he was charged with. the chinese government seems to be enjoying one of the things he's leaked about is the u.s. spying on china. now they get to crow about that publicly and say the u.s. is a hypocrite for
Jan 19, 2011 9:00pm EST
of china taking questions from the press. a serious and barely thwarted terrorist attack that nobody appears to have noticed. and i think the best thing shown on television since the bbc's shagging parrot of 2009. that is all due to come up on this show this hour. we are very busy here tonight. first, one more thing about the republicans' horrible very bad day in health reform repeal. remember the job killing? in the wake of tucson, they took killing out of the way they were talking about this. they started calling it job destroying. instead of job killing. now apparently, though, that's over. today they went back to saying killing all the time. >> we find that incredible that repealing this job killing legislation is actually going to cost us money. they support repeal of this job killing legislation. >> it's much too high. >> additional job killing taxes, it was irresponsible to pass this massive job killing plan. >> not to be outdone by all the killing talk, congressman mike pence of wants to be presidents-ville decided today not only was it too soon to bring back all the k
Mar 18, 2017 1:00am PDT
pipe. when douglas macarthur was the commanding general for u.s. troops in the korean war, china sent hundreds of thousands of chinese troops over their border into north korea to help the communist side in the korean fight. and general douglas macarthur went to president truman when that happened and he told president truman that he wanted the united states to wage war on china in response. he wanted to start bombing china, and quite famously, president truman fired him for that. fired him. removed him. that was a big hairy political deal at the time because general macarthur was really, really popular. he was so popular they threw parades in his honor when he came home from being fired. you've seen this footage. some of the most iconic footage of gigantic ticker tape parades in the canyon of heroes in new york city is from the enormous parade that new york threw for douglas macarthur after he got fired by the president. literally millions of people turned out in tribute to him after he got fired. macarthur was really, really, really popular even though he maybe wanted to start world
Feb 13, 2017 6:00pm PST
was on role last wednesday in the south china sea when it had what the navy is calling aen unsafe encounter with a chinese military plane. now, this is not one of those things where they send a little fighter jet out to do barrel rolls around our surveillance aircraft or something. it was the u.s. plane involved here but this was the chinese plane. look at that. this is the plane that was involved in the unsafe incident on the chinese side. this is a weird looking plane, isn't it? it's also a four engine turbo prop plane, sort of potbellied, sway bellied. it's got a sharp little pug nose. and then it's got this big thing that sticks off the top that looks like a solar panel from the '70s before we knew how to put them on right. it's like the least aerodynamic radar r.a. but that was the plane involved on wednesday of last week. that weird looking plane, or one just like it, quote, crossed the nose of a u.s. navy p-3 owe ryan. it was in international air space. it was on routine patrol and this lumbering strange looking chinese plane that looks like a big billboard on its back cros
Jul 6, 2012 12:00am EDT
costs $190,000. it costs $190,000 to buy this jeep if you buy it in china. i'm not saying that a great new jeep is not worth a lot of money, but really $190,000? for that kind of money, you can buy a brand new bentley. not that would want to, but you could. the jeep cherokee that costs as much as a bentley does not make sense on its own. it's the result of one country slapping a penalty on buying jeeps. so that people in that country, frankly, will not buy that car. today the obama administration launched an official complaint over that giant penalty put on american cars by that other country. the white house today filed a formal compliant with the world trade organization for that one country's decision to shut off sales of american jeeps. and today on the stump in ohio where they make jeeps, president obama sold that action like he meant it. >> as long as i'm president, that's what i'm going to be doing. waking up every single day thinking about how we can create more jobs for your families. for your security, for your community. than the previous administration. just this morning my
Feb 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
untruthfulness. the core of the ad's argument u.s. deficits redistribute power from america to china. the mechanism by which it does that is china purchases american treasury bonds which are the means we use to fund american deficit. when we have a gap between tax revenue and spending, we have to make that up with debt. the instrument is a treasury bond. and scary china is buying up the debt. that notion, take away the offensive way it's couched, that scary china owns america notion is almost a consensus idea. absolutely everywhere. also become a prominent theme in many political ads. this is an ad put out by the vague front group conservative not for profit citizens against government waste. set in beijing, in 2030. be very afraid. >> . >> that notion of a scary china has become an accepted truth in american politics. the problem it's based on a fundamental misunderstanding of who owns american debt. based on all this, what percentage of american debt would you say china owns? i'll do my best ron popeil, 60, 70, 80, every last piece of our debt? to the pie chart. the answer is rough
Sep 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >>> this is the logo of the china offshore oil corporation. it's kind of cool right? i like to call this cnooc. as you can tell, the logo is kind of a pictograph explaining what they do. it's supposed to be an oil derrick and the c is the platform that it's sitting on. the whole thing is in blue water because they are an offshore oil company. this chinese company is a huge company. it's almost entirely owned by the chinese government. in 2005, they tried to take over an oil company based in california. so big chinese, state-run company trying to take over a california company. this is the chinese government, a big business deal like that actually does have national security implications for us as a country. that's the kind of international business deal that's subject to review by something called the committee on foreign investments in the united states. a big committee that reviews this stuff. the treasury secretary heads it up. when that committee was reviewing this deal with, congress went absolutely nuts over it. in the end, that deal did not go through. that was in 2005. china
Jul 16, 2012 9:00pm PDT
macau in advance to get used to how disgusting it would feel to play in beijing. china is, of course, the largest country on earth by population. that's our population and theirs. china has 1.34 billion people. you could subtract our entire population from their population, and they would still be over a billion people. china is just massive, and inside the enormous nation of china, there were null really recently two european colonies. hong kong, obviously, the highest profile one. hong kong was a british colony in china until 1997. in 1997 hong kong was handed over from british control to dhi neez control with great fan fare. when hong kong got handed over, there was one other european colony left in china. one owned by portugal of all places. two years after the british handed hong kong over to the chinese, portugal handed over control of its colony in china, which is this little place called macau. while macau's weather and air quality and its scenery are nothing to write home about it, it has one absolutely untouchable greatest in the world mega-asset, gambling. gambling
Apr 18, 2017 1:00am PDT
the region, and china to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear until north korea abandon nuclear and ballistic missile programs, but all options are on the table. nevertheless, president trump and i have great confidence that together with japan and our allies in the region, we will protect the peace and security of this part of the world and achieve our shared goal oaf a nuclear free korean peninsula. now, security is the prosperity. promoting prosperity is the main reason i had the privilege of meeting with your deputy prime minster. at the direction of trump and abe, today deputy prime minster and i have the opportunity to formally launch the dialogue. with the opportunity to deepen bilateral ties and foster jobs, prosperity, growth on both sides of the atlantic. building on a strong foundation that is the prime minster said, our economies have been intertwined for generations and in is a new day and new chapter in relations between the united states and japan. every day though, our nations already exchange goods and services that improve people's lives and help busine
Jul 16, 2015 1:00am PDT
china and its 750 million people. the announcement i shall now read is being issued simultaneously in peking and in the united states. on behalf of the government of the people's republic of china has extended an invitation to president nixonon to visit china as an appropriate date before may 1972. president nixonon has accepted the invitation with pleasure. >> saying that he, president nixon personally would travel to china for direct talks. that was not just a surprise because no american president had been to china. it was a surprise because nobody thought that particular president would go to china. this was the middle of the cold war. nobody thought nixon of all people would extend a hand to china. his own party was absolutely furious with him about it. conservatives called at this time liquidation of the anti-communist stance. they said this was the same thing as appeasing adolf hitler. and yes, of course, china is not iran, right? china then is not iran now. but if you hum a few bars, the way this diplomatic victory with iran is being greeted here in the united states sounds
Apr 14, 2017 6:00pm PDT
is the week that we are just coming out of. now we have a weekend. today air china canceled their regularly scheduled three times a week round trip flights between beijing and pyongyang in north korea. china's been vague as to why they canceled them, but it's not the first time. whether it was done for commercial or political or security reasons, we cannot say for sure. but what it means in practical terms is the air route as of it is not only served by one air carrier. it is served only by air k choreo. among other things, air choreo is internationally famous for its food. there's one food stuff you are served as a passenger on that airline. your choice is do you want it or don't you? the only thing they offer you is their burger. it arrives at your seat wrapped up in a cartoony wrapper that says hamberg on it. it's kind of cute. turns out it is not served in that wrapper to keep it warm. the burger is reportedly served iccold. and when you unfold its little cartoony wrapper, what you find is, tada, behold, that is the burger. wave number of pictures of the burger because it seem
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
sold chrysler to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. mitt romney will fight for every american job. >>> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> mitt romney did actually say he'd let detroit go bankrupt and he opposed the bailout and said if we did it it you could kiss the automotive industry good-bye and that didn't really work out. when they endorsed him, they said in spite of him screwing up so badly. the point where they say barack obama sold gm to italians who are going to build jooirps in china. this appears to be a spin on this ad from ohio last week. >> i saw a store today, one of the great manufacturers in this state, jeep. now owned by the italians, thinking of moving all production to china. i will fight for every good job in america and i'm going to fight to make sure trade is fair and if it's fair america will win. >> that line about jeep moving american jobs to china? moving all production to china? that is not true. chrysler is not moving its production to china. that is not at all true. that is not true. that is a lie. chrysler itself had to come
Jul 24, 2012 1:00am PDT
foreign policy team have pursued a misbehavior to the world trade organization to try to stop china from cheating wherever possible and question their human rights, but romney thinks that turns america into a door mat. he thinks president obama is letting china walk all over him. he would not push china on that wto stuff. his solution instead is to create a reagan zone. a reagan zone for all of the countries around china. while it is extremely unlikely china would join the reagan zone, our offer to allow china to join would modify their trade and industrial behavior. seriously, that's the plan. it's up there on the current campaign website. we create the zone, china says no to the zone, but the zone still gets china to participate in free trade on fair terms because, you know, reagan. but governor romney's reagan zone has been badly outdone in their devotion to those two magical words that solve problems by their very incantation. the prize for the assumption currently goes to republican congressman darrell issa. he's probably the most famous for holding all-male hearings about contracep
Jan 19, 2017 9:00pm PST
business dealings for himself in china, reported the transition's preference all foreign policy matters that need to be brought to mr. trump's position should be relayed through his son-in-law and all foreign policy stuff has go through jared as much fun when the obama white house fielded a call from the chinese ambassador who was mad about trump taking that call with the taiwanese president, the white house relayed that information not through trump's national security team but instead through jared, through mr. kushner as much fun at that very time, jared kushner's company was pursuing a mega business deal with a company that has close ties to the chinese government. one of jared kushner's most recent projects was secured with 0 million in loans as much fun 50 mistak$50 mistake5$50 millii charged investors as much fun think about that for a second as much fun it's not just these areas seem muddy, no as much fun it appears that jared kushner is the most important advisor to his father-in-law, the most important advisory to the president of the united states on all foreign policy matter
Sep 29, 2014 6:00pm PDT
was a saturday. the chinese government does no want there to be pro-democracy proo tests in china anywhere. but they really don't want them there. they've had problems with protests there before. five years before that date, exactly on may 4th, five years before, they've had a huge environmental protest that very much embarrassed the local government. so what's an authoritarian government to do. when they realized their old may 4th demonstration with another may fourth demonstration that's happening to come on a forthcoming weekend. what china did is they moved the weekend. they moved the weekend so that saturday, may 4th was now a workday and school day. and the weekend happened, instead, on monday and tuesday that week. protist officially discombobulated. when it comes to stopping peaceful protest, china is not messing and. but it turns out neither are its people. part of the deal when britain returned hong kong to china, hong kong and china would be one country, but two systems. people in china, mainland, do not have freedom of speech or freedom to assemble, but people in hong
Dec 22, 2016 1:00am PST
states the underwater drone that a chinese ship made off with in the south china sea last week. chinese warships snatched up this drone while an american civilian crew on a navy ship was in the middle of retrieving it from the south china sea. the chinese swept in, took it and took off. and the pentagon didn't clarify what condition the drone was in when the chinese handed it back yesterday, but it is now back in american hands. and that's great. so crisis over, right? but if you pay attention to the timeline on this, there's something worth worrying about here. on thursday, that's when the chinese warship took the drone. on saturday, we woke up to this beautifully misspelled tweet about it from the president-elect. quote, china steals u.s. navy research drone, rips it out of the water and takes it to china in unpresidented act. set aside the typo. look at the timestamp, 7:30 on saturday morning. he went on to delete that tweet and fix the typo about an hour later. that was all saturday morning, started about 7:30 in the morning a couple days after china had taken the drone. but as best
Jan 7, 2016 1:00am PST
mainly with china. china, in fact, had to shut down its stock market on monday because it plunged so far. it wasn't just like a normal bad trading day in china. they literally used circuit breakers to stop trading on the mark because the market there was crashing so fast. that crash in china on monday b, that's what caused the major drob here that same day. well now tonight, thanks to the magic of time differences, the stock market has just within this hour opened for thursday in china and it has happened again. just within the last few moments, china has had to halt trading in its stock market again because of a massive selloff that plunged that market down all at once. the stock market was reportedly only opened for about 15 minutes before chinese officials basically pulled the circuit breakers and shut it down. this, again, just developing now. and markets do things fasts, but this is an ominous sign for what could happen here in the u.s. markets tomorrow. watch this space. >>> best new thing in the world. i love this one. i love it. there are a zillion different types of ships us
Apr 21, 2017 1:00am PDT
. >> agriculture secretary. also, korea's not part of china, nor has korea ever been part of china. "wall street journal" released a transcript in which the transcript bragged about learning about the whole history from a ten minute lecture he got from the chinese president. as americans we're not psyched to learn our if the is trying to learn basic world history by listening to other country's leaders telling him about it. if you're south korea, you're not psyched to learn our president thought korea was part of china. south korea's really mad at china on the odd chance president trump accurately described what the chinese president told him, now south korea wants an explanation as to whether or not china is spreading a rumor telling ignorant leaders around the world about a made up history between china and the korean peninsula would love to be true. in this incredible threat environment neither south korea nor japan, both of them god allies of ours, we had sent an aircraft carrier to that region to basically back north korea up, to push back on them to make an american show of force of
Feb 5, 2016 1:00am PST
table i was exercising my judgment on what to do on iran and russia and china on a whole raft of issues because i know from my own experience that you have to be ready on day one. there is just too much unpredictable threat and danger in the world today to try to just say, wait, i'll get to that when i can. that is just not an acceptable approach. >> secretary clinton, at the last democratic debate senator sanders called for moving as aggressively as we can to normalize relations with iran. your campaign has criticized him for saying that. now that he's standing next to you here on the stage can you explain why the u.s. shouldn't try to normalize relations with iran in your view? >> absolutely. i did put together the co lash to impose sanctions. i started the negotiations that led to the nuclear agreement sending some of my closest aids to begin the conversations with the iranians. i'm very pleased we got that nuclear agreement. it puts a lid on the nuclear weapons program. we have to enforce it. there have to be conventions attached to it. but that is not only our problem with i
Mar 28, 2017 9:00pm PDT
china in 2015 even as everybody was making a big deal of it russia and china went to a whole other level. they went hog wild for the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii. and not just in the way that had them celebrating, you know, the survivors of that war, the folks who actually fought in those wars. what russia and china did for that anniversary in 2015 is they decided to hold absolutely gigantic, unprecedentedly gigantic displays of their own national military power. it was an unusual thing. china organized what may have been one of the largest military parades in modern international history. china showed off -- look at these. the tanks and missile launchers. a lot of them in this weird intense digital blue camo. they showed off their domestically made drones and aircraft. they took great care to make sure every weapon and missile and vehicle they showed was domestic. was chinese made. no foreign weapons. they rolled out dozens of what they call carrier killers. chinese-made missiles that the chinese say they say these missiles are big enough and powerful enough to sink
May 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
dangerous thing to do in china. he sued them over their one-child policy. in 2005, he recorded interviews with rural villagers who reported they had been forced to have abortions and undergo sterilizations by local authorities. this 36-year-old woman who told him she was seven months pregnant and on the run when she learned that local officials had detained more than a dozen of her relatives and would not release them unless she returned for an abortion. drawing attention to that kind of government activity is what mr. chen did before he was imprisoned for more than four years. he was released last year, only to be kept with his family under constant surveillance in a strict house arrest. his family says they were beaten regularly, particularly when they tried to communicate with the outside world. this is what happened in october of last year when a mcclatchy news reporter tried to reach his house to interview him. watch. >> in a split second after the man in black heard i was a journalist, he lunged through the window screaming and tried to drag my news assistant out of the c
Sep 29, 2009 9:00pm EDT
china mobile, the china-run cell phone company. if you only count the people in the world who have cell phones, one in eight of those are a customer of china mobile. on the occasion of this week's 60th anniversary of the founder of the people's republic of china, china mobile has done a little something for their many, many customers. when you call someone from your china mobile cell phone now, instead of hearing this sound -- [ telephone ringing ] instead of hearing that normal phone ringing sound, china mobile customers now hear this -- ♪ they have changed all 500 million of their phones so that the normal ringing phone sound is instead that patriotic song. the name of the song is the mandarin word for nation or country. yes, before you ask, that is being sung by jackie chan. yes, the exact same jackie chan who you are thinking of. china mobile says that anyone who doesn't want jackie chan singing a john ashcroft-style patriotic ballot as their ring back can go to the company's website to learn how to change it. in the meantime, though, they want their 500 million customers to enjoy
Feb 12, 2010 11:00pm EST
quite literally cannot compete with the rest of the world as the chinas and indias and brazils and southeast asias sprint ahead and leave us mired in debt and pollution and traffic and dial-up internet connections while they sprint ahead. if we're ever going to use our government to do anything for our country again, we've got to recognize and defeat the thing that is stopping us from doing that. and we can't do that recognizing and defeating if every time we start to talk about it we sleep until our nose goes underwater. and so the filibuster must be renamed. there has to be a not boring way to talk about a problem this important. i for one am optimistic about it. i believe if we can bear to think about it more than five seconds before we fall asleep or det distracted or need to look at pretty pictures we can grapple with what it takes to fix it. americans know we have a problem. "the new york times" polled on this and i swear because they didn't use the word filibuster in their question 50% of people said yes this undemocratic thing should be fixed. look at the lengths they had t
Feb 2, 2011 12:00am EST
republicans, a reason to drill. china was magically drilling for oil off the coast of cuba. reason to drill. packers are in the super bowl, reason to drill? for some folks, opportunity is always knocking when it comes to their chosen policies. for some, it's not about pushing for a specific policy. it's about choosing every occasion to push for their favorite idea or story. like the idea, the story that it's the end of the world. >> this is the coming insurrection. it is imperative to get up to speed. do your homework. this is not about egypt. this is about your hometown. it is important to see what is really going on and what this leads to. i believe, again, the coming insurrection. >> now, the people protesting it is imperative to get up to speed. do your homework. >> now, the people protesting against mubarak in egypt means it's upon us because china is going to take over new zeeland. also, the muslim world is one country. >> there are three powers that will emerge. muslim's that control the mideast and parts of europe. china controls asia, part of the middle east, australia, maybe
Jun 1, 2017 9:00pm PDT
, i'm leaving tomorrow for china. i'll meet with high officials there to forge new china california climate agreements. i'll also work with new york and washington and several other states in what i call the under two coalition, a group of 175 different partners, canada, mexico, quebec, new york, massachusetts, california representing a billion people and almost 30% of the world's economic output. we are agreed on a climate set of goals very similar to the paris agreement. and we are moving forward and we'll continue. and i would say this action very misguided action by president trump will act as a catalyst to galvanize the people of california and i would say of the whole world to do the right thing in getting us on the path of sustainability. >> you lay out there a lot of things, and you and your predecessors have passed laws and programs as you mentioned that have made california the leader here. on that sort of international collaboration front, as you know, democrats have a new letter out in your state. they're asking you to consider convening a special climate summit to, quot
Oct 7, 2010 12:00am EDT
in delaware. i think that in making a statement whether china is a friend or foe we have to be careful not to label all chinese but in terms of the government, i think that there is a very carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over america. i think that china, the chinese government is definitely a foe. there's much i want to say that i -- i wish i wasn't privy to some of the classified information that i am privy to because i think that -- we can't be -- >> can i interrupt you and say how are you privity to classified information? >> because i've been working with various non-profit groups for over 15 years and we have been sending missionaries to china for a very long time and these missionaries go to china and -- with risking their lives because you are not allowed to be a christian over there. so a country that forces women to have abortion and mandates that you can only have one child and will not allow you the freedom to read the bible, you know think they can be our friend? we have to look at our history and realize if they pretend to be our friend, they have
Mar 10, 2014 9:00pm PDT
example, the ongoing and very tense standoff between china and taiwan. taiwan in some ways wanting to be an independent nation. china insisting taiwan will never be independent, it will always be part of china. in 2004, vanuatu decided they were going to recognize the independent nation of taiwan. opened up diplomatic relations with the capital, it taipei. china, of course, was furious. taiwan reportedly paid vanuatu $30 million for that recognition. and it's no small thing to make china, all of places, mad at you. you know what, $30 million is $30 million. if you're the kind of country that cycles through prime ministers every few hours, that gives you a way to unburn your bridges in cases like this. yeah, vanuatu made china mad at them, but when the prime minister who made that decision got thrown out of office, just a month later vanuatu reversed the policy, making up with china, hopefully pocketing the old hard taiwanese cash. whatever you think of a country diplomatically prostituting itself like this, it's one way to make money and opportunities like this arise from time to t
Sep 3, 2015 1:00am PDT
up for china to hold big a military parade today. marking 70 years since the end of world war ii. 12,000 troops taking part. it is a military parade so it is a show of force in some ways. for all the military chest beating and the not inconsiderable triumphism, this is also way of china's way of commemorating in a way it hasn't done in such a big way before. it is their way of commemorating, not just the end of world war ii, but also, how much china sacrificed in that war. china had 14 million people killed in world war ii. that war created 80 million chinese refugees. the forced movement of 80 million people. a phenomenal number of human beings forcibly displaced. and while every allied country, i think, imagines itself to be the hero of world war ii in some way or another, countries around the world, including ours, are still grappling with the conscience implications of what we did not do for some of the worst-off refugees in that global war. now it is happening again. a humanitarian crisis of refugees, women and children. a crisis getting increasingly acute every day. for mon
Sep 25, 2015 12:00am PDT
york times" is reporting tonight that china is about to announce a massive new cap and trade program to limit greenhouse gases in that country. if this is true, this is kind of the big kahuna in terms of global policy to address climate change. the chinese president of course arrived on the west coast earlier this week. he arrived in d.c. this afternoon. tonight he's having a private dinner with president obama. he's due to have a state dinner with all the trappings tomorrow. but before that dinner "the new york times" is now saying that the chinese president is going to announce this new cap and trade program. you'll recall that president obama has tried mightily to get our congress to pass a cap and trade program for the united states. those efforts failed in part because of objections that the chinese weren't doing more about their carbon pollution, so why should we get ahead of them. now if the "new york times" is right and china is about to take this big step, that is huge for the climate. it's also potentially huge for american policy on this subject. again, "the new york times
Dec 18, 2009 11:00pm EST
an agreement, albeit a nonbinding agreement with china, brazil, india and other nations on climate change. >> today we've made meaningful and unprecedented -- made a meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough here in copenhagen. for the first time in history, all major economies have come together to accept their responsibility to take action to confront the threat of climate change. >> joining us now is nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andrea, thanks very much for coming on the show tonight. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> i know you have some pretty extraordinary reporting about what actually happened today in copenhagen when president obama tried to get a climate change deal. how did it all happen? >> it's the craziest thing i've ever read, a tick tock given by senior officials on air force one as it's flying back to washington. the president left before anything was signed, sealed or delivered, citing the snowstorm. aides said they wanted to get him back to washington. but you know what's happening on the hill this weekend. it is th
Sep 15, 2015 9:00pm PDT
united states trade deficit with mexico, japan and china? so let's start with china. almost $400 billion a year. now, if you have a company where you're losing $400 billion, you got to do something very fast. we've been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year, frankly, for decades. not going to happen anymore. not going to happen anymore. with japan, where their massive ships float right here and they drop off cars, right, they drop off thousands and thousands and thousands of cars. millions of cars. and we sell them beef. we sell them beef. and they don't want it because their farmers don't want our beef. they protest and accepted it back, all right? it's not going to happen that way anymore. now, with mexico, and i love mexico. i have many, many people, many, many people from mexico that work with me and they work for me and they buy my apartments. same with china. i have so many people, they pay me millions and millions. am i supposed to hate china because they gave me millions of dollars to buy an apartment? i don't think so. i have the largest bank in the world as a te
Aug 12, 2011 9:00pm EDT
huntsman asserted last night the obama administration has no high-level contact with china. mr. huntsman made the point in the context of china allegedly hacking into u.s. computers. listen. >> not only have government institutions been hacked into, but private individuals have been hacked into, it's gone beyond the pale, we need a strategic dialogue at the highest levels between the united states and china. that is not happening. >> that is an empirical insertion from jon huntsman there, it is the sort of thing that can be checked. is it true or false that, as jon huntsman said, the obama administration is not talking to china at the highest levels? that is false. as josh rogan at foreign policy noted today, huntsman must know there have already been two rounds of the u.s.-china strategic economic dialogue, led by secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary, timothy geithner. in fact, jon huntsman himself participated in the dialogue in 2010 and wrote a blog post about it. i couldn't agree more. not only has this strategic dialogue that jon huntsman says isn't ha
Oct 5, 2009 11:00pm EDT
june when illinois republican congressman mark kirk bragged on a trip to china he had met with chinese government officials and told them to not trust the american government on matters of the budget and the deficit. >> one of the messages i had -- because we need to build trust and confidence in our number one creditor is, that the budget numbers that the u.s. government have put forward should not be believed. >> don't believe the u.s. government, china. congressman mark kirk's great idea for building trust and confidence is to tell china to definitely not trust us. a little over two weeks ago, republican senator jim inhofe of oklahoma made an announcement. he said he was going to go rogue overseas himself. he says he plans on attending the u.n. climate change conference in copenhagen this december. it's because he thinks global warming is a hoax. >> i'm just going to announce now i'm going to copenhagen. i think somebody has to be there, a one man truth squad. >> senator inhoff says the mission of the little one man truth squad will be to tell other countries not to believe what the
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