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Oct 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
migrants came from china and india and they did not bring their wives. so nobody cooked for them. some genius said the opportunity and fashioned a cart with a stall and they planted themselves all over singapore they were already doing street food vendors in the '60s and '70s. somebody out there said let's get rid of them. another genius said we cannot do that. if we do that, what are they going to eat? they have become an institution that said singapore over the years. so there we have it. this is one of the larger ones. it houses 200 tiny little stalls. today, there are 110 all over singapore. each one specializes in one dish. some sell a particular cuisine, something the family came up with that has become iconic. so naturally, this being chinatown, folks are selling chinese food, but you can find indian food and western food. >> cheap. >> convenient, iconic. there -- i think street food -- i did not bring it here. if we could superimpose the food guide here, there's about 150 different street food dishes from staples to snacks to seafood and meat. >> how about the food scene in sin
Dec 5, 2010 9:00am EST
second fastest-growing behind china? >> yes. >> not behind the united states? >> that would be a bad place to be right now. [laughter] >> let me say, how many billion people? >> 1.1 billion people. >> how many people? >> now we go to the other extreme. 36,000. >> 36,000 in liechtenstein. tell us a couple of facts about liechtenstein we should know. >> you should know that we are more than banks. contrary to everybody's believe, 40% of our gdp is generated by manufacturing industry, and only 29% or 30% by financial services. another fact one should know is that on a per-capita basis, and that is the only way in which i can impress -- on a per-capita basis, we are one of the most if not the most highly industrialized countries. >> bordered by what countries? >> bordered by switzerland and austria. and the size of washington, d.c. >> ok, good. singapore, city state. what does that mean? >> singapore is a city state. new york city is a state. imagine is a country. it raises an army, such a foreign service, educate people, run a government, a cabinet, but i think people should know that s
Aug 5, 2012 10:00am EDT
southeast asia, secondly, we are completely connected to the world. china, india, the developed countries. thirdly, we're working hard to stay abreast of the changes around us and to improve the lives of our people. >> we were here 11 years ago, it has turned out to be such a dynamic city state. >> the whole region has moved and we have tried to keep abreast of the developments around us. the development is there because there is a dime and this is an opening up from india and china. -- because there is dynamic energy opening up from india and china. we are investing in our people, investing in our city and infrastructure, educating our people, living in projects -- living -- bringing in projects, bringing in jobs. we have a good quality of life. >> you mentioned the people here, your ambassador is fond of saying that the people here is that the people of the natural resources. >> that is the only thing we have. location is important really, we depend on our people to create our wealth and our future. we have no gold, no oil, no timber. >> is that the reason that there is a heav
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)