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Jun 6, 2010 10:00am EDT
from oil. congress has a chance to catch up to the rest of the world. china, india, japan, other countries are using american-designed technologies. in solar and wind. they're ruring them to the marketplace. the united states is missing a moment until we begin to do something. since 9/11, we import more oil than we did before 9/11. it's insulting to common sense. what we need to do is, we need to pass a comprehensive policy that prices carbon and moves america to the future so we can get into the marketplace. we'll have less pollution, better health, better national security. increased ability to provide our own national energy policy. and we will create millions of jobs. >> senator cornyn, your response? senator kerry obviously advocating for his energy bill. >> there are parts of the bill that senator kerry and lieberman have introduced that i think are positive steps. the acknowledgment that we can't completely cut ourselves off from domestic sources of oil and gas. we need to explore nuclear power. that's certainly an important part of the overall picture. where i disagree is
Apr 18, 2010 10:00am EDT
that the president sat down with the leader to get china once again back at the negotiating table because that's the key to imposing tough sanctions are. what they call one of the big options, and last of many other options, but this week, the house and senate will sit down to try to strengthen that bill that they put together that will impose even more tougher sanctions on iran. i think at the end of the day the administration has to lay it out on the table. they said they'll do it in january, it's now april. i don't believe much activity is going on and this memo is a reminder that iran is proceeding to form that. to form that bond. >> i agree george's sanctions probably don't work. i don't think there's any possibility getting the sort of sanctions that might have some affect. i don't think the chinese will go along with the tough sanctions necessary. the interesting thing about what looks to me like a pressing engaged memo, he's right. there's not a whole lot of people that have an option that would work. the israelis think about taking out the facility. people will tell you,
Jun 20, 2010 10:00am EDT
beholden to china, for instance, this deficit we're running up is not insignificant. but if you're back home in my hometown of appleton, wisconsin, and you've just run out of a job, it's real significant to you. everyone's got an interest in this. >> well the "roundtable" will continue in the green room on we'll talk about the world cup there. and later on, you can also fact check the newsmakers courtesy of the politifact. coming up, "the sunday funnies." politifact. through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. and there's one thing that will never change. we are, the rock you can rely on. prudential. >>> no mor >>> now in memoriam. >> oh, beautiful! >> try jimmy dean pure pork sausage and it might make every morning seem a little bit like this one. ♪ big john big bad john big john ♪ ♪ this week, the pentagon released the names of 17 service members killed i
Apr 4, 2010 10:00am EDT
. >> there are a lot of members of congress who are concerned about jobs because of china, because of what they see, the manipulation of currency by china. the obama administration had scheduled a semi annual report to congress on currency in which it was going to state whether or not the obama administration believes that currency is being manipulated. that report we learned this weekend will be delayed. is it going to be delayed because the obama administration needs chins cooperation on other things such as sanctions against iran? >> no. >> that's not the reason. >> it's being delayed because that's part of our international economic dialogue, which is directed at supporting a crucial issue for jobs creation, doubling our level of exports, and that depends on what other countries do. we've got three major meetings, a meeting of the g-20 finance ministers, our strategic dialogue that takes place every year with china and then the president's meeting building on the forum he created in london, in pittsburgh last year of the g-20 countries. those are opportunities to engage with china, to
Apr 11, 2010 10:30am EDT
weapons. china will. russia will. you said when you were running for president in 2007 -- >> presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. presidents, since the cold war, have used nuclear deterrents to keep the peace, and i don't believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. >> did you change your mind? >> no, jake, because i think if you actually read the nuclear posture review, you make three conclusions. first, we intend to maintain a robust nuclear deterrent, let no one be mistaken. united states will defend ourselves and defend our partners and allies, we intend to sustain that nuclear deterrent by modernizing the existing stock pyle. in fact we have $5 billion in this year's budget going into that very purpose. we believe, and this is a collective judgment from this government, that is certainly shared by the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of energy and others along with the state department who worked on this n
Aug 10, 2015 2:00am EDT
-depth program. tv on cspan 2, television for serious readers. atcoming up next, a look u.s.-china relations. then, afghanistan operations commander about the training of afghan forces and other challenges in the region. later, a discussion on the future of mexico. : ur attention to u.s. china relations. we want to welcome robert daly, who served as a cultural exchange officer. he now serves as the director of the kissinger institute in china and the u.s. at the wilson center. a state visit, his first official visit to washington, d.c. what can we expect? play toirst, for him to the audience at home. this is important to americans. it means a great deal to the and the chinese communist party. it is the first featured item of the nightly news. if you want to broadcast to china a sense that he is welcome -- welcomed as a respected major leader, so the primary audience is at home. he would want to speak with president obama and audiences but primarily china. people in china almost demand state visits. very important to the rest of the world. america is an outlier. we do not wonder who
Aug 30, 2015 1:47pm EDT
quote in poverty. china is taking our money. japan is taking our money.
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am EST
of an increasingly assertive china and america's renewed focus on the region? we talk to defense news' own bureau chief for some answers. but first the national guard plays a critical role in america's national security. at home, supporting disaster relief operations as in the wake of superstorm sandy that devastated parking lots of the northeast -- parts of the northeaster operations worldwide including afghanistan. while the guard is part of the air force, units -- units in each state are under the command of governors and so the guards relationship with the active duty force can sometimes be strained. that's been the case since february when the air force said that of 9,900 proposed personnel cuts, 5100 would come from the guard. a move that sparked a fire storm of protests on capitol hill. lawmakers governors and guard leaders accused the air force of failing to coordinate cuts they say fell disproportionately on citizen airmen and in protest the congress prohibited the air force from executing $9 billion in cuts freezing the services ability to shed personnel to meet targets
Apr 15, 2012 11:30am EDT
underestimated the speed of china's weapons program. that's the conclusion in a new report how did washington get it wrong and what capabilities is china investing in? here to answer those questions is is the commission's chairman, dennis shay, a government policy attorney who served in the bush administration and was an adviser to former senator bob dole. sir, welcome to the program. >> thanks, vago. good to be here. >> how did we miss something so important and who's responsibility was it for us to be really updated as to what was going on in china? >> the the ultimate responsibility is the intelligence community. let me talk a little bit about the report. the report relies exclusively on open sources, it does not rely on classified channels, so the report is very clear about that. it also doesn't take a look at what the intelligence community was saying exclusively, it takes a look at what the broader china-watching community, the media, in public affairs, in the government, not just the intelligence community. so even secretary gates acknowledged we got it wrong or were a bit surprised wh
Aug 26, 2012 11:30am EDT
to china's quickly modernizing navy? plus, a top industry executive on the most promising international defense market. but first, the u.s. military's promotion system has long been criticized for being too rigid, automatically advancing too many while at the same time limiting opportunities for innovative leaders. our next guest argues that it's time to change a system that he says breeds mediocrity by taking some cues from multinational civilian organizations while at the same time more actively weeding out bad ones. in an article published by the armed forces journal brigadier general mark arnold from the 100th training command at fort knox, kentucky argues for a series of commands including scrapping a structure that forces everyone to move up or leave in uniform. general arnold joins us from houston where in his civilian life he is the president and ceo of gse environmental, a multinational manufacturing company. sir, welcome tothe show. >> hello, vag go. pleased to be here today. >> so in 2010, army research institute study found that the main reason that talented fo
Mar 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
. >> earlier this week, china's commerce minister discussed the trade administration. last thursday, the u.s. house approved a measure allowing the commerce department to impose higher duties on goods from chinas. this portion is a little more than an hour. i would like to consult the minister for your views as well as the views of the ministry of commerce. if that's going to be the case will the ministry employ any counter measures? the second question is there are some opinions according to which the economic reform here in china is not deep enough. i want to know your comments minister of this opinion dofment you agree with this kind of opinion? and if you do agree, in which specific sectors or areas do you believe that china should continue to deepen the reform? thank you. >> since you are not only good in chinese, also you are very smart in creating two questions into one. so i will just mention the u.s. action regarding the subzizz. i have noted the discussion at the congress and u.s. administration regarding the in compliance on the part of china with relevant international rules
Dec 23, 2013 2:40am EST
would presumably be to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned this is how it played out in the north korean state-run media. can you read this and tell us what the caption says? guest: it -- i can't. host: right here. it -- it is partially blocked. i don't think i have enough. is part that is viewable [korean] but i can't figure out from that word. host: the fact that this was seen in north korea is important because why? guest: historically this sort of purge has happened behind the scenes and we found out about it weeks or months later through rumors. in this particular case, it is right there, real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, what has been reported so far through to atedia that has access least north korean voices or refugee voices, one of the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here is a picture of him back in february. guest: yes. there are also pictures of jang as an advisor to his father. he has been a figure who has been visible to the north kore
Jan 17, 2010 11:00am EST
, why improving china's nations with taiwan is good for the united states. and a look at a small company viking to get innovative technologies into military service. >> good morning, welcome to this week in defense news. how do small companies get innovative technologies into military service? we'll talk to one of the companies. >>> plus, a look at the u.s. navy's newest high-tech ship. first, china's been making headlines this week. internet titan google is considering pulling the plug on its operations in the country, accusing chinese hackers of infiltrating the network. other companies include north rum grumman and beijing stepped up the campaign to stop washington from selling arms to taiwan. china and taiwan split after a 1949 civil war and china considering taiwan its territory and all relations with taiwan as an internal chinese matter and tested an antimissile defense system. joining us is bonnie glacier, a senior fellow and china expert at the center of strew tonalic international studies. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we have the cyberattack issue. light talk
Nov 14, 2011 2:00am EST
counterfeit electronics, mostly from china. the parts were used to build helicopters and jetse and there were traced to the u.k. and canada. on tuesday, senators questioned representatives of raytheon and boeing. they also heard from lieutenant general patrick o'reilly. [gavel pounds] >> we will probably hold one additional hearing to discuss what the department is doing to keep out counterfeit electronic parts of defense systems. we have three panels of witnesses today, so i expect the hearing may continue into the afternoon. and i also expect we will break for lunch. and this will all be determined by how long these first two panels take. we also have a vote scheduled, i understand, for 12:15. i want to thank senator mccain for his efforts in this investigation. i want to thank our staff, investigative staff, for their very hard work. the systems we rely on for national security and the protection of our military men and women depend on the performance and reliability of small, highly sophisticated electronic components. our fighter pilots rely on night-vision systems enable by t
Sep 17, 2011 10:00am EDT
premier outlined china's economic policies. >> sunday, representative henry waxman, a ranking democrat on the congress -- commerce committee talks about republican plans to roll back regulations and other energy issues. that is at 10:00 and 6:00 on c- span. >> the first thing, you see the flash. the next thing you hear, your them cry out in pain. the second thing i heard, if i have lost anything special, you know, shoot me. >> sunday, the director of the 30-minute documentary about his friend who was severely wounded in afghanistan. the film follows is journey from coping with a loss of his legs to his rehabilitation. >> world bank president robert zoellick told students at george washington university that the u.s. must learn from developing countries. a look at those remarks. this is almost an hour. in a village in the mountains of guizhou province, china -- a village like others in africa, central america, or india -- people assemble to discuss the future. they don't want handouts, they don't want policy prescriptions, they certainly don't want lectures from visiting dignitaries. th
Sep 26, 2015 3:50pm EDT
thing announced yesterday. i think equally consequential is that -- use all the u.s. and china laying out something of a very division for how the high-stakes global warming talks in tariffs should unfold later this year. -- in paris should unfold later this year. that is a final climate pass protocol. kyoto they said here is where we agree , and this is important because together these two countries account for roughly 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. china is the world's biggest emitter, butest the u.s. a second here that could be quite relevant later this year. the: just to define terms, kyoto protocol? guest: the kyoto protocol was the 1997 global warming accord that was never ratified to try to get a handle on worldwide emissions. bit of a rocky road. it did not include any commitments at all by developing countries, including china, and so what they are moving for in paris is something that would have some level by countries worldwide. to get into the weeds that little bit, it will of different than the kyoto protocol because what we are seeing is the emergence of
Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
:00 p.m. eastern. >> next, we will look at the new communist party of leadership in china and that impact on u.s.- china relations. hosted by the center for strategic and international studies in washington, this is an hour. i'd also like to recognize former ambassador to china jim sasser who's sitting right there, one of my close friends. thank you for coming, senator. glad to see you. well, the panel is a really good one, kurt campbell, assistant secretary of state for east asia and pacific affairs. he became -- came to that job in 2009, previously the ceo and co- founder of the center for a new american security. he was a professor at harvard, associate professor of public policy and international relations at the kennedy school. chris johnson, senior adviser and freeman chair in china studies here at csis. his most important public service, as far as i'm concerned, is he gave me a lot of help in preparing for the presidential debate. and i'll be -- always be grateful for that, chris. he's frequently advised senior white house, cabinet, congressional, military and foreign offici
Sep 8, 2014 4:00am EDT
emerged is extremely unlikely. china has not been a party to any of these bilateral cold war agreements. that is the dark shadow on this paper. we talk about the u.s. russia relationship. china is out there. china is a threat to both parties. that is going to have a nuclear deterrent. there is no question about it in the nuclear context. >> this is political talk already. the upturn the -- the opportunistic point is that neither russia nor america's feeling from danger -- feeling of danger from china is objective in nature. the cases are very subjective and not by the objective threat of china but by how we perceive china. that makes the situation looks better. >> in terms of funny stories, when we started writing this paper we were hammered for being too pessimistic. increasingly we are hammered for being too optimistic about the nature of the relationship. even if trust is nonexistent. the myra memories conversations. what i still don't quite understand is if it was possible to achieve another arms-control agreement between russia and the united states, if we were able to o
Sep 21, 2013 9:00pm EDT
chinese foreign affairs minister, wang yi. he discusses u.s.-china relations. they talk about the syrian civil war. this is a little more than an hour. >> good evening. it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you here in this evening for what will be a rare opportunity to hear from the foreign minister of the people of china. wang yi. i see many friends and supporters of the institution. friends of china and from china. forgrateful to all of you making the effort to be here this evening. we also have quite a number of representatives. thent to say thank you for help and cooperation and and puttingpitality together this evening's program together. i think everybody knows a lot about our guest of honor's distinguished career. he came into his present post in march after spending virtually all of his career, including the stint visiting scholars at georgetown university, as a specialist on asia and a specialist on japan. for the rate of that region that is asia, he played a vital role in getting the diplomacy involved with north korean nuclear program onto a constructive path. japa
Jan 16, 2011 11:00am EST
lockhead hartin and bowing and edwards air force base, china lake and the marine logistics bake in barstow. in the first interview since becoming chairman, i asked him if defense cuts should be on the table? >> i think that the leadership has said everything has to be on the table. i think probably what we need to talk about is what does that mean, being on the table? the secretary has said for a year now, he's been selling the service chief, we want to come up with $100 billion in savings, but when you find the savings through different efficiencies we'll let you keep the savings. we had a briefing last week that departed quite a bit from what we had been hearing. and i was quite concerned. i was shocked really to hear some of the numbers that he was talking about. we haven't seen the details of that yet. but basically what he was saying is the $100 billion that he had been asking the service chiefs for, they have found those efficiencies. and they are going to be able to keep $70 billion of it, but they're going to have to use $28 billion of it to pay for must-pay things. so basi
Mar 30, 2014 12:18am EDT
best collection of china policy scholars in the united states, it might be here in universities and around the world. this is an extraordinary group of people, including the director, and his predecessor directors, two of whom i see in the audience. it is a great group. we are delighted for them hosting this event. and the hospitality they showed to me and my family two years ago when i spent three months traveling through china in preparation for a book. we are celebrating a major -- not just transition, but transformational event of 35 years ago. and today, we are really blessed and honored to have two transformational figures in this sport that we hold very dear. in 1979, ping-pong gave way to basketball. after the ping-pong exchanges, they were basketball exchanges that followed. i think cheng li touched upon the fact that basketball is the second most popular sport in china, behind ping-pong. it dates back to the late 1800s when the missionaries that founded basketball in america through the ymca took it all around the world. and in china, it took hold. and a hold was so great
Mar 12, 2016 4:00pm EST
quote political hacks to make deals with china, japan, i mean, we have caroline kennedy representing us in japan. she admits, she got the job -- how did she get it? i do not know. [laughter] she is a lovely person. i like her because i want the -- ivanka likes her. i just do not want her trading on automobiles. i want to get one of the killers, right? somebody who you do not want to have dinner with. some of these guys are so bad, if you ever met them -- if this beautiful, young woman met them, you would get sick to your
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
singapore and the philippines and expanding our dialogue in exchanges with china. we are also an handed our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes -- expanding our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes allocating our naval fleet to have a 60/40 split between the pacific and atlantic oceans, increasing army and marine presence in the region. locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific, including new deployments of f- 22's and the mv22's to japan. and lay the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter. the third element of our strategy is that as we do force projection in the asia-pacific and middle east, we still have to maintain our global leadership and presence by building innovative partnerships and partner capacity across the globe and using these innovative rotational deployment as a way to do exercises and training with other countries, developing their capabilities so they can provide for their own security. in latin america, africa, europe, and elsewhere. the past decade of war has reinforced the l
Mar 5, 2011 5:30am EST
own friends. chris gordon explains how they were able to journey to china to check up on tishon, or panda cub the first ever born here at the national zoo. of >> reporter: the giant pandas seem to put on a show for visitors at the national zoo. may xiong happily munches on a treat, to the delight of the crowds, especially the children. >> because i love bamboo, and the pandas cute. >> reporter: two are part of a group of panda lovers who followed the giant panda parents of the only cub born at the national zoo. thaizhon arrived in july of 2005 and quickly became the zoo's star attraction. but when it came time to be sent to china last february, christie and karen were heartbroken. they quickly decided to visit him in china, a plan that raised some eyebrows among their friends. >> why would you go all the way to china to see a panda? don't you think you're a little crazy about this? and i always answered the same way. it's a passion. it's a passion that i have for giant pandas. >> reporter: as volunteers at the reserve in china, they got closer to thaizhon than they ever dreamed poss
Aug 8, 2010 11:00am EDT
would agree the united states has a strategic interest in asia. you have a rapidly rising china. deploy it forward, how are we going to get the money if we don't have more money to field larger forces and origination? >> well there's only one way, we'll have to take the money out of other vision areas in order to focus more strongly on the western pacific. i don't know whether we will. china can grow at 10% a year for decades now. we produced no net new jobs in the united states over the last decade. >> we're a retreating power. it's just natural that china is going to grow influence in the western pacific. >> how many carriers isn't specific to that question-- >> kirk campbell used to say it was more about simply the cop on the beat, regularly see a freighter or destroyer in the region. china has had a rather dramatic military missile fluxing this week. indisputably its territory and all negotiations, territorial disputes should be negotiated bilaterally. we're going to stick to the multiliable framework. doesn't china, don't china's actions in the south china seat and the future that
Aug 1, 2015 6:25pm EDT
little bit? rep. degette: as we see these increasing reaches by countries like china and other countries it is important to have a robust regulatory body that can regulate internet numbers and so on. i would agree more with the president's approach. this is an issue worth continuing oversight to see what, if any changes we need to make to regulatory process. dustin: the senate is still try to figure what it wants to do it government and the private sector. there are still many privacy concerns. is that something that ultimately will happen in congress as well you rep. degette: i never predict what the senate will do. they have a different pace than what the house has been the fact we were able to pass this legislation and the house shows there is a, i would really hope the senate would take some later in the fall. jose as a member of the energy and commerce committee net chalabi has been an issue that you have looked at. how is it proceeding? rep. degette: with the court ruling on that chalabi, it is the law of the land and we often joke and say everybody knows what it is but n
Feb 26, 2017 11:30am EST
-hour trip to china and the emotional sendoff at the national zoo. as da...subway is preparing to embark on the footlong fest. a footlong promotion of mammoth-sized proportions. where a mere six dollars gets you any footlong crafted by these captains of culinary delights. an endless cavalcade of premium subs. any footlong on the menu for just six dollars. so keep chopping linda. okay. because the six dollar subway footlong fest is upon us. and we're ready for you, america. >>> the virginia railway express wants to raise the price of tickets. vre has scheduled public hearings to get feedback on the idea. ticket prices would go up 3% starting in july. officials say that would cover higher operational costs. if you want to know when and where the public hearings will be held, just search vre fares in the nbc washington app. >>> it's only been open five months but the national museum of african-american history and culture has already hit a big milestone. the smithsonian says m
Jan 23, 2011 11:00am EST
.-china summit appears to have been a success. the two agreed to expand links and general cooperation but will an increasingly assertive people's liberation army buy into that plan? and what happens if washington sells weapons to taiwan? here are two leading china watchers, drew thompson, and phil saunders of the national defense university. guys, welcome to the show. drew, let me start off to get each of your takes and i'll start with you, drew. what did this summit accomplish? >> i think most importantly the summit met everybody's expectations. the chinese got the pomp and circumstance and imagery. >> hu got his state dinner. >> he was treated with all the same respect that we've accorded to india, for example, so i think that helped him stand up on the world stage and show his people back home that he's the leader that he purports to be, and there were some deliverables. there were some good outcomes to the joint statement, the reaffirm mages that military ties should be healthy, stable, and reliable. they didn't use the words sustainable, but the idea was that the civilian side, a
Oct 19, 2013 12:00pm EDT
five years global demand for oil, particularly with china, india and the developing world continuing to want more, global demand will exceed global supply by several million barrels a day. in the first instance that has a huge impact on price. and the price of course will serve to hold the global economy in check unfortunately. but still there will be that demand. auto companies reported that china auto purchasing in september of this year exceeded any other previous month in history. so the chinese love mobblet the way americans love mobblet. and that's a huge impact on global demand. so i predicted for some years ow that whether 2016 or 2018 there will not be enough oil. not because the world doesn't have a lot of oil. but the technical difficulties of getting oil from new reservoirs while old ones decline is overwhelming to the industry. whether it's deep water brazil, whether it's arctic reserves, whether it's east africa, whether it's other difficult base sins, there simply cannot be enough done to meet the global demand in the middle of this decade. that's point one. point two, th
Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm EST
in my lifetime with respect to broad openings in china. a, diplomatic openings. the ones who want to recognize china will abide by the one china policy. the economic doors that have taken china to a relatively small economy to the second largest in the world. and 3, primacy of the party with its 80 million members and 3000 outposts in the world. now you have xi jinping rising to power. he has been given the party mantle and soon the military and the presidency. before him will be new questions much different from the ones that deng xiaoping was responsible for acting upon. before xi jinping will be questions like, is china more repressive at home today than in earlier years. is china more nationalistic in its economic practices, but jiggly those among the enterprises? has china become more assertive internationally? i would argue east of these questions carried fairly profound rule of law implications. as xi jinping rises to take the top position in china and wrestles with new challenges and attempts to answer any questions, i would argue that many of them are based in basic rule
Jan 10, 2015 10:35pm EST
plant that margaret just mentioned. but beyond that, you're taking things to china. >> you bet. >> i'm interested, you're one of the big power guys. and you also deploy your energy to among the lowest socioeconomic constituency in the united states. so folks that don't have a lot of money who have to pay for energy. i'm interested in how you get smart energy choices when the economics aren't necessarily there. >> you hit a lot of issues there. >> we've got seven minutes. so -- >> it is so foundational. the point you make, when i think about it, and i talk about national energy security i work at a business round table. when i think about the challenges in the economy we have right now, 46% of the families we are privileged to serve make less than $40 thousand a year. and their energy budget is relatively inflexible. when you think about all the other challenges we face, our ability to balance clean safe, reliable, affordable energy for their benefit is enormous. and what we've been able to do, we're the only company -- the strategy for those people typically is coal, because co
Apr 11, 2015 10:00am EDT
oil, and china was using less oil, and countries whose power and influence in the world since the 1970's had had distorted global geopolitics because they had oil. opec, russia, they would suddenly by comparison have less power. all of that was very exciting. the proof of that was before -- and we can go into that, later before i actually got you guys to agree to let me in, i told my publisher that you had already agreed. [laughter] i did that and that was one of my shenanigans. but they bought into that whole thing that i just laid out and it was very exciting for them. so, it's fine. jeffrey: let's put some numbers to this. in the last nine months, there has been an additional excess of three to 5 million barrels a day of oil put on the market through the shale gas or shale oil revolution. could you talk a little bit about that and what the implications are if the super battery can move us around in vehicles, but also could be put on the grid? what is that equivalent to in terms of demand reduction that would be comparable to increase in supply that we have been seeing in the last ye
Aug 11, 2014 4:00am EDT
special representative by china for afghanistan recently? >> a special representative of china for afghanistan and pakistan. this is very late in the game. let me go back to the young man over there who i was going to ignore because of the time, but i think if you can get a question and we can get an answer. can you comment on the security articles in light of 2, 4 and five, especially with maybe that might undermine gains in north waziristan. >> the question is about the imposition of article 245, which in the military as of today, section 144 has been imposed on islamabad, which means you can have a gathering of more than four people in the public. to the next. if you wouldn't mind trying to wrapnd to these, that will us up. >> i'm not qualified to answer more about idp's. i will focus on this. i think the civilian law enforcement agencies lack the support 144. it will be a good test to see. this -- they will be looking for this opportunity to conduct terrorist attacks in islamabad. again, i think pakistani -- neither pakistani intelligence nor the police have the capacit
Feb 21, 2016 11:30am EST
office in china. we consider it a very strong marketplace for what comes out of north dakota. that is how that started. the exporting side into china and when you do that, there is a reciprocal agreement that develop. it is very strong that way. china is a huge market. no doubt about it. there are certain the opportunities available in north dakota. we had a regional office in north dakota. and china is a huge market to develop for investors coming into north dakota. they may come or may not be her own company in, but they will bring capital into north dakota to invest into existing companies. that is a very strong component. that we callgram export assistance. we take graduate level students from there is countries internationally and replace them in companies in the state of north dakota on a part-time basis. china, we have students from china who come here, work with the companies, understand what they are doing, where they are going, they want to remain, or they want to go back to china and so that relationship really a strengthened between our what iss here and happening back
Nov 24, 2012 2:00pm EST
house historical association coming in february 2013. now a look at china's transition of power in its 18th national congress. this is 1.5 hours. >> good morning and elcome. i'm jonathan pollock, i am delighted to have all of you here for what i think is going to be a most revealing set of events. less than two weeks ago, the united states and china culminated two very different political process these through which the leaders of the two countries were either elected or selected to serve. in the u.s. case, it was a very public and openly fought processing resulting in president obama's reelection for a second term. in the chinese case, the decisions were made behind closed doors and by non- transparent means. resulting in the appointments of senior leaders of the eighteenth party congress of the chinese communist party, the new general secretary of the chinese communist party as well as chairman of the military commission. this morning, we plan to review the political things we have observed in both systems, asked what they can foretell about the future political and economic dire
Sep 5, 2015 2:00pm EDT
nicaragua. plus, could you tell me when was the last time the iaea inspected pakistan, india, china, for nuclear activity? can you tell me, he americans the communist chinese killed in north korea. four,tainly was more than like at benghazi. they killed thousands of our marines, but they tend to forget about this as long as it happens to their advantage. think you very much for letting me talk. caller: yeah -- thank you very much for letting me talk. caller: yeah, that is an interesting question. what i would say for the americans that have been killed due to the iran contra deal, it is hard to assess. with the fighting that happened, the additional weapons going to iran, obviously it helps to fuel -iraqran-a rock war --iran war during that period where thousands died. the question of what is being fueled in a situation where we will have some form of a conventional arms race. will pursueiranians just as much as the gulf states. when it comes to inspections, this is one of the key issues that all signatures are subject to certain restrictions and observation, and i think these are situat
Sep 21, 2015 2:00am EDT
politics and upcoming elections. panelists discuss u.s. relations with taiwan as well as china. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> ok. get it down to a dull roar. let us get it started. thank you. we are going to dive right in to the final panel of today which is on u.s.-taiwan policy. we are very honored to have three distinguished guests on the panel giving us their insights today. i will keep the introductions to a minimum because these people are familiar to most of you in the audience. dr. mika greene, my colleague here. asiar vice president for and our japan chair here. obviously, a professor at georgetown and a former staffer at the nsc during the george w. bush administration. he is acting as senior director for east asia. another foreign service officer, extremely experienced. and one of the most renowned experts on u.s.-policy -- u.s.-taiwan policy. in the triangular relationship among u.s., taiwan, and china. another state department officer who is also currently a resident at georgetown university. we are honored to have him here as a senior fellow helping us think thr
Dec 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
the crime of natural resources at cheap prices. this was to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned how it played out in the state-run media. and you read this and tell us with the caption says? guest: it is -- i cannot. -- it is not -- it is partially blocked. viewable, i dos not know. i cannot figure out. host: the fact that this is what is seen is important. why? guest: historically, this sort of urge has happened behind the scenes. people find out about it weeks and months later. isthis particular case, it right there in the real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, once it has been reported, some media has access to at least the voices. the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here's a picture of them back in february. also picturesre of him as an advisor to his father. -- he has been a figure who has been visible to the north korean people as an advisor for a long time. the north korean state media is now busy expunging his image. documentaries goin
Mar 12, 2016 4:42pm EST
products in the united states. not in china. when the carrier air conditioner says they are leaving the united states, 1400 people because they ,re going to build in mexico and nabisco is leaving chicago because they are one to build in mexico, not going to happen with me. we are going to keep our businesses here. [crowd cheers] mr. trump: let me talk about your governor. do you mind? i want to tell you. it's a boring subject but we will talk about him anyway. he was the managing director of lehman brothers, one of the great catastrophes in the history of this world. almost brought down the world. -- john kasich was a managing director. he was there with the people making these horrible decisions. he voted for nafta and you forgot. ooing] b mr. trump: nafta has destroyed new england. you have fought for years and years. you will never recover completely from it. we are bringing those businesses back. so, putting the vote in my opinion, anyone who puts their hand up for nafta, it wiped out states. it wiped out new england. it has taken years and years. you look at those factories. th
May 14, 2016 7:00pm EDT
. >> hi. you are heading to china next month for the strategic dialogue for the economic relationship, and i would like to ask, against the backdrop of slowing global growth, china's increasing clout, and the u.s.' slight pivot toward a harder line toward china, what are the challenges you think the u.s. faces in regards to this relationship over the course of the next year? mr. lew: i think that the u.s.-china relationship -- i will limit myself to discussing the economic relationship -- but the u.s.-china economic relationship is one of the most important economic relationships in the world. we are the two largest economies in the world. the global economy will do well if we do well. it will suffer if we suffer. we have made clear in our dealings with china that they have to take steps that are good for china, but also good for the global economy, that there is a responsibility that comes with being one of the two largest economies in the world. i think we have made progress in the economic discussions, but we have a lot more progress to make. i believe that the chinese economic policyma
Nov 29, 2014 10:00pm EST
the world sees what the president is doing. one occasion i remember was the first trip to china, which was in 2009. and the president -- it was a bit of a disaster. the president did a town hall meeting in shanghai, which half of china couldn't even see because it was blocked off and the chinese wouldn't let half the people come in. didn't go and see any dissidents for example. when reagan went to moscow he went to see dissidents, etcetera, etcetera. and then he had this press conference, which was not really a press conference at all but him and hu standing there kind of looking around and it went into this massive discussion of mutual cooperation and that kind of stuff. the chinese often talk about that in public. the president was staring around looking at, catching people's eye in the front row. he was very bored. the press coverage was absolutely brutal on that. and i kind of didn't do that story because i figured we were all flying around in the same plane. everyone is going to ride over the disaster. i have to come up with something different at least as a foreign journal
Jul 10, 2011 11:00am EDT
♪[ instrumental music ] >>> welcome to this week in defense news. on the eve of his trip to china, i sat down with aderal mike mullen when he visited our offices in virginia. mullein started his <÷& extraordinary military career at the naval academy in 1964. he was commissioned in 1968 and became chief of nave operations in 2007, chairman of the joint - chief of staff. during his tonier that well end in october, he has in the wars in afghanistan and iraq, managing the thorny pakistan relationship and preparing the united states for a leaner future. we started with afghanistan. with bin laden dead and relations with pakistan fraying. americans, including those who served in afghani, are saying that the mission is unduable the best course is to withdrawal as soon as possible. i asked the chief if the mission is still achievable. >> a critical part of the world. as we focus on this, it has been a focus on both afghanistan and pakistan and the region. as you said, bin laden is dead and had a huge impact on al- qaeda, but it did not eliminate al-qaeda. their leadership still lives the
Jun 12, 2016 2:30pm EDT
, synthetic drugs are largely developed outside the united states, in china, and smuggled into the country through the mail or across the border with mexico. reports indicate the profits are often traceable back to the middle east. we need to take a long look if law enforcement has the tools needed to protect the public from the synthetics. this committee acted to cleared the traffickers -- since then it is clear they are outpacing us. testifying before the senate caucus on narcotics cantrol, this committee acted by passing my bill, the david mitchell rogza act. the bill placed a series of synthetic can have annoyance and other analogs on schedule one. it also extend the time for which a substance can be temporarily scheduled by the da to protect the public. the bill became law as part of the synthetic drug abuse prevention act. this is an important step to protect young people. calls the poison control centers began to level off or decline for a time. in march 2011, the da has used temporary scheduling authority to place 35 synthetic drugs on schedule one. clearly, the threat pose
Sep 29, 2013 8:00am EDT
renewing its focus as north korea continues the threatening antics and china becomes aggressive in asserting its territorial claims. we met with the general at the air force association's exposition outside washington, d.c. i asked him how it's affecting his command and what he is telling alleys in the region. >> it's been a big factor for us. and we are called the operations and maintenance. we don't procure things. our whole budget is basically our operations and maintenance. out in the pacific, the biggest problem has been the engagement that we do the exercise in the pacific, more than just training, their presence in different area, building the partnership capacity up, being places, it's flying hours. and in the pacific, flying anywhere takes longer than anywhere else in the world. so it's a lot of flying hours. and it's just that cut is magnified. when we cut a percentage, it's magnified in the pacific. so the biggest thing, we had to cancel exercises. one example of a challenge would be a lot of the west pack units, places like that have to do the drops back in the united s
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