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don't have a manageable relationship with china now is because you have trade. it is mutually that official. both sides want to maintain that relationship. if you didn't, it would be like the soviet union during the cold war. you still had to find ways to work together, but it's much harder. the tpp does not include china. it points the direction toward the world. if you set the wrong direction, in the next 50 years maybe you will turn around, but it will cost you many years in the world will have to pay quite a high price. >> i am from the business times in singapore. good afternoon. i have two questions. everybody knows what the stakes are. what is the future of the tpp if it does not get ratified during the lame-duck session? the fear is that if things wait too long, it might need to be opened up for re-negotiation. how can we reassure the nations and the people there is the political will to get this done as soon as possible? the second question is for president obama. we are almost at the end of your eight years in office. i would like you to evaluate progress regarding a ship
container movement, particularly shipping containers moving to places like china and indonesia and elsewhere, bill rhodes are very much a part of that. when you go to long beach, the railroads are there and help get it to the next road. >> then, the rich history and the current state of the economy on the city. really1990's were thriving economy. we were doing really pretty well. things plateaued in the year 2000. go buy household income, michigan was one of the 15 wealthy estates. the08, we are one of poorest states. >> and american history tv we museum.e thomas edison he was the first person that we know of that printed and newspaper on a moving train. he had access to the latest news and would get the news rht
constructive relationship with china will set a backdrop for the region and beyond. to personally push for the transpacific partnership, together with chile and new zealand, into what will be a major trading group linking both sides of the pacific. i know that america has many preoccupations both at home and abroad. some americans are anxious and frustrated with economic uncertainty and the uneven results of globalization, trade, and foreign engagement. but the u.s. has many investors and friends in the region. singapore fervently hopes the u.s. will stay engaged and maintain its indispensable role in the asia-pacific. in particular, we hope, and i'm sure the president shares this hope, that congress will ratify the tpp soon. not only will the tpp benefit american workers and businesses, it will send a clear and vital signal that america will continue to lead in the asia-pacific and continue to enhance partnerships that link our countries together. ties have remained steadfast through nine u.s. presidencies, five republican and four democratic. we will maintain these bipartisan links w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)