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BBC News
Jan 18, 2017 2:30am GMT
deter others from leaving. china's president, xi xinping, has told the world economic forum in davos that his country wants to be a champion of free trade and stability. in his speech he made no direct reference to us president—elect donald trump, but warned against a trade war with america, saying there would be no winners. now on bbc news it's time for tuesday in parliament. welcome to tuesday in parliament. coming up the next half—hour: as theresa may sets out to brexit plans, in the commons mps are told both houses will have a vote on the final deal. the northern ireland secretary calls for a respectful election following the breakdown of the stormwater assembly. and is it time foran the stormwater assembly. and is it time for an overhaul of business rates 7 time for an overhaul of business rates? when you look at high streets, they are full of charity shops, estate agents and the odd copy shop. the prime minister says the uk will leave the eu single market as a result of brexit. theresa may made the announcement during herfirst major speech, outlining her strategy for taking
BBC News
Sep 6, 2017 2:30am BST
little about nato over the recent days. when china is a voice of calm and even russia is more measured than the us, it speaks volumes about the state of global diplomacy. i disagree with the government cosying up to donald trump, but if there is to be any value in those actions surely the foreign secretary should use and violence to make president donald trump use his phone for talking instead of sending involuntary tweets into what is a fragile and precarious situation. i really must disagree powerfully with the honourable lady's assertion that somehow this crisis has been whipped up by the americans for by the president by the white house when if you look at the history, notjust in the last year but over the last ten years, 30 years, this has been a movement towards the acquisition of thermonuclear weapons by a rogue state and we have now come to a point where we have to use all the diplomatic and peaceful at our disposable to freeze that nuclear programme and ensure a peaceful solution. peers were also quick to offer strong condemnation of north korea's nuclear tests and th
BBC News
Jul 5, 2017 2:30am BST
southern china. and the return of the dreamers. we speak to some of those who came to the united states as children but are now back in mexico.
BBC News
Apr 19, 2017 2:30am BST
support in the future. he also updated mps on the situation in north korea. he called on china to use its influence. but he began his statement by paying tribute to britons who died in tragic circumstances in stock old and jerusalem. chris beddington was one of four people who died when a truck was driven into pedestrians. hannah blaydon was stabbed to death in jerusalem on good friday after a senseless attack. our thoughts and prayers are with their families. he laid out what was known about the syrian chemical weapons attack. we know beyond doubt that two aircraft took off from the airfield where we know the chemical weapons are stored. we know they were overhead at 639 when according to wool eyewitness accounts, the attack took place. we know from shell fragments in the crater that not only had sarin been used but the particular chemical signature of sarin being used by the assad raging. we were given advanced notice but in no way did the us asked for help militarily, only politically. advance warning was given to russian military personnel who work are located with the syrian air forc
BBC News
Mar 8, 2017 2:30am GMT
united states has attempted to reassure china that its deployment of a controversial missile defence shield in south korea does not pose a threat. the government in beijing strongly opposes the system, known as thaad, because it fears its powerful radar can monitor far into chinese territory. a un has called for north korea and malaysia to deal with their differences calmly. the two governments have banned each other‘s citizens from leaving their countries. malaysia wants to interview two north korean diplomats over the killing of the half—brother of the north korean leader at kuala lumpur airport. now it's time for tuesday in parliament. hello and welcome to tuesday in parliament. our look at the best of the day in the commons on the lords. on this programme, another spanner in the works for ministers eu departures planned, peers vote for one more alteration to the government ‘s brexit bill. it ensures that parliament has the critical role in determining the future that we will bequeath to generations. i find it quite extraordinary that your lordship is spending hours here and
BBC News
Sep 13, 2017 2:30am BST
its sixth and largest nuclear test. russia and china have called on the us to resolve the crisis with negotiations. now it's time for a look back at the day in parliament. hello and welcome to tuesday in parliament. the main news from westminster. hurricane irma has affected 500,000 british people, a minister says the government is working round the clock to help them. hundred of dedicated british public servants are doing their utmost to help and they will not relent in their efforts. but compared to other countries, has the uk done too little, too late? it is the british who are left stuck with the only commercial plane services available charging extortionate rates to get them out. also on the programme. the culture secretary is referring 21st century fox's planned takeover of sky to the competition watchdog. and nice work if you can get it! condemnation of big pay packets for university bosses. should we not collectively, irrespective of party in this house, condemn this kind of approach and remind our vice—chancellors thatuniversities are a team effort. but first, the fore
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6