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Sep 16, 2015 12:00pm EDT
trade deficit with mexico, japan and china? so let's start with china. almost $400 billion a year. now, if you have a company, when you're losing $400 billion, you got to do something very fast. we've been losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year, frankly, for decades. not going to happen anymore. not going to happen anymore. with japan where their massive ships float here and they drop off the cars, right, they drop off thousands and thousands and thousands of cars, millions of ars and we sell them beef. we sell them beef and they don't want it because their farmers don't want our beef. they protest them and they send it back. all right. it's not going to happen that way anymore. now, with mexico -- and i love mexico. i have many, many people -- many, many people from mexico that work with me and that work for me and they buy my apartments. same with china. i have so many people, they pay me millions and millions -- what am i supposed to hate china because they gave me millions of dollars to buy an apartment? i don't think so. i have the largest bank in the world as a tenant. it'
Jun 11, 2015 10:00am EDT
china, possibly driving them towards russia and possibly create cold war ii? we sought to ease tensions with china. why would we want to make it worse with anti-chinese receipt nick? you think spending is high now? try it in a cold war. let's trade with china instead, not make them our adversary. even a partial pruning of commercial links or even a gradual upsurge of protectionism towards china would have a profound impact on the world's well-being. why would we pursue a path that most likely creates tensions that could spill over into other areas, sending ripples throughout the world? the current president's talent for negotiation among nations should be measured by his foreign policy. have we forgotten the line in the sand, the arming of al qaeda and other me nair yuss syrian rebels to fight assad and watch them to become isis and call them a j.v. team? we were assured they could stand on their own if we left early and now no strategy to fix it. then there's the arab spring which has morphed into the potential with a nuclear winter with iran. and let's not forget crimea and u
Feb 13, 2017 11:59am EST
would connect to israel by land. and this way, if attacked, israel wouldn't be cut into. and china is building an island or islands in the south china sea with an average depth of 4802 feet. why not israel build a connecting landmass into the mediterranean sea where the average depth is 4926 feet. that is less than a mile. host: that is catherine's proposed solution. what has the trump administration said about peace in the middle east? guest: trump ran on a hard-line pro-israel stance. he pledged to move the united states embassy. that is something republicans have long pushed for although they have been backing away from that recently. >> we are leaving this discussion now. videon go to the online library on the house is dabbling in for veterans issues. -- paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties . all
Jun 16, 2015 10:00am EDT
steel from other countries like china into this country that put a lot of people out of work. this is not some neanderthal idea. look around you. talk to the steelworkers. that is one industry affected. now we are talking about not only product, but services which are part of the trade deal whatsoever. we need to trade. you are correct. look at me, please. you are correct but it has to be a fair trade deal, not just any trade deal. caller: james is a democrat in pennsylvania. you are next. caller: good morning. i am two times voting for barack obama. i am 1000% supportive. the question i have, due to the deafening silence about the canadian pipeline, in regards to this trades bill, my question is, will the new trade bill, assuming it passes, will the new trade bill impact the pipeline, the canadian pipeline, the xl pipeline? guest: no, except that is one of the hostage items. i don't think so. i don't believe that will be part of this. but, the longer this goes on, the closer we get to the end of the fiscal year. who knows what will be thrown in. there will be a lot of poison of poiso
May 14, 2015 10:00am EDT
that with china what china will help them build five additional nuclear power plants. according to reports, china and russia have stated they will not support snapback sanctions. now, snapback sanctions are the cornerstone of the deal that administration praised as a victory. and u.s. oil executives have reportedly begun talks with iranian officials in preparation for the opening of iran's economy. in iran, no less. now we hear reports that czechs stopped the potentially illegal nuclear technology purchase by the iranians earlier this year. so i ask the administration, did the administration know and did the p-5 plus one know about this violation, did they choose to ignore it in order to forge this framework agreement anyway? all of this in exchange for a deal that allows iran to continue to enrich ukrainian and to keep every -- uranium and to keep everything intact. the iranians are not giving nothing but cosmetic and easily reversible changes. since taking office, president obama has capitulated to iranian demands. we won't even be able to adequately verify this nuclear agreement
Oct 21, 2015 10:00am EDT
states treasury debt? do you? i'll tell you who holds most of it. china. china does. this is why on the democratic side of the aisle we have called this bill the pay china first act. which is actually a much better description of what this act actually does than the default prevention act. but more seriously, mr. speaker, i worked in the capital markets for a long time and there is no way to gracefully default on your debt. to say we'll pay interest, we'll pay social security, but we are not going to pay soldiers, medicare, once you tell the world that we do not intend to abide by our obligations, the world loses its faith in the united states. folks, this debt ceiling is a fiction. it's an add second degree murder you arist fiction. -- absurdist fiction. this chamber and the united congress chooses to spend more money than it chooses to tax and bring in. there is really only two ways to reduce the deficit and debt. you can tax more, which nobody likes to do. or you can spend less, which it turns out that nobody really wants to do, either, because everybody in this chamber has the t
Sep 28, 2015 12:00pm EDT
opposition to enemies, perceived adversaries, a rising china or a resurgent russia, a revolutionary iran or an islam that is incompatible with peace. we see an argument made that the only strength that matters for the united states is bellicose words and shows military force, that cooperation and diplomacy will not work. as president of the united states, i'm mindful of the dangers that we face, that cross my desk every morning. i lead the strongest military that the world has ever known, and i will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies unilaterally and by force when necessary. but i stand before you today believing in my core that we, the nations of the world cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. we cannot look backwards. we live in an integrated world, one in which we all have a stake in each other's success. we cannot turn back those forces of integration. no nation in this assembly can insulate itself from the threat of terrorism or the risk of financial contageon, the flow of my grants or the danger -- migrants or the danger of a warming planet. t
Sep 10, 2015 10:00am EDT
nations from europe, russia or china and iran won't be at the table either. this is a deal that is not perfect. sure, it's far from perfect, but it does -- they say, well, iran could become a nuclear threshold state again in 10 or 12 years because the way this agreement is written. if we walk away today they are a nuclear threshold state and they will build a bomb and they'll have it within three or four months. then what? well, we do have options, of course that are being recommended by dick cheney, john bolton and benjamin netanyahu, all who were cheerleaders for the iraq war and who were oh, so wrong about the greatest foreign policy mistake in the history of the united states of america. but they learned nothing from that and they think yet another war in the mideast is a better solution than this. now, what does iran give up? 2/3 of its kentry huges, they are allowed to keep the most oldest, most prim testify centrifuges, 97% of its enriched uranium stockpile will be gone. their mine sites will be monitored 24/7. their mill sites will be monitored 24/7. there will be an intrusive
Sep 30, 2015 10:00am EDT
operations to be closer to their markets. if you're going to sell in china, for instance, it makes sense maybe to manufacture it there rather than ship it halfway around the world with the complexity and expense. i've been meeting with a wide variety of corporate tax officers who ask the question about equity. why should they, with their overseas operations, pay for domestic infrastructure that everybody benefits from? it's a great question. this has the potential of actually costing the treasury more in the long run, making it harder to have an equitable adjustment in corporate tax reform and shift the burden that should be paid by all american users instead concentrated on a small portion of american taxpayers on their overseas operation. they ask, where's the equity, and it's hard to see. that's why we have the basic principle of a user fee. people use a service and they pay for it. the gas tax for decades has served that purpose since it was first introduced in my home state in oregon in 1919 for road construction. it's still the simplest, most dructdrekt, most fair, easiest to admin
Jun 10, 2015 10:00am EDT
to china and elsewhere, are trying to neuter this so that they can take any new innovation without having to pay the person who is actually -- who has actually been the inventor and created this. totally contrary to what our country has been all about. we have had the strongest patent system in the world. the strongest. and what has that given the american people? it has uplifted our standard of living of order people. yeah, these folks in the multinational corporations, they live very well. well, the american people have lived well because we have had the technology whether it's agricultural technology or transportation technology or any of the other type of energy technologies that we have, these -- they have created more wealth for our society. we have america has been secure and freedom due, all due to our technological advantages. something our people worked harder, it's not that we had such natural resources. there are countries all over the world where people work hard and have natural resources, but it is our freedom and our respect for the individual rights of our citizens
Feb 2, 2017 9:59am EST
delicate balance of international affairs. historical tensions between countries like taiwan and china and india and pakistan require particular attention to historical presidents and agreements. the u.s. will gain nothing by projecting uncertainty or hostility toward our allies. they have sent their sons and daughters off to war on behalf and formed bonds on the battlefield that will never be forgotten. i urge my colleagues to reaffirm our international alliances and reject efforts by the administration to undermine decades of peace and security. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from nebraska, mr. bacon, for five minutes. mr. bacon: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise this morning to commemorate african-american history month by honoring one of the exceptional americans who resides in our district in omaha. dr. mitchell's career of public service and her dedication to education has made her a true hero and an inspiration to us all. dr. mitchell was born and raised in what was at the time a segregated port arthur
Sep 17, 2015 10:00am EDT
some of the sophisticated equipment from abroad. sometimes from places like china, southeast asia. well, that means they're doing financial transactions, that means they're engaging in shipping or airplane cargo shipments, all of those are vulnerabilities that we can target and you've seen my office in the past year go after procurement fronts for hezbollah, including for their unmanned aerial vehicle program. and it's an area we're going to continue to be very focused on in the months ahead. senator donnelly: we cannot leave any stone unturned. if we find a procurement company that's providing equipment, we need to let everybody know who they are. we need to go after them. we need to create more and more additional confidence with our allies. we need to make sure that the actual instruments of death and danger are cut off and you have a full mission from all of us that we need you to be one of the point people on this effort. additionally, president rouhani was talking about iran's intentions in regard to certain weapons. and that they would not ask for permission or abide by res
Jan 11, 2017 10:00am EST
country in a state of good repair. by contrast, china, perhaps our greatest international rival, spends nearly four times its -- more -- of its g.d.p. on infrastructure than we do, and announced nearly $1 trillion more infrastructure spending just last year. put simply, our national infrastructure system is an embarrassment, earning a d-plus grade from the american society of civil engineers. it is a threat to our economy, to american jobs, to our national security, and to our environment. we need a public transportation system that gets people where they need to be. keeps our roads clear. and makes our cities better places to live. we need a freight system that moves products and raw materials quickly, safely, and efficiently. we need air ways that reliably move people around the country anti-world in a timely manner. we need river locks and ports to allow farmers to ship their products to markets. we need water pipes and sewers that transport safe, clean water to every american. and we need to close the broadband gap so that every american can take advantage of the opportunities the i
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13