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Oct 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT
invest in a factory in china, that when you import cheap goods your profits are not taxed. he called it a gift to us. he says in his book that it is open " creative destruction." it is extreme policy. >> do you believe he is extreme? >> there is no question. joe is well to the left. it is appropriate. >> i would recommend people buy my book. not the least of which, because i like to have the royalties. you will find out what is in a. it talks about how limited government and economic freedom gives us prosperity. now on taxes, i think we should lower the top corporate tax rate from 35% and we have today in -- that we have today, that is the highest in the world, i think we ought to lower it to 25%. then we would be able to compete better with our trading partners. if we do not do this, then america becomes a less competitive place, a place where people will not want to headquartered their business. stimulustalk about the and whether you think it is working. mr. toomey, i will start with you. why do you not think it is working? >> it has been well over a year. we were told if they got
Oct 13, 2010 7:30pm EDT
to citizenship so difficult. >> i want to clarify one thing on the national security front on china, which is a huge issue right now. in 2006, correct me if i am wrong, he said that china has a carefully thought al and strategic plan to take over america and as they pretend to be our friend, it is because they have something up their sleeve. he also said it you wish you were not privy to some of the classified information i am predicted -- i am agreed to. >> i was talking about when i was working with a group going to china. we were given some security briefs about china's positions. we do have to look at china very seriously because they owned some much of our debt. it prohibits a lot of decisions that we need to make in regard to our caller policy. no. 1 is iran with nuclear weapons. china stands in a big way there. the sanctions are not enforced as they should be because we have our allies participating in the gasoline embargo, but china comes in and swoops up all that business. we need to be putting sanctions on these chinese companies. iran is getting nuclear weapons is the big
Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. texas is fighting harder for our jobs, north carolina is, mexico, brazil, guatemala, china, india, russia, poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. i'll tell you why. because china, for example, like texas, like brazil, gives companies huge tax credits, they help them cut through regulation. they reward r and d, they provide access to credit. that's what we need to do. i proposed a two-year payroll tax holiday for a business that hires an unemployed worker. to use the power of the federal government to create special economic zones just as the chinese have to help companies cut through regulation. instead of bailing out general motors, let's bring them the incentives to bring their plants back home and hire american workers and let us decide in this country we are going to be once again number one in invasion. we have fallen to 17th in the world. we have to fight for invasion, that means we have to be number one in the world in terms of incentives we provide. we can grow our economy again, but it means we have to fight for private sector jobs and i don't think there are enough
Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm PDT
for our jobs. texas is fighting harder for our jobs. so is north carolina, brazil, guatemala, china, india, russia, poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. and i'll tell you why. because chine afor example, like texas, like brazil, gives companies huge tax credits. they help them cult through reg -- cut through regulation. they reward rnd. they provide access to credit. that's what we need to do. i've proposed a po2-year payroll -- a two-year payroll holiday. a five-year tax holiday for new businesses that will relocate here. to use the power to create special economic zones to help companies cut through regulations. instead of bailing out general motors, let us give them the incentives to bring their plants back home and to hire american borkers. and let -- workers. and let us decide that in this country, we are going to be once again, number 1 in innovation. we have fallen to 17 in the world. we have to fight for innovation. and that means we have to be number 1 in the world in terms of incentive we provide for rnd. we can grow our economy again. but we have to fight for secto
Oct 28, 2010 7:00pm EDT
would be disastrous. he also voted against an amendment saying that if china and india do not follow suit, we do away with our cap and tax program. >> next question. >> i hope we can have some really good and honest answers. what do you respected by your opponent. >> his sense of humor. >> could you elaborate? >> i could repeat some of his jokes but i would not tell them as well. >> melancon mr.? >> i expect a great education. i wish everyone would have that opportunity to get as good as an education or have a system that would provide as good an education. >> short and sweet. >> the people of louisiana have shown their support. mr. vitter offered a bill calling for term limits what you were in the legislature. are you in favor of term limits for congress? >> and not only in favor of it, and author of a leading bill for term limits for congress. we need it in the state legislature. i was an effective passing it there. we need it even more in congress. >> if elected, this would be a last term? >> i did not say that. i said we need term limits. >> this is a very important point. term-l
Oct 17, 2010 7:00pm EDT
political one where countries like pakistan and china and others stepped up and are un partners and nato partners step up so that we have an international solution that will meet political ends that will allow us to get out in the future. >> i would like to see our troops start to come home sometime next year. >> i think that we are very good at fighting war, but we are not very good at nation-building. i think we need to ask the questions about that. there needs to be a national debate, in the senate and in the halls of the media as well. we need to have a debate about when we should come home. the commander-in-chief makes those decisions and i do not think that congress can vote to move troops around. i think it would be unconstitutional for congress to tell them they have to have 100,000 troops here or 100,000 troops there. >> dr. paul, you have expressed local first when spending tax dollars. but considering the corruption rampant in parts of eastern kentucky, do you believe and sending thousands of dollars without the due control is the best way to attack our state's drug problem? >
Oct 14, 2010 9:00pm EDT
. >> yesterday, we had a company from china come here to create jobs. they have been building windmills. that is a result of tax policy that i put into a bill. we now have $2 billion worth of work going on in nevada. that is a result of tax policy, incentives to have them do that. mccarren airport, as a result of tax policy, we have a $3 billion project going on there today. -- as a result of language in the bill, we save jobs at harrah's. my opponent is against that. my job is to create jobs. what she is talking about is extreme. we have to do this. we have been doing it since boulder dam was created years ago. >> once again, harry reid, it is not your job to create jobs. it is your job to create policies that create confidence for the private sector to create jobs. they have lost confidence because of things like obama- care. there is a business in reno, where he wanted to hire 25 more employees but laid off five just because of the provisions in obama-care. we are seeing those kinds of policies crush our economy over the last 20 months. >> the next question goes to senator reid. this has to d
May 19, 2015 2:15pm EDT
being a back-door trade agreement with china. what does that mean? right now, there is nothing in this trade legislation nothing that we are considering to prevent the people's republic of china from joining the t.p.p. at a later date. without a former process requiring congressional input and approval for countries like china to join t.p.p., we might as well be talking about the china free trade agreement. this amendment spells out in law a detailed, important process step by step for future t.p.p. partners to join the agreement. it doesn't say they can't join. it just says here's how they join because t.p.p. and t.p.a. seem to be silent on that. here's how it would work. the president would be required to notify congress of his intent or her intent to enter negotiations with a country that wants to join t.p.p. the notice period would be 90 days. during that time, the finance committee and the ways and means committee would have to vote to certify that the country considering joining t.p.p. is capable of meeting the standards of the agreement. it would stop sort of a back-door pr
Sep 22, 2015 10:00am EDT
that we are now one of just seven nations among them -- countries like north korea and china -- that allow elective abortions at such a late stage. can't we do better than this as a country? the pain-capable unborn child protection act would allow america to finally join the ranks of the most civilized nations on this issue. just this past weekend in louisville, hundreds of kentuckians gathered to spread a message of dignity and of hope. they marched with those who may not meet them. they marched for those who may not hear them. but i hope americans across the country, including participants in the 37th annual walk for life, will be encouraged to know that their voices of humanity and of respect are finally being heard again in the senate under new leadership. the executive director of kentucky right to life says the issue before us is critical. we have worked tirelessly, she said, to give these defenseless babies some protection. several states have already taken action to protect these children. so has the house of representatives. now it's up to each of us to show where we stand.
Sep 21, 2015 2:00pm EDT
dictatorships like china and north korea, which also inflict enforced abortion and sterilization on their people. by contrast, countries to our left like france and germany, heavily restrict or ban abortion after the first trimester. so does belgium, home of the european union. even russia bans elective abortion after the first trimester. our abortion policy is one case where we should be ashamed of our international isolation and follow europe's lead in protecting innocent life. in our country founded as it is on the equal rights of mankind and the unalienable right of life, it's deeply disappointing that the laws don't protect those most innocent lives among us, particularly when medical science now has the ability to do so. these scientific advances like life itself are miracles. these days it may seem like a miracle when a law passes around here, but that is the case as a father, as an american, as a lawmaker, i think a miracle is called for now if it ever was. a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from tennessee. mr. alexander: madam president, during t
by outsourcing energy production to countries with poor environmental records like india and china. they may also be illegal. that's why i wrote the governors earlier this year suggesting they take a responsible wait-and-see approach and allow the courts to weigh in before subjecting their citizens to unnecessary pain. the supreme court's rebuke to the white house in june on another environmental regulation underlines the wisdom of this approach. even though that mercury regulation was ultimately tossed out, most of its damage had already been done. it reminded governors that it would be reckless not to take a wait-and-see approach this time. now, mr. president several governors have already decided they won't allow the administration to rush them into adopting these regulations and i expect more to follow. i was recently able to place language in the senate interior appropriations bill that would prohibit the administration from arbitrarily imposing its will on states that take this responsible approach. senator capito also has a bill that would prohibit the regulations from movin
Jul 7, 2015 2:00pm EDT
-- china and other countries are now taking up the slack where the ex-im bank worked before. lots of business is being lost to the american people and it is really unfortunate because again the republicans not meeting deadlines. mr. president, every one of those crises are accompanied by consequences that hurt ow country: lost productive, volatile stock market lapses in national security. every time republicans miss a deadline who gets worse than anyone else? the middle class. it makes our nation less safe. now we have another vital time-sensitive matter that requires the senate's attention as soon as possible. at the end of this month our nation is faced with the looming expiration and insolvency of the highway trust fund. 64,000 structurally deficient bridges and hundreds of projects across america -- really trillions of dollars. we have an infrastructure deficit in this country of about $3 trillion, 64,000 bridges structurally deficient. it is irresponsible for republicans who are content to let the authorization of the highway program lapse or maybe they'll come up with another s
field here, china comes onto the field. the and china says, fine, we're happy to write the rules. and to me -- and i'm going to outline this, what chairman hatch and i and others have produced is a policy that will force standards up as opposed to much of what critics say about past trade policies, that it drives -- it's a race to the bottom that it drives standards down. this is a piece of legislation that's going to drive standards up. and with that, madam president i'm going to start outlining the differences between the 2015 t.p.a. package and the 2002 t.p.a. package and i'm going to start with the requirements for labor, the environment and affordable medicines. now, in 2002, madam president there was no requirement for trading partners' laws to comply with core international labor standards. let me repeat that. in 2002, more than a dozen years ago, there was no requirement for trading partners' laws to comply with core international labor standards. under the package that chairman hatch and i and our colleagues on the finance committee have produced trading partners must adopt and
Sep 15, 2015 1:00pm EDT
factual on what the agreement was between israel israel -- i'm sorry, between iran and china and russia and great britain and germany and france and the united states. because what he just outlined has nothing to do with what the actual facts are. mr. president, it comes as no surprise to anyone who watches the senate the republican leader and i disagree on many things, but i was very grad -- glad to hear the republican leader say last week that he believes any government funding bill must be clean and that using the appropriations process to attack women's health is, as he said, "an exercise in futility." i'm sure not everyone on his side of the aisle agrees with him but there's no doubt that it's the right thing to do. i agree that any budget deal must be clean -- that is, no riders, nothing with planned parenthood, nothing with repealing what the environmental protection agency has done, no revealing -- repealing what the dodd-frank bill put us into effect to stop us from having another wall street meltdown. no riders dealing with immigration. just a clean continuing resolution for a
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14