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customer than china by roughly $152 billion, bigger than japan or the uk. no one else even comes close. in fact, cannot abide more from the u.s. than china, japan and the uk combined. we've been consistent this year some might say much less but we are polite in our relentlessne relentlessness. sharing the message beginning my regular dialogs of president trump and fanning out from there. let me tell you why. this is the most successful economic partnership in the history of the world. it's worth about a trillion dollars each year, and most importantly, it is well-balanc well-balanced. more broadly, the north american free-trade zone is the biggest economic zone in the world comprising of 19 trillion-dollar regional markets of the 470 million customers. the united states, canada and mexico together now account for more than a quarter of the world's gdp. since the trilateral agreement went into effect in 1994, u.s. trade with nafta partners has tripled. that accounts for millions of well-paying middle-class jobs for canadians and americans. free trade has worked. it's working now. those ties
states ambassador to china, the longest serving governor in american history, ambassador terry branstad. let's give all these former governors a round of applause. [applause] it really has been a privilege for me to continue to work so closely with all of you on the president's behalf. in february, karen and i enjoyed welcoming many of you to the vice president's residence in washington, d.c. the first time all of america's governors have, i was told, have ever been invited to the naval observatory and we were honored that so many came. my wife couldn't with be us -- couldn't be with us today, she's picking our daughter up from the airport after some foreign travel, but let me extend the president's and our family's heart felt appreciation to the most important people in the room today, the spouses and family members to those who serve as governors across this nation. could you give a round of applause to our spouses and family members who support the leadership of these great leaders? [applause] the truth is, america's governors have a friend in president donald trump and it d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)