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2017 6
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keep open pathways of prosperity from the straits of hormuz to the south china sea, or just yesterday, one of our ships conducted freedom of navigation operations, reminding the world american leadership looks like, also with the navy does. and you do what men and women in the navy have always done, you bear the burdens of your duty with honor, courage, and commitment as the unbreakable backbone of american freedom. that's what the navy does, and that is now what all of you will do from this day forward. and soon to be commissioned officers in the united states navy and marine corps all of you , from this day forward are called to be leaders. always remember that you follow the wake of heroes who have done just that. you can banish any doubt by thinking of those who have gone before, and the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds us today. not just in the stands, but beyond. when i think of those who have gone before, i think of just a half century ago, a young man from alabama did just what you did. he answered the call to put on the uniform and he was sitting right where you are si
eastern mediterranean and from the south china sea to the sea of japan. and you'll pull into the finest ports in the world. you'll run into classmates, swap sea stories and hoist a pint to good times past and to fellowshipmates that you lost along the way. and whenever, wherever, natural disaster may strike. you'll be there, too, to provide relief. along the way you'll make decisions every day, large and small. decisiones that will define who you are. decisions that will reflect what you value. decisions that will determine your fate, future and decisions that, future, and decisions that will determine the fate of our nation. so, decide carefully. it's an exciting, yet highly uncertain future that awaits you. what is certain is that our national security will continue to rely on the dedication, the skill, the abilities, the passion, and ultimately, the professionalism of our leaders in uniform. each and every one of you. and while it may be far from your mind today, i can say with certainty that you will have the duty,unity, indeed, the to help shape the future. and for that, i thank yo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)