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Feb 7, 2016 10:00pm EST
system in south korea. a development that china calls concerning. china is north korea's main ally. today the counsel's present said an agreement on sanctions could come next week. fox news. >> something we will have to keep an eye on. >>> right now the big game. wach fox news melanie is live with fans currently. >> reporter: one more minute left in super bowl 50 right now. the score is 24-10 denver. coming up we will have fan reaction on how they think super bowl 50 is playing out. is brought to you by ... >>> welcome back everyone. a look at the headlines. the next few days, chilly tonight. rain moving in tomorrow. and temperatures cooling down quite a bit this week. temperatures already much cooler this evening. yesterday at this time we were in the 40s and right now we are 38 in columbia. 36 in aiken. doppler radar, showing clouds clear skies. cooling off this evening. for tomorrow a cold front moving towards us. quite swiftly. rain chances tomorrow afternoon. looking at future wach. morning. the clouds start to creep in later into the afternoon hours and as they do they will b
Dec 28, 2015 10:00pm EST
, the end of an era. the leaders in china, making moves to end the controversial practice there. >> plus no charges in the shooting death of a 12-year- old. prosecutors call it the perfect >>> china is changing one of the most controversial policies that has stood for decades. lawmaker voted sunday to end the one child policy and allow couples to have two children. the government says in just 15 year, china will be home to more than 400 million people who are older than 60. there are concerns there won't be enough young people to support them. reaction to the move is mixed. >>> chicago mayor is ending a family vacation early to return home. this after chicago police shot and killed two people over the weekend. the department admits officers accidentally shot one of them. a spokesperson says the mayor is cutting his trip short. mayor the expected -- expected back tuesday afternoon. >>> and a grand jury declining to indict a police officer in the killing of the 12-year-old price. >> prosecutors say rice was drawing a pistol on police when he was gunned down. >> fox's steve rapport
Feb 8, 2016 10:00pm EST
classified and sensitive.>> reporter: this is been used since 2013. china or north korea may have had years to access classified information on the united states. experts say if we build an encrypted backdoor for our emperor's purse -- purpose, for our own purpose, hackers can get in.>> it is time and money and persistence, and it will eventually get crack schark>> there are so many unanswered questions in this ongoing investigation. what they find when they hear back from all of the agencies washington, i am jeff barn reporting.>> they are continuing to investigate. >>> swiftly -- switching the attention to the weather department. things are getting interest rate -- interesting. >>> that cold air mass moved in after we saw the high and the low 60s today. were in the 30s and 40s now. i hope that you enjoyed the 61, 62 degrees around 130 this afternoon. it is gone. covering news at 10. >>> beautiful day across the midlands. in fact, let's go on and take a beautiful high temperature today. no records in jeopardy. are morning low of 28. front push through this afternoon around 2:30 pm. t
Dec 29, 2015 10:00pm EST
: the peter swie, zer says despite the price tag,. >> if you live in a country like china or end y the united states a great second place to have. >> reporter: calls for reform turned down. the program extended once again. in washington, reporting. >>> the eb5 program was just extended with the passage o. ominous spending bill. it'll remain in tact until unless at least december '30th. >>> and tonight, he's facing some disturbing charges. >> and the party is over for one teen and his mother after fleeing to mexico. >> and rain, rain, rain, go away. as we continue to see rainfall. not only in the mid-lands but the upstate. it has to go somewhere. and we are seeing leveling for 360 flood stage. most locations just over minor flood stage. we could see those numbers 10 returns. >>> the death to from missouri's historic flooding now stands at 13. the rain has ended but governor jay nixon says the threat remains high due to rising water levels. in the town of union, flood waters left several businesses spacial i will sub americaed. the national -- flood warns were in effect today for 16 coun
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4