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Feb 11, 2016 4:30pm EST
historians. >> all right. eastern china to due dubai. >> no. i don't want to tempt fate we saw what happened before. kudos on the extra lifeboats. >> better lifejackets. >> not for me. you would do it? >> there's wi-fi? then i will do it. >> that is the determining factor? >> well -- >> that wi-fi is not going to help you if things go downhill. >> a few extra seconds. we'll see in 2018 how many buy in. next on wbtv news we are tracking two separate chances for wintery weather ahead. >> and a man accused of killing his mother inside her own home. wbtv >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> a man is accused of killing his mother inside her home. how police were able to track him down. >> and the doors opened as winthrop university prepares to host two presidential candidates. >> first, roads getting brined as charlotte prepares for another round of possible snow. look at the current temperatures it will get much colder tonight that is why d.o.t. is out with the possibility of snow. welcome to wbtv news at 5:00 i'm paul cameron. great to have you with us. here
Feb 29, 2016 4:30pm EST
minutes report which found that some of the flooring from china contained high levels of formaldehyde. >> apple is expected to release the iphone in march. it will have a smaller 14-inch screen and look identical to the iphone 5s except for curved edges and will not include the 3d touch feature. >> smaller, bigger, then they go back to smaller. >> i tell you what it's hard to keep up. but they keep buying them. and disney wants to cut down on crowds at the parks and it will cost you. and for the first time disneyworld and disneyland are raising ticket prices 20% for holidays and weekends. the changes apply to single date tickets only. the company is hoping this will help spread out some of the crowds and everyday is crowded. i'm sure it's worse on the big holidays. >> we'll see if folks are still going to go to the happiest place on earth. >> tickets are expensive no matter what. >> time to check in with our tonya rivens. she is keeping an eye on the roads today. how are we looking? >> things could be worse we have the problems but the major roads are moving along. 77, 27
Mar 22, 2016 4:30pm EDT
alert center with alex giles. you are working on this developing story out of china grove today? >> yes, this information in from david whisenant in the field telling us the yarns plant is closing. that announced today they will permanently close on may 9th, 123 will be without jobs. they filed a notice with the state on march 10th. and notified the department of the mayor of china grove tells us that a community task force is being put together to help out the families and employees that will be affected by this now that they are without jobs. that information yarns closing, back to you. >> thank you. >> we have top consumer headlines. charlotte city council voted to approve more than 300 new apartments along the light-rail line north of uptown. the complex will be at the parkwood station set to open in 2017. these are renderings filed as part of the rezones request. >> starbucks wants to donate all of the leftover food from the 7,000 u.s. locations. the company will aim to contribute 100% of all food leftover to feeding america which runs a network of food banks. the c.e.o. sa
Mar 14, 2016 4:30pm EDT
, normal trade relations with china and others, millions of decent-paying jobs have been lost in thisky. this in this country. and in addition to that we are seeing a race to the bottom where new jobs often pay in manufacturing substantially -- >> you are listening to senator bernie sanders stumping in north carolina in charlotte. just before we have the north carolina primary. he spoke at least for about 30 minutes. and we'll watch how long he is on stage. trump's rally outside lines of people waiting to get in and protestors. half a dozen people were given citations but no violence and no one got hurt. inside trump sat with chris christie and talked jobs and continued his theme of building a wall on the border of mexico. christian flores was there. and a packed house to see the frontrunnerment tell us more about the rally? >> trump leads ted cruz by 90 delegates and came here to north carolina to get his supporters to the polls tomorrow. but he met with protestors. >> we are enthusiastic about the experience. >> donald trump supporters began lining up monday... as early as 10:3
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4