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Mar 8, 2016 5:30am EST
being paid for privately and will not be funded by taxpayers. as we reported, police in china grove made a similar move back in january. >> john: governor pat mccrory wants your input on a new monument that would honor achievements of african americans. public hearing will be held tonight at 6:30 at harvey b. gantt center, one of four meetings being held across the state. would be built. >> christine: olympic medalist ryan lochte may soon leave charlotte. lochte moved to the queen city in 2013 to train for the 2016 olympics. under david march. our partners asked him about his plans after the games. >> after rio i will definitely go back to charlotte and think whether i want to keep staying here training or whether -- i could hang up the speedo after rio. >> lochte, from rochester, new york, enjoyed the southern hospitality people have shown him here. the olympics begin in august in brazil. >> john: another carolina panthers player is paying tribute to peyton manning. in an emotional news conference yesterday, manning announced he was retiring after playing 18 season and winning two
Mar 17, 2016 5:30am EDT
at a dozen fire depararents in charlotte, cornelius, huntersville, kannapolis, china grove, greensboro and fort mill. detectives say the evidence led them to a car bing uses and they recovered stolen property. >> christine: commissioners approving a big change for people applying for county jobs. they no longer have to say on the application if they are a convicted criminal. the ban the box movement was pushing to remove areas on job applications that require you to check off if you are a convict. supporters say it gives convicts a chance to explain what getting thrown out of the job search process early. this would not do away with background checks. >> john: charlotte-mecklenburg school officials want your calendar. the district posting a poll online, now open will close at 11:59 p.m. on march 23rd. after the polling period ends, ann clark will review the results and could make changes to the calendar. we have a link to the poll under the web extras section of >>> helping students with disabilities prepare for life after school. that is the idea behind a fair be
Feb 16, 2016 5:30am EST
the extreme. >> john: on the roofs climbed a huge sky scrape near china. spires near 1300 feet above the ground, yep, that is a little high. making the moment more intense, the ladders which reached the top of the spires did not have if youchanges. >> al: sincecages. >> al: since we're showing it they must have made it. temperatures close to freezing. seeing at the bottom of the scroll that we have a lot of schools that are either closed or delayed because while it is warmed appreciably in the charlotte area and points eastward, not so much north and west. the five sweeps of power doppler radar, little bit of rain still back to the west, cleveland county, extends up toward west of lincolnton toward maiden and hickory, the back edge approaching statesville down to cornelius, i-77. south of there, extends to the east of ballantyne parkway, over toward weddington, indian trail, mint hill, allen community, monroe in the rain. quickly moving off toward the east. mountains don't clear out, rest of us will see decent amount of sunshine. the clouds but look at this by 8:00, back edge of the
Feb 22, 2016 5:30am EST
firefighters while they respond to emergencies. fire station in charlotte, kannapolis, china grove and mount mourne reported people breaking in personal vehicles of firefighters. >> christine: we're continuing to follow breaking news involving a house fire in huntersville. let's go to brody o'connell you've been watching the story in the alert center, are you getting more information? >> brody: that's right, christine. reporting them since 4:30 this morning. what we know so far is this is a home with nobody inside. we don't know what caused the fire. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation, what i want to do is here pull up apple tv to show you some pictures tweeted out from the huntersville fire department to give you an idea how big the fire was. a good picture to give you an idea of the severity of the fire. good news the flames have been knocked down here, started before 3:00 a.m., we have a crew out on the scene, they are working to bring you a live picture and of course we'll bring that to you as soon as possible. this was over on devonshire drive in huntersville, john and chr
Mar 14, 2016 5:30am EDT
models in bridal magazines. >> christine: looks beautiful. >>> a man in southeast china is sweeping an elderly woman off her feet. he reached out to ask if the woman is okay, as she crosses the street. he scoops her up and carries her across to the opposite sidewalk. he sets her down safely, waits with her until she regains her balance. the video has more than 300,000 views. >> john: wow. sir walter raleigh of china. there you go. >> christine: you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic on wbtv news conklin. >> al: all right, thanks a lot, christine. ok at the numbers over the last week, seriously warm weather for the beginning of march. with temperatures in the 70s and getting up in the low 80s friday and early on saturday afternoon. yesterday, 79 degrees, we had more cloud cover and showers around, now the showers have cleared out and with that, we have pockets of dense fog, zero visibility hickory, lenoir, morganton south toward boiling springs, shelby and kings mountain, three miles in charlotte, zero in albermarle, one mile lancaster, rock hill, watch the f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5