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Feb 16, 2016 5:30am EST
the extreme. >> john: on the roofs climbed a huge sky scrape near china. spires near 1300 feet above the ground, yep, that is a little high. making the moment more intense, the ladders which reached the top of the spires did not have if youchanges. >> al: sincecages. >> al: since we're showing it they must have made it. temperatures close to freezing. seeing at the bottom of the scroll that we have a lot of schools that are either closed or delayed because while it is warmed appreciably in the charlotte area and points eastward, not so much north and west. the five sweeps of power doppler radar, little bit of rain still back to the west, cleveland county, extends up toward west of lincolnton toward maiden and hickory, the back edge approaching statesville down to cornelius, i-77. south of there, extends to the east of ballantyne parkway, over toward weddington, indian trail, mint hill, allen community, monroe in the rain. quickly moving off toward the east. mountains don't clear out, rest of us will see decent amount of sunshine. the clouds but look at this by 8:00, back edge of the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1