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Feb 24, 2016 5:30am EST
county. harrisburg, cox mill, cabarrus, kannapolis, concord you're getting rain heading toward china grove and salisbury. bigger picture, a little disruption right now of the flow of wet weather coming up and moisture source coming up in our part of the carolinas because of this big cluster of thunderstorms. they robbed the moisture, consolidates there and until that moves eastward we probably won't see more than we have right now. back to the west this is the concern as you get in the discreet cells and these kick up a lot of wind, without a lot of thunder and lightning. having said that, watches and warnings all over the place throughout the eastern part of the country and flash flood watch remains in effect. this is not just with this system, westbound on top of the last couple days, 2-3 inches in viewing area. just light rain falling in charlotte right now. overcast here, we do have cloudy skies out there and current temperature of 50 degrees. again, getting rain at the airport right now. you'll run in that. with the east breezes you'll see temperatures rise. you're in the 40s ac
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1