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Jan 8, 2016 11:00pm EST
lot of the blame is placed on poor trading in china. concerns about china's economy have caused global slumps. china's currency is weakening against the dollar. michael: 2015 was a strong year for the u.s. job market. more than 2.5 million jobs were added. 292,000 of those came in december. it was the second best year for job growth since 1999. americans saw their paychecks go up as well. wages grew 2.5% in december. that is the best it has been in six years. carol: the powerball jackpot is past $800 million tonight and showing no signs of slowing down. for the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. many powerball players say they don't care about the odds. after all, someone has to win eventually. if the winner takes home the lump sum payment, they will be looking at about half a billion dollars. michael: check out this -- a snowly owl 0-- snowy owl flies right towards the lense. i hope we will freeze this for you. he was caught by a traffic camera in montreal. they say the owl was probably hunting for prey in a nearby field and looking for a good place to purchase. -- place
Dec 28, 2015 11:00pm EST
under isis control. michael: in china, a man is recovering after he tried to save a woman who was falling from an 11-story building. this happened on december 23rd, and it was caught on surveillance video. you see the man reaching out to catch the woman as she falls into his arms. hard to watch. he had heard the woman crying for help, and saw her hanging from the 11th floor window. he broke bones and tore ligaments in his legs, but is expected to recover. however the woman did not , survive the fall. carol: tonight, friends and family members celebrated a young girl who would have turned one today. as you may remember, 11-month old addie grace died earlier this month, addie had krabbe disease, which affects the nervous system, and all body movement. her parents were huge clemson fans, and dreamed of taking their little girl to a game someday. the clemson tiger, pep band, and cheerleaders came to them back in o oober, to give the family support. around 40 people gathered today outside her house in piedmont, wrote messages on balloons, and let them go. michael: falls, and fires. con
Jan 7, 2016 11:00pm EST
plunging as china's economy continues to show signs of a stumble. the price of oil also tanking, and that is playing into the market sell-off. a barrel of oil now at its lowest level in 12-years. let's take a look at the numbers. the dow down nearly 400 points on the session, the nasdaq off more than 146. the s&p 500 index falls more than 47 in the session. among the silver linings gas , prices at the pump are expected to fall even further. carol: a spartanburg county woman is facing arts -- arson charges. sherri shockley stands accused of setting a home on fire back in september. she tried to escape from the patrol car when she was arrested. ripped off her toenail, and all her clothes. michael: an upstate mother is now facing charges, a day after her boyfriend was charged with dropping and stepping on her baby daughter. leroy morris faces several charges, including unlawful conduct toward a child. officers believe he lives with whitney barnwell. today, officers filed similar charges against her. today, a judge denied morris bond. the mother's bond was set at $75,000. right now, the
Jan 4, 2016 11:00pm EST
opening day in 84 years. the huge drop is blamed on new signs of weakness in china's economy, and fears the escalating tensions between saudi arabia and iran could bring a spike in oil prices. but today, oil prices actually closed even lower. many analysts saying, the low price at the pump will get even lower. >> i'm enjoying it. i always have to get premium in my car, so i have to make sure its as cheap as possible so i can keep riding longer. carol: according to estimates from aaa, gas should remain a bargain this year. will kick off a 50 state tour tomorrow in iowa. franklin graham will hold prayer rallies and urge christians to vote. but franklin graham has left the republican party, and says he won't endorse any candidates. >> we're not supporting any candidates or any party, but we want to lift up the name of jesus christ. michael: in this video, franklin graham says he wants people to vote for candidates that stand for biblical values. furman political scieiee professor danielle vinson says graham's tour may be a response to widespread frustration with politics among conser
Jan 10, 2016 11:00pm EST
west coast, there is alaska. over here is russia and china. here is what they european models depict. 1, 2, 3, 4 storms we will watch. this is one model, and one model run. nonetheless, the pattern indicates we will have cold air in place and several of these storms will need to be watched. this far out, and with the information. ocean. united states, we will have more accurate models. it is important to stay tuned to the forecast this week. the models show the first impact system will move across the united states wednesday into thursday and impact our area friday. it is to the west, but it will send moisture our way friday night, which could mix with ice in the mountains. predominantly, looks like rain across the area. the second one arrives on sunday. this one could have a little more moisture with it. we will watch that one. the timing could be off. the moisture could be off. we will watch it over the next few days. one thing's for sure, the pattern favors these systems moving our way. the first one had been friday night, possibly a wintry mix in the mountains. the second one, th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5