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FOX Business
Jan 14, 2017 9:30am EST
small business pan american agriculture products with comiena. we think china and u.s. relationship should be friendly and do better. gary: could this relationship between trump and jack ma have an impact on the business dealings between the u.s. and china? china. trish: what do you think of this move for jack to be in there meeting with donald trump? >> i think alibaba has big plans for the u.s. and i think it's an opportunity for him to start at the top and begin that relationship he has been eyeing for a while. trish: he needs a good relationship with the president of the united states. >> i think it has a lot to do with sending a signal to china. i think jack ma's relationship with china is every bit as affected by the dynamic with trump as well. gary: what signal are they trying to send? >> i think accommodation, relationship, working together. there isn't going to be an adversarial piece. particularly given trump's relationship with the traditional silicon valley. it showed an indication was looking to be in a different footing. gary: the president-elect has talked about china
FOX Business
Jul 2, 2016 12:30am EDT
nation's top trading partners, china. >> i'm going to instruct my treasury secretary to label china a currency manipulator. which should have been done years ago. any country that devalues their currency in order to take unfair advantage of the united states, which is many countries, will be met with sharply. and that included tariffs and taxes. >> our fox business all-star, one of them is laughing right here, good friends charlie gasparino and liz claman joining us now. charlie, i love the music. >> i can't believe i'm sitting here. >> very traumatic. >> didn't you grow up watching this? >> what about the opening when i'm walking and he's working. >> let's talk about donald trump for a second. tough talk on trade. what do you think, liz? is that the right approach? >> i don't know why everybody think so this is such an original call to label china a currency manipulator. ever since china extricated itself or tried to crawl out of economic isolation in the '90s, everybody said you're manipulating your currency, you're weakening it to take advantage of a cheaper export opportunity so t
FOX Business
Sep 17, 2017 9:00am EDT
that to 15%, that would make us competitive with china and other countries. my priority is bringing companies back and bringing money back into the country. maria: apple had their highly anticipated product launch this week including an iphone 10 which features facial recognition. all the phones will have huge camera upgrades and wireless charging capabilities. the iphone 10 ships in november. it was another week of records on wall street all posting fresh highs. president trump toured florida to assess the damage caused by hurricane irma. the storm left thousands of people without power and water. glenn youngkin is chief operating officer and president of the carlisle group. we are happy you are here today. welcome. glenn youngkin: thank you, great to be here. maria: let's talk policy and the markets in general. how do you allocate capital in an environment where we are not sure what's happening. we are waiting on tax reform. how do you see things? glenn youngkin: not getting things done is slightly different than actually having a negative bias coming out of washington. so had we
FOX Business
Jul 8, 2017 3:00am EDT
of you. then for the rest of the show drill down on how to allocate capital in this market. china is one of the big stories with it comes to north korea. you are invested in china. do you think china could be doing more in terms of reining in north korea? >> definitely. they are afraid of a mass of immigrants coming from north korea into china. and also the trade of the merger of north and south which would create a problem depends on how the politics take place in that combined entity. i think china is playing it very, very cautiously. maria: they don't want to see democracy next door to them. they don't want all those refugees coming into china. let me move on to europe. temperature. your thoughts on the european central bank. mark: the euro is getting stronger against the u.s. dollar, so you are seeing money coming into the e.u. i think they probably feel stronger, and the ability to begin to wind down. they have been cautious in the sometime thus measures. maria: any indications of winding down the stimulus in europe? >> european stocks look good and will probably go higher. t
FOX Business
Apr 2, 2016 12:00am EDT
free markets should work, and there is the china syndrome. anthony: do you think there is a recession on the horizon? >> you have to think about which indicators were flashing red. you saw it in the volatility and the equity market. there is a reason for the well-worn phrase. unless they are confirmed by the high frequency leading indicators, economic indicators, i think it was yet another false signal. even when the crescendo was greatest we didn't buy into the recession case. gary: should investors be concerned that what appears to have happened in march was the fed said we won't raise rates in the short term, we are going to keep steady. is that something we are becoming so accustomed to that it's a long-term problem? >> what we are in now is bca coined the phrase the fed policy loop. strengthen the dollar which leads to a blowout in credit spreads which leads to higher volatility in the equity market which has the effect of tightening financial conditions. we have been in and out of that loop since about a year ago where it suggested the fed was going to move in september, they ti
FOX Business
May 12, 2017 8:00pm EDT
significant trade deal with china when it will list exports and increase access to the gigantic chinese economy of 1.3 billion people for beef producers and natural gas exporters. the white house is working with china to clamp down on the north korean threat. i spoke about this with former secretary of state condoleezza rice and here's what she said. >> they are trying to change. china is the only country with any influence. i don't think complete influence but some influence with north korea. they have always been reluctant to do really tough things with the north koreans because they have worried about the collapse of the regime more than they have worried about a nuclear north korea. the administration is saying to them worry about a nuclear north korea because you can do something about the path that they are on -- maria: it does feel like the president has been able to move china in terms of its willingness to help on north korea as well as a deal and trade. let's your thought on an idea of trade? >> it was a very wise thing for him to do and ultimately this issue with increasing e
Jan 3, 2016 9:00am EST
in half, the capacity to service that debt goes in half. opportunity -- kyle: china to take you were going through, they will go through a banking loss cycle, one thing will happen. china will have to dramatically devalue its currency. it is not something the readership can get their arms around but it is tough to invest as a nonprofessional investor. you know what i mean. >> the interconnectivity will also set the economy. >> while you cannot necessarily play the devaluation. >> as we know, china many years , i think they hitched their wagon to our star very smartly back then. our goal depreciates the dollar through deflation. we issued debt for the rest of the world. we depreciate our world you are monetizing the debt. >> you pay the dollars worth less than what you borrowed. kyle: china has hitched their wagon to our star and they have depreciated about 60% versus the rest of the world. >> they will let it go and the u.s. dollar will be the beneficiary. anthony: let' s explain to viewers why it is killing them. they are depreciating goods and services being produced in china
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2016 12:30am EDT
because we have a slow economy, whether it's in japan or china and the u.s. i ask you, what your take. i know your money is in china. but as far as the u.s. is concerned. do you think donald trump is right, we are on the doorstep of a massive recession in the u.s.? kyle bass: donald trump may be right for the wrong reasons. asia has a giant credit bubble they have been building for the last 10 years or longer that reached its atrophy level and it will happen the next two or three years. so whether that causes the u.s. the have a brief minor recession, i think it's 40%, 50% in the next year personally. but it doesn't mean that slow global growth is going to lead to persistent recession. i also don't buy his idea monetary policy can generate true organic growth. it can help us out of a crisis. but we have had 8 years full out monetary and policies philly he justed. when the guard goes to the g-20 and says we have to work together. we have been working together. now we are stuck with kind of stagnation and excess capacity and a lot of debt. maria: to be clear to your first question, it hasn
FOX Business
Apr 7, 2017 8:00pm EDT
guarantee, china, north korea, iran, all these countries are standing around saying this is a different guy now. they will be a lot more careful how they treat this guy. lou: today to have neil gorsuch confirmed to be the 113th justice of the supreme court, this is a big, big moment for the trump administration, for the country, for the court. your thoughts. gayle: it's a big triumph for the country and the administration. president trump kept one of his vital promises. most of the republicans who voted for president trump cared most about the supreme court nomination. this is fork karma when the democrats were able to block this leading conservative intellectual by using senate control. now they a kri fightsed the filibuster to prevent an ultra mainstream nominee to the the supreme court. so next time there is a vacancy to the supreme court, president trump can nominate scene outspoken leading conservative. this is bourke karma coming back to bite the democrats. lou: watching senator schumer perform in the senate as he attacked gorsuch. talked about him not being mainstream. i think that h
Sep 27, 2015 9:00am EDT
regulations that are so behind the times, how do you bring back that trust? we have issues with china. even the most professional investors have trouble trusting the numbers coming out of china when we are trying to interpret. gary: you asked the questions. how do we bring back the trust? dick: i think you start right at the top with the sec leadership, with the fed' s leadership, the so-called working committee that oversees the equity markets, launching a comprehensive review to bring the rules in tandem with the practices of today. just totally out of whack. i think you start a program similar to the one that existed at the stock exchange. it can' t exist at the exchange many exchanges, but in industrywide effort to educate the public. we need broad-based regulatory reform. dick: i want to turn back to a second on the issue of activism. i would like to ask to expert sitting next to me -- should right to vote? the viewers? shareholders? while some s sake, we are the longest of long term investors, let me just warn you. i was on the floor of the exchange the day s&p said , all non-us
FOX Business
Apr 22, 2016 8:00pm EDT
-corporations. when you look at china, it should be a red flag. first it was property, then china's stock market. then it turned into china's credit bubble problems. gary: i think donald trump said 100%. sam zell said we'll definitely have a recession later this year. do you agree with that and does it matter when you are thinking about investment? >> way wonder about is something nobody is talking about. we are finding 8, 9, 10% free cash flow yield companies which tells us there is still room not tied to the market. >> 2 to 3 years. >> what i worry about is the fact there is a recession in china is already in the market. anthony scaramucci this is a tale of two different countries. the middle class is stagnating. what can be done about that? melissa: the federal reserve juiced the markets and forced people to go out and chase yeelt yields. d and chase yields. the middle class jobs people can count on are gone. so many people are trying to live and part-time and minimum wage jobs. we have seen a great divide. i'm afraid of what the remedy is. a lot of the jobs have to do with computer pr
FOX Business
Nov 4, 2017 12:00am EDT
this weekend. what are the opportunities, you will be visiting japan and china. what else your expectation coming -- what is your expectation coming out of this trip? dennis muilenburg: we have tremendous growth opportunities in asia. we are looking forward to the president's visit in china. president x pirks made a visit -- president xi made a visit to the united states and we signed an order for 300 new airplanes for china. we are expecting more opportunities in this upcoming place. chain today is an attractive marketplace for us. more than 7,000 of those new planes are in china. we are he adding value for china and adding u.s. jobs. maria: there is defense as well. the industry was crushed by the sequester. now the president is trying to increase defense spending but the budget hawks are saying no we can't do that. and we saw the accidents with the navy vessels. what's your take on the age of the fleet and what's happening in the fleet in terms of the need to modernize given the number of threats we face from north korea to iran, et cetera. den rrp this is an important topic
FOX Business
Mar 18, 2016 8:00pm EDT
use of what it has. what happens when china goes to apple. and russia? who might go after someone, again in human rights realm. so, that is the issue. a very significant one, i have sometimes wondered if it might not have been better, if there was a quiet conversation with apple, they said this is a serious issue, privately, you can help us find what is in this phone? maria: this international issue is so important, you saw in argentina a person put in jail in brazil. the head of facebook there. could it be that has not come up in china. could apple really be operating in china without giving chinese government access? >> i think to date, again we'll see what they might be willing to reveal. certainly, over the course of the last decade or more, as the mobile systems in particular, have mull flied so much, there has been a supportive approach. that was my experience in my last government job. the problem has been, the snowden affair, has cost firms like google, tens of billions of dollars, threatened main others. and so there is a reservation now that did not exist before, there i
FOX Business
Feb 25, 2017 9:00am EST
think about the gap or something importing t-shirts from china. they would not have the ability to deduct the cost of those goods coming in from china. there is concern in the retail industry that it will decimate tree tailers and you will see a lot of bankruptcies if it's successful. >> the question is how much of it is priced in today. we have seen a correction by a lot of the retailers the last quarters. and also on the fundamental pressures. huge losses to e-commerce. so it's not just risk and the valuation risk around tax, it's the fundamental pressures you are seeing on retears and we tried to avoid that space. gary: dance portfolio is one of the best kept secrets. and i want to go back to one more thing from mnuchin this week. secretary treasury did say this is a mark to market administration. the stock market has responded strong on the mark to market. but is that something you heard about this week? is that something you are concerned about? we all know the stock market doesn't go up every day. >> my opinion is as follows. yes, there is a lot of focus on the white house an
FOX Business
Jun 17, 2017 9:00am EDT
. maria: there is china as well. when you are selling motorcycles in china you are charged 90%. >> in indonesia it's four times what the product is on a landed basis. and indonesia is the third largest motorcycle basis in the region. we appreciate the interest from the administration. as they think about how to form later policy which you pointed out, there is a lot of political pressure a lot of different directions. but ideas like that are beneficial to companies like harley that are heavily invested and try to grow in markets around the world. maria: this is the way business operates for you. if china is charge our companies 90%, and india is charging 100%, we should have some kind of tax. lawmakers are having behind the scenes meetings. i understand they are work on tax reform as we speak. what do you think about a reciprocal tax? >> we don't have a like-for-like trade in motorcycles with china. so it's difficult to negotiate wholesale agreements that don't generate the interest either in the other country or other interests in the united states that have different dynamics it's u
FOX Business
Dec 22, 2017 8:00pm EST
. 20 years ago there were no significant collectors of contemporary art in china or the middle east. latin america. so when the word globalization -- people get tired of hearing it. but the art market benefited from globalization. what's different now is you can transmit information very quickly. we have 16 galleries all over the world. someone who works in our gallery in hong kong may have access to a particular painting and they liaison with our gallery in geneva. they have access to the same electric tonic communication. this has fueled the market it also allowed collectors to have access to more transparency about prices by gives the market more confidence it's a convergence of these things that resulted in a healthy art market. maria: globalization is critical. you have so much money coming from around the world into america. this is one of the biggest destinations for art. >> new york particularly. the museums, the galleries, the artists that work here. new york has den fitted enormously from the popularity of art. maria: when you look at diamonds and high-end accessories, wha
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 343 (some duplicates have been removed)