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Apr 30, 2016 4:49pm EDT
with assistance they need to defend themselves. china is getting less like a great power and more like a petty bully. time and time again, president obama has failed to take timely action to protect interests and allies. china may be less likely to go operate on priorities he thought were more important, like climate change, and the reckless iran nuclear deal. as a result, china has asserted behavior, cyberattacks, economic espionage, and theft, militarization of one of the most important waterways, and the closing of regional allies and partners. the middle east is descending into chaos, but for the past seven years, president obama has sought to scale back america's involvement in and commitment to the middle east. he has tried to convince us the unfolding crisis in the middle east is simply a local problem, that our nation's core interests are not truly threatened, that the consequence of regional , hundreds of thousands dead in syria, sectarian strikes in iraq, all of these can be mitigated and contains. but the crisis in the middle east has not been contained. it has reached the s
Jun 13, 2015 6:20pm EDT
not please like china will write the rules. on friday, republicans and democrats voted to help negotiate trade deals that are free and fair. deals that expand opportunity for workers and businesses. that is good. these kinds of traded deals saying no to lower wages, they are about starting a race to the top for better working conditions and higher wages, stronger environmental protections and a smarter way to crack down on countries that break rules. but that is not all we should do for workers. right now, something called trade adjustment assistance provide support like job training to tens of thousands of american workers each year that were hurt by past trade deals. the kind we will not repeat. republicans and democrats in the senate voted to renew this, but house of representatives will let it expire in a few months, leaving as many as 100,000 workers on their own. for the sake of those american workers and their families, i urge those members of congress who voted against trade adjustment assistance to reconsider. because these smart trade deals are not about growing our e
Jun 20, 2015 6:20pm EDT
china does. that is why i am working with congress to pass trade agreements with standards that are higher and protections that are tougher. i believe it is the right thing to do for workers and families or i wouldn't be doing it. we want to have the competitive edge. now, several members of congress disagree. it is still tied up. eventually, i'm optimistic we will get this through. america does not stand still issue after issue, we have partnered with mayors and others across the country to advance priorities for those families who are in favor of doing this right now. for the past couple of years 17 states and cities have raised the minimum wage for workers. and they have given paid sick days. other states have increased -- or signed up for tech initiatives. we trade deals with help create new jobs. these have added up to a big difference for working families. that is what matters to me the most. it should matter to you. on friday, talks about these initiatives occurred between mayors. check it out at representative zinke: good morning, i am the first navy seal who
Dec 19, 2015 6:20pm EST
agreement in history. it means america, not china, not anyone else, will write the rules of the global economy. number three, a pair of prisons miracles in washington. this week, congress passed a bipartisan budget that invests in middle-class priorities. it keeps the military the strongest in the world. it takes the threat of shutdowns and manufactured crises off the table for 26 been. bipartisan bill into law to help students. ne.ber two, love o no matter who you are, in america, you are free to marry the person you love because it is now the law in all 50 states. the number one reason i'm optimistic going into 2016 -- it is you, the american people. all of this progress because of you, because of workers rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done. entrepreneurs starting new businesses. because of teachers and health workers and parents. all of us taking care of each other. because of our incredible men and women in uniform, serving to protect us all. because when we are united as americans, there is nothing we cannot do. that is why it has been a good year. that is why i'm co
Sep 30, 2017 11:06pm EDT
talking about the great wall of china and i will tell you what happens stibnite that is all the time that we have today. i want to thank them for having a passionate debate. that was highly respectful. [applause] announcer: in his weekly talks, president trump talks about the federal response to help puerto rico and the virgin islands and his plans for tax reform. the nevada senator gives the democratic response to hurricanes. pres. trump: my fellow americans, our hearts are united with puerto rico and the virgin islands, who face devastation from two catastrophic hurricanes. we are working night and day with local authorities to assist at those in need to help save and sustain lives and begin the long recovery and building efforts. our commitment to the effort is this, we are with you, we will stay with you, and we will come back stronger than ever. we are sending tremendous amount of supplies and food and water and we are sending great people to help. i know that it's been devastating, i know you're least -- police force and everything else has been absolutely hurt. but we are
Apr 25, 2015 5:20pm EDT
economy today to benefit our workers while our economy is in a position of strength and then china will write those rules. i have seen towns with manufacturing collapse and plants closing down. i refuse to accept that for workers because i know when the playing field is level, nobody can beat us. that is why when i took office, we started thinking about how to revamp trade in a way that works for american workers. that is what we have done with a new trade partnership we are negotiating in the asia-pacific, home to the world's farcestest growing markets. it has got strong provisions for workers and the environment. provisions that, unlike past agreements, are actually enforceable. if you want in, you have to meet these standards. if you don't, you are out. once you are a part of this partnership, if you violate your responsibility, that are actual consequences. because it would include canada and mexico, it takes a lot of what is wrong as well. this is not a race to the bottom for lower wages and working conditions. the trade agreement i am negotiating will race to the top. we are
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6