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governments, in places like china where the communist party basically embedded in every -- otherwise appearing commercial enterprise -- it is impossible to separate the two. in russia, as he pointed out, there are 100 billionaires who own about a third of the country's wealth. --is truly -- and possible you do not become wealthy in russia without being directly tied to the russian government. many of these oligarchs have branched out of russia and began to buy western companies and commercial interests including press and media outlets, sports manufacturing companies, financial institutions and technology companies. these companies of course, come to congress and try to lobby is -- lobby us on behalf of these industries without the knowledge that they are in fact are presented in of nationstates adverse to the interests of the american people. should we be concerned -- be more concerned that we have -- then we have been to this point with russian meddling in our elections, but with foreign countries around the world with interest adverse to the united states, using these so-called co
places like china that is embedded with commercial enterprise. it is impossible to separate those the there is 100 billionaires' with one-third of the country's wealth it is impossible you don't become wealthy in russia without directly tied to iran should the government of course, many of these have brushed -- branch out with sports clubs manufacturing companies institutions and technology companies and then they try to lobby us on behalf of the industry's so should we be concerned more than we have spent, not just with a rush of bundling in our elections but within interest adverse guardi's that are a front for the nation's they should we be more concerned of their influence on foreign policy of the united states? >> absolutely. especially as it relates to any regime. so the way day allow certain people to get rich to get the share the wealth of those people. and relay of those to do the state's bidding. and did not want to show their phase it in russia it is a tyrant -- entirely informal for there is documentary evidence of people who have gotten richer under vladimir putin who
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)