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Aug 15, 2015 7:00am EDT
underway in china as explosions and fires that started thursday are still going. the main concern -- chemicals in the air. >>> and what's next for diplomatic relations between the united states and cuba now that the embassy in havana is open? >>> another pleasant day on the row and it's getting warmer and more humid. a heat wave in the first alert 7-day forecast. >>> good morning and thank you for joining us this saturday morning. i'm mike hydeck and erica grow is here. and it's still summer. >> we had a break from the humidity. >> it was wonderful. >> it was still warm but pleasant to be outside. it's going to start to be a little bit warmer and you'll definitely notice the humidity by tomorrow. but it's going to be dry through the rest of the weekend. here's a look at the day planner. a good amount of sunshine to start the day. we'll see a few more clouds in the afternoon and temperatures getting to around 90 degrees. 90 at 4:00 and the high temperature will be 91. currently, it's 61 degrees in leesburg and gait under arrest burg and frederick. 59 in manassas and 56 in culpeper.
Jul 9, 2016 7:00am EDT
taiwan into china. >> incredible vantage point as you are able to track it. >> satellites are amazing what you can see and the vividness you can see it as well. pretty amazing. >> it is. speaking of trends in our neighborhood over the summer time, sticky, soupy nasty humidity right? >> and we have a heat wave. >> yes we did. >> finally. some of you were waiting for it. some of you were saying no, no, please not. but ha last day of the 90s and beyond today we do see a drop in temperatures and humidity as well. comfortable weather heading this way but not for long. it's summer time after all. right now a hazy look outside with our michael and son weather camera temperatures running in the upper 00s to 80 degrees. it's still humid out. dew points at 67 degrees. yesterday in the low 70s when it feels sticky outside but today humid and breezy later today and that will be cooler dryer air trying to move in which does drop humidity by the evening so if you are looking for a time today to go on a walk i think this evening will be much more comfortable outside than this morning. with that bein
Jun 6, 2015 7:00am EDT
attack on the federal government. >> it's believed of the originated in china. and many experts say this could be the beginning of the pursuit of bigger u.s. secrets. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement source says the attack against the office of personnel management began last fall. and it bears similarities to can earlier attacks against healthcare companies. all the hacks are aimed at personnel records. >> what are they doing with this data? >> they're collecting huge amounts of data and mining it to see if they can find patterns and get a sense of who their opponents are. >> reporter: now the majority of what we do is follow ip addresses. >> reporter: the fbi has stepped up the training of new agents. he's looking to hire 700 new specialized cyber agents every year but finding them is a challenge. >> i'm competing with fortune 500 companies that can pay three times what i can pay. and i lose those candidates to the private sector and other government agencies every day. >> every day. >> reporter: every day. >> the fbi has 13,000 agents. within a few years, they would like 40
Jun 13, 2015 7:00am EDT
second attack on federal data systems. a sib he attack linked -- cyber attack linked to china stole sensitive information from the members of the cia, fbi and military. it appears investigators discovered this data breach while looking into another one first reported last week. a huge government hack affecting millions of federal workers. in the latest case the hackers appeared to have gained access to sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military workers who were seeking their security clearances. cyber cliewrt adviser blieives -- security adviser believes they used to gather information of their own. >> a they are getting into the skin of the americans so they can understand how to play with them bette >> the hacked information could include the names of contacts and relatives potentially putting at risk the foreign reel tis of u.s. i will tell generalsemployees. >>> n-aacp is standing by the head of the so wayne washington -- spokane washington chapter she considers herself black but her parents who are both white says she has been falsely portraying her
Apr 30, 2016 7:00am EDT
stepping in. china's ambassador to the united nations says the u.s. should consider north korea's offer to halt its nuclear program if the u.s. defends its military exercises near border. the statement comes just days after north korea reportedly launched another two missiles rather that ended in failure. >>> and terrifying, new surveillance void owe from eastern china shows a man on a motorcycle narrowly missing and escaping a major accident. you can see a truck come slamming -- wow, into his bicycle. the motorcyclist jumps off the bike right before the impact. no one died in the crash, one person did suffer minor injuries and a expected to be okay. slick roads are being blamed for accident. >> i tell you what a close calm. >>> it's draft day number three, the redskins about to be on the clock again. we're going to take a look at the class they already have. >> we are getting set for game two tonight between the caps and the penguins, we'll have more on >>> well, how's this for the opening act? game one between the caps and penguins played out like a dream for tj oshie, the game inaner
Oct 10, 2015 7:00am EDT
this video. in beijing, china, thousands of commuters were trapped in a 50-lane highway between beijing and hong kong. the massive traffic jam caused 50 lanes to merge into 20. this is according to the "people's daily." brutal. >>> you might be digging into breakfast this morning, but never too early to plan the next meal. we have a suggestion for you. this weekend is the taste of d.c. joining us live is the event ceo stuart martin. good to see you. how are you? >> [inaudible]. >> all right. we are having -- stuart, if you can hear me, we are having problems with your microphone. we will try to get that fixed. >>> let's talk about weather now -- >> wusa9's first alert weather. >> so much going to on. we have the million man march anniversary down on the mall, the taste of d.c. with nearly 100, you know, brewers and restaurants and food trucks and things outside to do some stuff. how do you prepare weather- wise? >> prepare with maybe a light jacket. we saw our friend with a fleece on. it is going to be cool this morning. we are going to see a nice cool day. it is below average, but not
Feb 6, 2016 7:00am EST
business in china town. >>> up next the epa finds heavy metal contamination in a river south of a mine disaster. >> and a new twist could delay the freddy gray officer trial by months. we will talk about that in just one moment. >> it's pretty cold. temperatures into the 20s but a nice recovery this afternoon. we will get wha...before the was discovered... and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. >>> taking a live look. we welcome you back into wake up washington. your super bowl headquarters. we will take you live to san francisco in just a second. first let's talk about that forecast. off to a nice chilly start. >> it's chilly, cold, it feels okay. the winds are calm. we are into the 20s. it's the nearest 30 range. 30 degrees. but with the help of a southwesterly wind we will warm up nicely. 22 right now for reston. 23 for dullus. just a few clouds will stroll on through. they aren't a big deal. it'll be beautiful. temperatures are headed to the mid to upper 40s which is light on par with what we normally see. right here topp
Apr 9, 2016 7:00am EDT
prevalence of diabetes more than doubled for men in india and china and globally, more men than women now have diabetes. obesity is the most important risk factor for type 2 diabetes in adults and the study in the journal finds attempts to control rising rates of obesity has not proved successful. the report concluded identifying people who are at high risk of type 2 diabetes should be a priority since the onset can be prevented or delayed through lifestyle changes, diet or medication. >>> despite tremendous improvements in health, americans live shorter lives and suffer worse health outcomes than people in many other high income countries. working to change that is what national public health week is about. the official activities and on sunday but a growing movement of people, organizations and communities are collaborating to take action to create the healthiest nation in one generation. we have a link if you would like to take the pledge to help create a healthy america. find it and more information on today's health alert on our website at or download our free wusa9 mobile
Oct 18, 2015 7:00am EDT
and hands-on class for the kids. before featured countries this year are china, el salvador, ethiopia and india. >>> still to come, caught on camera, kangaroo loose on the streets of new york city. plus, a cup of coffee would be great right now, right? you know what would be better? everyone. where you can get your morning jolt on house. >>> an army that shot at an oregon college shooting is speaking out. hear what he has to say about the deadly rampage. hope you have a cold. >> i do. it's a little chilly, i can see my breath, 42 degrees. take a look at the current conditions. went to had outside the beltway, tempera >>> first alert weather time, 7:09. i was outselling cub scouts popcorn with my son, patrick yesterday and he said, daddy, is this the coldest fall ever? you know how kids exaggerate. >> you could say it's the coldest winter ever because you know it's only going to get colder. did you have any nuisance sprinkles coming in yesterday? >> no. the gusts of wind caught our attention. >> today is going to be just as breezy and even colder throughout the day. will be t
Sep 26, 2015 7:00am EDT
is driving sales up 23% for nike. sales in china were amazing. they were up 51%. >> apple is expecting to sell 12 to 13 million new iphones this weekend. they launched the new models that look just like the previous models. they have a 3-d touch screen, stronger glass, and a better costume. >>> some of the best halloween costumes are based on characters from teenage mutant ninja turtles. >>> it's a new day for volkswagen as the company gets a ceo charged with steering the company through the cheating scandal. here's kris van cleave. >> we're disappointed. >> reporter: they bought that volkswagen golf because it was build as ecofriendly. >> it's made us feel bad about what we're going to the environment. >> reporter: a growing number of consumers are suing volkswagen. the epa notified carmakers it's beginning more testing. >> when other carmakers say they don't use defeat devices, do you believe them? >> trust but verify is the way to go. >> reporter: is clean diesel a myth? >> it's possible with technology available to have a clean diesel in the real world. >> reporter: the n
Jan 9, 2016 7:00am EST
western world is back in custody. the force is unleashed on the people of china. >> it's chilly and breezy and foggy a lot going on. wear the jackets and be safe going out. current temperatures in just 40s. after the break the full >>> welcome back. looking at some of the match ups. it's supposed to drop down to negative 18 degrees for the seahawks vikings game. we are sitting pretty. >> when you put them by each other. side by side and you see the difference it's incredible. 50s for us. you feel for them. it'll be hard to play. let's get to our foot ball. we are in to the 30s and 40s right now. there it is on the map. across the beltway we are around 42. look to the east, crofton at 42 -- now some areas are approaching the freezing mark. they are seeing a little bit of freezing rain. if you are out there be safe if you have to stay out. i would probably stay in for another hour before you heated. maybe drizzle out there. i was out on the weather terrace. it's raining lightly and possible fog. limiting visibilities. that's another reason to be safe while heading out. low visibilitie
Jan 16, 2016 7:00am EST
going to beijing china in march so i will get to hold a panda and feed him. >> reporter: barbara's from the district but we have people who have come across-country literally. we talked to lisa last night. you're from ohio. we have someone from l.a., west virginia. >> yes, second time. came for bao bao. here for bei bei. >> reporter: why did you do that? >> it started off watching the cams. it was a little bit of here and there and now it's a full on -- >> looks like we lost surae there. this is a huge moment. >>> now to a developmenting story out of western africa. a terror siege has come to an end but 126 people were freed as many as 22 killed. this all began last night when militants set ofexplosives and took over a tourist hotel there. security forces along with french soldiers from neighboring mali traded gunfire with the attackers. witnesses reported seeing bodies lying in the street. >>> the search continues this morning off the hawaiian island of ohau for the remains of two missing marine helicopters. they went down during a training mission thursday night with 12 crew members o
Aug 16, 2015 7:00am EDT
the crash, though, is still being investigated. >>> in china, teams are scrambling to clear a dangerous chemical contamination in the port of tianjin that happened last week. the death toll from explosions and fire now stands at 112. hundreds of people were injured. 85 firefighters and ten others are missing following that incident that happened on wednesday. authorities say the site contained several hundred tons of sodium cyanide. >>> two construction workers are dead after falling from the bucket of a lift machine. it happened just before 8 a.m. yesterday in ellicott city maryland. the men both worked for brothers construction framing incorporated. they were taken to the hospital where they died a short time later. the cause of that accident is still under investigation. >>> they say it sounded liked a bomb went off. imagine sleeping in your bed and a car slams into your house. the family in northeast d. c. was pretty shaken when the vehicle hit their home on 44th street early yesterday morning. >> we're sleeping and we just had a sound like a bomb shell. all the alarm go o
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13