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Mar 9, 2016 4:30am EST
an eclipse. >> a total solar eclipse. other countries from australia to china and parts of hawaii saw a partial eclipse. the next total solar eclipse visible from the u.s. mainland will be in august 2017. there will be a lunar eclipse for us coming up on march 23rd. >> spectacular video. really sharp. >> don't look directly at that because you can burn your eyes. you don't have any nerves in the back up. maybe if you 6rgo later 68 tha today we are be close. see thav54. right now 37 in frederick and manassas and culpeper. 55 win chester. the air once the atmosphere mixes of us as we get into thursday night and 25 degrees above average. 68 with an early shower friday. temps in the 60s saturday. 70s sunday. a couple of showers earlier next week. clocks forward this weekend. hello, larry. happy wednesday, not thursday. >> a little howard. >> i can't hi it. >>> if you yo shortly. around the beltway, we are doing ard rking the g startsoffice in fairfax. >>> before he won an oscar for the kings speech, look at this, the famous white shirt for his jump in the lake is coming to d.c. the sh
Jan 27, 2014 4:30am EST
china and the federal reserve cutting economic stimulus here in the u.s. now to check the awful numbers from friday the dow stands at 15879 check that out, down 318 points friday. the s & p 500 was off by 38 points. the nasdaq got hammered too, it was down by 90. >>> the nation's biggest arts and crafts retailer says it is now getting a possible data breach. michael's is investigating a possible hack which may have affected customers and payment information. michael's has yet to confirm whether its systems were compromised or not but it is working with federal law enforcement about data security experts. >>> wal-mart reportedly laying off over 2,000 workers within its sam's club stores. these layoffs account for about 2% of its work force. assistant managers and some workers would be affected. wal-mart joins target and macy's in a announcing they had a disappointing holiday season. >>> buying stamps will cost you a little bit more. prices rose to 4 cents over the weekend. the 3-cent hike is the largest in consumer postage prices. i hope last week you guys went out, got your fore
Nov 29, 2013 4:30am EST
he's pleased with how the evacuation and the clean-up have been handled. >>> china is sending a strong message to other countries this morning who are not taking a new declaration seriously. they're sending patrol jets to -- rather fighter jets to patrol a maritime air defense zone that the u.s., south korea and japan all sent planes through this week. as tara mergener reports it doesn't appear china wants to fight but is seeking to mark its territory. >> reporter: china's news agency says fighter jets and early warning aircraft patrolled this newly claimed air defense zone over the east china sea. the chinese air force spokesman says it is a defensive measure after south korea, japan and the u.s. flew through the zone without warning. beijing is demanding all aircraft identify themselves before entering the space. >> how do you enforce it? what are you going to do shoot something down if they -- somebody down if they don't report? then shooting down their plane is clearly an act of war. >> reporter: but analysts say there was no indication china will use force to defend the area. last
Dec 2, 2013 4:30am EST
factor. >>> china launched its first mission to land a rover on the moon earlier this morning. the chang 3 lander will be used to transmit images. this will be china's first spacecraft to land on the surface. >>> imagine getting a package delivered to your front door by a drone. if you saw 60 minutes last night you got a chance to see what that might look like. the amazon ceo jeff ringling bros. and barnum & bailey all access built to amaze pre-show cease -- basso's says the plan feeds some safety testing. he thinks the service could be possible in the next four to five years. >>> a house committee will hear testimony on whether century- old restrictions should remain. it generally requires the height act not to allow buildings higher than a certain height in the district. >>> the new stadium is already behind schedule. according to the washington post the city and team missed dead lines. city administrator al lan lewis was given -- allen lewis says he is ready but council members don't want to rush through an expensive deal. >>> pretty much hopes are done for the washington redski
Jan 10, 2014 4:30am EST
paper ca seem was accused of detail the country abroad. >>> china is trying to tackle their major problem with pollution. beijing will have to cut the amount of dangerous particles in the air by 25% by the year 2017. former chinese health minister suggested as hasn't as half a million people die every year in china from pollution. >>> capitol hill lawmakers are in the spotlight once again but this time it is because of their successes, not down falls. a shocking report shows more than half of current members of congress of millionaires. shocking but not surprising. this year's analysis was complicated by a change in reporting rules that allows lawmakers to report the worth of high value assets and income as simply $1 million or more, after previously requiring more specific values. the wealthiest member of congress is representative darrell isis of california. he has a net worth of $464 million in 2012 that stems from his car alarm business. >> if you decide to run, i will support you. >>> the washington redskins have a new head coach if you haven't heard. people talked about it a
Jan 24, 2014 4:30am EST
largest economy is actually slowing down. this is after there were new signs that china's manufacturing sector appears to be shrinking and that sent stocks tumbling around the world. checking the numbers from here at home -- the dow stands this morning at 16,197. dropped 175 points in trade. but it was down over 200 points earlier in the session. nasdaq was down by 24. >>> did you know that billions of dollars worth of tax refunds go unclaimed every year? according to the irs, it's still hanging on to an estimated $917 million in federal refunds. now make sure you are not missing out on all of the unclaimed cash, you can file a federal income tax return with the irs. that's the first step. or you can go to this is a free government data base where you can claim lost funds. the average refund is as high as $600. so it's worth a little time this weekend, give it a shot why not? >>> the personal data of 200 million south koreans has been compromised. they came forward this week saying this appears to be an inside job and allegedly one of the workers this sweeped and stole
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6