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Oct 21, 2017 8:00pm +03
left homeless by. refugee center deescalation in northern syria plus. i'm andrew thomas in sydney all australians a recent survey suggests as many as one in four people here but despite this country being one of the most multicultural in the world. we begin in barcelona where thousands of people are protesting on the streets after spain's prime minister announced moves to impose direct rule over catalonia that angry that is taking steps to suspend the autonomy of a castle and regional government he's asked for article one five five to be triggered which would mean castle and his leaders including its president carter. and a snap election is called measures must now be approved by spain senate next week says madrid had no choice but to take these unprecedented actions. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances no government in any democratic countr
Oct 21, 2017 8:00am PDT
services committee for a while now, and when you think about what's happening in syria with isis being, you know, pushed out of there, isis being pushed out of iraq, militants trying to flee yemen. the most logical place for them to go is to the continent, including the horn of africa and sub saharan africa, and one of the problems with the continent as we have found out with niger is that you have large ungovernoru ungoverned spaces. this particular area was in a part of niger that's close to malawi and my guess is that because of that the government probably pays very little attention and the militants probably have more sway with the locals there than the actual government of niger. but again, those are the types of things we need to find out, which is why we need the generals in the pentagon to come to capitol hill and brief members of the house armed services committee and for that matter this has become such a big issue, i'm sure the entire congress is going to want to be briefed at this point. >> so there's been a lot of expressed concern particularly the horn of africa, the por
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Oct 21, 2017 7:30am PDT
syria and this proof is beefing up our military is paying off. we debate it at the top of the hour. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. >> live from america's news headquarters in washington. good saturday morning a deadly day in egypt at least 55 policemen have been killed in a shootout during a radon a militant hide out. officials say this number could go up it was one of the largest death tolls since islamic militants began targeting government forces back in 2013. no militant group has yet claimed responsibility for this tax. and apple fans bracing for a potential shortage of the hotly anticipated iphone x. analysts predicting the tech giant may only have two two to 3 million units ready for the iphones rele
new challenge from a landmark moment in the war on terror. isis de facto capital of raqqah, syria, has been liberated, but now the terrorists and their family members showing up at refugee camps. a report from syria straight ahead. throughout my career, i've been fortunate enough to travel to many interesting places. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others. with my advisor's help along the way, it's finally my turn to be the host. when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. hey, it's me, your dry skin. i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves. and fronts. you wof your daily routine, so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early g
Oct 21, 2017 5:00pm +03
the camps that are providing a safe haven for all funds from the ravages of syria's war. the war is morphing we're going to see more actions in africa. and a shift in u.s. counterterrorism strategy following the deaths of four american soldiers. and small have all the sports. put on a thrilling performance of. the new york yankees and for thinking seven in their championship series. spain's prime minister is seeking formal approval to suspend the capital and regional governments autonomy mariano rajoy said that he's not imposing direct rule on the region but the steps he's seeking may lead to the removal of catalonia is elected government and its replacement with officials from the dritte says that separatists in the bus alone a government forced madrid to take precedented action. we are going to ask the senate to approve article one five five in order to protect the general interest of the nation to authorize. spanish government to suspend the rule of the catalan leaders and all members of the catalan cabinet the rules of these officials will be conducted by the ministers appointed
Oct 21, 2017 2:30pm CEST
grip of the government. but first we had to run in northern syria where the battle for the city appears to be in its final throes. for several years the iraqi city of mosul and raca in syria were in the hands of the so-called islamic state then a few months ago the iraqi army managed to liberate mosul. remained under the terrorists' control i asked plans to make it the capital of their future counterfeits. in june troops from the northern kurdish territories began liberating the city gradually putting an end to the terra tree executions on trip pression hundreds of thousands of people in northern syria have been forced to flee the fight to liberate iraq could be over soon partly as a result of u.s. military support but it's being left devastated. you could say this man actually got off lightly he survived a booby trap left behind by retreating i asked troops german trauma surgeon michelle vilks treats the wounded he set up an operating room in a kitchen in an apartment building close to the front. door with just. known sounds of and this was clearly caused by an exploding mines the man
Oct 21, 2017 1:15pm CEST
easy going on about. setting off alarm bells. the rescue center in syria. the habitat is being destroyed but often turn up in towns and villages and then help has to come quick emergency rescues. three thousand in sixty minutes on g.w. . on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising janitors now making names for themselves all over the world. song by the get along the way some might follow. with continue. their experience of freedom in a sense is like the unions of the day you can visit it but your call come back on. my name in your fifth ward and i work at the. hello and welcome to driver at the motor made.
Oct 21, 2017 4:00am PDT
affiliated with al-qaida and syria. with guns and ideology spreading throughout the region that is the u.s. and others need to keep involve in the fight against tearing that part of africa so it does not get out of control. >> thank you, david, general mark, if i can ask you that we have heard that johnson's body was a mile away from the site of the ambush, what went wrong here? >> well, lets all agree that none of us were present during that ambush so we don't know the circumstances around what happened but i can tell you that immediately and environment that's been assessed in advance of operation that's permissive, they went in and had no large weapon systems and they did not have immediate air support so what happened is you walk into an ambush like that and i think the initial report coming back is sergeant johnson was in fact one of the drivers of the vehicles of this convoy carrying the operation team into the village. he was probably trying to get his comrades out of the area. he may have been in the vehicle by himself picking some additional folks so we don't know in the confusion
Oct 21, 2017 1:00pm +03
could offer. these children are victims of the five year long civil war in syria their fathers are dead and they have lost their homes they're trying to cling onto my three year waiting for things to change . the conflict has cost the syrians dear according to the u.n. six point five million syrians have been forced from their homes at this refugee metropole listened on the border with turkey three camps are merged into one almost seven hundred thousand syrians living here most are from the war ravaged cities of hama and homs. hama better get is one of those displaced syrians to motor five years ago she lost her leg during a rigi air strike. out of the city right when i woke up i felt my legs were hot i could only think about my mom at that time rama's mother died in the attack along with other family members her father mohammad cerise a's thirteen children also died that day. a deal brokered by russia turkey and iran has led to an end to the airstrikes mohammad also welcomes turkey's amended tarion afaik he's more of a raw of the recent arrival of turkish troops. i don't mind we h
Oct 21, 2017 8:33am +03
. has become a weapon of war in iraq and syria. two thousand and twenty two thirds of the world's population could be living. comfortably maybe closer. jordan is one of the driest countries in the wild but that's what a couple to the west anywhere else on climate change population growth and politics but i'm already strained water supply under stress. with the country recently suffering from its was trapped and nine hundred years it is now estimated to only have enough water to recess support two million people it has a population of six men. with faulty pipes and plumbing contributing to the crisis i'm here to visit a scheme which is putting women at the heart of efforts to combat this growing. i mean the ex-pat look to riot and to being one of the well when people come to buy more hotel. people come when they were on our boats out yes this is a man with the gone dog. so these guys are they going to sell the water to the people or if it's for that were they buying it now. we're. sure who might. have. this new there's fifteen families as to whom to bring the water all of them the
Oct 21, 2017 7:00am CEST
does russia stand today and moscow's empire now or syria starting november fifth d.w. . the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a duel bombing in afghanistan which killed more than sixty people one blast occurred during friday prayers at a mosque in kabul. the other targeted a mosque in the western part of the country. one person has been killed in a parent's knife attack at a shopping center in southern poland the attack occurred in the town of style level local police have arrested a twenty seven year old in connection with the attack and say terrorism was not a motive. pollution is the most common cause of death worldwide according to a new study even topping dust from more natural disasters or hunger according to the international study one in every six deaths is due to pollution with the majority occurring in developing countries. two u.s. astronauts went on a spacewalk friday to carry out crucial repairs to the international space station's robotic arm and help commander randy bresnik and joe acaba replaced a blurry camera and fixed a fuse in the robotic arms
Oct 20, 2017 8:54pm EDT
, particularly for national security on things like syria, north korea. we would like to be able to work with them to confront some of those threats. so some of that depends on the actions russia takes and how they want to be perceived. reporter: i also have a question about the george w. bush speech. first to clarify, are you saying the white house is no longer saying the congressman talked about the funding? she just talked about legislation in general? ms. sanders: i specifically said and will repeat it again, general kelly said he was stunned she made the comments about herself. that was the point of what he said. that was what took place here yesterday, and we still stand by those comments. reporter: on the george w. bush speech, he said at one point when bigotry is emboldened, our policies seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and fabrication. does president trump agree? what does he see as his role addressing that? ms. sanders: does he agree with the assessment of what? reporter: that bigotry seems emboldened and our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outrig
Oct 20, 2017 6:30pm EDT
so right. countless victories and the u.s. military estimate 6,000 militants out there in syria and here in iraq. helping in the battle are 6,000 military personnel who know they have had many victories but the war against isis is yet to be won. >>> much more ahead. severe weather at this hour for a huge part of the country where storm set to hit this evening. >>> a father of four was killed when young people threw boulders from an overpass. >>> your money tonight. why these final months of the year might be your answer and what you should ask. >>> the message about julia louis-dreyfus and her personal battle against cancer. . time for medicare, huh. i have no idea how we're going to get through this. follow me. choosing a plan can be super-complicated. but it doesn't have to be. unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrient
Oct 20, 2017 11:30pm CEST
part of a christian minority called the syria x. . to air and the other syria this region is holy land the aramaic speaking minority has been living here for over seven hundred years but persecution and political unrest have forced many to leave turkey many intended to come back but now they often find they've lost all their property on the good of the land you see here the fields and gardens now has other owners. if a family were to return from abroad now with the intention of putting a house up on their former land it wouldn't be possible. it was mostly kurds from neighboring villages who took possession of the land say the people of cuba and the state took no action to stop them. a relative of the organs is visiting from germany he wanted to come back and build a house but that will remain a dream for now. where you see the barbed wire all that belongs to my family. but the land registry office has entered four to six other people as owners so it doesn't currently belong to us this moment. but it's more than just a matter of muslim neighbors taking the land of the eight hundred
Oct 20, 2017 2:18pm EDT
national security come on things like syria, north korea, we would like to be put to work with them to can run some of those rats. -- some of those threats. depends on the actions russia takes and how they want to be perceived. reporter: are you saying the white house is no longer saying that the congresswoman talked about the funding, and just talked about legislation in general? ms. sanders: i will repeat it again, general kelly said he was stunned she made the comments about herself. that was the point of what he said and what took place here yesterday and we still stand by those comments. reporter: on the george w. bush when bigots are emboldened, our policies seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and fabrication. this president trump agree? seems emboldened and our politics seem more emboldened to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. those were president bush's words. think ifrs: i everybody is pushing fabricated things, most people would think that is coming from the news media and i would agree with that sentiment. reporter: the president signed an executive order tod
Oct 20, 2017 11:00am PDT
particularly for national security, on things like syria, north korea, we'd like to be able to work with them to confront some of those threats. so some of that will be determined by the actions that russia takes and how they want to be perceived. >> i also have a question about that george w. bush speech. just a clarify, are you saying the white house is no longer saying the congresswoman talked about the funding? he she just talked about legislation in general? >> we're talking -- i specifically said and i'll repeat it again. general kelly said she was stunned that she made the comments about herself. the that was the point of what he said. that was what took place here yesterday. and we still stand by those comments. >> on the george w. bush speech. he said at . point bigot tri seems -- outright fabrication. does president trump agree with this h assessment and if so what does he see as his role in addressing that. >> does he agree with what? >> bigotry seems emboldened and our politics -- >> i think if anybody is pushing a lot of pab kated things right now i think most of that would
FOX News
Oct 20, 2017 11:00am PDT
certain things that are very important, particularly for national security on things like syria, on things like north korea. we'd like to be able to work with them. some of that will be determined by the action that russia takes and how they will be perceived. >> reporter: i also have a question about that george w. bush speech. are you saying the white house no longer is saying that the congresswoman talked about the funding? she just talked about legislation in general? >> press secretary sanders: i specifically said and i'll repeat again, general kelly said he was stunned that she made the comments about herself. that was the point of what he said. that was what took place here yesterday, and we still stand by those comments. >> reporter: on the george w. bush speech, he said at one point "bigotry is emboldened, and more vulnerable to conspiracy theories." does president trump agree with this assessment? if so, what does he view his role in this? >> press secretary sanders: deceived agree with the assessment of what? >> reporter: our politics the more vulnerable to conspiracy theories.
Oct 20, 2017 7:00pm +03
and is currently in jail in turkey. in syria they're collaborating with a terrorist organization like the y. p.g. to defeat another terrorist organization this kind of logic is unacceptable there waving the poster of the terrorist leader in rocca how is the united states going to explain this to spain now and the prime minister there is accusing separatists in catalonia of violating the basic principles of the european union in their bid for secession my own a royal will announce measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia andrew symonds has more now from barcelona. what you really sense here in barcelona right now is a fear of the unknown and that's shared by both sides in this crisis politicians and public alike people on friday were going out to protest in a very different way going to banks and withdrawing one hundred five fifty five euro as a protest of protest against two of five banks which have actually moved their main administrative registrations out of catalonia because of the fear of independence or what that might mean as far as article one five five goes it's
Oct 20, 2017 1:00pm CEST
expresses so you are similar to donald trump he is also quite similar to syria but also economy because he is not just a businessman a billionaire but also own half of the czech media scene he wants to daily center radio station and. and his influence in the media is something that makes him quite similar to show your risk only now both are indicating that if bob is does indeed win the election he will leave the coalition partners so how easy is it going to be for him to form a government. it may be quite difficult because publishers right now criminally prosecuted for possible on misuse of european funds and that makes a much hardly acceptable for most democratic parties they say they want to be willing to go into a college and wave to some movement i'm now in case that someone else from one of these the prime minister but not with mr by vision self that will make it very difficult for him to form a government because because he wants to be the prime minister and if he's turned down by the democratic party he may in the end wind up or. talking with. several antispam five years
Oct 20, 2017 12:00pm CEST
whether her family will be able to join her here from syria joined here in germany. we meet up with a sigh madman a year after her german lessons this is how her day starts here in berlin without her children or husband. she tells us about her escape from syria it all happened in twenty fifteen she had to leave her three children behind that's what her husband wanted. now he's imprisoned in syria she's alone in berlin and her children are in syria without their parents. back then i decided to leave the country in the hopes of helping my children by starting anew and then bringing them here. that was my own think goal. we join her as she goes to help center for family reunification. in the hallway she shows us pictures of her son and two daughters. here they are with their grandmother. sebastian movie helps her deal with the situation he's had a lot to do since twenty sixteen when the german government stopped refugees like osama from reuniting with their families it was supposed to only last for two years but now the conservatives want to extend the suspension. and for all this means
, as is the unemployment rate currently at a 16-year low. >> raqqa, syria, it has been reduced to rubble. what's next for the city now that isis has been defeated there? we'll go live to our reporter, live in raqqa. next. i'm an outdoorsman. so i've asked chase sapphire reserve cardmembers to find my next vacation. chile, what's going on? i'm at the el tatio geysers. geezer. geyser. geezer. geyser. enough. geezer. whoaa, wooooo. dude, be careful. i think you should come camping. why would i camp in the atacama desert? oh... 3x points on travel and restaurants on every continent. sapphire reserve, from chase. make more of what's yours. he's a nascar champion who's she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner... ...that's proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt and p
Oct 20, 2017 1:26am EDT
be syria. in addition, they are also helping us to lead innovation for example the voucher programs that we set up outside we've developed scans so the people identified are those that are receiving those food vouchers. in addition, it's allowed us to buy food locally and even regionally to be able to respond in a quicker basis to move the commodity in a way that is crucial to save lives. they've given us the flexibility to do that. >> our ultimate goal is to have self-sustaining countries on their own food supply resiliency. can you tell us how they are being targeted so that we aim to achieve the resiliency said that the local communities can impact one day be able to implement their own food needs? >> most definitely, yes. when we use these funds, we do a market-based assessment to ensure the markets are able to support this and sometimes by incentivizing the market, we are actually making it stronger to allow the area affected to more quickly recover, so in a sense, instead of bringing and where appropriate the commodity having the negative impac impact when e actually incentivi
Oct 20, 2017 7:00am +03
tensions it seems they may have been right stephanie decker. kurds. syria celebrating after their forces backed by the u.s. recaptured the city of iraq or that had been on the controls once two thousand and fourteen years of air strikes and fighting have left much of the city in ruins but the victory is a major blow to rocco was a softer clad capital of the last urban area and its control still ahead on the bulletin. just a shop shout down a white nationalist leader at a us university and russians promise to train as a main notes to her e.u. colleagues for help. by the springtime flower of a mountain lake louise to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello the showers are gong the tide is gone the winds die down a little bit it's just a matter of watching temperatures slowly forward as the season changes but we're still up at twenty eight baku twenty two in tehran and the middle thirty's down the rocky plain and not much less right on the east coast of the mediterranean and there's a lot of change that in the next couple days but then he wouldn't expect a very much change either
Oct 19, 2017 11:02pm EDT
beyond iraq and syria. how do you perceive this threat and even if we are able to diminished in any part of the middle east, what comes next? >> it seems he would be betting against the historical fact. but they call themselves the isis or 2.0, whatever you want to call the name, this threat is real and remains the fall of the caliphate. it is good news and a historical achievement to be sure, but it is partial at best. they still have the capacity to control and influence citizens all around the world and a desire to even do these small-scale attacks. i spend a lot of time with my british counterparts and they suffetheysuffer this more than , small-scale attacks directed from afar motivated, take a tour of. i often hear folks talk about movable. the ideology that drove them was driven by someone that had a great intent to deliver that idea into their head. it is an incredibly difficult adversary. they have a shorter lead time. the tools we've developed on the networks are less likely to be successful over when many cases, they have achieved the end of taking down particular thoughts tha
Oct 19, 2017 9:30pm EDT
refugee women from syria. okay. i'm gonna give that back to you then. sorry for what you've been through. - not so fast, sweetheart. i'm chuck pierce from "the breakdown." i used to be embarrassed by that, but now i see just how lucky i am. lucky to have a co-anchor who keeps me relevant. lucky to have producers, and editors, and whatever the jewish guy does! i think he's the basketball coach? the point is, "the breakdown" may not be my show, but it's our show! and i think we do a damn good job! - that's like the nicest thing he's ever said. - yeah. hey, should we get out of here before they call the cops? - yep. - we got a camera guy, fell off a ladder. he's wearing a-- - i just want to say kanye hasn't made any good music since he's had kids. [laughter] - oh, cool, cool, cool. you're still here. great, so i guess you-- - saw you upstage a bunch of refugee women. yes, yes. i don't know if you caught their speech, but they said it was the worst thing that's ever happened to them. - thank you. for a second, i almost forgot that i humiliated myself in front of every person i've eve
Oct 19, 2017 6:30pm PDT
there in two weeks. >>> as isis loses ground in syria and iraq, u.s. terror experts say a new threat may be looming! fox news' garrett tenney reports from washington with the warning from u.s. homeland security. >>> reporter: isis is nearly defeated in the middle east after losing mostle and raqqa. now their fighters are spreading out heading to europe, the uk and u.s. acting homeland security secretary says the extremist are planning to carry out another major attack on the scale of 9/11. duke's comments at the u.s. embassy in london were echoed by the head of britain's domestic intelligence agency who says the threat is unprecedented and needs to be met with cooperation between the u.s. and allies overseas. >> our partner agencies are bringing the full weight of our growing capabilities to counter this new intensity of threat. >> reporter: duke says isis and other groups are using smaller attacks to raise money and keep their members engaged but they are also targeting aircraft and domestic infrastructure looking for an opportunity to inflict mass civilian casualties. >> make no mistak
disapproval a crowd of women spontaneously began to applaud. the heads of syria while the now lifting of her veil was symbolic the whole. to hit meant that a woman could escape her condition and become a woman with rights and duties which appeared to be a woman with a real role in society who was even active in a militant or knew that you. founded the egyptian feminist union she fought for women's material independence political and social equality with men and cooperation between arab and european feminists her action sparked a chain reaction within egypt and far beyond its borders. in one thousand twenty four that you know as in minute be aware tani removed her veil to followed in one thousand nine hundred nine by happy the men chary. the battle against the veil and polygamy inspired other tunas in women like she refers to darwin who joined the union of women of janessa in the one nine hundred forty s. . the maquis for the steam and our union of women meetings we defended repudiated women. we went from door to door we wanted to distribute pamphlets to women so they would come to our meetin
Oct 19, 2017 6:00pm PDT
them in iraq and syria, but they got close to declaring caliphate, in that part of the world. part of boko haram, now calls itself a province of the islamic state of isis, but the lead offense against them really has been the military of chad. and it's interesting, even though the chad military has been leading the fight against these groups, there haven't actually been many attacks by these groups inside chad. and there's not a lot of chadian civilians who have been joining the islamic militant groups. nigeria has a really big problem with them. nigerian troops go and fight these guys and chad does too. troops from niger fight these guys and chad goes too. mali has a big problem with these guys. chad goes too. it's not necessarily their homegrown problem. but chad leads it. this has been much worse of a problem in their neighboring countries, but chad has been the tip of the spear, in nye yeigenn mali, to a lesser extent in niger. but chad leads the fight. and all these international troops, they're all headquartered in chad, including the ones we participate in. that kind of sort
say privatization was robbery the soviet union territory. and moscow's empires were syria and respect. the night is past and day approaches we were led by vladimir for the grace of faith and all those who receive baptism release themselves from the ancient d.m.s. they are godzilla. above the elect since christ in majesty the judge of the. hope of heavenly reward and fear of eternal damnation ever since prince vladimir was converted to over the christianity in kiev in the year nine eighty eight the russian tribes lived under the sign of the cross and they were certain of gold support. but at the start of the thirteenth century the russians were overtaken by disaster against which the cross did not protect them the invasion by the mongol hordes. one comical tells of a longing caught. many crows came flying like a big black cloud and the birds flew around as they've never done before. russians seem to have been overtaken by the apocalypse murder looting. the mongols took possession of the holy soil. why does the damp earth not give way why does it not open there was no daylight t
Oct 19, 2017 5:53pm EDT
amongst those would be syria. both inside and outside syria, title ii food assistance would not have the impact that our voucher and cash-based systems have allowed. in addition, we are also able to lead innovation. for voucher programs set up outside of syria, we have developed retinal scans to ensure the people identified are those people and are receiving those vouchers. in addition, it has allowed us to buy food locally and regionally to be able to respond much more quickly. and the emergency fear of being in ato move the commodity certain amount of time is crucial to save lives. idea a has given us the flexibility for that. senator cardin: our goal is to have self-sustaining countries on our own food supply, resiliency. -- on their own food supply, resiliency. could you tell us how the use of these funds -- are they being to achieve we do and the resiliency so the local communities can one day be able to handle their own food needs? mr. nims: most definitely, yes. when we use the idea a -- the ida funds, we ensure the markets are able to support this, and sometimes by incentiviz
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2017 2:00pm EDT
on the vern of collapse after losing nearly all the territory it once controlled in syria and iraq, including the syrian city of raqqa, once isis' defacto capital. after the fall of the caliphate. what is next for the terror group? we're on it next. see you here. you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. fidelity. you know what's difficult? adulting... hi, guys. i'm back. time to slay! no,i have a long time girlfriend. you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. right in the heart of the was in his financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. havi
Oct 19, 2017 1:00pm EDT
and south asia on friday, his latest of a medic mission focusing on the conflicts in iraq in syria and containing iranian influence in the region according to the state department. this comes after president trump's controversial decision to decertify the iran nuclear deal. the secretary of state faces global crises on multiple fronts. david gora is joined by special guest who knows the feeling. join here by a former secretary of state madeleine albright. great to have you with me here in new york. how do you begin to prioritize? you come into a job like this one, there is so much going on in the world. have you decide where to focus from the beginning? madeleine albright: i do think you have to look at what is the immediate issues to deal with. but you also need a full complement of people at the state department in order to lay out with the medium to long-term issues are so you can know what direction they are going and if they fit with the overall strategy. there are things that immediately jump to the top of the inbox and some of the crises now definitely do. david: by the standard
Oct 19, 2017 9:00am PDT
afghan, syria, iraq. obviously, the u.s. operation against isis is much more th nuanced and complicated and widespread than what is in front of us. >> it's a key point. the former secretary of state, she's a democrat, if you're watching, you might think anything she says is going to be critical of the administration. but they put out comet. the administration can rightly claim today for example, success in raqqah. isis lost a key piece of real estate in its so-called calaphate. but do the american people know they're fighting isis related gang as and michelles in africa? american people don't know a will the object that. the commander in chief needs to broadly explain why american troops are in these places. >> the thing that really bothers me, we have no explanation of any kind of strategy. of what the president, what this administration is think iing abt in terms of our overall national security strategy. i try to fol le this carefully, but in most region, we don't know the plan of the trump administration. >> she doesn't mean the president likes to say i want to be unpred
Oct 19, 2017 8:00am PDT
halt the parts of the ban that would have blocked all citizens from iran, libya, syria, yemen, somalia, and chad from entering the united states. both the maryland and hawaii orders do allow the part of the ban blocking some north koreans and venezuelan government officials to go into effect. this is trump's third proposed travel ban and the first to include chad, a small african nation that has been a major ally to the united states. more details have now surfaced to show that it appears chad was included in part because it had run out of special passport paper, and therefore, failed to submit a recent sample of its passports to the u.s. homeland security department. we'll have more on the rulings blocking trump's latest travel ban later in the broadcast. in somalia, thousands of people poured into the streets of the capital mogadishu wednesday to protest the massive bombing on saturday killed more than 300 people and wounded 400 more. the protest was a response to a call by mogadishu's mayor to show unity in the face of the attack, which has been blamed on the militant group al-shaba
Oct 19, 2017 1:30pm CEST
having seen dozens of churches and monasteries seized by the authorities the indigenous syria acts one of the world's oldest christian communities fear for its cultural survival. there coober is a village near the syrian border comprising a church and a few houses you've grew up here now he lives in media not the main town area but he comes back to visit as often as possible. only three families remain there part of a christian minority called the syria. to arrogant and the other syria acts this region is holy land the aramaic speaking minority has been living here for over seven hundred years but persecution and political unrest have forced many to leave turkey. many intended to come back but now they often find they've lost all their property on the good it was between the land you see here the fields and gardens now has other owners. if a family were to return from abroad now with the intention of putting a house up on their former land it wouldn't be possible. it was mostly kurds from neighboring villages who took possession of the land say the people of their cuba and the stat
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Oct 19, 2017 2:00am PDT
in raqqa is in large part due to kurdish help. when you look at post-conflict syria, you have to have a conversation about kurdish independence which is a tough topic for syria, turkey and iraq to talk about, but they are a strong and ardent ally of the united rates for multiple multiple years and engagements. jillian: you break up one form of isis and you will see another one pop up in some other way. the fear is real so the question is how do you expect that to pop up? al qaeda be bigger and stronger to get our report they have been recruiting isis members. >> usama bin laden's son, his favorite son has come out and announced he has taken charge of all factions of those that hate america of islamic origin. he poses a real threat, he should be on, i am sure he is on our no-fly and watch list and looking for him and his associates so that we can kill or capture them and continue to keep the pressure on this enemy that wants to coalesce and do us harm. rob: a huge swath of land and we don't want to nation build so have to figure out what is going to happen with nobody in control, thank
raqqa syria don't come home yet. kurdish security forces are still trying to clear the city of isis fighters. our reporter has traveled in to raqqa. some of the footage we have of the drone footage shows a city devastated. it's hard to imagine what there is to come back to. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: well, the forces on the -- being backed by the u.s. coalition are telling people no to tum home just yet because they only managed to clear some of the main arteries. as well as one -- hundreds of -- part of the front line battles that took place to try to push isis out of raqqa. they have come to this -- round about -- significance. it is where isis really clearing out -- executions, beheadings. in fact isis used to place the heads of its victims on some of the spokes that line this. they even dare to disobey isis's rule. i'm struggling to put words to the destruction that exists. buildings are so bombed out. there's so many rubble you don't see any really splashesle color or traces of life that was here. the it's chilling and sobering to be driving through and standing am
Oct 19, 2017 11:00am +03
proclaimed capital in syria opens a new phase in the conflict u.s. backed fighters that cleared the city under their control on tuesday the kurdish led syrian democratic forces raised their flag stadium after a four month battle it's across the city says it will redeploy fighters to the frontline against eisel in the eastern province. vanessa cramond is a medical coordinator with doctors without borders and that's in northern syria and she says a large number of civilians who escaped are yet to receive medical assistance. in the last few days seeing no mothers and children come you know covered in and that's the main thrust that you see when you know that there's been enormous structural collapse. from. a shell shocked not to use that word like many many of them lost children. lost and i cannot wait to be through their extended family my day and of course going to come in with the quotes or not the clothes on their back if they've been injured and we often have to remove you know quoting when someone is have been injured and you know it's one of those things we realize it's probably all
Oct 19, 2017 2:08am EDT
with isis nearly eradicated, it is clear isis is crumbling across iraq and syria. of theminent victory global coalition and brave service members comes at a high cost, particularly to the syrian democratic forces that suffered many casualties as they thought to limit liberate their country from the oppression of isis. instead of caring for the humanitarian needs of residents, isis utilized the money it stockpiled to finance across the world including against many muslims. as coalition and partner forces closed in around them, isis used civilians as human shields and killed those who attempted to fully -- to flee. their acts have left many scars across the region and we remain committed to stabilization efforts and security forces in liberated areas for a political transition in syria. the syrian regime and supporters enter the efforts to liberate. instead of focusing on fighting isis, they attack partners and frompt to block them liberating the syrian people from the brutality of isis. destructive and its ideology will remain a threat, the liberation will mark the beginning of
Oct 19, 2017 9:00am +03
her that her husband knew what he signed up for us back forces fighting isis and syria have been clearing main roads and rocca the day after the commandos declared the city under their control the kurdish led syrian democratic forces raise their flag and rock a stadium after a four month battle to push isolate from itself declared capital the s.d.f. says that will redeploy fighters to the current frontline against eisel in the eastern province of their hours or in venezuela five new governors from the only states won by the opposition have refused to be sworn in before president constitutional assembly the opposition claims the body is unconstitutional and wants a recount of the election new zealand has a new center left government and prime minister after. weeks of political uncertainty thirty seven year old labor leader just send a new zealand's our third female leader the new zealand first party held the balance of power following september the election has chosen to form a coalition with the labor party and the greens at that ends the conservative national party's line is in
Oct 19, 2017 1:41am EDT
about in the central command region. syria, yemen, sinai, we have conflict. the fact of the matter is it is extraordinarily important to recognize that in all of this are great opportunities to move forward. that are that the -- that is the key thing i've learned. andbest to navigate uncertain present and future. this is a pertinent question as we look at this particular region. i have often talked about this with my military leadership. we revised the approach we use. three simple words. prepare, pursue, and avail. i will talk about each of these. ensure appropriate arrangements with his owners, we also ensure that we have developed strong leadership across the region. we developed a level of understanding granularity about the region, culture, challenges the lines of descent is for us we desire to pursue opportunity. we look for places where there are opportunities to move over in the interests of value is. we look after glee -- actively for opportunities to move forward in areas where we have common objectives. we look for ways to prevail. parade down new york city. one of the m
Oct 19, 2017 7:32am +03
constitutional reforms u.s. backed forces fighting isis and syria have been clearing main roads in iraq or the day after their commanders declared the city under their control the kurdish led syrian democratic forces raise their flag and block a stadium after a four month battle to push ice in from itself to clear the capital. in venezuela five new governors from the only states won by the opposition have refused to be sworn in before president with the tools constitutional assembly the opposition claims the body is unconstitutional. as are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us as the stream is coming up next thank you very much for watching. al-jazeera. and for you. hi adhamiya ok and you were in the stream today. killing you. i mean evolution of the superbug i remember. right now you can watch along i comment at the same time. i'm a hundred times a day and then i'll be bringing your comments directly to the guests today so what is the overprescription of antibiotics the lack of access to the right drugs or even the nature of the actually doing to your immune system my colleagues ex
Oct 18, 2017 8:00pm PDT
. and this is hard to watch. u.s. army specialist, etienne murphy died in syria back in may. tonight, his gold star parents, sheila and calvin murphy, appeared with ari melber to talk about their son and their loss. >> my son was a good boy. he liked to laugh. he loved his country. he loved his wife and his two boys. he wanted to do more for his country. he volunteered to become a ranger, which he did. one of the army's elite. and it was just his goal to go and fight, against evil for this world, for this country and for his family. a letter or a call, really, isn't going to change how i feel. but i just think that whenever anyone is discussing things that have to do with people who are grieving, they should maybe think about what they're saying because you don't know how it's going to affect that person or those persons. and what i really want to say, i decent want this to be some back and forth banter about whether or not someone did a better job. it's about my son, etienne. specialist etienne murphy. he loved doing what he did. and now, this is the aftermath. this is what happens
Oct 18, 2017 5:30pm PDT
group had control over 10 million people in syria and iraq. this week with the follow-up wrapped up, the dream of the caliphate is in ruins, but that does not mean it is finished. some isis franchises remain, and in many ways the situation is back to where was in 2014. syria is still at work, iraq is still divided, and the u.s., russia, turkey, and i ran all have their own interest in the region. when asked? -- what next? my colleagues put that question to former u.s. defense secretary and bbc world news affairs analyst william cowan. >> do you agree with this notion that we are back where we were before isis took over those last swaths of land so suddenly in syria and iraq? >> i think it is too early to claim victory over isis. isis is much like mercury on a mirror. iraq and aren in successful in raqqa, but it spreads elsewhere. it seems to me it is much like robert de niro in "raging bull," you may have knocked me down but not out. i think we have to keep our focus on countering terrorism wherever it is, wherever it threatens us, but it is not going away. they may have lost territ
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