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Oct 21, 2017 7:32pm EDT
. gingrichrning, newt will discuss president trump and his relationship with congress. sean hopwood will explain his path from prison to georgetown law and his fight for prison reform. and neil joseph will talk about the recent nfl players neil
Oct 21, 2017 6:30pm EDT
. and if they were given permission, who granted it? jose. >> thank you very much. president trump today said he does not plan to block the release of thousands of government documents related to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. the documents have never been seen by the public, and the president said that subject to the receipt of further information, he will allow the files to be opened. in 1992 congressman dated that all the documents be released within 25 years. the deadline is this coming thursday. >>> another former president, george w. bush, was the subject of harsh words last night by steve bannon, the former white house chief strategist who has declared war on the republican establishment. bannon's attack came in california at the state republican party's fall convention. nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the white house. now, kelly, all places to criticize a former president, why would steve bannon attack president bush in front of republicans who likely voted for him twice. >> well, it really stands out. steve bannon calls himself president trump's wing man outsi
Oct 22, 2017 12:00am CEST
the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump says he will allow the release of long secret files related to john f. kennedy's one thousand nine hundred sixty three assassination next week the trove is expected to include more than thirty thousand classified documents that were previously redacted and three thousand that have never been seen by the public. hundreds have gathered to mourn seven victims of a military attack in egypt's western desert officials say at least fifty four people were killed in gand battles on friday in the province located southwest of cairo militants fired rockets and detonated explosives doing a police operation moving in on a suspected hideout. afghanistan's defense ministry says a suicide bomber killed at least fifteen army recruits as they were leaving their base in the capital kabul four others were wounded this incident comes at the end of a particularly bloody week in afghanistan seven major attacks have killed more than two hundred fifty people since tuesday. populist billionaire andrew. has won a resound in victory i
BBC News
Oct 21, 2017 10:30pm BST
cost billions. and, now, here we are with this. people are depending on it. a bit of what donald trump is doing in america. if she doesn't get this out in time for people, she has been awarded this could be her poll tax, and we know what that means. she is facing a backbench rebellion over this just she is facing a backbench rebellion over thisjust at the she is facing a backbench rebellion over this just at the time she she is facing a backbench rebellion over thisjust at the time she is perceived to be weak and i think it will be an interesting budget coming up will be an interesting budget coming up on novemberthe will be an interesting budget coming up on november the 22nd because there will have to be an announcement on universal credit because even people who physically would sometimes use the words scroungers, people who don't disagree with the benefit system, fundamentally, think it is operating in an unfairway. fundamentally, think it is operating in an unfair way. the conservatives did to be careful right now because what is happening with brexit. now this. people's nerves ar
BBC News
Oct 21, 2017 8:30pm BST
ambassador. and coming up, almost a year after donald trump was elected, we have a special debate from charleston, south carolina, asking what people there think of his presidency, that's global questions, here on bbc news in 10 minutes time.
Oct 21, 2017 8:15pm CEST
billionaire dubbed the czech donald trump a far right party received more than ten percent of the vote as well. and can german rap make it in the america dude as being in their. overall bieber varian band i spoke with zach's as they take their foreign language flow to the home of help. i met harman thanks for joining us. this week spain gave catalonia an ultimatum withdraw your kid declaration of independence or face the consequences well today prime minister made good on that warning but red says it plans to sack catalan leaders has not gone down well in barcelona where large crowds have been rallying to protest the central government's move. through these catalogs madrid's response is get another insult hundreds of thousands of separatist demonstrators took to barcelona streets on saturday their dream of catalan independence goes on despite the central government's dramatic step. he was hoping it didn't have to come to this in triggering article one fifty five of spain's constitution prime minister mariano rajoy has turned to what he considers a measure of last resort in the gro
BBC News
Oct 21, 2017 7:00pm BST
roadworks in england to reduce congestion. president trump says he'll allow the scheduled release of classified documents about presidentjohn f. kennedy's assassination — unless he receives grounds not to. also this hour — storm brian hits the uk — but luckily fails to live up to predictions. gusts of over 70mph were recorded this morning — some areas have been hit by power cuts and flooding. and a big shock in the premier league — as newly promoted huddersfield beat manchester united for the first time in 65 years. good evening and welcome to bbc news. spain's political crisis has escalated. prime minister mariano rajoy has announced his government tim wilcox is in barcelona. you join me high above central barcelona. in the last few hours, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of pro—independence demonstrators have taken to the streets in defiance of that decision by the spanish by ministers to impose home rule. numbers of protesters vary according to the organisers of this rally today. they say nearly half a million people took to the streets, according to org
Oct 21, 2017 2:00pm EDT
confuse luxury with garish. look at trump's apartment. it is -- is sitting on a gold chair really comfortable? no, it is not luxury at all. it is like oscar wilde. >> have you ever paid more than you thought you should? >> all i have done is buy too early. a lot of people buy something because they immediately think they will make a lot of money on it. then when they find out it is not worth as much as they thought, now they hate the car. the important thing is buy what you like and then worry about the price later. i don't mean that from a item so rich standpoint. better if you pay a little bit more and buy something you truly enjoy. >> if you were 21, 22, 23 now, would you still get into the business? >> i always liked telling stories and doing comedy. i always liked talking to people. my dad sold insurance, and he became manager, and once a month, to motivate the men, he would put on some kind of goofy show. he would play the sinatra song "high hopes. a -- hopes." >> that is very interesting. i love that. jay, it has been so great talking with you. >> it's always fun when you c
Oct 21, 2017 8:00am PDT
his widow's grief, which continue today when president trump continued his attacks on the florida congresswoman who mentored johnson. tweeting just hours before the typhoon call, the president tweeting this, "i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congresswoman wilson in that she as a representative is killing the democrat party." then following it up with a tweet about jfk, writing "subject to the receipt of further information, i will be allowing as president the long blocked and classified jfk files to be reopened." we'll have more on all of the day's angles, but first let's get the latest details on the niger ambush investigation. cnn senior diplomatic correspondent michelle kosinski joining us now. is the pentagon any closer to nailing down a timeline and figuring out what exactly went wrong? >> well, there aren't many details sk details coming out, even now since the questions have been raised by people like senator john mccain, the chairman of the senate armed services committee, wanting more information. the defense secretary himself we're told by cnn sources
FOX News
Oct 21, 2017 7:30am PDT
on business. >> president trump: the stock market hit today 23,000. i think we're hitting another new high today because this tremendous optimism having to do with business in our country. just in the stock market alone, we have increased our economic worth by $5.2 trillion. that's right, since election though. 5.2 trillion. >> neil: well president trump certainly loving this market run up but what happens if it comes crashing down like it did i don't know, 30 years ago this week any of you remember that? >> well i do. >> there weren't exactly people pulling themselves off buildings but there were a near record number of people gathering outside the new york stock exchange today to sort of witness history in the making and the opportunity to see the incredible drops in the dow right before their eyes. >> i want to see what it looks like when it's in this condition and then i want to see the stock market anyway. >> we want to see a piece of the action i guess at wall street. >> what they saw was program selling taken to the ultimate artform, as wall street's very biggest players st
, president trump tweeting this. i hope the fake news media keeps talking about wacky congresswoman wilson in that she as a representative is killing the democrat party. a short time later, president trump authorizing release of government details on the assassination of john f. kennedy. however, steve bannon delivering a blistering attack on george w. bush, even questioning intelligence. >> he has not earthly idea whether he's coming or going. just like it was when he was president of the united states. i want to apologize up front to any bush folks outside, in this audience, okay, because there has not been a more destructive presidency than george bush's. >> let's get right to cnn's senior diplomatic correspondent michelle ka zinz ki with details on the niger ambush first. is the administration closer to nailing down a timeline? >> they've definitely done more work on it and we know the fbi is assisting. they have people there in niger looking at the evidence. there have been interviews now conducted with every person who survived from that green beret led team, but it's still sh
Oct 21, 2017 10:00am EDT
front runners. trump's tax-cut effort takes a step forward in the senate. the ecb prepares to unveil its next move. better data is offset by some very ugly politics. we begin with the big issue, the race for the fed chair. >> leadership matters and who is in the chair does make a difference. >> i think there are a lot of good names on the list. i don't think with that list of names, even with mrs. yellen, who would not be my first choice i don't think the president can , make a bad choice. >> i would say that the political considerations may outweigh the current economic situation. but a new administration often just wants its own people on board. >> the interesting part is this discussion is coming at a time when there is the so-called "mystery" about the low level of inflation. so the interpretation is quite important. >> i think they would view jay powell as someone to be more continuous in the policy we have been experiencing. >> more likely than not we will , have a very accomplished economist as the head of the chair of the federal reserve for the foreseeable future. jonathan: join
Oct 21, 2017 4:00pm CEST
dubbed the czech donald trump a far right party is in second place we will go to prague for the latest duties being good in there. and good german rap make it in america he will follow the berry and band i'm told as acts as they take their foreign language flow to the home of hip hop. i'm at home and welcome. this week spain gave catalonia an ultimatum withdraw your jhalak declaration of independence or face the consequences today prime minister mariano rajoy made good on that warning said he was triggering article one fifty five of the constitution to bring it rebellious region back under central control the catalog parliament has said it will declare independence if its powers are reduced now demonstrations are planned in the regional capital barcelona starting in the next couple of hours. let's take a look at exactly what the prime minister is aiming to do roy is asking the senate to dismiss the parliament of catalonia which is expected to do next week the plan also sees new elections in the region as soon as possible and third cataloged leader called his push to mount and hi
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2017 9:30am EDT
coming up my interview with president trump. that will do it for us tonight on "wall street week." thanks for watching. i'll see you next time. >> i'm bob massi. for 35 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas, ground zero for the american real-estate crisis. but it wasn't just vegas that was hit hard. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now it's a different story. the american dream is back. and nowhere is that more clear than the grand canyon state of arizona. so we headed from the strip to the desert to show you how to explore the new landscape and live the american dream. i'm gonna help real people who are facing some major problems, explain the bold plans that are changing how americans live, and take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe. at the end of the show, i'll give you critical tips you need to know in the massi memo because information is power. and the property man has got you covered. [ woman vocalizing ] thanks for joining us. i'm bob massi. there comes a time when most people wanna change somethi
Oct 21, 2017 3:30pm CEST
latter has dropped noticeably since donald trump took office then he says he'll comply with any wish as long as it's historically and geographically accurate and i guess if someone said can you paint all of your bright blue and. red i wouldn't really have a problem because politically it's accurate. give me five years and he's ability started out all by himself now he's got a diligent team to help out his business sells one thousand globes every year around the globe his customers include hollywood actor kevin spacey and we barely scratched the surface so many markets. the south will be off a thousand graves in china. if reaction to be sorted out sales would not be in trouble. custom is already have to wait for months to receive the handcrafted lopes but in times where the world can feel like it's spinning out of control it appears there's comfort to be gleaned from having one's. over that we are out of time but join us again tomorrow for our highlights show and the best picks of the week for me and the rest of the crew here at euro max as always thanks for watching and buy from berlin.
Oct 21, 2017 3:15pm CEST
some fines if it sells planes in the u.s. . the new partnership throws a spanner in the trump administration's trade plans because the canadian planes would be sold through the e.u. company apis. can only gain from helping its competitor it broadens the product palette and it makes it more competitive internationally. years of being in the red that's where talent telia and lynn have in common and now up for grabs and love to answer an easy jet to waiting in the wings they want to achieve takings from the planes themselves to the salt off the routes and the price landing slots. that aim is growth expansion as a means of survival in an industry where competition can be cutthroat but competition authorities could be well against having fewer larger operators their stock islands we all want strong airlines that we all want and if the tip lines economically viable airlines good lines but not at the cost of competition with us of course if we in germany have to pay monopoly prices to create a strong ally and it's simply not a good business model. passengers won't be the only ones lo
Oct 21, 2017 3:00pm CEST
czech donald trump looks set to become prime minister. and in the bundesliga will look back at shall because live in the standings with a win over mights on friday night and a look ahead to dortmund's key match up with frankfurt which begins as a few minutes time. i met him and welcome we will start in spain the government in madrid is moving to replace the regional leaders of catalonia and intends to hold knew it. lections as soon as possible a minister mariano rajoy said he was triggering article one fifty five of the constitution to bring a rebellious region back under central control and he's asking the spanish senate to approve his plans to dismiss the catalog government which it is expected to do next week the catalan parliament has said it will declare independence of its powers are reduced demonstrations are planned in the regional capital are solona starting in the next few hours. well spent hours this morning with his cabinet to map out plans to bring catalonia back into line let's listen to some of what he had to say. we have blood article one fifty five because no governm
Oct 21, 2017 6:00am PDT
long blocked and classified jfk files to be opened. president trump was the only remaining hurdle to this thursday's legally required release of 5,000 classified documents from the kennedy assassination. what might they reveal? >>> plus, with north korea threatening war and the president heading to south korea on november 7th, is it too risky for him to follow protocol and visit the demilitarized zone. >>> also there's a senator on trial for bribery, roberts menendez, but will it make it impossible to successfully prosecute any for corruption? >>> and also this, another football controversy, but it doesn't involve kneeling. is this banner at a high school football game racist? >>> but, first, i want to be heard on the controversy over presidential notification of the passing of our finest. i have a different take. by now, you know the story on october 4, four u.s. soldiers were killed in niger. on monday, october 16, the pl president was asked by cnn's sara murray, why haven't we heard anything from you so far about the soldiers that were killed in niger and what do you have to say a
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2017 9:00am EDT
down for an exclusive interview with president trump. it was an incredible week in washington. the interview will air sunday morning. then we'll have more on monday on "mornings with maria." here is some of our in depth and extensive conversation. if they can't get this tax bill done this year, should they forego thanksgiving and christmas? should they be here if they don't have a bill on your desk by thanksgiving? president trump: they should. i don't even like them leaving. i want to get it by the end of the year. but i would be disappointed if it took that long. it could be substantially less than that, depending on what happens when we send it back to the house. people make 200 suggestions as opposed to making no suggestions because it's a great bill. we are adjusting so there is no way the middle class doesn't greatly benefit. every once in a while there is a method under which some people in the middle class won't benefit as much as we want them to benefit. but i think we'll have it sooner rather than later. maria: be sure to tune in sunday morning for the exclusive interview
Oct 21, 2017 5:00am PDT
for trump, republican leaders in congress and the senate and house leaders actually reached a budget deal late last night that actually would save a couple of weeks in processing the budget and getting it signed by the president to do even more work on tax reform. >> i want to come back to the schedule in a moment. let's see what james is working on as the biggest story of the week. >> i within the to richmond, virginia for barack obama's first campaign appearance. he stopped for more than half an hour. it was striking how many echoes between what obama said about president trump and what george bush said about the problems in our civic culture. after bush was sort of under the radar, out of the fray for nine years, obama out for nine months, this week we saw the last two presidents, the guys who have been in the oval office the past 16 years really coming out and saying publicly about donald trump what they thought privately for a while. and i think that's a big moment. >> you know, we're going to have to come back and figure out whether they meant that at trump directly or e
Oct 21, 2017 4:00am PDT
and she was with them when johnson's widow took trump's condolence call on speakerphone. wilson says it was incentive. the president says kelly was outraged that wilson was listening in. >> he was so offended that a woman would be, that someone would be listening to that call. he was -- he could not believe it. actually, he said to me, sir, this is not acceptable. >> and meanwhile, steve bannon delivered a blistering attack on former president george w. bush questioning his intelligence on whether or not he fully grasp the nature of the speech of nationalism earlier this week. >>> we'll begin of the new investigation of nigeria ambush. the pentagon tries to spin down the exact time line. u.s. officials are clarifying key points , barbara starr reports. >> reporter: they all cautioned this is the early picture in - and the investigation continues. the pentagon is looking at exact circumstances. the entire team led by has been interviewed officials say when they last saw johnson. the u.s. team stopped on the nigeria, mali border so they could pick up supplies and food and water and the
Oct 21, 2017 6:00am EDT
. >>> the bam bush -- ambush of four americans is getting an investigation after president trump widely criticize phone call to widow of one of the soldiers, many calling the phone call disrespectful. >> reporter: more questions about the deadly ambush in the african country of niger, four soldiers died more than two weeks ago. the green beret were attacked with small arms it was a sophisticated attack. president trump ignoring questions. >> did you authorize the troop to niger. >> reporter: did the unit get the proper advanced intelligence and back up support. why was sergeant la david johnson left behind, the rest of the unit pulled out, but his body was not recovered for 20 hours. >> why was he left alone, was he still alive? was he kidnapped? >> reporter: the pentagon has started a full investigation. >> this could turn out to be mr. trump's benghazi. >> reporter: congresswoman frederica wilson was with sergeant johnson's widow when she received a condolence call from president trump. wilson has come under fire for saying the president's words were disrespectful. the brouhaha leadin
Oct 21, 2017 1:00pm +03
president donald trump and when fisher reports from san juan. this is normally the convention center in san juan the capital of puerto rico but for the last month this has been the coordinating hub of all the rescue efforts across the island the federal emergency management agency the department of defense a number of local agencies and a number of charities are all based here trying to coordinate relief efforts but one month on after the hurricane many people are saying they're seeing nothing nothing from any of these agencies coming into their communities to help them there are many people here still without food still without electricity still without drinking water there are real health concerns as well because people are turning to polluted water just to try and sleep their thirst or even doing simple things like washing their clothes in water that is highly contaminated so there's a real risk that there's going to be another health problem just a few weeks down the line that the people here aren't unrealistic they remember hurricane one thousand years ago and said that they expected t
Oct 21, 2017 11:00am +03
donald trump. one of the world's biggest comic has is cutting production and jobs at a plant near the u.s. city of detroit's general motors g.m. says a change in buying trends and increasing automation behind the slowdown john hendren has a story. a slowdown in motown has general motors cutting back. auto sales in the u.s. it dropped nearly ten percent so far this year but it g.m. the fall is nearly double that this plant makes cars buicks cadillacs and chevy volt hybrid but it's s.u.v.s that are selling now so the detroit hamtramck assembly plant has gone from two shifts to one this month it's slowing down production. very quickly don't use of facilities and do what they want downtime to to deal with excess embittering so they're quicker to riyadh just. don't play with them one on nov twentieth this plant will shut down entirely until january while demand catches up with production when production restarts it will do so with two hundred fewer of its eighteen hundred workers alternative fuels may be the way of the future volvo is going all electric or hybrid by twenty nine teams and a
Oct 21, 2017 3:40am EDT
construction. basically what you're saying it the faa trumps the nlrb concerted activity statement. and broadness. that the somehow it stops and say at the courtroom door. so does your colleague. i don't know how you do that when at least one of the agreements if not all three have confidentiality agreements that prohibit the employers from talking to other employers. from combining with other employers. if it does that and it stops them are going to the courtroom door, is that unfair labor act? >> there's a lot there. let me see if i can unpack. a half dozen times this court faced a claim that some other federal statute over road. >> only when it's been a fight between whether that statute and the cause of action it providesed. over rode the faa. this is more as to the making of a contract. which is like a state law defense. a common state law defense or fraud or di resz. federal law saying you can't do in. >> this court says is there a clear congressional command. the faa is clear the agreements ought to be enforced. >> clear in saying concerted activity cannot be interfered with. >>
Oct 21, 2017 12:37am PDT
backing for the alabama special senate election lost, president trump was quote, "pissed and embarrassed." incidentally, "pissed and embarrassed" is also the title of his russian hotel tape. [ cheers and applause ] stick around for embarrassed. according to reports trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner is registered as a female voter in new york. [ light laughter ] to be fair, he did register over the phone. [ high-pitched voice ] "hello, i'd like to register." [ laughter ] "well, okay. let me say, you have a beautiful voice, ma'am." [ light laughter ] while discussing the corporate tax rate today president trump said that 20 is his ideal number and he is not negotiating that number, which is the same thing he says when he orders chicken mcnuggets. [ laughter ] a new poll has found that education secretary betsy devos is the least popular member of president trump's cabinet with a 28% approval rating. or as she calls it, this many. [ laughter and applause ] a new study has determined that people in relationships can detect infidelity in their partner's voice esp
Oct 21, 2017 3:00am EDT
call that president trump has been making to gold star families and families of fallen veterans. >> the dogs can brk at the moon but it doesn't become an issue until the moon barks back. bill: race itch in a high school. it is a war of texts. some kids are protesting. some are in a lot of trouble. of course, your weather, beautiful weekend, enjoy it. because it is going to get ugly next week. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." bill: the race for new jersey's governor is heating up. two weeks to go before voters go though polls to pick a successor to governor chris christie. many are saying this race is way tighter than they expected. an article that came out today that talked about how even democrats are shocked given the overwellle k administration number that's the race has go in this tight. ashley johnson checks win the full story. >> one of the last weekends before the election. both the calm paps are settling plugging away t. the race for governor is becoming evening toker with diehard democrats giving a second thoughting to the current governor. stev wrote an machin
Oct 20, 2017 11:35pm PDT
presidente trump. la magistrada comenta que si bien trump estaba en derecho de emitir el perdÓn, la prerrogativa no limpia el expediente. reportera: debo la peticiÓn hecha por los abogados del ex alguacil de borrar la convicciÓn criminal en contra del ex sheriffpor violar los derechos de los conductores hispanos. >> la jueza dijo que no se va a borrar todo lo que se ha hecho en este caso iba a estar en el archivo de que el alguacil lo encontrÓ culpable por el crimen que cometiÓ. reportera: el presidente otorgÓ el perdón presidencial en el caso de desobedecer la orden de un juez federal. >> Él quiso no sÓlo que no perdonarÁn, si todos hiciÉramos como si no hubiera pasado nada. como si no hubiera hecho nada y ayer perdiÓ. ha perdido bastante batallas, la Única que no ganamos estarlo encarcelado. >> expresidente no tiene el derecho de borrar esa convicciÓn criminal esos abusos, esas violaciones criminales por parte de arpaio son parte de la historia de la comunidad. reportera: aseguran que el perdÓn presidencial le permite no ser castigado, pero no cambia los hechos del c
Oct 20, 2017 11:30pm PDT
. >>> a lot more to come on a busy friday night. one of donald trump's ousted allies rallying the california gop tonight. >>> what's going to get it done is each one of you. >> how steve bannon says the republican party can take the state. >>> plus, he won't back down. a country star is using his touching tribute to a las vegas shooting victim to help raise money for their families. >>> and dreams do come true for the a's fan who lost everything in the fire. >> i'm meteorologist, october heat is in the forecast. heat is in the forecast. i'll have a l ♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit information visit food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping an
Oct 21, 2017 7:02am CEST
separatists thought they had the trump card that glittering economy but now it seems businesses can more about stability than political identity many firms have already packed up their bags and that's got the region's students worried and some say they'll be out of the first sign of separation from spain. it's break time at the technical university of catalonia. and time to let off steam. the independence debate is a hot topic here. it concerns the students' futures. and. it will result in international and medium sized companies leaving the region it will be very difficult to find work that i don't want to leave catalonia my whole family is living here but there's a possibility that i will have to leave us quite a bit of. the political conflict is already taking its toll say on a volkswagen affiliate is one of the region's biggest employers there are rumors the central government in madrid is putting the carmaker under pressure to leave catalonia no comment from the company. on the other hand the german business shown is happy to talk about things its high tech mechanical arm is de
Oct 21, 2017 7:00am CEST
thought they had the trump card that glittering economy but now it seems businesses can more about stability than political identity many firms have already packed up their bags and that's called the regions .
Oct 21, 2017 12:47am EDT
the content of the phone calls, does president trump intend to make phone calls to families of the fallen in the future should other americans die while he is commander-in-chief? press sec. sanders: we are hoping and praying those phone calls do not have to take place and that is where we are right now. reporter: "the los angeles times" has reported the military requestedin niger had medical response assistance in the months leading up to this ambush on november 4 -- on october 4. is the president satisfied that special forces unit had all the resources it needed to operate? press sec. sanders: as i have said several times, i am not going to get into the details until that is finalized. too often in cases like that, we i think to conclusions and made determinations before the have jumped determinations before the details are known. we went to make sure that process is complete before we weigh end. reporter: have to keep it to one question? press sec. sanders: yes sir. even you, john. i know it will be tough. if only i had that kind of power over anybody else, including my kids. the
BBC News
Oct 21, 2017 5:00am BST
hoped president trump's new afghan strategy would improve security. but, for now, they are desperately hoping for a respite from the spiralling violence. anbarasan ethirajan, bbc news. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. at least 53 members of the egyptian security forces are reported to have been killed in a clash with islamist militants in the western desert. the interior ministry said the militants had fired on the troops as they raided their hideout in the bahariya 0asis. a number of suspected militants from a group called hasm were also killed. the us has called on the iraqi government to limit the deployment of troops in the north of the country to prevent unnecessary clashes with kurdish forces. on friday, iraqi troops engaged in a three—hour battle with kurdish peshmerga forces to take control of the last remaining district of the oil—rich kirkuk province. robert mugabe has been appointed as a goodwill ambassador by the world health organization. the president of zimbabwe's role will be to help tackle non—communicable diseases. critics say that
Oct 20, 2017 11:56pm EDT
failing. this is a different conversation. but after the trump administration came to the white house, we have stated our readiness to renew dialogue on all directions. we understand clearly the situation that the new administration is in, how much pressure it is in at the moment, the allegations stated against it, and it is still confronted by those who supported the democratic candidate. still, we are ready to renew dialogue in all directions and to the scale that would be comfortable to the trump administration. i talked about that with the united states president when we talked in the oval office in spring this year. and the month before that, we talked with rex tillerson, who came to moscow to visit me and mr. putin. as a result, we developed a channel of communication. apart from other issues, we looked at where we stand on nuclear stability. the main issue we discussed was the bilateral issues, how to prevent the spiral of conflict from escalating. in september, we had a conversation on stability. first of all these were issues of strategic limitation of arms. and the immediate
Oct 20, 2017 11:50pm EDT
florida have put a hold on donald trump's nominee because they are anxious to see really for their home state as part of this bill. they say they may support the package next week but they are already looking ahead to the package in november that they say needs to include a specific amount of funding for their home state. >> sarah faris is from political. thank you for joining us. withspan recently sat down hillary clinton to discuss her recent book, "what happened? she spoke about the role of the media and how it covered the presidential 2016 campaign. >> you say in the book that the media needs to do its own soul-searching. >> one of the things about c-span, i am not just flattering you, but you guys cover everything. let people draw their own conclusions. i understand the pressures that the press is under, both print and broadcast and online. they have got to get at dollars. they have to get eyeballs or clicks. i get that. ar presidential election is really big deal and now, we see what happens when somebody is not --. vetted.t it was always on to something new. i think the trump cam
Oct 20, 2017 11:41pm EDT
february. >>> next, first lady melania trump donates her inaugural gown to the smithsonian's national museum of american history where it will be on display in the first lady's exhibit. this presentation is about 15 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mr. john gray, directors of the smithsonian national museum of american history. the 13th secretary of the smithsonian institution, dr. david skorten. and the first lady of the united states mrs. melania trump. [ applause ] >> good morning and welcome. i'm john gray and i have the privilege of being your director of your national museum of american history. we are so honored to extend a very special welcome to first lady trump. it is a thrill to have you with us, and we're so privileged to have our nation ceremony in our flag hall. the second secretary of the smithsonian, dr. david skorten. to our board chair, ambassador nicholas talsman, many members of our board who are with us and to all of your distinguished guests, we welcome you and thank you for your support. millions of americans and so many other visitors from every
Oct 20, 2017 11:35pm EDT
, trump's trumped up tax plan. plus, stephen welcomes: steve martin. mark feuerstein. and a performance by steve martin and the steep canyon rangers. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you very much! thanks, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. now-- ( cheers and applause ) now, ladies and gentlemen-- folks, have you ever woken up and said to yourself first thing in the morning, "what can i do-- even in my own small way-- to make rich people richer?" ( laughter ) well, if the answer is i have never done that, then you did not write donald trump's tax plan. ( laughter ) yesterday in indiana, the president revealed the plan and made a solemn promise-- >> i am doing the right thing. and it's not good for me. believe me. >> stephen: i believe you. ( laughter ) doing the right thing never seems to be good for donald trump.
Oct 20, 2017 11:05pm EDT
matters here is --. >> host: how are we moving forward with president trump's call for tax reform? >> guest: now we don't have many details about how republicans are looking to do this. there've been few details so far about what the rates might look like and what kind of tax rates they are looking to keep her lemonade but what we do know is this is a big wave of woman to him senate and house republican leaders considering the senate amendment last night included some of the house tweets. the senate budget that was passed last night actually included some negotiations with the house even ahead of the conference committee so this will speed things up and we could see tax work next week. let's go your article says republicans are eager to step up on tax guidelines. how will they do at? >> guest: they are looking for legislative victories here and many are unsure about what happened with the obamacare repeal attempt. they are hoping for another shot at reconciliation something that is very rare to try to get twice as one calendar year but they are hoping this is the ticket to achievi
Oct 21, 2017 6:00am +03
folks say. to form a u.s. presence on the attack against donald trump and that break from longstanding tradition of remaining silent. i'm andrew thomas in sydney all australians writes it's a recent survey suggests as many as one in four people here that's despite this country being on paper one of the most multicultural in the world. how the weather is lost he said barack ross eastern parts of the us but we've got some increasing class spilling into central parts seizing up across the deep south texas will see cloud and rain coming for him another band of cloud and some wintry weather will push its way in across the mountain state that cloud that will stand up towards the northern plains easing up into the canadian prairie sunshine for the eastern side of the u.s. into eastern parts of canada further west we are going to say that really wet weather pushing in across the good parts of seattle pushing over towards oregon into the western side of kind of a little sneak a little further research as we go on through sunday so washington state oregon seeing some of that wet wea
Oct 20, 2017 11:00pm EDT
break out the umbrella coming up. >>> the first lady place in history, what milania trump said about donating her inaugural ball game to the smithsonian. >>> it's that time of the week, friday night, means friday football frenzy. lesley van arsdale with the highlights from around the region ahead when "eyewitness news" continues. you're danny? i'm steve. joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. steve called fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. generosity. >>> the harvey weinstein sex scandal continues to grow with new allegations, in an essay in the "new york times" oscar winner lupita nyongo had two encounters with him. former actress heather ker come forward i
FOX News
Oct 20, 2017 7:00pm PDT
shannon bream. a president trump condolence call -- it isn't going away. the left even playing the race card on this issue. for details on the developing story, let's check in with ed henry. good evening, ed. >> shanna, great to see you. john kelly yesterday really tried to end this ugly back-and-forth with that emotional, relayed to remarkable defense of president trump and his phone call to the widow of a slain army soldier but in the last 24 hours, this has only gotten uglier with a democratic congress woman and others now injecting race into this controversy. today, sarah sanders at the white house podium declared to a reporter it was "highly inappropriate to challenge a four-star marine general like john kelly on this issue." he spent 18 minutes describing the heartbreaking procedure for notifying families that their loved ones had been killed in action, by bravely recounting how he found out how his own son lieutenant robert kelly had been killed in 2010. somehow that has led various people on the left to start attacking john kelly. in fact, a former aide to liberally to back hill
Oct 20, 2017 6:30pm PDT
trump elimina cualquier beneficio que ella pudiera tener >>> organizaciÓn pro vida acusan a los activistas de usar a la adolescen adolescentes para tener abortos para todos incluyendo inmigrantes indocumentados >>> ahora el factor tiempo es es clave en texas una mujer solo puede abortar antes de las 20 semanas esta joven tiene 15. y quienes la defienden puede apelar a la corte suprema en washington, lori nonticias telemundo. >>> hay indignaciÓn por un video donde se ven a agentes de ice entrando a una casa y deteniendo a un migrante latino quien estaba en el lugar, los oficiales que no se y departamenidentificaron lo libes despuÉs >>> este arresto apuesto a ice en la lupa. el trabajador graba las imÁgenes mientras intenta prevenir que 3 agentes de ice vestidos de civil y sin orden judicial entre a la propiedad y llevar a cabo un arresto. los agentes no estÁn dispuestos a esperar la autorizaciÓn del dueÑo. irrumpen en la habitaciÓn donde estÁ carlos bolaÑos, al hombre que buscaban. (hablan en inglÉs) >>> estÁn entrando en una casa privada, no hay ningÚn tipo de indici
. president trump: you need luck. he has got the luck and the talent. thank you all very much. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you very much. this weekend on book tv, on c-span2, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, former vice president al gore looks at the effects of climate change around the world n inconvenient"a sequel." we in our civilization, the and engineers, are atomsng how to manage and molecules. it is changing things. co2 emissions have stabilized globally. starting a downward trend. we are going to win this. remaining question is whether we will win it in time to reduce the risk to an that we willvel, cross some point of no return. it is a dangerous race between hope and the catastrophic consequences. eastern, and p.m. author discussion on political diversity and free speech on college campuses. strossen, former president of the aclu. don't want to demonize and disparage this protesters i think the way often happens. positive? they are passionately committed to social justice. i want to thank them for that. i would love to have the opportunity to persuade them that
Oct 21, 2017 3:00am CEST
markets. on down your winter and this is a business news update separatists thought they had the trump card that glittering economy but now it seems businesses can more about stability than political identity many firms have already packed up their bags and that's called the region's students worried and some say they'll be out of the first sign of separation from space.
Oct 20, 2017 8:54pm EDT
relationship with russia, and i have never gotten an answer from you. does president trump view russia as an ally, a partner, or an adversary? ms. sanders: a lot of that depends on russia and what type of relationship they want to have, and whether or not they want to be a good actor or a bad actor. and we are going to continue trying to work with them on certain things that are very important, particularly for national security on things like syria, north korea. we would like to be able to work with them to confront some of those threats. so some of that depends on the actions russia takes and how they want to be perceived. reporter: i also have a question about the george w. bush speech. first to clarify, are you saying the white house is no longer saying the congressman talked about the funding? she just talked about legislation in general? ms. sanders: i specifically said and will repeat it again, general kelly said he was stunned she made the comments about herself. that was the point of what he said. that was what took place here yesterday, and we still stand by those comments. reporte
Oct 20, 2017 5:30pm PDT
las politicas migratorias de la administracion del presidente trump take nats..session mientras que en un discurso de 20 minutos el fiscal general de estados unidos mantuvo firme la postura de desaprobar el programa daca daniel ramrez / dreamer jefe sessions representa la cobarda del presidente trump , yo soy recipiente de daca mis padres tambin se vern afectados , mi hermana tambin es recipiente de daca y estudia en la universidad de harvard sessions asegura que la administracin de trump contina trabajando para resguardar la seguridad de este pas. jim andrews pastor de una iglesia dice que es un acto de cobarda que el fiscal venga a texas take sot very disturbing that an attorney general like session it's coming down and it supporting the sanctuary cities it is very disturbing ya he comes here to this place y es que sessions tambien amenazo al gobierno local de negarles fondos federales si no siguen apoyando leyes de ciudades santuarios..que protegeria a indocumentados. ---una jueza federal determin que el ex alguacil ''joe arpaio'' desobedecio las rdenes en un caso de perfil racia
Oct 20, 2017 5:30pm PDT
at president trump. a new round of fighting breaks out between the iraqi army and kurdish forces. the healing process starts, one ballet company continuing in the wake of tragedy. ♪ >> welcome to world news america. the white house is dispelling claims that two former presidents comments were critical of donald trump. his predecessor george w. bush and president obama made appearances yesterday expressing concerns over the current political climate. meanwhile president trump started criticism calling crime radical terrorism. we report. >> it was just before dawn when most americans were still sleeping when the president tweeted about crime figures, then giving the impression that this was from a official report he uses quotation marks to say the crime rate raises annually over islamic terrorism. then he went on. we must keep america safe. the figures he refers to were just for wales. nowhere in the crime survey is islamic terrorism. nevertheless it will have a affect on the united states. because his travel ban has failed again. it will have to come here to the supreme court to
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