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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2013 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> welcome to al jazeera. i'm stephanie sy. here are tonight's top stories. u.n. chemical inspectors have left syria. this is a convoy of u.n. vehicles leaving damascus after completing their investigation. that team is now in lebanon. the white house will brief republican senators on the situation in syria in a conference call. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell have asked for the briefing. many have asked the president not to strike without authorization. secretary kerry calling bashar al-assad a thug an.
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he also said any responsibl pose response would not include troops on the ground. this is a scene of a fire bomb attack near a school i in a suburb in the north east area. dozens were killed and more injured. al jazeera cannot independently confirm those reports. i'm stephanie sy in new york.
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>> an interesting debate. coming up, a school where students don't read books. instead they use ipads almost
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but should you be made aware if you are consuming them. that's next on "consider this." next.
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saudi arabia for that.
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right back.
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>> i believe, i'm stephanie sy. these are some of the stories we're following at this hour. >> this is the indiscriminate, inconceivable horror of chemical weapons. this is what assad did to his own people. >> secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. has the evidence that would justify an attack on syria. president obama is suggesting a limited attack is possible. today he'll make the argument to senators in hope of gaining their support in strike. u.n. investigators will arrive in leno


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