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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

12:00 pm >> welcome to ankle, i'm del walters. these are your headlines at this hour. president obama and key republican lawmakers getting readied to talk about syria. the taliban claiming responsibility for this attack on an u.s. base in afghanistan. and. atlantic city trying to bounce back from hurricane sandy. today president obama will try to rally congressional support for a strike on syria. he'll be meeting with key senators including john mccain who has long pushed for the
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president to take a stronger stance. john kerry and chuck hagel will testify before the senate. it has been 48 hours since he said that he needs congressional approval for the attack. do you have a sense of whether the congress will play ball this time. >> this is why the white house is go full court press calling in key members in chuck hagel and crown kerry to speak to the white house, and bringin to brig skeptical republicans. >> congress does not officially meet until monday, but that does not mean that they're not working on syria as we speak. >> that's right. the white house on the
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phone--top administration officials calling key senators and congressmen both in their home districts and those who are back here in washington working the phones. we understand that the president and vice president and chief the staff on the phone all day yesterday and today, so again they're working all the angles as hard as they can. >> and paul, that is washington inside the beltway. what about washington outside of the beltway or on the streets of dc. is there a sense that they feel that the polls show that the majority of americans don't want the united states to do anything in syria? >> that's right. the polls you're preferring to show consistently that americans are skeptical of any u.s. involvement in syria civil, even more so when it comes without congressional authorization. those numbers change a little bit when it's phrased in response to chemical weapons attacks, but it looks like the president will have to work to
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bring congress on board and he'll have to continue to work to bring americans in on this. >> worldwide opinion on the issue of syria also seems to be divided. the spokesman for china's foreign ministry show shows thae evidence is unconvincing. and in france it shows evidence that syria had is hundred thousan1,000 tons ofchemical we. are they moving to a vote. >> they're moving to a debate. the french parliamentans are saying if we're not allowed to vote there is no sense of a
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debate. president françois hollande had been planning for a debate but some parliamentens are saying there is no point if they can't vote. >> and if you look across the pond to london, the no-vote by parliament may have had a chilling affect in terms of the strike. >> well, that's right. prime minister david cameron called back parliament early. he's getting criticism for having rushed parliament into this decision. there is some conflict. there is some criticism now after the vote that britain's place on the world stage has been damaged. there is criticism that cameron forced it too quickly, didn't prepare parliament properly. there is criticism that the labor opposition tried to score
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political points by embarrassing the prime minister in that losing vote. labor coming under fire for that because again many brits are concerned not only about their position on the global front. >> a message on a web called for. marines to fight with the syrian army and said obama was a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to fight al-qaida insurgents. few facts are known about the group but they've headached news organizations and social media outlets including the "washington post," "new york times, and twitter. stay with al jazeera for additional information coming out of syria, and you can also visit us 24 hours a day at taliban fighters launched an
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attack on a military base near the pakistani border. at least three of those attackers are now dead. jennifer glass has more from kabul. >> taliban fighters bombed the u.s. base in afghanistan border with pakistan. >> the enemy of our country has set fire near the base run by security forces. the attack was in two different locations. the vehicles there were set on fire. three attack presser resisting near the base. all three of them are killed. >> the armored calls and minesweepers wit are part of $30 billion of equipment withdrawn as u.s. forces leave afghanistan. the border attack is the latest incident that marks increase
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attacks across afghanistan. in the past week or so 100 afghans including security forces and civilians have been killed. and this is the second attack on a nato base. >> detonating a truck bomb and then sending fighters in after the attack. in the same province on sunday the bodies of seven afghan army soldiers were discovered, their hands bound with chains. local officials say the taliban captured them on the highway and then shot them to death. jennifer glass, al jazeera, kabul. >> japan's government said they will take a more direct role in the clean up of the fukushima nuclear power plant. we're in tokyo. >> japan's nuclear regulation authority say there is no evidence that there are any new
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leaks at the fukushima nuclear plant. the radiation readings were higher over the weekend compared to two weeks ago because tepco, the company in charge the power plant, had been using more sophisticated machines to read the levels. now the government is taking a more direct approach in handling the crisis. >> we have decided to take charge of the issue, not just leaving it to tepco, we will deal with this so as not to repeat such an incident. >> now the prime minister shinzo abe is due to chair another nuclear response meeting tuesd tuesday, and speculations of this new plan can be revealed on tuesday. we don't know what it will
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include, but it will have to deal with the immediate problem of how to store the contaminated water at the plant. the chairman of the nuclear regulation authority has reiterated but that they have no choice but to discharge some of this water into the ocean, but they'll make sure whatever water is discharged meets the regulation threshold. >> the gaming industry is making a comeback. total ref any of $37.3 billion, a 4.8% increase over the year before. the $6.2 billion, las vegas, the strip accounted for nearly 44% of the money brought in. that's nearly double the revenue from atlantic city, which is the second largest casino market in the country. john terrett has more on the city's renewal. >> you're right, this is the
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second biggest scene market in thmarket--biggest casino marketn the country. but unfortunately the revenue has dropped here. it has come down from $5.2 billion to $3 million per annum. the reason for that, states all around atlantic city, specifically pennsylvania, have allowed legalized gambling, and it has had a direct impact on jobs. and the fate of new jersey is desperate to stop any more hemorrhaging of jobs in this economy. there are people out there whose job it is to bring this city back, and they're determined to do it. i've been out meeting some of them. >> they're truly cathedrals to gambling. >> gamble something a blessing.
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>> yes, if your win. >> shafique was laid off and now runs ladies clothes shop along the boardwalk. he was forced to close his ira account just to keep going. >> if i had not had that to help me i never would have opened the store and i would be out on the streets. >> he and his wife stay open all night just to make ends meet. >> reporter: here in atlanta city there was widespread flooding, an, and the north parf the city was swept away. the 12 casinos were open again within a week. the revenue was down 10% to 15% for months after, but atlantic city is used to rolling for the punches. for years it has offered a
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combination of gambling and family entertainment to keep its boardwalk packed. then came the global finance attack and other states began to legalize gambling. >> new york city is the largest casino in the united states taking some of the business to atlantic city. >> reporter: the architect you new laws that will allow people to place bets from home. a desperate bid to keep further layoffs in atlantic city. >> hopefully in the end sports betting will have a big, big win and make the town the las vegas of the east coast. >> reporter: the sports betting bid is mired in court action but the hope is it could fill the atlantic city hotel rooms during the down times, winter.
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>> taking advantage of the natural environment, the beach, the boardwalk, the nightclubs. we have the restaurant. we're going back to our roots as a tourism destination. >> back at his boutique. shafiq is hoping that the town's gobble will pay off. with his savings depleted he's literally betting his life on it. >> well, this is a very hard life for shafiq and his family, but here in atlantic city they remain extremely optimistic. >> i'm curious why does the government of new jersey believe that online gambling could save atlantic city? >> that's a good question. if they're relying on online gambling, and how could it save atlantic city, if you wish to gamble from home, then you join
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one of the 12 casino's websites, you sign up and gamble from home. the expectation if they do that properly, if they give you correct advertising and push you in the correct collection you will not only gamble online from home, but you're also bringing yourself and maybe your family here to the resort to experience it for yourself. that's the theory behind that. the idea behind the sports betting is also quite intriguing. they want to take that away from the exclusive reserve of las vegas and fill the hotels in the offseason with enthusiast tick sportenthusiasticsports pu. >> and as always what happens in atlantic city stays in atlantic city. >> reports that the u.s. spied on leaders of brazil and mexico.
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and training single moms with work to support their families.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm del walters coming to you from new york. the egyptian court is asking to remove muslim brotherhood gno status. most of the muslim brotherhood leadership has. arrested, morsi will stand trial for inciting violence. a homemade bomb was released in cairo. so far no one has claimed responsibility. ankle correspondent joins us by phone in cairo. we're not naming him for security concerns. after that bomb blast you have seen other instances of protest in the area today? >> i think you're asking about the protests, the situation in
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terms of protests serving the anti-coup alliance, those who want mohamed morsi reinstated as president. but as we saw last friday their tactics are changing, and they now they're not going to be allowed to gather in major squares in cities in egypt. instead they're gatherin they al gatherings all over the place. they hope to keep up the momentum for international efforts to try to at least ascertain where morsi is being held. in the meantime, there are
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charges against morsi and 14 other muslim brotherhood leaders for inciting riots against protesters that left several dead. >> again, that was our correspondent from cairo. from edward snowden there are new revelations that the u.s. intercepted communication in the brazilian and mexican president. they were watching the mexican president e-mails even before he was elected. not everyone is off on this labor day holiday. a recent survey shows 79% of employers will be open for business today. more than half of employers are
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from sectors like healthcare, government, education and social services. verizon will be the sole owner of verizon wireless, buying out its partner v odaphon. verizon has been trying to fend off at&t and sprint that offer much cheaper plans. today italy has become the second european nation using to reign in the practice using a
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2.5% tax on trades that occur every two and a half second or less. and lawmakers are trying to create one here as well. =fplt diana dyad chasing a goal. >> it is exceptionally hot and humid across the northwest. we'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. begin to take effect? >> reporter: the laws do not go
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm del walters. more than a million people are gathering in brooklyn, new york, at this hour for the sites and sound of the west indian parade. the people crossing state lines and traveling to brooklyn to represent their heritage and caribbean culture. they expect floats, costumes and sounds, how many people are we looking at today?
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>> hey, del, we're here in brooklyn with the west indian parade. the 46th annual event, and there are hundreds of thousands of people lined all across the parkway here to see this very colorful and very cultural event. now this celebrates the culture of the caribbean, and it starts off with, and this caps five days worth of events that start off with some sort of social and cultural event, and then ending off with this parade here all the way through parts of brooklyn. people line up here as early as 8:00 in the morning to get a seat to see this parade, and you have also a lot of people out here cooking and selling things. just a lot of people here, and
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also a lot of police presence here. >> joining us from the festival of the west indian parade in brooklyn. thank you very much. a study conducted by the pew research center shows tha many e uneducated and poor. >> valerie was homeless and jobless when her daughter was born five years ago. today the 37-year-old single
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mom's life is heading to a new direction thanks to newly acquired job skills. two weeks ago she got a full-time job as a welder at a chicago firm that makes bus seats. >> it was really hard. i got a brighter outlook on life now because i feel likely i have a career path now. >> galvan got certified as a welder at a not-for-profit that offers job training and workforce develop. the center started training low skilled single moms for high skilled jobs. they have plan to expand and train even more. >> we see many women who don't want to work in office jobs. they want to work with their hands. they don't know what that translates to in terms of the job. when we tell them they can we
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would, they say, well, we want to do that. >> it's not a fortune but it's better money than she made doing odd jobs now. >> the average factory worker makes $77,000 a year. after a couple of years of experience galvan will be able to earn $55,000, moving her into the middle class. >> i think the decision making has been great on the part of thighs women, and she show up sometimes better than their counterparts. >> galvan has high hopes for the future. at the wants to buy a home. >> i don't mind showing it, i'm proud of it. >> she's on her way. >> the weather in the northeast
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can be summed up with two words, pea soup. >> meteorologist: it is so hot and so humid in new york city, and close to 95 degrees in the big apple, all of the heat and the humidity continues to pour in out of the south, and i'm telling you its just miserable out there. luckily the rain is on the way, and it will continue to push in out of the west. we have a strong thunderstorm on the move right off of lake erie south of buffalo if you're traveling there, be careful, and much of new england it's a wet day. especially is flash flooding. down in texas it was exceptionally hot during the weekend, and exceptionally across dallas. right now they're getting much needed rain in dallas, so it's cooler than it was throughout the week. 98 is the expected high in dallas, which is definitely an
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improvement. across the southwest we're expecting more rain. we had flooding in las vegas yesterday, and luckily that is moving north today. >> she was this close, just two miles to go. american long distance swimmer diana nyad has nearly reached the coast of key west, florida. she's the first person to swim from cuba to key west without a caning. this is her fifth attempt to swim from cuba to key west without a cage, a sweat suit or flippers. she wanted to prove that at 65 years old it's never to late to chase your dreams. once again, only two miles left to go. thank you for watching al jazeera. we have more news at the top of
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the hour. next, helping people with wearable robots. "techknow" is next. instead they use ipads almost welcome. i'm here to talk about innovations that change lives. we're going to explore the intersection between hardware and humanity. we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. so let's check our team of nerds. phil torres studies insects in the rain forest of ecuador and peru. tonight our real-life spider-man takes us to colorado where iron man comes to life helping one woman stand tall despite a devastating disability. this is an engineering who designed a buy


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