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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> hello, american, this is al jazeera al jazeera. i'm richelle carey from new york. our top story. n. protesting ] >> protesting war, thousands voicing their opinion about the y. role in syria, the concerns and the support the obama administration is asking for tonight. >> outrage in brazil, the change thousands are demanding against government corruption, on the day the country marks its independence. and tokyo to host the 2020 olympics. the official announcement coming
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up shortly. and we'll bring it to you live. >> secretary of state john kerry is in europe speaking to europe piano leaders about the need to take action begins syria. both expressed urgency in response to the chemical attack in damascus. we're keeping up with these pretty fast-breaking developments. what did secretary kerry and the foreign minister say during the joint press conference? what are some of the highlights? >> well, richelle, this has been different from what we saw earlier today. this is a little more proactive trying to explain why it is that the french and the white house are on--are on this position, trying to get support within both of their populations for
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some sort of military action in syria. and john kerry, you know, has been saying the reasons why people should care, what evidence they have, what information they have. as you mentioned there, urging the u.n. to act and act quickly, richelle. >> so this is unusually. when asked about lack of support from the american public, john kerry said the case has not yet been made to the american people. what does he mean by that? >> well, according to--i don't want to put words in the secretary of state's mouth, but he explained that basically to say--he basically said that in the sense that we're going to be presenting our case in the coming days. secretary of state kerry was speaking to americans at home
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questioning why it is that america might get involved in yet another middle east confli conflict. >> this manner matters to ameris a matter of security. the stability of middle east matters to americans. it matters to americans whether or not syria implodes and breaks apart, and there are ungoverned space where is terrorists call the shots. that matters to americans. it matters to all of us, and i think we need to stand up and be counted, and so does my good friend laurent and we'll talk about why this is important to all of us. >> all of us includes not just americans, but the french, the europeuropean. he has 20 member states of the e.u. to all sign up to a notice that they believe it was assad that was behind those chemical attacks on the 21st, and some
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action is called for. it's been a productive state for secretary of state kerry, but he still has that message, he still has that sell to make not only in europe but back at home. >> thank you so much. now the white house is ratcheting up efforts to convince congress to back the action against syria, but it looks like he has quite a bit of work ahead of him. secretary kerry seems to be doing well for his part, but let's talk about the white house's outreach to lawmakers. how is that going? how are they responding, paul? >> that's right, richelle, secretary kerry saying he's going to keep on talking about this. he has been doing a lot of talking, as has the president, and apparently they have a lot of talking to do because congress is anything but fully convinced of the case for military action against syria. let's take a listen to a couple of lawmakers talking about it.
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>> real concerns about not having a coalition of other nations to be partners in this thing. it's a civil war, more than 100,000 folks have been killed. a lot of concerns by my families with sons and daughters in terms of what is going on. >> how much has to go on before outrage and we do something about it. >> the republican from michigan still very skeptical about the case. juan vargas from california saying time for action. a split there in favor, but overall deeply divided, and the numbers thus far not breaking into the white house's and the administration's favor. let's look at an ap survey, the associated press did some counting in the house so far. they've got just 30 supporting intervention or leaning in favor of it. but 192 opposing u.s.
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involvement or leaning against it. about half the house still undecide. in the senate the associated press count 34 senators in favor. 32 opposing or out right leaning against, or 34 slightly divided. slightly better numbers there, but still a lot of work left for the administration. >> paul, what do you know about what the administration has planned to try to get more lawmakers on board to move those numbers? >> it's really a full court press, richelle. tomorrow night vice president biden having five senators over for dinner at his house. also monday the day that congress comes back into session the president is going to be taping interviews with all the major news networks and those interviews are going to air monday night ahead of tuesday's speech from the white house, and further congressional action
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lots of meetings and talking go going on this week. as secretary kerry said, they're still talking, that much is apparent. a lot of talking. >> indeed, a busy few days. paul, thank you. meanwhile, in berlin a german newspaper said u.n. chemical weapons inspectors could submit their findings by the end of next week. the report will likely contain details on the gas munition and delivery systems used in the attack. they say the information came from two unnamed people close to the inspection team. and in vatican city prayers of peace, faithful fortunatelierfollowers ofpope jd a--pope francis, that is. they're praying for peace in syria. and a similar prayer in manila where they're calling for a day of fasting and prayer for syria.
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stay with al jazeera, we'll have live congress of the president's speech to the american people primetime. brazil marked its independence from portugal today. protests are under way. thousands are expressing outrage against government corruption and slow reform. protesters have been met by force. adam, i know there has been lots and lots of protesters in the streets. what do you see now? >> well, right now they left the main area where they protested two hours ago, and they're making their way to the city. we have reports outside of the governor's offices right now, not far from where i'm standing, just a mile or two from here. we're also seeing businesses close as they come into their neighborhoods because people are afraid that this protest is taking on more of a kind of
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criminal element but one doing vandalism in the streets. we've seen today hundreds of people in the movement trying to engage in conflict with the police, and the police actually at some point were firing tear gas canisters at the protesters, and corralling them in different parts of the city. over all it's been quiet. it's common to see people on a sunday playing soccer or out in the city. but here we see protesters in rio and other cities across the country. >> adam, what is it that the protesters want? >> well, the larger group of protesters that are very active on social media and have come out since june, when hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets day after day and week after week, what they're calling on is a change of priorities. more priorities on social sending and less priorities on
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large spending projects for international supporting events like the soccer world cup tournament coming here in brazil and the 2016 rio olympics. they're also calling for more respect for people of brazil. they see politicians as a corrupt class and make a lot of money and do not prioritize the people in the country. they want more services for the people every day people who need better transportation, better healthcare, better education for their children. so it's a wide movement, but that's really what they're asking for. more respect, and more spending on social services. >> adam, how have these protests impacted celebrations for independence day? >> well, typically brazil, much like parts of the united states, had a large parade, here they
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had a large military parade, we saw a miles-long procession, and it's a common sight and in other cities. you had a few hundred people interested in the parade, and you had others protesting for a whilers others who are skeptical of what is going on because it's a less festive environment. it made this holiday one of caution and concern not just because of today itself but brazil's future and what is going to be happening here in the coming months and years. >> adam rainy, thank you so much. >> i'm meteorologist rebecca stevenson. where we were just watching adam stand was in ben yes, sir airs yesbuenos aires.they're going ta
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thunderstorm in buenos aires and other parts of argentina. we're watching a shift in winds. we were getting our rainfall moving from the east to the west, but now it's beginning to move west to east. i have more details coming up. >> all right, rebecca. two cities bidding, we'll go to the announcement of the city that will host the 2020 olympics. that's in buenos aires where that is happening. and we'll look at the u.s. postal service and whether privatization is the only way to keep the service afloat.
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>> welcome back. we're moments away from learning who will host the 2020 summer olympic games. three cities are vying for the role. we know that madrid has been eliminated from the final round. that was an hour ago. so that just leaves istanbul and tokyo. any moment now we'll see the ioc chairman come to the podium and make his announcement. first we started the morning with tokyo, istanbul and madrid, and now we're now down to two. as soon as that announcement is made, we'll bring it to you live. this is a live shot from tokyo. lots of tension in the room. these efforts take years to make it this far. it takes years and lots of money
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and thousands of people from your city to make it this far. unbelievable tension in this room. tokyo has made it to the final two. the other city still in the run something istanbul, turkey. it would be historic for a city such as istanbul to get such a bid. [♪ music ] >> okay, let me tell you some of what we're seeing. this is some of the video that was presented to the committee that had to make this decision. this is a video that obviously tokyo submitted. remarkable uplifting video to make its case. all of these cities have a few things in the negative category, if you want to put it that way. tokyo still has concerns about the fukushima nuclear plan and
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madrid having problems with their economy. an uphill battle for all of these cities. very shortly we'll hear which city will host the 2020 summer olympic games. and there we are. i'm going to stop talking. >> now ladies and gentlemen, let's give a very special welcome to the leader of the international olympic committee. [applause] >> please all stand for the olympic anthem.
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[♪ music ] [♪ music ] [♪ music ]
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>> i would like to thank the three candidate cities of istanbul, tokyo and madrid for their excellent bids in the spirit of fair play of which they have competed. your vision for the olympic movement is inspiring. thank you for your hard work, your energy and commitment to sports, and your olympic values. as in every competition, however, there can only be one winner. >> the 2020 vote, ioc member in the philippines will now hand the envelope containing the
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winner of the ioc decision. >> the international olympic committee has the honor of announcing the games of the 32nd olympics awarded to the city of tokyo. [ cheering ] cheer
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[ cheering ] [ cheering ] >> we let that moment breathe for a moment so you can see everyone's excitement in the room. tokyo, the host of the 2020 summer olympic games beating out istanbul and earlier madrid, they were all part of the final three. we're joined by npr correspondent who has covered eight olympic games and reported on the salt lake city bribery scandal that gained national attention. i know this is old hat, but do you ever get caught up in that excitement? how do you not?
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>> well, i am based in salt lake city, i was down at the city county building here twice when salt lake was up for that final announcement. one time a disappointment for the city when nagano won instead, but years later salt lake city was announced as the host, and it was exciting, even as a journalist i was excited about it. it's fun living in an olympic city. there's no question about it. >> so who did you pick? who did you think was going to get it? >> my money was on istanbul because, you know, one of the factors that the ioc put in the factors is which part of the world has not had the games before. they like to take this notion of oolympics.
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the ioc has been very interested in the notion of expanding the olympic games to other places. i was betting on istanbul. i think maybe the ioc members went to tokyo because that is probably the safest choice. tokyo has hosted the games before. clearly the country has the resources and wherewithal to stage another olympics. i don't think the concerns that reporters and some people expressed about the nuclear power plant really had much impact on ioc members. it's not close enough to tokyo for them to be concerned about that. >> the point that you did make, though, about how the ioc wants to expand this, do you think that in the near future they will, it won't be these cities just making it to the final, that they'll actually break through?
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>> we'll see if istanbul tries again. this was madrid's third time. they didn't make it on the first ballot today. i would expect istanbul to try again. your odds go up each time you try. but there are other regions in the world who also want to host the olympics. and for the next games after this one, the 2024, the u.s. olympic committee has not made an announcement yet, but they're forward to putting an american host city in for the games and you would have to consider the american city being a favorite if they go along with that. >> how has the bidding process evolved over the last 20 years? >> since the salt lake city bribery scandal in 1998 the international olympic economic restricted the access ioc members have with bid committees. they're not allowed to travel to bidding cities and take tours,
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which they used to do. they're not allowed to meet privately with the bid committees. everything is done in the open in structured settings. the process is very formal, and ioc members don't, themselves, have much interaction with bi bidding cities. there are committees that do that, and they make recommendations. the choices are made early on. the field is narrowed down by the ioc executive board. so really the final vote is in the hands of the ioc members, and many of them probably have not visited the bidding cities. that's to prevent the kind of corruption that occurred with the salt lake city bid. >> how much money does it cost, and i know this number grows every olympics, how much money does it cost for a city to be able to pull this off? >> i'm not sure that any of them are completely honest with how
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much money they spend, but they spend millions and millions of dollars to bid for the olympics, and now it's a matter of billions to prepare and stage the games. there are two kinds of key costs. there is the cost of actually staging the olympics, of organizing the games, and then there is the cost of added infrastructure, security, other things that are needed in a city to accommodate the olympics. they're not often added together, so sometimes cities will hide the true costs of what it costs to host the games, but now we're in billions. sochi is spending $51 billion so far to prepare for and host the olympics, the winter olympics there in february. >> howard, what are the next steps now for tokyo to prepare? it takes years to prepare to host the olympics. what is next? >> they've got seven years. they're going to buckle down now, and even though they've had the bid, and it's been very specific with what they're going
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to do where, it's not unusual for bidding cities to change the venue plan, to change the transportation plan. once you've actually got the games, reality sets in, plus what is happening now also is the international olympic committee will establish a coordination commission which will oversee the preparations in tokyo. they will also be bringing in past host cities, london, sydney, athens, organizers of other olympics to help tokyo prepare. but remember this is a country that has hosted, what, two other olympics. they know what they're doing. and you know, they spent in nagano, no one knows how much they spent for the nagano winter games because their records from destroyed, but the guess something upwards of $40 billion. >> they absolutely know what they're doing. >> they know what they're doing, and they're ready to do whatever it takes. >> you've been such an asset to us this afternoon. we appreciate it.
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howard with npr, thank you so much. >> thanks for asking. >> absolutely. it's another sports heavy weekend as they all should be. michael eaves. >> one other announcement we have from the olympics is whether wrestling and baseball make it back into the rotation. we do know that tennis will be in the 2020 olympics, and the championship is almost set. djokovic, we'll find out if he fakemakes it to the finals, andn baseball, petite coming within one streak of almost a perfect game when chavez boot the 3-2 pitch to right field. couldn't quite get to. petite came up in history to come within one out of a perfect game. and in soccer the mexican national team has hired their
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manager earlier saturday morning about three hours after what was considered to be an embarrassing home loss to honduras. it was mexico's first qualifying loss at home in 12 years. we'll have more sports headlines coming up in 20 minutes.
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you. >> welcome back. we do have a winner of the international olympic committee has named tokyo as the host of the 2020 summer game. crowds immediately erupted in cheers. 2020 will be tokyo's second olympics. they also hosted 1964. australia has a new prime minister. tony abbott won over kevin rudd. secretary of state john kerry is pushing for national action against syria. he stressed a reluctance to take military action in syria is a threat to the american people. signs of progress in the push for peace talks with the
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taliban. pakistan has released seven taliban prisoners. we have more on what this means for pakistan's neighbor, afghanistan, and those hoping to bring the two sides to the negotiating table. >> it's the latest step in a fragile afghan peace process. among the taliban prisoners released is a man believed to be an important commander. the search men were allowed to walk free in pakistan rather than be handed over to the afghan authorities as requested. a former foreign minister said the process on the releases themselves need to be made more transparent. >> in the past few years the so-called peace process has not been fully consulted with the afghan authorities. the afghan parliament doesn't
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know much about a peace process. the legitimate political opposition o of afghanistan does not know much about the peace process. >> it is not commenting on that they're not directly involved in the peace process, but they highlight on the talks between the governments who have had poor relations the last few years. a member of the high peace council and is more optimistic about the future talks with afghanistan's neighbor. >> he is an industrialist, an entrepreneur, and he has put a lot of pressure and attention on the economic betterment of pakistan. that means economic betterment
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of pakistan is related to the peace and stability of pakistan. >> the release of taliban fighters from pakistani jails is nothing new, but what the announcements could indicate is a crucial sowing of relations between pakista pakistanis and . most acknowledge until afghanistan gets fully on board with the peace process it's unlikely to work. >> back it ouback to our top st. for syrian americans and others with family ties to the region it's an issue that hits close to home. we're in anaheim, near los angeles, where they talk to americans born in syria. this is a fascinating angle on the story. what are you hearin hearing fro.
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>> good afternoon to you, richelle. there are 100,000 syrian it's currently living in the united states. we're here at the institute for islamic community center. they have a mosque here and a center for islamic studies. this is where many in the community come to gather. we did have a chance to speak to some syrians about the conflict in syria and the potential for u.s. intervention. surprisingly many of the people we talk to said they are in favor of the u.s. taking action. they say the assad family has been in power for many, many years, and assad is a dictator who must go. >> if we do not take action, sooner or later he'll use it on mass destruction. probably he used it in a few minor incidents, it wasn't as bad as if he used it like wide--all over the country because he's ready to use it if we give him that glans what
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>> what they're saying it's a limited action. they're not willing to put the regime down. who is going to pay the price? the innocent syrian people? that's why i'm confused. i can't say oh, yes, go for it, no. i'm not going to say that. at the same time he has to be punished. he has to be put down. >> yes, i do agree, the united states should go for it, and punish this guy for what he did. he killed these people with chemical weapons, he used. he deserve what he should get, i think. >> there are several protests going on around the country all weekend long for syria. today at 3:00 there will be a rally in los angeles at the federal building, and keep in mind, though, we are told that many of those folks are pro assad. so what is interesting what we're learning, richelle, there
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are mixed opinions here within the syrian community. while we talk to folks who are against assad, they want the u.s. to take action, there are many on the other side who are pro assad. >> let's throw in another point of view. are you talking to any syrian americans who say they're planning to join protests over the u.s. getting involved? >> well, the folks that i talk to here as i said, they're in favor of the u.s. taking action. so i don't believe we'll see anybody here going to these protests, however, we're expec expecting to see a lot of pro assad folks. as we saw earlier this week, hundreds of people turned out in downtown los angeles to protest the u.s. not taking action in syria, and they are for the regime. >> kenneth bae is still in north
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korea custody. looking for help from an unlikely source: dennis rodman. dennis ro rodman left without kenneth ba. >> an american sports star going where few americans have gone before. when dennis rodman traveled to north korea for the second time in under a year, many hoped he would leverage his connection with kim jong-un to release kenneth bae. but after the trip rodman cursed out reporters who asked bae, and put it in washington's court. >> ask obama about that. >> you said you were going to talk about it. >> ask hillary clinton. >> so far u.s. diplomacy has made little head way.
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a special envoy was to go to north korea last week to release denth bae. the 45-year-old was leading a tour group through north korea when he was arrested in november. the country's top court convicted bae of hostile acts and sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. since then he has written relatives to say that his health is getting worse. >> i'm experiencing numbness in my hands. the doctors say its stress related. and my legs and back, pain is not very good. >> but as the wait continues, bae's family has not given up hope that his days in detention will. numbered. >> days after ariel castro was found hanged in his prison cell,
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new information is coming out that could have led to his arrest much sooner. >> reporter: the fbi integrated castro just hours after his arrest in may. in these interrogation videos for four hours castro told investigators how he kidnapped and abused three girls, and close calls that could have led to his arrest. castro said that security came cameras at a school could have shown him 15 minutes before he adducted her. >> you could have broken the case right then and there because of a surveillance came camera. >> and he used berry's cell phone to call her mother.
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>> berry's mother, luana miller died in 2006. cleveland police did not comment on whether that call was investigated. this is what the fbi's vickie anderson said in may. >> we canvassed the neighborhood. nothing left to ariel castro. >> he kept michelle knight upstairs in his moment. and his girlfriend held the tv in the room where knight was held.
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>> ariel castro pleaded guilty to more than 930 charge including aggravated murder, rape, and kidnapping. on august 1st he was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus 1,000 years. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> castro committed suicide in his cell tuesday just over one month into his life sentence. al jazeera. >> getting a letter delivered by the postman may soon be a thing of the past. the u.s. postal service lost $740 million in the third quarter. companies like fedex could step in. here is the report. >> neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night will stop them
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from their rounds. it's the creed of the postal service. but they may have had their day. >> the problem with the monopoly like the postal service, it's not that they are bad people, but they don't have incentives to go out and look for new ways to handle problems. in. on the face of it, the numbers appear alarming, the u.s. postal service erred a $740 million loss for the third quarter in this fiscal year. that's despite an increase in operating revenue. that's because it has to set aside enough cash for 75 years of future medical costs of retirees. if it didn't have to do that, it would have recorded a $700 million profit for this quarter. congress said the postal service would have to set aside future
4:44 pm
retiree medical care. >> the postal service is note broknotbroke, but congress is so be doing it's best to break it. >> some believe it's the internet breaking the postal service, but there has been increasing revenue, and there are those who argue that it could make even more money if allowed to compete on an even playing field. but right wing rural republicans and democrats fear privatization will leave less affluent areas of the country isolated. politician also soon have to decide if they see the post office as part of the u.s. infrastructure binding the country together or a needless
4:45 pm
government intrusion into the marketplace. al jazeera, washington. >> a burglary at buckingham palace is raising security concerns. two men were arrested one accused of scaling a fence and getting into the palace. the other man was arrested outside. police say no royal family members were there. in 1928 a man was arrested after breaking into the queen's bedroom while she was sleeping. coming up, the red carpet is out. we'll show you this year's winner at the venice film festival. first, one of the smallest guys ever to play in the nfl but he's got big game.
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(vo) every sunday night gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. >> this is just the beginning of something much bigger. >> i am now in this place where you should never come. (vo) tomorrow night, the premiere of skydancer. >> there's this myth out there that mohawks don't get scared. (vo) how do mohawk iron workers balance work in the sky with life on the reservation? >> it's two different lives he's leading.
4:48 pm
>> welcome back. michael eaves is here with a look at sports. we know one-half of the men's final of the men's open. >> we do, finally. let's find out how that first half was made to today. tennis world number one djokovic in the semifinals, but his issue is not just going to the finals but winning it all. only one has he brought home the u.s. open. djokovic was given fits in the first set, and then he would bounce back to win the next set and then they would go to a fifth and deciding set where djokovic prevailed and taking that final set in convincing fashion. now he moves on to to monday's
4:49 pm
championship. now to football and with so many recruits staying in state to play collegiately it sets up rivals especially between miami and 12th ranked florida. the dominance continued today thanks to two touchdowns by stephen morris, the you hurricanes defensed turnovers and giving miami the win, and there is a chance they'll crack the next week's poll, and it will be their first appearance in the top 25 since 2010. the remaining 30 teams take the field for their regular season game of the year. al jazeera's jessica taft tells us the key for jaguars.
4:50 pm
>> most dread training camp, now maurie jones drew. his season was cut short from a foot injury where he was sidelined for the rest of the season. >> i just want to go out there with my teammates. >> what does the road of recovery look like to you? >> it's long. it's very long. you have to be patient. mentally every time you're off for a while. i didn't play football for ten months, you have--i don't want to call it doubt, but you have a little concern can i get back to it. but you know, it's like riding a bike. you get back out and your body naturally starts making these moves. yeah, you get a little sore and things here and there, but getting back out there and stick with it. >> this may be the end of the line for maurice jones-drew.
4:51 pm
however, he has made a living out of proving his critics wrong. he wears number 32 as a motivational tool signifying all 32 teams that passed on the pro poler on the fateful night in 6:00. >> you have tin 2006. >> you have to find ways to motivate yourself. i just look down that number a ands the thought in the back of my mind, we still have something to prove. to keep striving and to be the best. >> leave it to the 2011 rushing champion to groom his own offensive line. >> i have a love jones for big men who can block. it's something exciting to see a young guy who comes in, and you plug him in and everyone gets better. that's what we were able to do with luke. he came in and to start off as a rookie, the skies the limit for
4:52 pm
him. >> jones drew also has a love for fantasy football. it's a huge topic on his sirius radio show. >> for the first time i can own somebody. i known aaron rogers this year. aaron, if you're watching, i need you to run and throw. i know da juan harris is there, but we need to win. >> have you ever drafted yourself? >> every year, it doesn't matter. >> this time around they're hoping for a healthy dose of maurice jones drew. >> costa rica protested against having to play against the u.s. in a colorado blizzard, in which they lost. now they through egg at the bus
4:53 pm
when they arrived. and the team jumped on the americans taking a 2-0 lead. the americans tried to rally, but that's as close as team usa would get. they would lose the match 3-1, however their world cup hopes are still much alive. the win over mexico tuesday would be a huge boost. >> you never want to lose, but for those of us who have been through this many times, you can take a quote from four years ago or eight years ago or 12 years ago, there are a lot of ups and downs, nothing is ever easy in this qualifying process, and the reality is that this game is over and we have to move on to tuesday now. >> of course the world cup will be played in brazil next summe summer 2014. two years after that brazil gets the summer olympics, and the olympics are a huge story around the world with tokyo getting the 2020 games. >> over 50 world premiere films
4:54 pm
have been on preview in venice. 20 of the films were in the main competition only one walked away with the coveted top prize italian director gianfranco rosi walked away with it. >> the italian critics said all along they believe a an italian movie would take th the lion, ad that's what it did. "sacro gra," the idea from the director was to build up an image of a micro climate, of a micro community of people who never get their voices heard. bernardo bette bertilucci said l along that he wanted a movie that would really wow him.
4:55 pm
and "philomena" tells the story of an irish woman who was forced to give up a child when she became pregnant as a teenager. and as for this film festival, this was the 70s film festival, and it is now wrapping up. of the critics and journalists are leaving trying to get on the first plane they can to toronto where the film festival there is getting under way. the venice film festival, the oldest film festival in the world, it was a very happy birthday here. >> stay with us. weather is next. that's all i have an real money.
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victoria azarenko [[voiceover]] no doubt about it,
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>> meteorologist: after dry weather and a little bit of a cooldown we've got a round of showers.
4:58 pm
now michigan knows, up state new york knows, and you can see on the radar and the satellite these showers are gradually working their way towards boston later this evening. we're also going to see a chance of these showers reaching into new york. now we did have a pretty nice day so these showers they came fast and suddenly with a weak little front that is dropping through that will keep us on the cooler side for the next day. where do the showers come from? we have to go all the way to the south near mexico to see where that moisture feed is. i wanted to show you an area of convergence. you look at the radar, the areas of green where the showers are, note that initially they were coming out of the east tracking off of the west towards texas. suddenly they start to change direction and go the other way. in part because there is a front dropping down in the area and changing the shower activity, pushing it away. you can see that convergence has brought a tenth of an inch to
4:59 pm
houston and corpus christi. the moisture is getting cut up near the baja peninsula, and that is feeding the showers and thunderstorms into the southwest. from areas of nevada, wyoming, and montana, we've been moniring the showers in montana into the dakotas because there is a potential for thunderstorms there. but so far it's just been rain and flooding concerns. if you look closely what we have going on is this next front going through and this cooler air moving its way inland. as it does that we'll experience the temperatures staying a little cool. right now 68 degrees in seattle. and some cooler temperatures also up to the northeast of 79. we're going to get into the forecast temperatures for overnight tonight, and then the high temperatures tomorrow still hot in the midwest. that's coming up in the next hour.
5:00 pm
>> i'm richelle carey. here are the latest headlines from al jazeera. japan has been selected to be the host city of the 2020 olympics. see for yourself, the crowds in japan immediately erupted into cheers as the news was read out. they beat out finalists istanbul and madrid. this despite the radiation leaking from the fukushima pla plant. secretary of state john kerry spoke


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