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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera. i am john siegenthale in new york. >> this is not a game. secretary john kerry calls for real action on the plan for syria to hand over chemical weapons. >> my staff, i feel like i want to throw up. >> the governor of neshingsz sickened by another shore tragedy that will destroyed businesses. many were struggling to rebuild after hurricane sandy. thousands from their homes, from drenching rain. communities go to dry land.
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break brag news. an attack on an american consulate building in afghanistan. the attack is said to be taking place in harat province, a car bomb exploded and was followed by gunfire. nine people are injured including two civilians and four policemen. herat is in western afghanistan about 80 miles from the border of iran. al jazeera's jane ferguson is following the story from kabul. >> we don't know if that stanley cup is over. explosions followed by gunfire seem to be like the complex attacks we see in kabul where there are several tactics in
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terms of a specific building or installation. the gunfire could come from government sources such as the police, themselves or attackers to my knowledge people have been injured. there is no death toll as of yet. nine injuries is what we are being told including two members of the police force and four women. beyond that, we are not told whether or not any of those nine injured are american citizens from the u.s. consulant building, itself or occurred aftergans from the area. we are not being told that just yet. keep be in touch with hospital sources
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syria's u.n. ambassador . >> reporter: they met briefly in this first tphaoeg meeting geve. they will try to reach a deal to get rid of chemical weapons. as the russians and the americans can agree on two fundamental points. who's responsible for the kaepl chemical weapons attack. the russian foreign minister,
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secretary of state john kerry laid oh out america's goal. >> it has to be real. it has to be comprehensive. it has to be verifyable. it has to be credible. it has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. and finally, there ought to be coconsequences if it doesn't tae place. >> reporter: back in the white house, a meeting with his cabinet. president obama is optimistic. >> i am hopeful that the discussions that secretary kerrvkerryhad with the foreign s well as some of the other players in this can yield a concrete result. >> reporter: but from russia a sign that it may not be easy. president vladimir putin says the assad regime wasn't responsible. he writes:
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>> american officials were kw*eut quick to respond and trying to shift the talks on to russia. >> russia is asaud's protector. and the world will note whether russia can feel through on the commitments that it's made. >> in congress, waiting game. tphop vote and little debate on syria as the geneva talks go on. like john boehner are skeptical about the success. >> many are skeptical on president assaud in offering this path. back to you. >> mike, from washington. and joining us to talk about the latest diplomatic efforts
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between syria, russia and the united states is joshua walker. a fellow at the german marshal fund of the united states. joshua, welcome. >> thank you for having me, john. >> let me start, if i can, before we get to syria, you may have heard the breaking news that there was an attack on an american consulate building in afghanistan. what's your reaction to this. obviously there's concern about security at embassies around the world, right? >> i think particular i will giveen that we are one day after the one-year anniversary of killing of ambassador chris stevens and three others of our diplomates. we are all very sensitive. anybody has served with these amazing heros around the world. it's something we all live in fear of. this is not the first attack. it happened in afghanistan and probably won't be the last. particularly when you have a
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situation like this your hearts go out tot the security officers on the outside. at least from what i'm hearing it seems to be hazy but it seems like the attack was on the outside. there's obviously people injured. there's an entire procedure that kicks in to place with the state department that has been much better since the benghazi attacks. so i'm hoping that those measureless have protected the lives of our diplomates on the inside tonight. the attacks keep coming and clearly they're being targeted just in case it is actually that sort of attack. >> i think particularly with the verify that this is the taliban that are continuing to perpetuate these attacks in united states and other nato assets before our withdraw. this is particularly troubling and makes it more difficult to see a solution in afghanistan moving forward. >> let me turn to syria for just a second and really focus in on these talks.
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how long will it take? >> that's an open-ended question in many ways. to figure out what we expect to come out of it. the best case scenario is some type of deal is struck. that the russians are able toll convince the syrians and the syrians are sincere and there's some way in the middle of a civil war that's been going on for two years that chemical weapons will be able to be secured and that they will be able toll verifyed and th assad regime will make -- they will say the you give us 30 days and see what happens by that point. by that time the game has changed since august 21st. it's been three weeks and have not seen any consequences for what the administration told us is clear and evidence of a regime use of chemical weapons. i'm not very optimistic but i
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think we have to giv give diploy a chance in this case. the question, how does assad as russian backers want to play this out. >> it's not just about the diplomacy earth. when weither. when we talk about thousand to find the weapons and to find out to move them and take them someplace else an destroy them. that could be years in the making, right? >> absolutely. even in the best case scenario where you have a strong regime that controls all of the country and controls the sight. it doesn't have rebels to figure out and attacking these source. transporting these weapons are particularly difficult. we don't have much -- there's no such thing as a standard or a normal in this case. i think it's really difficult and we're making things up as we go along in this point in time
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trying to figure out what verifyed and what complete removal of chemical weapons looks like. this is a real international challenge. >> and doing it all in the middle of a civil war and trying to protect these people that are destroying the weapons at the same time. >> absolutely. and the bigger issue also is that we know the assad regime has used chemical weapons. there has to be a cost to that. there's a credible issue here in the united states. we said if he uses chemical weapons there's a price you will pay. is that price that you lose chemical weapons and if that's the case, how do you do that and those that were killed in this horrible attack, how you make sure that doesn't happen again? >> joshua walker for us in washington, d.c. tonight. it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. thank you for having me. >> even though the u.s. is trying to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis over chemical weapons in syria, the u.s. military is spending millions maintaining its
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military might in that region. the pentagon spends $27 million-dollars a week to maintain the increased u.s. navy presence in the mediterranean sea and in the middle east. navy has three destroyers, two aircraft strike groups and an amphibious warship in the region. dozens of jersey shore businesses along the famous seashore board walk are gone night destroyed bay wind-driven fire. it started at a frozen custard stand. >> reporter: fire at the jersey shore. fun town at seaside park burns. board walk businesses wrecked by flames and smoke. a fire starting in a ice cream shop, high winds fanning the flames. locals struggled to get things out of harm's way. and new jersey governor chris christie straight to the scene in short sleeves that was
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shaken. >> i feel like i want to throw up and that's me. after all the effort and time and resources that we've put in to help the folks at seaside park and sea side heights rebuild. to see this go on is unthinkable. i know how i'm feeling. i can only the imagine how the residents and business owners in this area are feeling. my heart goes out to them. that's why i'm here to make sure that every resource is brought to contain this problem. this is us. as soon as this is over we'll pick up otherss up, dust ourselves off and get back to work. >> reporter: the fire comes day after the end of the summer tourist season and ten months after hurricane "sandy" slammed in to jersey shore causing billions of damage. this season was peppered with so many homes and businesses yet to be rebuilt. tourists came in smaller numbers this year and spending was down sharply. now this, another blow to the shaoers economy.
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>> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: as the fire burns in to the night. firefighters have fire wall to hold back the flames. an investigation in to the cause of this latest blow to strugglinging jersey shore will begin in the morning once the flames are out. >> and john joins us now in the studio. how tk-pl andin damaging is thie board walk? >> you know in jersey, everybody epl teus out in the summer time and the towns are empty. if you had a poor season which they have and they got the crowds on the beach this year in the report there but they just didn't spend as much money. so if you have gone through all of that and put billions in to the shore to bring business back up and some miss memorial day, july fourth and labor day was wash out. then, if you are now -- it will peat arounwillbeat around count.
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there's major problem on the jersey shore. hay have extended their season this year to try and bring in some more money. last weekend was irish day. they had fishing day. this is clown day which it was very much. and now, it was -- it must be -- >> well the governor said was telling people to stay away tonight and needed to get fire trucks in. he has been hit hard by a couple of major, major problems in that. you all remember how he spoke with president obama just before the election, just after hurricane "sandy" he was in trendton this afternoon, the capitol of new jersey. as as soon he heard, he left in the car and went straight down in sea side park. he looked really annoyed and really upset. i think he has pretty good reason to. he also said something else which we didn't put in the film. he made the point because of hurricane "sandy" the infrastructure is still damaged
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so that the firefighters had trouble pumping water from their hoses. that, alone, is one reason why you can see how much damage there was caused by hurricane "sandy" and how there's still effects now even ten months ago. >> it's tragics to see the pictures. >> people really love the jersey shore. >> thanks very much. >> now, to colorado where the president has declareed a federal state of emergency. historic the flash floods are being blamed for the deaths of three people and another reported missing. the rain is still falling there. rising waters have toppled buildings. stranded people in their cars. there's reports of mud and rock slide tp-ps hardest hit area has been in boulder county. as much as 6 inches of rainfalling in the last 12 hou hours. jim joins us live from boulder, colorado. what's the latest tonight?
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>> reporter: the john, as you see, si it is raining here heav. we have new numbers. the latest numbers now, two people dead here. one person still missing. nose numbers may change overnight. road behind me is closed just under the north side right now. this one like so many others are closed here. all the mountain canyons are closed. many going in to the mountains. they are closed because of damage to the roadways. we've had 12 dams that are over topped. by that, i mean the water crusted over the top of those tkapls it idams. tonight the rain just keeps oncoming. september can be one of colorado's sunnyest and driest months but a series of non-stop rainstorms is devastating boulder county. massive flash flooding caused homes to collapse, reached dozens dams and buckled roads along a colorado sun range.
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hardest hit are the foothills afternoon poulder. poulder. >> this is not your ordinary day. it is not an ordinary disaster. >> reporter: it's wettest day on record. over 7 inches of rain fell on a 24 hour to period. some got as much as 11-inchs in 48 hours. the u.s. geological survey is now calling a 100 year event. >> there's flesh hold to make sure that this is a real emergency an a real disaster. i think when you look at the information we have so far there's little doubt that this is going to be classifyed at this level. three people have to be hauled from the submerged cars when road collapsed east of boulder. >> we're always given when we get to the scene. nothing is everyone way or the other and it's disaster and we
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do everything we can to have a positive outcome. >> reporter: county officials told people to stay home and off the roads and keep way from swollen creeks and streams. >> we have a lot of debris build up throughout the creek of the canyon. what happens when the rain stops and the water starts to settle a little bit that debris can shift and there's big waves of water behind it that can come down the canyon. >> reporter: the speed of the water was evident that was running ten times its normal volume. those were told to keep clear. keep water away from homes, residents scurried to sandbag. we saw a lot of people out here and noticed that the streets were starting to flood. we figured we would come out here and help. >> reporter: at the university of colorado that's normally packed with students this time of year, hundreds are displaced. 25% of the building suffered damage. the schools will be closed again tomorrow.
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boulder county was not the only area hit. to oh the east portions of aurora, colorado wesh under water too. snowplows were brought in. >> it's too dangerous. the water is flown fairly fast and you can see it coming over on the grass there. and then it slows down and the water rolls away and you can't do anything. >> the rain and high water could last for days. the national weather forecast calls for rain throughout the weekend with flash flood warnings conning as flood waters continue to rise so do the worries of the residents near the shadow of the rocky mountains. >> a couple other towns hit by the flood waters tonight. than virtually cut in half by the flood waters. and the estes park located by rocky mountain national park. the very latest, two people dead, one person missing and again those numbers could change overnight. john? >> jim, clearly emergency crews
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have their hands full night. what are they most concerned about? >> reporter: they're concerned about all this will rain coming down. we thought it was going to wrap up tonight and lessen during the daytime and wrap up by the evening hours but i don't know if you can tell or not it continues to come down again having rained here for three days straight. we have a lot of areas that are just up to the north here. very steep slopes and the water can easily come down creating more flash flooding concerns. >> jim, thank you very much for your report out in colorado tonight. now we're going to turn to rebecker stevenson. she's got the latest on when the rain is going to stop out in colorado. >> this situation is difficult to forecast. computer model haves a hard time determining when that moisture tap will shut after. we will see the moisture come up from the tropics crossing mexico up in to arizona and in to in nevada and it shifted in to
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colorado here in the last up of days. that's where we had our major problem and flooding was primary concern for colorado where as it was other things that were occurring in other states. for instance we did have a potential funnel cloud reported in nevada earlier today. but the flooding is the sheer amount of water coming down. the national weather service showed us a doppler estimated rainfall total. would near the center and the dark purple indicating that's about 8 to 10 inches of rain in a specific area. we know that was tkebgted i dete low lying areas. what about the mountains. there's so much moisture coming down in the mountains and exceptional amount that's bringing that flooding down in the streams an creeks. as we look at the forecast here for the northeast earlier today we had some very heavy storms, some flash flooding, primary problem here was also a lot of rainfall coming down but we really had far more wind damage
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occur and that's mainly hit new hanewhampshire. they came in with three to five inches and a lot of damage from these wind gusts with free limbs down. we'll be tracking the forecast ahead for these two areas. phoufp more rain will fall coming up. >> all right. thank you. our coverage on syria will continue a little later in the program as well. coming up a first-hand look at syrian rebel fighters. >> also an eye-popping report is raising new questions about air safety tonight. and from the web to wall street, tweut setwitter is making headl. details when we return.
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welcome back.
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the federal aviation administration said there's been a tkratic increas drastic incre. that's more than double the previous record from 2011. there were nearly 190 o 1900 cle calls that can year. they cannot determine if there's more safety incidents. they are now focusing improving air traffic control tactic us and communications with pilots. >> tweut se twitter is going pu. they submitted a filings with the security and exchange commission. companies with file with an ipo without making this financial details public. twitter is expected to be one of the biggest ipos since facebook went public in may of last year. there's some analyst say the
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company could be worth as much as $11 billion-dollars but one investor tells "real money" ali velshi, buyer be wear. >> people don't learn. they over value it and get what they can off the table. but, put, they have a tremendous market reach and they will be valuable. it aos' question of how valuable. >> well california's legislature is voting to raise the state's minimum wage to $10 an hour making it the highest in the country. the state's senate says it's up to the senator and government tie prove as well. it will be the first in california since january 2008. right now washington state has the highest minimum age $9.19 an hour. >> and we are here with sports. a little football drama tonight. >> yes, the new york jets --
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mark sanchez making headlines and he's not playing between the show down. you see before the game, sanchez told the nfl network that there's no doubt that he won the come. petition over rookie quarterback geno smith. sanchez also said that he plans to get back on the field for the jets this season. tiger woods off to a fast shot in chicago. the bmw is the third of four e events and the winner will pocket $10 million-dollars. move over george and weezy because team usa is moving up to the road soccer rankings. the american jumped up 6 spots after beating mexico which is their highest ranking since 2010. mexico dropped to 21 while spain is number one. >> thanks very much. we'll see you later. >> coming up on al jazeera, a
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firsthand look at syrian rebel fighters. the spotlight may. on syria but there's renewed concerns surrounding north carolina surrounding north korea. are wondering if the country is ramping up its nuclear problem. shared doctors appointments. while some don't like the idea. some people think it's a great idea.
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welcome back to al jazeera. president obama has declareed a state of emergency in colorado following deadly flash floods. waters have toppled buildings and stranded people in their cars. there are also reports of mud and rock slides. at least three people are dead and another is reported missing. the hardest hit areas their boulder county and towns along the so-called front range. at least nine people have been injured in an attack in an american c oh onsulate building. the injured include two civilians and four policemen.
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nato says the building has now been secured. dimmatic talks over syria's chemical weapons supplys are entering a second day in geneva. john kerry is meeting with russian's foreign minister. kerry's says syria's promise to get rid of its weapons does not go far enough. r*r>> reporter: the talks. talkn with john kerry and the foreign minister of russia. they talk about disdogs that hasn't moved much since this crisis began and since this idea of dismantleing the chemical weapons stockpiles was floated. the u.s. says the threat of air strikes and some military strike against the assad regime is the thing that brought bashar al assad to the table and for moscow they're saying that threat basically is non-workable
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as well and that the u.s. should take assad at its word and that there shouldn't be this looming possible military strike. there's a lot more on the table, of course, not just some sort of u.n. resolution that both parties could agree to but also logistically how all this could be done in the midst of a vicious civil war. so, both delegations have arrived with an unusually large amount of people including experts who could comment on how this could be done scientifically, how this could be done logistically and militarily if you're going to be sending teams in to secure these sites and keep them safe from the war and parties. in addition to that and in conjunction with that. there has been some talk with a cease-fire or perhaps even a renewed calls far so-called
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geneva2 which would bring the syrians here to geneva as well as russia and the u.s. in an effort to find a more permanent piece. but, that's a long way off and these talks have just begun. there is an awful lot of ground to be covered some consensus can be made and meanwhile the fighting remains vicious in syria. >> and phil reporting for geneva night. some experts believe the military strike will be a major boost for rebels who spend nearly three years trying to over through the assad regime. those rebels belong to a variety of different groups, some with links to al qaeda. al jazeera has been talking to fighters from the "free syrian army. ". >> reporter: he's opinion resist the assad regime before the syrian revolution. tkpwap revol.
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he's a member of the largest group of moderate rebel fractions but doesn't shy away from leaking the unassessment. >> reporter: they are large near numbers be u the groups have been proven to be stronger than us. most have years of experience in jihad and weapons. there's a huge difference. >> reporter: he respects their discipline but not one to join them. he doesn't mess with them. >> reporter: there are strong ideological differences between the "free syrian army" and the groups that are linked to al qaeda. they say they seek to establish an islamic faith. at times the two sides have engaged in to fights including syria. the only city fully held by rebels. the al qaeda link groups are also wouldly sta --
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>> in an attempt to include the right side have prompted protest in at least three prove repbss. that does not mean that these groups are losing respect as sympathy among moderate rebels including a rare break from battle. >> i just came back from fighting alongside them. we they ask for us support and we ask for thems. >> reporter: in the fallal community decides in limited action in syria. they are concerned that any strikes might target islamic groups it' an idea strongly oppose bid many free syrian fighters we spoke to. and the commander escaped two assassination attacks says however the war plays out, the home growing surgeoncy will prevail not the ones that want to make an islamic state. we will not allow any other
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tintty to oppose to oppose justice. >> reporter: a lesson to the west these rebels say, stop worrying about hard line fighters, focus on the moderate opposition. al jazeera, on the turkey/syria border. >> we are following breaking news in an attack in an american consulate in afghanistan. five attackers have said to taken part. nine have been killed. the province is in western afghanistan about 80-miles from the border of iran and al jazeera jane ferguson is following the story from kabul. she's on the phone. what can you tell us? >> caller: well, all we know is this attack was what is commonly called a complex attack with several suicide bombers. there were five attackers who attacked the consulate.
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it is believed they were trying to enter the building and detonated themselves after gunfire went off it' believed that initially four of them detonated them rather quickly and there it was gun battle between the last one. as you said there he was killed. but it's also believed another private security guy helpin tk s killed as well. we're also hearing that there have been 17 people injured. we're not hearing any confirmation as to whether any american citizens have been injured in that attack. jane, just to give us some perspective here. if this attack happened early morning or late the night tonight, is that correct? >> early morning to several hours ago here.
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it is in the very far east of aflg oafghanistan on the iranian attack. it would have been early in the morning. even in the capitol when we do see a complex attack it happens just as the sun is rising. so it's fairly typical here. what we are also hearing is in the province this morning, also there have been a suicide blasting at which a targeted involve security forces. none believe to be western but afghanistan security forces. we are getting injuries at this point which is common after a blast has happened. 17 security force and onevilleian injured in that attack. were seeing as if there had been two take this is morning. two high profile suicide attacks across the country. jane, you are talking about
11:39 pm
security in these. can you give us an idea of what security is in place. well, there would be heavy security. it's believeed that the afghan and that the u.s. consulate is based in a hotel complex. it is rather unusual the to have a consulate so far away from the capitol. this is probably because it's very diplomatic in economic and strategic regions. it's on the iranian boarder. it's important to the americans. any american consulate in this country would be or any american diplomatic would be well protected. one would presume. those in the capitol here in kabul have been attacked several times over the years. put are very well bolstered here. in terms of security it's like hi to be extremely strong. but, any kind of suicide attack
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these days is increasingly would and increasingly strong. so, po* both sides of these atts are showing their strengths here. >> jane ferguson is in kabul reporting on an attack in afghanistan. >> satellite images may indicate an attempt to restart a tpaoubgr reactor in that country. steam can be seen riseing from the building next to a reactor that was shut down in 2007. u.s. officials say restarting the plant would violate u.n. resolutions. harry joins us from seoul, south korea. what's the latest reaction, harry? >> reporter: the most resent reaction we've been having have been as the days progressed from
11:41 pm
u.s. officials. official pentagon say it's very concerned keeping a close watch. the state department said this is a violation of u.n. resolutions and here in the region the special on srae envos been finishing up his tour of the region in japan where he said this would fly in the face of north korea commitments. this is what will guard very seriously. getting closer to confirming that this is actually going on and this reactor has restarted. the defense ministry said there's no smoke without fire and make that what you will. but at the same time south korea is engaged in trying to improve relations with north korea on a separate track away from these nuclear considerations. the two countries announced earlier this week that they will reopen a joint central complex. the state complex for monday part of the what the president calls a trust building process on the peninsula.
11:42 pm
so while concerns are obviously high about this nuclear development, it seems that these other efforts to try and to* maintain and improve relations between north and south continue. i believe the russian official call this plant a nightmareish conditions and could be catastrophic if the plant is restarted. so, in moving forward, what response do you think we can expect from some of the key players here? >> reporter: certainly, it is old technology but it is technology that can produce six grams of plutonium every year. it would take maybe three years to start discharging plutonium and another six months whether that can be separated out in to weapons great material it signals north korea's intent in a very concrete fashion that it does intend to continue with its
11:43 pm
nuclear weapons program. the south kaoria south korean ty will need to see some clear indication that it was on the table as far as the north koreans their concerned. they seem unlikely even to send anyone to this inforpa informal gathering next week. there's no indication that they want to put that on the table. they have been saying that nuclear weapons is not up fornyr negotiation. it's announced that it will pursue economic and nuclear development. this restart of the reactor if that's what si it is cements th. it makes talks on nuclear
11:44 pm
weapons further away. harry fawcett is live for us in south, south korea. it's getting harder to see a doctor these days. according to the association of american medical colleges, the u.s. will face a short and of more than 90,000 primary care physicians by 2020. some are adopting new methods to deal with that. al jazeera's mark schneider visited a hospital in dallas where some patients take part in shared medical appointments. >> reporter: one week old isaiah zamora is having his first week's check up. he and his mom are far alone. this is a group check up for newborns. welcome to the world of shared medical appointments or smas. >> translator: i feel well. i felt comfortable and i learn a lot pause there were other moms like me with more questions. >> reporter: these group sessions are a possible answer
11:45 pm
to the national doctor shortage. here they include one on one exams but the concerns and questions raised by the parents lead to group discusss. she was concerned she wasn't producing enough milk because her son seemed hungry all the time. the doctor explained what she's going through is normal and one bonus from the group appointment, all the other moms get the same reassurance. >> a lot of confusion has been solved and guidance given to them. >> reporter: when parkland hospital started this six years go, the doctor said not all the parents were on board with it. a lo lot were not used to the gp dynamic and that's not a problem anymore. >> when they look at each other, they say the other parents are going through u the same problem. this looks like a support group for them. >> reporter: group appointments are voluntary but easier to get at parkland than traditional one on one visits.
11:46 pm
medical insurance and medicaid covers them and the doctor says instead of seeing four patients an hour she can see up to 15 in a group setting. changes like this may hope t*bs texas cope with one of the doctors short annals in the country. the state ranks 45 45th in the nation. for these nine moms and few dads, the shared medical appointments make sense providing them with group support in quality medical care. mark schneider, al jazeera, dallas. >> the u.s. house of representative sendives have voted to roll back the affordable care act known as obama care it's a first time the republican-led house has tried to report sh report revisions oe
11:47 pm
measure. there's little chance of passing the democratly-led senate. we will explain coming up in sport.
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good stuff. the broncos and giants are sky rocketing. mid field tickets with a $140
11:50 pm
face value selling for $6,000 a pop. our michael has more on this siblingsiblinging rivalry. >> reporter: just 32 of them are starting earthquakes. quarterbaf them are named manning. peyton and eli. >> it's rare. our parents don't know how it happened. it worked out that way and i do feel blessed i get to play this sport and i know peyton feels the same way. >> reporter: sunday will mark the third time that the manning brothers will face off in an nfl game. the two previous meetings saw peyton come out when he was with the colts. after threeing 7 touchdowns after the ravens in week one the now 37-year-old quarterback of the broncos seem poised to make it 3-0 in the manning bowl. >> this will be the third time and can be the last time. i think you do take a moment
11:51 pm
there and then you capture it and hold on to it. i have a moment from the 2006 game and 2010 game and that's one moment and the rest of the time you go out trying to do your job as a quarterback to help your team win. >> it's good to see your big brother on the sideline. those moments are the things you remember and we'll remember far long time. hopefully when i think back on these games that we played against opposeing teams and to my brother that i can remember at least one win. >> reporter: thanks to a five year age difference, eli has played in the shadow of his brother virtually his entire life and even though he leaves the family in super victories 2-1 over peyton. eli's sub sesz will always be measured against that of his brother. >> i don't think he cares about what he gets in relation with his brother. i think he's focused on here and his own craft and worried about what we have on this team. i don't think he's worried about him and his proer.
11:52 pm
brother. i think he understands what that is. he's happy to come here and be his own person. eli is a very consistent player throughout his spire career. think he has been pert every single year. be better each year than you were the year before. he's had the same head coach and same offensive coordinator and has different players and receivers running back. they can play and adjust and play with different guys and still have success. that's a sign of a good player. >> reporter: the younger brother of the manning quarterback duo, eli has heard countless comparisons to his older brother over the weekend. if peyton manning and the propb broncos can beat the giants his team will be 2-0 while eli will be 0-2. packers linebacker responded to questions about his manhood
11:53 pm
today. after being ripped by 49ers head coach earlier in the week. now this depate started over a cheap shot by mathews and in to a fight. >> he went to the face and come with a with some knuckles. not an open slap. i think that young man works very hard on being a tough guy and he'll have some repairing to do to his image after the slap. >> i'm not worried about it. >> reporter: you saw those comments. >> yes. i'm moving on to the next game. >> reporter: you don't consider yourself a dirty player do you? >> next game. i'm an awesome player. i'm not a dirty player. >> now tiger woods not so awesome today saying i wasteed a lot of shots. the big cat is a fussy cat
11:54 pm
because there's $10 million-dollars on the line. he had a great opening round in chicago. just three shots back from your leader. tiger getting his grove on early on and within the give range the big cat droped in 7 birdies but also had two double bogies. it's third of four events tan winner of the fed-ex cup will pocket $10 million-dollars. as you can imagine, tiger accepted perfection. >> well, i sort of wasteed a lot of shots out there. i missed three short ones and played the par five. one of those days. i'm not real happy. i played well. i just didn't get muff at that round. i had a couple short ones in there and play the par-5 even par is not very good. >> thursday night foot small over. we can talk about but mark sanchez is making headlines. he's not playing. sanchez told the nfl network
11:55 pm
that there's no doubt that he won the competition over rookie quarterback tkp* eno smith. if he plays well, sanchez will never see the field. tom brady making his point against the jets on their opening drive. brady going hawaii 5-0. it's his 50th consecutive game with touch down pass. second only to drew breeze. it's up 7/10 and for the new kid on the block. rookie geno smith gets roughed up by chandler and it's through for one of his two sacks on the night and busting a move as well. late in the game, jets down 13/10. geno tries to have the come back. the rookie wants that one back because a alfonzo takes it off. as the patriots will go on to win it 13-s 13-10 to improve.
11:56 pm
>> all right, ross. thank you. >> imagine booking a flight for less than the cost of two gallons of gas. well if a few lucky customers scored tickets for as little as $5 to the united airlines on thursday. the airline quickly caught the mistake. they had to shut down their bookings online and by phone. they have not said whether they will honor the rock bottom tickets that were sold. first your weather forecast with rebecca stevensson.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
the intense heavy rain has moved through the northeast. we still have some rain showers out ther but no rain efforts wee ignoreed in the northeast. you had to go pac back to 1960 o have records that were up to five inches. we did gate lot of rain and ao a lot of wind gust damage. flash flooding up and down the east coast tonight.
11:59 pm
new jersey got saturated. we are only expecting to see these rain showers and up to the northern portion of rain. we still get a few hit or miss showers. temperatures are cooling and dropping down to the low 70s for highs an we are also going to be cooler where we have all the flooding around denver and up to boulder tomorrow. and talking about that ticket area to the southwest. we are watching an area of low pressure slowly shift eastward and as it does that it's going to slowly cutoff the tropical moisture feed. now, you can see it coming up from the south and water vapor with the bright greens indicating where all the moisture is. it will start to cutoff with the general wind flow shifting. we will sta -rt to see the showers and thunderstorms through the day become lighter and heavier showers will have a peter probability father to the east. farther to the east. we will continue to watch the
12:00 am
flood watches across colorado.


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