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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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they issued a statement and --
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they kept our personnel safe. no areas in afghanistan are completely secure from taliban attacks and the group controls large areas of the country, the u.s. military will pull most of the troops by the end of next year and unlikely they will leave behind a defeated taliban, jane kabul afghanistan. >> deposed morsi for 30 days and has charges including murder and i'm joined on the phone by our correspondent in cairo and cannot be named for security reasons, does it look like we are likely to see a trial for the former president any time soon. >> no, we have no dates for a trial yet.
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♪ welcome back, our top stories the u.s. second starry secretary of state have met in the meeting in geneva and trying to reach a deal over chemical weapons and they will join a u.n. treaty banning their use. four men convicted of gang rape and killing a woman in india are sentenced to death and it happened on a bus moving at the time in new deli if december the men will appeal. the taliban has responsibility on an attack in afghanistan on u.s. consulate and 8 died including five attackers.
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20 years ago a historic agreement was reached between the israelis and palestinians that meant to harold a just lasting and comprehensive peace settlement and called the oslo-accord and it was this 1993 and arafat and seen as a diplomatic master and a permanent deal for two states and to people. the so called two-state solution. 20 years on that goal is still far from sight. in that time the number of israelis settlers in lands in the 1967 war is more than doubled and it's very much a sticking point in the talks. israeli people have soured relations in the gaza war in 2008 and those who control the
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strip does not participate in negotiations and we can speak to ali in jeresulum and welcome to al jazeera and i will ask you first what has the oslo accord achieved? >> i think they achieved the fact whenever you sit and talk you come back to the same perimeters, the problem is that we don't often talk and the last four years or five years we hardly met each other but now when the sides are talking it's the same principles and that is the main achievement. >> so nothing in effect apart from the fact they are vaguely talking and john kerry wanted to push talks forward but whatever
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happens at the talks won't go anywhere unless somebody has a big stick beating both sides. >> i think when you look at the public attention in israel at the moment, it's 90% syria, 10% egypt, 0 on the palestinians. this is not an atmosphere of peace. you need this big stick and you need somebody to push the positions of both sides especially of the israeli side, very hard, the united states is busy, the u.s. is busy, the rest of the world, europe is having its troubles and the rest of the world is not interested. if you leave it to the sides it will never, ever happen. especially with politicians that we have at the moment.
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and we speak to issues with borders it's much more difficult to find a line, an agreed line at this stage. if in the year 2000 prime minister barrack demanded 3% of the territory of the west bank and in 2008 prime minister demanded 6% i guess the demand, the israeli demand now will be for about 10-12% and 12% inside israel would be very difficult.
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so the situation at the moment is more difficult than 20 years ago. >> reporter: how much is at stake for president obama's legacy? this is his second term, his last term. he is now said to john kerry go and start a process, but it's unlikely to make any progress even for a noble peace prize winning president like obama. >> i think the israeli palestinian conflict was much more from negligent on the middle eastern scene than 3, 4 years ago because the arab spring has created such a situation, for instance syria is so dominant and we leave a much stronger mark on the record of president obama than what we left with the palestinians.
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>> and we are jeresulum. they warned rebels he will use force if they don't end the standoff against the government. this is in the southern cities and it's on the 5th day and the government is ready to quote crush the rebels unless they surrender. 200 fighters in the national liberation front are holding 100 people hostage. thailand has become a refuge from fleeing from violence and 35,000 people across the border alone. most paid thousands of dollars to traffickers to be smuggled across the border and we went to one of the transit points in thailand and sent us this report. >> designated a national park to preserve its natural beauty the island off the western coast of
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thailand a few kilometers from a tourist attraction but there is a menacing side to the place, the national parks guard the area and pointed us to the very next cove to find what we were looking for. so close it's hard to believe they didn't know about it. a camp that we learned was a transit point for literally thousands offenders print rohinja from maymar was shut down for expose murder the media. >> translator: they took us to an island. we saw big trampolines among big trees and surrounded by the sea. we couldn't see any other land. many of us got severely ill. some were so bad they couldn't walk. all of us were very weak. >> reporter: mohamed spent a week on a ship and 19 days on
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the island before his family could have enough money to get him released for the next part of his journey. he describes a living nightmare. >> translator: they gave us mobile phones and made all of us talk to our relatives to ask for money. we were beaten, even while we were talking on the phone they would beat us to get the money from our relatives. if we didn't get the money they would beat us again and again and they tortured us continuously in many different ways. if we paid the money, they would stop beating us. but if we couldn't the severely tortured us and beat us so much. >> reporter: he says there were around 500 people at the camp and the violence was not limited to the men. . >> translator: we heard that women from the two shipments before i arrived were severely dishonored and women were kept in a separate big house, not in the tents but sometimes we could see them. >> reporter: his ordeal is
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over. but many more people are expected to take the same journey in the coming months. their futures are in the hands of profiteers who count it on dollars and cents and turn the people's hopes to ashes, veronica, al jazeera southern thailand. >> reporter: advisors to the damaged plant say it's not a concern and the officials at the regulatory commission by tepco after it admitted it needed help and radioactive water are leaking everyday and people are being killed at a russian psychiatric hospital and ten bodies discovered and it happened in the region in the town of luka psychiatric hospital this year and it's the second fire to psychiatric
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hospital this year. in germany voters go to polls in 9 day's time and they hope to have office by forming another conservative coalition and nick spicer reports. >> reporter: on this part of our tour of germany as it prepares to vote we are on a small fishing boat going up the river towards the city of hamburg, a stronghold of the social democratic party and looking at why some voters are beginning to feel a bit adrift. these days fishermen is like the social democratic party or spd. over the years the daily catch he gathers with his son is getting smaller and smaller. the same goes for spd and the haul of voters and they used to vote for the party, no longer. >> translator: they are no longer the party of the little man. all they are interested in is
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power. >> hamburg is a city of sailors, dock workers and that discussion of left wing politics going back to the 19th century and the creation of the modern welfare state so you think of the campaign promises of wage and taxing the rich could find a lot of support but there are problems. their leader has come under fire for making paid speeches for big business and making repeated gafs in the campaign and they lost the faith when the last chancellor introduced painful welfare and job market reforms in 2004 and they are bearing fruit now but the chancellor is getting political benefits. in this campaign she is borrowering a plan for minimum wage and other ideas for
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democratic to win over voters which are working class and they suggested the spd may have only itself to blame. >> translator: from my perspective there is a lot to criticize but the spd is still the lesser evil especially for workers but i just think the parties should defend worker's rights more, not just claim they do. >> reporter: paul suggests that voters trust mirkle like the spd to bring about social justice. to win voters back the social democrats need to cast the net wider by wooing big business and hard to do without being seen without losing your social democratic soul. on the next step through germany ahead of the vote we will be going to meklenberg tempted by extremes. >> reporter: the nasa rocket is around the internet and shows
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unsuspecting frog propelled into the air by the force of the engines. the space agency confirmed the photograph is genuine and taken at the launch in virginia last week. the frog probably didn't make it. there is the front page of our website with mr. kerry talking in geneva.


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