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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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the. >> welcome back to al jazeera i'm del walters coming to you live from new york city. it is now 1:00 eastern time. we have been following several developing news stories that have been developing throughout
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the day. the first is that mass shooting at washington, d.c. at the navy yard. these are the numbers we have received so far and we continue to point out this is a very fluid situation so these numbers may change throughout the day. they may get higher, they may get lower, if we are lucky. six people now confirmed dead, this according to official sources in washington. the number of wound he though, remained -- wounded though remains unclear. somewhere between 10 and 12 are the numbers that we are receiving. the washington hospital center med star has been told to expect numerous shooting victims to their fasts. that being the shooting on the ground in washington. we're also following news out of the white house. the president addressing the nation just moments ago on the economic collapse that occurred five years ago saying that things are better, saying at a some seven and a half million new jobs have been created since the economy went into a free
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fall on that day on this day five years ago. our david shuster has been monitoring this situation involving the white house and david his critics are going to say that this is nothing new, those that support the president will have said, well said, but it's a shot across the bow. >> he urged congress to pass a budget without drama. there are two huge fights with the republicans in congress. in just a couple of weeks the white house is going to reach some sort of budget agreement with the republicans and then a couple weeks later there's the whole issue of the debt ceiling. one of the most politically aggressive speeches the president will mame make in terms of taking on the republicans in congress, right wing in the republican party that is willing to tank the whole party, and accusing
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republicans of having something that is not an agenda of economic growth. very strong aggressive language from the president. what he's trying to do is trying to politically put the right wing of the republican party in a box. that's why for example he talked about them wanting to hold the affordable care act hostage. if we don't repeal affordable care act they're threatening to repeal the debt ceiling. he goes on to say these are extremists in the republican party, and there should be a seamless budget approved and no drama with respect to raising the are debt ceiling. the republicans are just the opposite, they say we have every right to talk about repealing the affordable care act, and make these budget cuts if the president doesn't like. if the president thinks there is leverage to be gained,to hold that to exact concessions by the president. this is the beginning of very aggressive effort by the the
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white house to paint republicans in the corner to reach the american people, to say this is what has worked with the economy and what we need to do according to this president is get things done without holding anything hostage the way the republicans according to the president are doing. >> david shuster, thank you very much. we have been watching the president's speech in studio, joined by two experts on the issue. professor max wolf and patrick brennan from the national review. mr. wolf, you were nodding as the president was speak was he right? >> i think so. the emerging issue is we've had five years without wage growth and 30 to 40 years of skid in the american middle class. what you're seeing is acceleration of very disturbing trends, that has moved opportunity and advancement following america's rules out of millions and millions of people, the middle class is an
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endangered species. >> this was the day five years ago that everybody turned on their television sets when they woke up and they realized their 401(k)s in some instances were gone completely. there were some people that watched as economic institutions in this country went away in a blink of an eye and they realized that in a matter of months their houses and their jobs would be gone. this was that day five years ago. as we look back, is it the fault of congress that things didn't get better or as good as they could have? >> i think there's plenty of blame to go around. certainly the white house made some mistakes, american industry made some mistakes, the congress made some mistakes, we are in massively better circumstances than we were five years ago. the credit is due to that, the pass by of 60 to 70 million americans. they know it's a recovery, they see it on tv, things aren't getting better that fast either. that's painful showing up in all
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different ways, socially and economically. that isn't optimal. >> mr. brennan, are things getting better or worse? i speak not in terms of democratic or republican role but washington collectively? >> i think their behavior has been pretty unhelpful, that's from republican and democratic perspective, democrats insisted on raising taxes and republicans insisted to raise spending. there's been fiscal drags, no doubt, from having raised taxes and from the sequester. what you heard today was the president flame that entirely on republicans and the spending cuts they put into effect which hasn't affected the labor market that much. you haven't heard him saying she's assistant on the affordable care act acknowledge or the tax cuts which he didn't
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fight to preserve, affects the bottom 60 to 70% that max was talking about or the $600 billion in taxes that were raised in the scam cliff. >> i'm fascinated. there's so much finger pointing across the aisles that we forget there were big businesses big banks that caused the difficulties, the dodd-frank bill that was supposed to take place. why hasn't washington pointed a finger to any of the major lending institutions and saying you did wrong, you cost these people their livelihoods? >> i think dodd-frank went a bit of a way to restraining what banks can do in the future. lot of concern they didn't go enough. but banks certainly didn't like it, the president did get that passed. >> they're not pointing a finger at those institutions, they are pointing a finger across the
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aisle. easy to do rather than pointing finger at the institutions. >> yes that's true. >> as i indicated a while ago, we are following multiple stories, the story that's unfolding in washington, d.c. that is still the scene there liven as there is a plethora of -- a small army of ambulances and police vehicles outside the washington navy yard in southwest washington, d.c. because 8:20 this morning, a gunman or gunmen walked into the complex and opened fire. our mike viqueira has been on the scene. mike bring us up to date. have we lost mike viqueira? we lost mike viqueira momentarily. but a short while ago wash mayor vincent gray came out and
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informed the public there were three shooters, one we believe to have been -- in fact two we believe to have been in some sort of military garb. they opened fire inside the washington navy yard. washington post confirms at least six people confirmed dead, the number of wounded said to be 10 and 12, although multiple sources are reporting that number may indeed grow. we are also receiving word rye anonymity from the washington from transported to that facility all with wounds to their lower extremities. also gw hospital which is located just west of the white house is reporting that they have one victim who was dead on arrival, they said they had one gunshot victim transported, they are expecting four to five more
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who are in critical condition. those being critical conditions both the washington hospital center and george washington hospital, considered to be class 1 trauma centers, they are geared too deal with those specific type of shooting victims. all right national security correspondent j.j. green is in washington. j.j. what is the latest information you are hearing concerning the shooter or shooters? >> there is still confusion if who the shoot err or shooters were, in this situation there is reporting of the possibility of up to three gunmen, two dressed in military style clothing, this comes from the d.c. police chief kathy lanier from earlier today. she talked about the possibility of the other shooter a white male and the second of the other possible other shooters is a black male. so there's quite a bit of confusion about them. there was one thing that she did
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mention: that they were believed to be wearing military uniforms but there is some doubt or question as to their connection to the military. one of the things that's very clear right now, is authorities are taking their time figuring out who they're dealing with, where they might be, and what their capabilities might be. they're trying to make sure that they keep everyone in the area and specifically you know in the immediate area of the navy yard, indeed in the washington downtown area, safe. so they're taking this very seriously and moving very cautiously. >> j.j. is it your sense, talking to numerous security sources in washington, that they still believe that the scene at the washington navy yard is a very active scene in the sense that they believe that's where the two shooters may be holed up glm well, it is. >> well it is active until they say they don't have any more
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suspects there or they're not looking for anyone. we haven't heard of any more shootings since early this morning. and as i understand it, talking to law enforcement today, as long as these suspects or there are questions about whether suspects are out there, they're going to have to treat it as a possible active shooting scene. so i'm thinking they're not going to change their plans on this any time soon. >> j.j. from the life images coming out of washington this being a live helicopter circle overhead, which is not a strange scene in that area, appears the larger perimeter has been shrink shrunk is that a fair assessment? >> yes, the helicopter was circle and i was ground and i could see at the time this was probably within an hour after the shootings took place, that there are a couple of things going on. they were circle on with a
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basket hanging on one side of it. and there was a person sitting in the door of the chopper which you could probably see as well. and i later learned that what was going open was, they were -- on was, there they were also engaged in, in addition to trying to rescue people from rooftops or looking out for people that might be on rooftops but they are also looking out for possible other activity. the thing that's going on right now in the skies over washington and on the waters, around washington and on the ground, certainly, is they're looking to make sure that they've got all of -- all of this situation in hand. and i haven't gotten the impression yet that they are satisfied in saying that at least not to the public yet. >> j.j, i know this is something you can talk to on a personal level, the victims taken to the wacial hospital center and george washington, the trauma center that treated former
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president reagan, but because of the violence between the 1980s almost up to the year 2000 these are perhaps some of the best trauma centers in the world. >> washington is not only one of the safest plagues in the world but it has some of the very best trauma physicians. and teams and staffs anywhere in the world. and that is you're exactly right about this, from the era back from the late '80s up and through until 2000, washington had to have in place not just because of presidents, and people like that, in washington, that might need medical assistance at any point but because of the violence that was going on at the time. but also, because it is -- it's a home away from home for people who come from all over the world. you have all sorts of diplomats and heads of state that come here so they have to be prepared for anything. so these folks at these hospital centers are first-rate, no question about it. >> in terms of the law enforcement agencies that are on
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the scene how many different agencies have responded to the scene? >> if i were try to count i would probably have to lie this is very much akin to me to one of the most difficult things for the law enforcement community to do, is to figure out who's doing what and how it gets done. but i can say for sure, you've got the park, you've got capital police, you've got secret service d.c. police navy yard police and then all of their partners like atf and fbi involved so there are lots and lots of people involved in this today. and the reason i can't really put a number on this is because i don't think they are sure. at least they haven't told us yet just how far they are -- this thing may extend or where it might lead them to. so -- but i can tell you for sure: every single police agency in washington around washington be it state and local or whatever federal is on high alert at this point.
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>> j.j. green joining us from washington, d.c. our national security correspondent. we are going to take a break in just a moment. we are following multiple stories. of course the massive shooting in washington, d.c. where as you can see the associated press is boating navy officials now as six people are dead, that shoolgt happening around -- shooting happening around 8:20. and the situation from the united nations of syria and the situation in colorado of flooding. we'll be right back.
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>> we continue to follow the developments coming out of washington, d.c, that's when at 8:20 this morning, men walked into the navy yard in washington, d.c. and opened fire. the ap reporting there are six people are dead. some saying as many as ten people were wounded, others saying as many as 12. trauma centers around washington are put on alert. right now the area is on lock down. some 3,000 workers who work inside the navy yard have been told to stay in place as this situation unfolds. and also, as we were on the air
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just moments ago, there was this that came in to our newsroom. this of course being the results of the study by the united nations concerning chemical weapons attack. it is some 40 pages long. those results were released today. al jazeera's john teret is on the ground. john give us some major findings inside this report. it has everything. >> it really does. on any other day this would be a lead story but not what's happening in washington, d.c. this is the report of the chemical weapons inspectors who went into syria all 20 of them. the report has come out a very comprehensive detailed report surface to surface rockets having been used to launch serin gas, into a neighborhood of
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damascus. that report has been published around the world, within the past hour or so and also been delivered to the united nations security council which is meeting on the second floor of this building where i am and also with them is the secretary general ban ki-moon. we are told he is going to come to the microphone and address the public and tell what he thinks about the report in his own words for the first time. what happens next, well, that's really anybody's guest. the time line requires the syrians to provide notice of where their chemical weapons stockpile is within two weeks. and there's a resolution on the table to be worked out sometime in the course of the next fortnight. we think that they will button that down to get it wrapped up within the next seven days and the reason for that is coming up next week is the general assembly of the united nations, world leaders will be coming
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here for their annual jam bore eanboreeand wouldn't want this g over them already today though the russians have warned that they don't want any use of force language in that document. so there's already a threat to veto any resolution even before it's finally been drawn up. del. >> john terrett joining us from the united nations, they just released this, the 40 page report concerning the uses chemical weapons in syria. as you heard john indicate, involving surface to to surface missiles. more than 1200 people are still unaccounted for in colorado missing in flooding that stretches now across 15 counties there. rescue flights are going to resume later today following thunderstorms that grounded them last night. colorado's governor john hikenlooper is going to meet
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with them. this about the community's response. >> the question i have is how can we ever recover from this? i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by community, they're taking this stuff back. they're doing it. people are getting those things done out there. >> tamera banks joins us from longmont colorado and tamera describe the scene around you. >> del, i can tell you that i'm in a neighborhood in belongmont we go block by bt by street, we see lots of people pulling out their soggy carpets, soggy furniture trying to salvage anything they can. taking a look over my shoulder
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it shows a mangled fence, it gives you an indication of how treacherous these floodwaters were. over to my right, these are trees that have been pushed over by waters in the creek, this is a creek believe it or not, although it was a raging river a couple of days ago. roops upturned. -- roots upturned. it has been a road pulled apart torn apart by the raging waters. you understand why authorities wanted to evacuate from these flood prone areas. speaking of evacuations, starting in just a little bit here, helicopters, 16 of them are going to be back up in the air to rescue people who have not been able to get out of certain areas in boulder county and in larimer county. i can tell you that a couple of days ago colorado governor john hickenlooper, were flying over
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the areas, people waving to get their attention and trying to get help. the governor and the delegation were part of rest accuse. now authorities are asking those folks to make sure when the helicopters fly over they do wave something bright, bright sheets bright blankets bright towels, flashlights, reflectors, anything to be sure they can be seen. i can tell you that 2100 people have been rescued in boulder county alone and in boulder, get this, 17.7 inches of rain. one last net, boulder county officials are having a thousand search and rescue people comb the area to get as many people as possible out of those flood-prone areas. they were not able to get out. del. >> before we lose you the images that have been coming out of colorado in recent days have been horrific to say the very
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least. describe the reaction of residents. they must be in shock because we are being told that these floods are of biblical proportions. >> yes, they are biblical proportions del. folks are just realize tired and weary and a little dazed. i can tell you, there is something about colorado people, they are ready to get back at it and start cleaning up again. you know we are running into a lot of people who are just in tears because they have lost everything. they've lost their homes, and in some cases they've lost their pets. but the ones i've been able to speak to they say they're happy to be alive and feel bad for those who aren't as fortunate as them del. >> tamera banks joining us from longmont colorado, thank you very much. one of the most spectacular sam advantage operations in history, on the way in italy,
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costa concordia out of gilia italy. they are slowlily trying to move the massive structure upright. that has not yet been the case. we're going to take a break right now, we'll be right back.
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>> we want to take you live right now to the scene in -- at the united nations, that is where we are waiting word, and comment, moments from now from u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon, regarding the investigation into the chemical weapons attack that were released today. john terry is standing by, he has been going through the report, 41 pages long, contains detailed photographs as well as a scenario that raises the question of whether surface to surface missiles were used on that chemical weapons attack on august 21st in the suburbs of damascus, syria. we are following events in the nation's capital that unfold at
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this hour. five hours into a scene that began at 8:20 this morning at the washington navy yard in southwest d.c. that is where a gunman and now we believe three gunmen opened fire on many of the workers who were there. the associated press is quoting naval officials as saying six people are dead, there are conflicting reports as to the number of wounded. it is safe to say at this hour based on the reports we are receiving from the various hospitals that those wounded are numerous. our mike viqueira is on the ground. tell us what you have found. >> looking east on m street about three blocks away from the navy yard. many of the vehicles starting to drive away. the last we heard officially was some hour, hour and a half ago, we carried on al jazeera america, the mayor vincent gray, gave us the bad news. it was an active situation, she
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described a male, white male in military khaki camouflage. reports came in to the metropolitan police about an active shooter at the naval sea command building home to 3,000 employees. another individual a black male approximately 50 years of age wearing an olive green shirt also seen carrying a long gun. again last we heard definitively was that this was an active situation at the navy yard. these two individuals were at large as well as an alleged shooter who was deceased. several people have been evacuated to washington hospital and other medical facilities about two or three miles directly north of here. the city now ripple effect on pins and needles across the city here as well as a number of military buildings, obviously there are many here in


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