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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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. inter. >> hello and welcome to the al jazeera network. here at doha. a car bomb claims at least 20 lives in damascus. flashes south of cairo as the army tries to take over an opposition strong hold. facing yet more flooding mexico races for another storm.
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well, let's start this news hour in syria. most of the focus in recent days has been with what to do with the country's chemical weapons. a car bomb has exploded on the outskirts of the capital damascus killing at least 20 people. the blast hit a government building east of the city center. amateur pictures of what is said to be the site of that explosion. turkey has closed one of its border crossings with syria after fighters linked with al qaeda took control of a border town and they captured from the free syrian rebels. both sides are are fighting to topple president al assad and his forces.
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let's go to correspondent nassar hadid who is managed to get to the southern syrian why city of darra. there is fighting going on in darra. nasser i don't know if you can here us there in darra. is there fighting going on right now? >> yeah, yeah, of course i hear you very well. today is a little bit cool here in darra, we have just can, comparing to yesterday and day before yesterday it's little bit cool, we have two child and one from the free army opposition movement in al ataman, a place very close to narra, there is
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fighting between syrian army and also militant movement which is -- their free militant movement. exactly and very close to the station, checkpoint station, i mean all station checkpoints. yesterday, five persons killed from the free army, and just today, morning, this could put them out after very strong clashes yesterday. today, even, there is five person from the army, syrian army, the split from the -- we call it tax checkpoints. today they split and after that the army, i mean syrian army, they start to attack the places, the area very close to the -- this checkpoints which we call call it tax. and after that we attacked even
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darra, camp refugees, darra camp refugees, which is palestinian refugees actually. >> okay, nasser thank you for the update on the fighting there in southern syrian city of darra. meanwhile groups of fighters opposed to assad's government say they are making a slow advance to the capital. jamal with this report. >> this is eastern anhouta close to the scene of the august 21st chemical attack that shocked the world. the battle here is continuous. president bashar al-assad's forces have been relentless as they try to stop the force he from advantaging onto the capital. the area has been under siege for weeks now but opposition
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fighters say they are gradually are getting a stronghold. >> we've managed to inflictd huge losses on them. >> the sun of gun fire rings out. within minutes they're in position firing back. round after round of ammunition. this particular battle goes on for some time. but neither side is able to advance. here, it's all about how many meters you can move or buildings you can capture. >> we are holding steadfast, and we will remain steadfast. we have already destroyed many of their vehicles and hardware as you can see. >> it is these destroyed tanks and armored vehicles that he's referring to. assad's army had set up bases here but after battle they were forced to abandon their post and
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retreat. despite this the rebels know the closer they get to damascus the stronger and better equipped their enemy are becomes. al jazeera. >> syria's president has given an interview to a u.s. television channel. he denies that his government was behind last month's attack, which left hundreds dead in the capital. saying "we didn't say that we are joinl partially that agreement or that organization. we joinfully. we set the letter and the documents and we are committed to the full requirements of this agreement." and he added, it needs a lot of money, it needs about $1 billion u.s. and if the government is willing
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to take toxic materials to the united states why don't they do it? assad denied credibility for last month's chemical attack. no one verified, the only thing verified is the samples that the delegation took. in other news a senior egyptian police officer has again killed in the town of kadassa just outside of cairo, taking the group back our exont in cairo who we are not naming for security reasons sent this report. >> security forces pushed into kadassa before dawn and with considerable fire power. most of its residents voted for former president mohamed morsi. by daylight, armed police could be seen on the streets backed up by armored personnel carriers
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and heavy gun fire. >> everyone is staying home for now with the rival of the army and -- arrival of the army and police forces. they did not start nices. they are only responding to any attack or assault against them. residents are very cooperatively cooperatively -- cooperative and we hope this comes to a peaceful end. >> immediately following mid august an angry crowd in kadassa are attacked and murdered officers. on monday an operation in egypt south reclaimed the town of delga, men opposed to mohamed morsi had chased out in early july and a church and mosque were burned. particularly those supported of the deposed president.
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arrests and crack downs fill the jails but do little to heal the rifts in egyptian societa socie. this is a country where security is tenuous at best. iran has no plans to build a nucialtion weapon, he also says the iranians do not want to go to war with israel and iran's supreme leader iatollah houmeni. >> in his first interview since becoming the president of iran, hasan rahani wasted no time in trying to make news. has iran made a nuclear arsenal? >> we are not going to be
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interested in make a nuclear bomb, i have given the nuclear negotiations portfolio to the foreign ministry. the problem won't be from our side. we have sufficient political latitude to solve this problem. >> the u.s. has long accused iran.lying about its intentions and that suspicion has driven washington to impose round after round of economic sanctions on teheran. analysts say though are sanctions have starved iranian economy, and they are under pressure to rejuvenate. tried and failed to improve relations with the last government but mahmoud tg
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again. >> opening dialogue with the west and the united states in a way that we haven't seen in the past and so we should test it. >> obama cents rouhan ink a letter of congratulations after his election. after the government released 11 political prisoners, this reaction from the u.s. state department. we welcome today's reports that the iranian government has released several prisoners of conscience. in the months ahead we hope he will keep his promises to the iranian people. both will be at the united nations next week for the start of the general assembly. so far there are no plans for two to meet but with both leaders extending feelers, it's starting to look like what was once unthinkable is verging into the possible.
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phil peen president has urged rebels in the south to stop fighting. at least 100 people have been killed and modern 100,000 displaced in 11 days of violence this. 21 hostages are still being held by rebel fighters. margo ortiz has spoken to some in the city. >> she's now facinated withdrawing the philippine flag. they are the ones caught in the fighting between government fighters and muslim separatists a week ago. >> they are asking why have this happened? i don't know how to explain to them because they are still so young. >> what is makes it even more difficult for many of notion displaced by the -- displaced by the fighting, they are muslims too who have coexisted peacefully with the christians
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for generations. >> i am a muslim and it hurts me because we are the same blood. but we have different principles. why are they, do they not see how many people that are here that are just like them? >> the muslin separatist movement in this predominantly christian country is over 40 years old. it has splintered into various armed factions each which claims to speak for all filipino muslims, one person is displaced every 20 section in the philippines because of the continuing violence. the siege is just the latest incident. 40th,000 children have been displaced by the fighting, it is estimated. the government wants to do whatever it can to mitigate any trauma. >> we'll have to develop a
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medium term intervention for the children to understand what has happened to them. and to see that there are ways to resolve conflict in nonviolent ways. ♪ ♪ >> for now, the adults are working to given the -- give the children back a sense of safety and normalcy. but life has changed completely here and no coping mechanism can undue the ugliness of war. al jazeera, southern philippines. >> there's much more to come on the al jazeera news hour. we'll be live in mexico where already having survived two storms more rain is forecast. and we'll be life in germany's capital berlin where the opposition democrats are about to hold a rallies, do they
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have any chance to upset angela merkel? and boxer ken norton passes away. children in the iraqi capital baghdad have discovered ten handcuffed and blindfolded bodies. corpses were discovered in the abandoned building. caught the attention of the children it's not yet clear who is behind the killings. are the trial of saif al islam gadhafi has been postponed. charged with harming state security, in a separate hearing, lawrgs are deciding how -- lawyers are deciding how the trial should proceed.
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saif al islam is charged with murder, if convictthey both face the death sentence. 36 others are also facing charges including the incitement of rape and forming armed groups to undermine state security. assad jabba is an international lawyer and political analyst. he joins us live from geneva, welcome to the program. sir, saif al islam is being tried in a court not in tripoli, was not able to obtain him from the zintan brigade who have been detaining him. what is going on? >> well, when you have a central power which could not impose its control all over the country, when you have no proper security and police services controlling the country, you cannot have a
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functioning judiciary. and there is a big split between the militia and in turn is detained is under another type of militia, arriving in tripoli. so in conclusion, i doubt very much that the man will get any fair trial in the circumstances and i think that the international criminal court should really put pressure on the libyan authorities, i would say the authorities offer them time, if there are any authorities of the central power to extradite him for an international trial before the international criminal court. i think that's the best venue which would be safe. >> the international criminal court has already expressed its concern before this trial saying
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saif al islam should be extradited, but they refuse to turn him over. >> i think being alive now, it's a luxury. i wouldn't expect a fair trial, even if the central pile is under one government. we have seen that the government is not really stable there. they don't control all parts of the country. the country has been controlled by various factions. we have seen what hatched to the libyan oil exports, hijacked by other groups. i think they should push for his extradition to the international criminal court and the international criminal court should be left on its own to get him tried in the haig. >> is there absolutely no law in the lickian yah?
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>> you have our ton must areas, which are run by bandits, we have other areas which are in the militia in tripoli, the place is not that stable and no one would expect in the circumstances or any other circumstances that saif al islam wok to have a fair trial as required by international law and international standards by civilized behavior. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. the inauguration of mali's new president is underway in the capital. heads of state including the french president francois hollande are present.
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final results of ra wanda's parliamentary elections are to be announced on friday. on tuesday president paul kagami's ruling party has 76% of votes. the party has been in power since the end of the 1994 genocide. the united nations investigators have revealed what they call unspeakable atrocities in the philippines. the panel is hearing testimony in bangkok. >> if nocha is listening, her brother has a message. >> i miss you so long. i miss you every day. i've been waiting for her, in death, i can't hear any more. >> if she was alive today she would be 58. for more than a quarter of a
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century her family had no idea how or why she disappeared while work as a massage therapist in macao in 1978. then, came news from a couple who said they knew her well from all places north korea. >> they came to see us, all the family gathered in house and we all cried to her. >> charles jenkins showed the picture to the world, he's in the foreground, behind him, is a woman who told them her name was anucha and she was from thailand. this is the house her family built with the money she sent back from thailand. north korean government for anocha's release. the current government in bangkok isn't inclined to help.
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>> doesn't pay attention to this case. i'm really disappointed about it. and it is really sad. i went to talk to the foreign minister but he refused to see me. >> their garden blooms this season, the work of a modest farming family with no political influence. >> these were anocha's favorite toys when she was growing up, her dolls. she kept them safe as she got older. now her brother and her nephew are keeping them safe for her until she comes back to reclaim them. >> it's as if time has stood still in anocma's old bedroom. her clothes still hang in her bedroom with the proof she was born scratched on these tiny scrolls. and the proof she is missed etched on the face of her waitinwaiting brother, ver veroa
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pedrosa. thailand. threatening to cause more flooding in areas already hard hit by storms. 80 people have died and thousands are displaced. adam raney joins us with the latest. one of the storms manuel is now a hurricane and it's threatening the pacific coast again. what impact is it having now? >> well, authorities in the state of sinaloa are already cancelling school, south of that state, in guerrero, there are 58 people confirmed missing from a small village above the hills of acapulco. these people are not confirmed dead yet but if they are, that
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would double the death toll from 80 to nearly 140 people from this double storm of manuel on the west coast and ingrid on the east coast. it's been a disaster as people have been trying to leave acapulco, the hardest hit city from that storm. 100 thousand people -- i mean 40th,000 and only 10,000 have gotten out so far. the government is going to keep flying air lift planes, from private companies offering free flights to get out of the flood affected area but this disaster is just deepening as the military goes up into the hills of the state of guerrero and now look what might happen in the state of sinaloa in this rugged mountainous area that is already cut off by poor roads and with this rain and mudslides it makes it much harder for rescue forces to get into this area. >> it's a struggle to help all
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of these people who need aid. is aid going to have to be brought in from outside do you think? >> well, it doesn't look like there's going to be outside aid right now. mexico has a huge military. it has a budget to cover this and they're doing as much as they say they can. of course people in acapulco are furious. you had chaotic lines outside the airport on wednesday, people who have been promised flight back there. they're frustrated, fed up, no electricity for 48 hours and they just want to get out of there. we'll be watching to see if the military continues to air lift. they say they will. when people arrive on the jelts from acapulco what we see are personnel boarding to get back to the area. >> adam rane raney in acapulco.
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a typhoon close to the philippines. >> that's right. it's absolutely huge you can see from the satellite picture just the expanse of that cloud. but of course you can also make out a very well defined eye. that's normally an indication that it's a very organized system and an organized system is a very strong system, that's what we've got here. work its way to the northwest and we're expecting it to get close to the southern parts of taiwan on saturday, when it makes can't we're looking at winds sustained of 220 kilometers, gusts faster than that. we're going osee the rain for a prolonged period of time. it is covering a huge area so many of us are going to see
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torrentially heavy areas. storms wrap themselves around this system. for the western parts of the philippines we're likely to see flooding as well. manila, the rain here is expected to be very, very heavy. further north where we've actually got that system, so bid, going to be working its way across parts of luzon, there will be landslide and flooding, as well. >> thanks very much, once again, we'll have more on the situation in syria. georgia will soon host one of the largest refugee camps to house them. the match against chelsea doesn't go as planned.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. east of the city center.
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>> well, i'm sure mr. steinbrook would like to think he will. he's been in government before. he's served as finance minister under chancellor merkel in her first term, before center right and center left. this time he'd like to lead his
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social democrats into a new left leaning coalition with the greens. the votes are not there. it would be incredibly difficult. unless there's a bounce. that's what are events are like, mr. steinbrook is a man described as abrasive, arrogant, has managed to offend various groups, are earning him the 9698 pierlusconi, a preelection blunder when he extended his middle finger with a sneer. the photograph made the cover of a german magazine, forcing his spin doctors to claim it as a gesture of straight-talking honesty, rather damaging for
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him. his opponents called it behavior not befitting a chancellor. >> ahead of the poll on saturday there are fresh polls out there i believe as the race enters its final stages. any surprises? >> fresh polls being produced pretty much every day. the one out on thursday does have a surprise in it and that is a show of increased support for a new party called alternative for germany. it is an anti-europe party that until thursday hadn't polled enough to get into parliament. it is sitting just above the 5% threshold. the worry is that over these last three days or so people sitting in the estimated one-third of voters who haven't died yet who they will voat for, may be drawn to this as an option, either as a protest or because they agree with the message that the euro zone should be broken up. that said, it is not likely
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there will be a coalition, more likely an loins with chancellor merkel, chance already steinbrook said he won't take part in that, the government may go into with her not with him. >> thank you. for more on our crisis in syria. many countries are falling well short of what they should be giving to syria in humanitarian aid. according to okfam only 44% of a sum has he. >> bruce: been received. what each country's fair share is, qatar and russia have spent 3% of what they should. france has given only 50%. united states has given $129 billion, 63% of its fair share according to oxpham.
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more than half orefugees have crossed into jordan since the beginning of the war. are nasri imr reports from inside a camp. >> el azrak near jordan's border with saudi arabia. construction began in april when the government realized that syrian refugees were going to keep coming. jordan already has the largest refugee camp for syrian in the world, eventually able to house 130,000 people. >> any influx that will come in right now immediately we have room in zatary camp which straight away can absorb 20,000
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up front. asrak as it is we can go up to 20,000 plus to be absorbed on a technologies basis. >> this area is a vast desert of volcanic rock with a severe climate. but aid agencies are trying to do things differently after lessons learned on the al zatry camp. >> they can serve more people with less vandalism. they can be ready for 50,000 people as of today. >> eight agencies are hoping to get this camp up and running with $60 million worth of funding. huge water and septic tanks have been installed and roads have been paved. after listening to the frustrations of syrian based in alzatry, these fabricated units
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are more durable structures and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. families can enjoy more privacy because they can install partitions inside their homes. the government refused to allow more permanent buildings than these. there are fears that anything built with cement could mean this colossal refugee cries i is here to day. nobody knows if this camp will ever fill up. but by building it the jordannian government is not taking any chances with the wore next door. >> egypt's interim government has announced its raising the minimum wage by more than 40%. but some say it is not the right time to give pay raises. report from cairo. >> there are about 6 million people who work for the government in egypt and as of next year the mostfully paid will receive more moneys. the rate would be around $100 a
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month. but on january it will become $174 a month. >> it is affecting the people that are starting their careers. this is really good. living is expensive now and young people will need money to spend on their houses. >> you see now prices are increasinincreasing 15, 20, 100. in the long term it won't have any value. >> some of the poorest paid are garbage collectors and traffic policemen. labor workers should be paid at least $260 a month. >> the government starts saying it will increase the minimum wage and this creates false hope among the people they will have a better standard of living. at the end if this increase is implemented this will make people angry and they'll want to get rid of the rulers who refuse to meet their demands. >> at this point, the private sector still doesn't have a
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minimum wage. discussing it with trade yoings and business leaders. it is the owners of small family shops like these who worry about how they will afford to pay higher wages. >> the government will put this on the private sector but it will be hard to implement on the private sector. the if it is $115 a month it will be okay but $170 will be difficult. >> many egyptians say they want social justice and a fair salary. the government is trying to do something about it. but for many this pay rise is still not enough. al jazeera, cairo. >> ten policemen have been killed in raid. week long operation in the area they reportedly killed 50 taliban fighters there. under hindu traditions in india, many women whose husbands have
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died are not allowed to remarry. story from vindavan. >> in a city once famous for its temp manies a 20,000 destitute women seek refuge. their families saw them as a financial burden and they were abandoned. this woman is one of them, with no porter means of income, she makes some money singing. >> how else which i survive? i chant hari crsri krishna. if i don't come i won't have anything. how will i feed myself if i don't come here? >> while widows across the country receive an annual
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pension of $60, several others receive nothing. why the widows pension scheme does not work for all? >> the main problem is that we don't have an identified residence. we go by the information that is collected through service, and that's how we carry out inspections. but often, we are given wrong addresses, but we don't change hopes and that becomes a problem in receiving pension. >> the challenge is finding shelter, electricity and water. almost a third of them live on the street or often empty plots of -- on empty plots of land. >> i had a little by th beacon e and this room is made of clay and brick. with temperatures rising about 30 degrees in summer you can imagine it's easy to bake in here. but there are advocates
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demanding a better life for them. uses the profit to provide a patrol wage to over 900 widows. >> it is important that we look after all their names, their food their work their livelihoods but more importantly how they can live in society with dignity and with self respect. >> while individuals and groups continue to work for the welfare of these neglected women, many feel they need training not welfare. so they feel empowered not abandoned. >> silvio berlusconis efforts have received another setback. the form he disgraced prime minister who was convicted of massive tax fraud, feels he will
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remain in government. >> it was the moment that silvio berlusconi was dreading. the ultimate humiliation. just hours later he had given a statesman like speech. but he is not a statesman anymore. he is a convicted criminal banned from holding office. >> i have not committed any crime, i'm not guilty of anything, i'm nt innocent, absolutely innocent. interwould this be a career relaunch? in the end there was neither. this television address with berlusconi reminding people he is still here. >> getting rid of him not through democratic action he but going against our accusation.
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>> berlusconi is one of italy's richest men with a $9 billion fortune. a tax fraud conviction, ban from political office the price. one of many setbacks for the man who has spent year in front of the cameras and in front of the courts. in june, the 76-year-old was convicted of paying this 15-year-old underage for section. ings ruled he would need to pay more money involving prescribary of a judge more than 20 years ago. so nighing objections and political fight is underway. there is one thing that is almost certain and it is this. with silvio berlusconi, the fight will not be over.
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>> tiger woods aims to finish the pga season. with a $10 million payout. when we come back.
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>> welcome back. the washington navy yard is reopening for business, three days after a gunman shot dead 12 people there. the u.s. military is now looking into new measures to protect its employees from what it calls workplace violence. allen fisher reports. >> they know who but they don't
9:46 am
know why. u.s. investigators are still trying to figure out where aaron -- why aaron alexis has shot and killed 12 at the washington navy yard. his mother depressed her apologize. >> i don't know why he did what he did and i'll never be able to ask him why. >> why alexis's past didn't prevent him from getting a job as a defense yoor, the former rg reservist has had a history with police. alexis was never convicted of a crime so past background screening but they admit more could be done. >> there were a lot of red flags as you noted. why they didn't get picked up, why they didn't get incorporated into the clearance process, what he was doing, those are all
9:47 am
legitimate questions that we're going to be dealing with. >> one thing officials quickly dismissed whether the pentagon cut corners on screening any contractors to save money. >> the budget issue did not degrade the security at the navy yard. and in any way contribute to this. >> the military refused to weigh in on the need for expanded gun control in the u.s. while a number of gun control groups called for tougher screening laws to prevent people such as alexis from purchasing firearms and as the pentagon and the white house made plans for a memorial service on sunday, some relatives urged the public not to forget their loved ones. >> my husband was a wonderful, wonderful man. he was always happy. >> even while the search for answers is only beginning. allen fisher, al jazeera washington. >> emergency workers in canada stayed on the scene late on wednesday as they tried omove a
9:48 am
derailed train. six people killed and 30 others when a bus collided with the train. still not sure why the bus smashed through baishier. -- barrier. >> keep pumping billions of extra dollars into the economy, earlier hints that it would be scaled back caused serious problems in the emerging economy. patty culhane has more from washington, d.c. >> the small desk, the setting for a big economic announcement from the chairman of the u.s. federal reserve ben bernanke. it was supposed to impact the world economy but he changed course. >> has made no change in either its asset purchase program. >> translation, the u.s. federal bank will continue prinding money to buy securities. they had been expected to scale back but bernanke says the u.s.
9:49 am
isn't creating enough jobs and the continuing fight between the president and republicans in congress and the possible consequences the fed will wait. >> it is the case i think that a government shut down and perhaps even more so a failure to raise the debt limit could have very serious consequences for financial markets and for the economy. and the federal reserve's policy is to do whatever we can to keep the economy on course. >> what that means: the dollar will stay weak and economists say that helps developing economies. >> right now this is near term good news for the developing markets because u.s. interest rates are staying low. so the u.s. will continue to be kind of like a lawn blower blowing cash towards the bricks rather than the reverse. >> the bricks brazil indiana south korea and china.
9:50 am
money and currencies started moving. in a poll, asked to pick what were the worth economies next year, 25% brazil, 23% russia, 23 about% said china. the developed countries did much better. the news out of russia could hypothesis for now. the policy is going ochange, it's just a ime a question of w. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. the vird yoa game has delivered on its big budget promises. grand theft auto has earned $800 million in its first 24 hours alone. beating the $1 billion it was expected to rake in. the game's budget of more than 1
9:51 am
$160 mill rivals many moild blochollywoodblock busters. raul. back for the world cup to be moved to the winter. fifa is expected to confirm the switch. >> nothing is absolutely official yet k uefa will completely clarify their stance in moving the qatar winter cup, and although they will go along with that that confirmation is going to happen in kroatia. the president said right from the start, yes i voted for qatar to hold the world cup. he said to al jazeera very early
9:52 am
yes i'll move the tournaments in europe, i'll move the leagues in europe too, because it's the world cup that takes absolute priority. it's not unusual for them saying yes they will go along with that but they want it played in the best time for their clubs and leagues. they would prefer it to be a january tournament, to not heavily affect the leagues. but there is a lot of discussions still to take place. jose marena has accepted the blame for the loss, london club ahead just before the half time break. goals from mohamed sulla gave the club the lead. >> i ax the responsible, i like in the good moments the place to
9:53 am
shine. i'm so happy to come here and good good moments to say this player had a fantastic performance. this player was outstanding. when we lose, i am the responsible and i don't like to obviously, in a moment of defeat, to say this player was better than that one or was worse than the other one. >> liam nessi started with a hat-trick. gerard pikay scoring another in his 4-nil win. >> during the first half we didn't dominate the game like we like especially here in camp new. in front of us we had a team ix that also liked to control the ball and know how to escape from precious situations. i think we could have played better during the first half but we found our tone after the break and scored the goals that gave us the victory. >> elsewhere last year's runners
9:54 am
up, were beaten 2-1 at napoli. but arsenal competed. match fixing the authorities say those arrested include the mastermind of the syndicate, dan tan who's also wanted in italy and hungary on corruption charges. earlier, i talk to neil jefferson who has written a book on match fixing. >> match fixing is a hig hide hn tanner's name has been mentioned. there are direct links, 680 games with direct links to this syndicate. even though this syndicate has
9:55 am
allegedly been broken up there are at least still five of six other match fixing syndicates that we know of operating in singapore right now. >> extended their lead in the brazilian standing, the highlight of the match is a first goal, did he mean it? i think so. golf now. a $10 million prize, 30 golfers will contest the season ending match. the last of four matches for the fedex championship. tiger woods leads. >> basically just like the other four guys in the top five, we control our destiny. so looking forward to the week, and getting started tomorrow.
9:56 am
>> now the boxing world has been paying tribute to the former world heavy weight champion ken norton, best known for brea breg mohammed ali's jaw. >> over ali! >> at the time, norton was only the second man to defeat ali. he went on to fight him twice more, losing both bouts. norton conveniently won the wrvmentb -- wbc heavy weight championship. this is himself speak in 1963. >> i know he was very fast in those hands but the foot he wasn't that agile anymore. if i could keep him moving he would eventually stop. that is what i was making him
9:57 am
do. i was getting tired. i wasn't hurt i got caught a good jolting below but -- blow but i wasn't hurt. fight is good won the fight. >> he didn't say to go for the knockout? >> no he didn't. it wasn't my objective to go for the knockout, it was my objective of going for the win regardless how i won. >> kiwis were denied a ninth victory, when high winds came to san francisco bay. third time that new zealand has won the race. lots more sports on our website, including the resignation of japan's baseball commissioner who has admitted to change the design of balls to produce more home runs. check it out at al, slash sports.
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>> do stay with us here on al jazeera. good-bye now. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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>> a car bomb claims at least 20 lives in. hello an welcome, we're here in doha also on the program. giza, authorities rush in to arrest pro-morsi forces. charged with harming state security. >> one police officer died during an early morning raidn


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