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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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> also, dozens of students murdered in their sleep in nigeria, the military blames boko haram. >> and a bombing in pakistan.
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>> here from europe, italy's president says he'll call new elections if the prime minister can't dissolve the current political crisis. >> golden dawn's second in command is taken to court. >> more than a week now since the nairobi shopping mall and the spotlight is on the kenyan government and warnings it may have ignored. al jazeera obtained a copy of a leaked intelligence report saying that security agencies were alerted about an attack on the westgate mall about a year ago. we take up that story from the kenyan capital. >> that was shot by the kepian red cross, showing scenes of confusion during the westgate mall siege. a number of victims are treated.
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some of the dead had to be left goodnight. >> more than a week later kenyans learnt that the government may have known about an attack here. the intelligence document given to al jazeera and leaked to kenyan media contains situation reports dating back to september last year when it was warned the somali armed group al-shabab was planning an attack on the mall and a church. a warning in february suggested an attack where operatives would storm into a building with guns and grenades and hold hostages. then this intelligence from the israeli embassy in nairobi, a threat to its citizens in kenya during the jewish holidays. a number of al-shabab fighters were given refugee cards to enter kenya. the report may have been shown to several top kenyan officials. the government will not comment on a leaked and unverified
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report. >> we treat our intelligence as confidential and not something that we are willing to discuss in public. >> some say there must be consequences. >> this is a series of failures. it is a series of failures. the worst part is everyone involved - nearly everyone involved. the people had to get into the country through some means. >> the basilica was named as a target in the leaked intelligence report. security was stepped up at sunday service. kenyans knew for a while that their military involvement in somalia could make them a target. they never expected this. >> this detailed report is embarrassing for the kenyan government. but most intelligence experts say that with prior warning, it is extremely difficult to prevent a group of people intent on committing these kinds of
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attacks. forensic investigators at westgate mall continue their work. we don't know whether the bodies of dozens of people who are unaccounted for are inside and whether the attackers may have escaped or be found buried in the rubble. >> >> we'll stay in africa. gunmen attacked a college in north-east nigeria. the gunmen entered and fired on students as they slept. >> ahmed idris has more. >> the situation is calm. security forces deployed in large numbers trying to reassure locals that everything is under control. soldiers and police men have combed the town. >> saturday night's attack happened two weeks after public schools reopened to a new
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academic calendar. three months ago all schools were shut down because of an attack that killed 22 students. the situation in the north-east is more precarious. more than 200 people have been killed in attacks blamed on boko haram insurgents. following a state of emergency, situations in other states where the state of emergency was declared has impressed and normalcy returning to the states. in the last five or four weeks there has been an upsurge in the number of attacks by boko haram. people are beginning to think the bad old days are back. >> there has been an explosion in northern mali, at a storage facility. four were killed when an army base was attacked in timbuktu.
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a few days ago rebels pulled out of a ceasefire agreement. >> a vote is being counted after parliamentary elections in guinea. the vote was supposed to happen to 2010. >> syria - is a secondary students killed in the north of the country, dying in a government air strike in the city of rafa. the students were preparing for classes. >> 43 rebels groups merged to form a front against president bashar al-assad. it will be the biggest acting in the area. it leaves the free syrian army more isolated than ever. >> rebels fighting in the damascus area united but not under the free syrian army. the new group is called the islam army and includes more
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than the groups seen as religiously moderate. a military commander appears saying the islam army will be more efficient and more organised and calls on other rebel groups to join the new army. this is not the only setback for the free syrian army. a few weeks ago the most powerful group in aleppo distanced itself from the free syrian army and merged with another group. moderates are also distancing themselves from the front, which the u.s. government calls a terrorist organization. on the ground they fight together. fighters from brigades launch a
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commodored nated early morning attack. hours later they celebrate what they describe as a victory. this is the main crossing between syria and jordan. it was closed by the syrian government seven months ago. >> translation: there are snipers in the building. it's just going to be a matter of a few days before we have the upper hand. >> but the fight is far from over. government forces shell the area constantly. the rebels are still positioned here taking cover behind sandbags. neighbouring jordan repeatedly voiced concerns over the growing influence of religious fighters in syria. countries like the u.s., france and britain have tried to train and equip what they consider a
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moderate secular opposition that will take over if the syrian regime collapses. >> stories out of iraq. 11 are dead, dozens are injured after a series of bomb blasts. it's believes it was a regional security directorate. suicide bombers were involved in the attack. >> there has been an explosion at a shia mosque south of the capital baghdad, killing 15. a suicide bomber blew himself up. 50 were wounded in that attack. >> a court in bahrain handed sentences to 50 activists, many receiving up to 15 years behind bars the. it follows a protest in manama. the protesters called for the soounie royal family to give up
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power. >> 40 have been killed in an explosion in pak -- pakistan, the third attack. it was a few hundred metres from a church where 80 were killed on sunday. >> this report from domenic cain. >> this is the aftermath of the explosion. the car bomb was detonated near a police station. on a street crowded with families attending a busy market. >> translation: i came to buy books and copies for my children. when i arrived there was an explosion. i don't know what it was - a rocket attack or car blast. >> in the chaos dozens died and many were wounded. >> translation: suddenly there was an explosion. black smoke spread all over, nothing was visible. people were laying on the road.
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there was no one to pick them up - no ambulance or police. >> no group said it carried out the blast, but it is the third fatal bomb attack in peshawar in seven days. on friday 17 people were killed in the bombing of a bus carrying government employees. while last sunday the city's christians were targeted by christian bombers, more than 80 were killed at the all saints anglican church. it prompted protests across pakistani cities. these attacks are part of an upsurge in violence in recent months. prime minister nawaz sharif has condemned it as an attack on humanity. one which is now seen more than 130 people killed in just the last week. >> prime ministers of pakistan and india met at the u.n. gemly
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in new york. singh and nawaz sharif agreed they need to restore a ceasefire in the region of kashmir. the two countries fought two wars since independence in 1947. aid agencies are continuing to work to get much-needed relief to the areas struck by continuous earthquakes in pakistan. the areas are remote. the situation is complicated by the presence of rebel fighters. the second earthquake struck the balochistan province on saturday days after the first killed 500 people. >> 61 people are known to have died after a building collapsed in mumbai in india. rescuers used special equipment to free remaining victims trap -- trapped under the rubble. police have arrested a man thought to have made changes to the structure of the basement of
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that building. >> companies in the united states use a new payment system. they are loaded with - dash and fees too. >> >> in sport - not even a publicity secret. the berlin manager finished. wilson kipsang wins. that will be in sport a little later on. >> the u.s. government is 'emming closer to a -- edging closer to a shut down because the congress can't agree on a budget. >> earlier the republican controlled house of representatives passed a bill to keep the government running. it would delay president obama's health care law from coming in effect. it would take away funding for its programs.
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president obama promised to veto the measure if adopted by the senate. >> how serious does it look to you jean. >> it looks like the shutdown will occur on monday. today the name of the game is blame. there's no legislative, neither the house or senate are in session. members of both parties are pointing the finger at one another, blaming them for what appears to be an imminent government shutdown. >> the house in the wee hours of this morning passed a bill funding the government, but with two amendments, one delayed the implementation of the affordable care act. the second would eliminate attacks on medical devices, a way the legislation would be funded. the leader of the senate. harry reid, a democrat, said it's dead on arrival. it will not be passed in the
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senate. nothing will. the democrats are blaming the republicans for bringing the nation to the edge of the cliff, and perhaps taking us over. the republicans on the other hand are blaming the democrats specifically the president and harry reid. >> we continue to work to send things over to say, "here you go. here is another idea. here is another way to do this." we do not want to shut the government down. that's the president's strategy m. >> we have been trying for six months to get the senate republicans to agree to a conference committee. they refuse a conference committee when it comes to the budget. >> forgive me for making you go over old ground, i need to understand what shutdown means, it sounds dramatic. how serious will it affect things? >> it is dramatic. it's not a total government shutdown, vital services would continue. planes would fly, there would be
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air traffic controllers, mail would be delivered because their postman. critical programs, social security supporting the elderly would continue and disabled. other nonessential government services will shut down - passports, visas. 800,000 are expected to be affected. >> when did it last happen? >> 1996 during the administration of president clinton. it was not a pleasant experience, it affects the workers, deli owners providing lunches to people on their lunch breaks. most of washington is dreading the possibility this will happen. >> thank you for that jeanne.
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>> a number of companies in the united states are switching to a new system to pay employees. a payroll card - a type of debit card loaded with salaries. they are loaded with problems also. cath turner looks at that. >> natalie used to like working at mcdonald's, until the company gave her a payroll card. it's loaded up with a wage, which is used at an atm like a debit card. the problem fees - and lots of them. natalie was not given a choice. >> i went home and called hire ups to see if they could find a way, a direct deposit, a check, something. they told me i could activate the card or not get paid. >> she quit, hired a lawyer and sued mcdonald's. let's look at the fees. if natalie used the payroll card now, each time she checked her balance it would cost between $1
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and $3. purchases brings a fee of $0.50. withdrawing cash, up to $6. if she chose not to use the card she could be charged with an enactive fee of $7.50. >> most big name rel tailers retailers and restaurants use the cards. companies can save millions by switching from paychecks to payroll cards. >> the card industry is growing. it's been around for a while. it's a wide range of companies involved. there's a spectrum of costs associated with the cards. protections that people get. and other kinds of abusive practices. >> corporations insist they offer staff multiple ways to be paid and the card helps low-wage workers without bank accounts. >> walgreens used the cards as a pilot program in 2004. its employees have an option to
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be paid by direct deposit or check. in a statement walgreens said. . -- said. . >> go on line and check applications. natalie is looking for work online and at job fairs. >> they are taking advantage of underage kids who don't understand debit cards and people who are less fortunate or struggling to find a job. >> natalie would rather be unemployed than watch her small salary become smaller, without touching her money. >> let's check in with european news. italy's president will do his best to keep the government from collapsing. and more on that. >> that crisis began when the center right leader silvio
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berlusconi asked ministers from his party to resign from the frack il coalition government. the president is meeting it discuss ways to avoid another election. >> citizens in rome enjoy the weather, another political storm is brewing. the coalition has been threatened. silvio berlusconi's decision to pull his ministers was a protest against the increase of a sales tax. prime minister called the reason behind the decision a macroscopic lie and a mass resignation mad and irresponsible. >> political journalist, amongst others believes silvio berlusconi's motives are personal. >> silvio berlusconi made the move for his personal interest.
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i don't think that it is for italians. italy and italians will be badly dammed by the crisis of the government. >> on 4 october, a senate committee will vote to strip silvio berlusconi from his senate seat. the prime minister, among others, believe this is a last desperate attempt by silvio berlusconi to influence the outcome of that vote. silvio berlusconi's plan drew criticism from within his party. three out of the five minutes said they'll resign, but didn't believe the decision would serve the best interest of the county. he accused a small group of extremists from inside the party of giving him ill-conceived advice. the prime minister and president were faced with a few options. use the resigning ministers to backtrack, find a new majority or call elections. the president said he'll
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dissolve the government as a last resort. >> translation: i will try to find the chapses of keeping the -- chances of keeping the legislature alive. the party is only dissolved when there's no chance of finding a majority and therefore a new government is in the interests of the company. >> a crisis that would plunge italy back into economic turmoil. >> a professor of italian politics at the american university university of rome and i asked what chances does the prime minister have of avoid new elections? >> he could with difficulty, and i presume sunday, monday and tuesday there'll be frantic negotiations trying to persuade the moderates in silvio berlusconi's party and in the five star movement to come over and support a limited mandate
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government for elections and for the budget. if he succeeds in that, manages to get 20 or so senators, he'll be able to run the government at least until the end of this year, and past the budget. that will solve quite a lot of italy's immediate financial problems. >> this is a particular bad time given that italy showed that it was not on the path to recovery, but heading that way. will it upset italy's recovery? >> if there are early elections in the next month or so, it will be a very serious blow to italy's recovery. last week the markets were jittery. the difference between the cost of italian loans and german loans, the benchmark, was going up. we in italy - if we have to pay more for italian death, that's a major problem for italy and the euro.
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this is a particularly bad moment. it's not even - it's six months since the last election. if the elections were held immediately with the same electoral system, there's no guarantee there would be a majority. there's almost a guarantee there wouldn't be a major city. the problems would continue. that is a problem for italy and the hole of europe. it's not just a bad time for italy, it's a disastrous time for europe to have the sort of instability which italy may head for if it can't be pulled off. >> six politicians from greece's far right party golden dawn has been arrested. the second in command has been taken to court after handing himself into a police station in athens. all six will appear in court on tuesday on charge of belonging to a criminal organization. it was prompted by the killing
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of a left-wing rapper. >> more from barnaby phillips. what will happen next week. >> tomorrow, monday, the greek parliament will discuss a bill to cut funding to golden dawn. then on tuesday, as you said, those six members of parliament and other members of golden dawn under arrest - there are more than 20 in total - are due to appear in court. they'll discover if they are freed on bail and discover more about the timing of a court case against them, whether they stay in custody in the meaningtime and so on. the main development today as you mentioned if your introduction was that the number two in golden dawn, christoph, gave himself in. he was in defiant mood. this is what he said.
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>> translation: truth will shine, nationalism will prevail. i am completely free. we have a legal political struggle and we'll return. golden dawn will survive, golden dawn forever. long live the country. >> i know you have been talking to people in the center of athens. what do they make of the situation at the moment? >> most of the people who i spoke to in central athens were pleased with what the government is doing, and they felt it was overdue, it should have been done some time ago. their interpretation different to golden dawn, who say that they are being persecuted and that the government is trying to distract people from greece's economic problems. i tried to speak to people in the immigrant community who i know here, who i know from when i live here, been attacked in far right attacks.
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they are nervous, reluctance to appear on camera, indicative of whatever short-term success the government might have in its moves against a far right movement. the wider social economic problems, problems about resentment of high levels of immigration will not go away, particularly in the greek capital athens. >> thank you so much. >> we'll have more news from europe. now, let's return to kamal. >> i wanted to jump in there early. plenty more ahead - including china's great economic experiment, a free tradezone in shanghai. they may be team mates, but two rivals come together in spain in the motogp. รง]
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s conversation m a conversation conversation conversation conversation
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conversation lorjorge lorenzoarn you're on the newshour. these are the top stories. >> a leaked intelligence report says the kenyan government was alerted of possible attacks on the westgate mall ahead of the siege last week.
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67 died when al-shabab attacked the shopping center. the number is expected to rise. >> gunmen in nigeria attacked a college in yobe. 22 students were killed. it was suspected to be boko haram. >> 30 died in an explosion in pakistan. the third attack in a week. this happened near a crowded market and police station. >> we told you about problems in mali. we are hearing that the mallian army are exchanging gunfire in kidal. there was an explosion there at a storage facility for the united nations world food program kouds of kiddale. clearly a center of conflict with the army and rebels. we'll check in on that later. >> now to our top story, the
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revelations about the al-shabab attack on the westgate mall. >> joining us via skype steve hans hansen an associate professor. what do you make of these revelations, it seems the kenyan government had warning that al-shabab was planning this, a big scale attack outside of somalia. >> yes, it's hard to say for now. there has been the creation of committee for inquiry into the processes surrounding the westgate attack, and will probably inquire into the leadings and dealings of the kenyan intelligence services. it may be that there have been voices within the intelligence service that reported this. inside different intelligence, this is common.
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sometimes these voices are disappearing in all the - what they call noise. all the information and content. we cannot say that yet. i'm waiting and we'll see what in fact will come forward. i do hope that the kenyans make an independent inquiry. there's local questions that need to be answered. >> i'll be careful how i phrase the next section. is this something that al-shabab needed to do for their cause to show they are still a cause that can strike outside of somalia, and a big attack like this that had a lot of planning? >> i think in one sense you are on to something. al-shabab was not on the verge of collapsed but it was weakened. they needed to show strength, showing they could implement an attack like this. they did it before.
2:34 pm
if you look into it, they usually commit terrorist attacks. it's a strategy. they send a message to the world and the contributing nations to somalia. they say basically, "we are still a force to be reckoned with, we can implement and we can hit you if you hit us." >> give us a thought on where al-shabab fits into the picture. some commanders said they are taking directions from al qaeda - whether it's a group or philosophy. where do you think al-shabab fits into the large network of fighting groups. >> there's interesting interaction between al qaeda and al-shabab. it seems like most of the al qaeda leaders are happy that al-shabab, in fact, has more regional focus, that they concentrate on tactics within somalia and hitting the force contributing nations.
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so they seem to be agreement on this. there has been issues between the al qaeda leadership and the al-shabab leadership. what is interesting in the light of what happened in westgate is the criticism that al-shabab is hitting islamic and muslim sites. it may be what we saw is a way of showing that they take it into consideration, separating between believers and non-believers. that's one possibility. >> i'm going to interrupt you. we have to move on, we have more european news, thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> bye. >> more news from europe. felicity in london with that. >> the e.u. gave the slovenian government until tuesday to come up with economic reforms to deal with its budget crisis. those in the tourism trade, the
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most reliable industry is worried the government is not up to the challenge. we have more details. >> this is the picturesque slovenian resort. tourism is reliable in this small country, despite the global economic downturn. it brought in more than $3 billion, almost 10% of national exports. as one of the top two resorts in slovenia, it is a valuable jewel in the tourism crown. >> this family ran a bed and breakfast in the old town for six decades. this year has been a good one. mia has concerns about the government's handling of slovenia's economy. >> if we take care of our financial system as much as we care for the environment in europe, i think we would be in a big - it would be eden here, not trouble. >> he's not alone in his
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concerns. earlier this year thousands protested in towns across the country calling for reforms. the demonstrations called for the resignation of the government and early elections. the new government faces the same problem, but with less time and fewer options to tackle them. >> 1 october is a deadline given to the slovenian government by the e.u. to come up with a plan of economic reforms and privatisation of many countries. they should lower the deficit and prevent the country becoming a new economic patient of the e.u. selling state assets is a solution to the crisis. the governor of the bank of slovenia is not objecting to. >> sale of any state-owned enterprises would nevertheless benefit for the common good of slovenian economy and taxpayers. >> tourists enjoying the sun shine are oblivious to the
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economic turmoil. with the e.u.'s deadline approaching, the slovenian government is facing hard work and tough decisions if it's to steer the boat through rough economic waters. >> now, he may be the future king of the u.k., but prince charles is coming under scrutiny. his business deals are being investigated by parliament, and some critics feel the prince of wales is exceeded his palace by influencing politics as well. >> the duchy of cornwall, the land and property of prince of wales is so big it affects the lives of everyone in the south-west of england. when the duchy applies for permission for a project it gets its way. sometimes local politicians oppose it, but it's secretive as it is powerful. >> the information comes out trickle trickle. in this day and age, this
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century, anything to do with the monarchy should be open and transparent and people should know what is going on. >> you think in cornwell it isn't. >> no, it isn't. the duchy is worth over a million of the the philosophy underpinning them mirrors the views of prince charles. should he do this sort of thing at all. >> in the financial muscle of the duchy of cornwall and opponents of it and the prince of wales say it's so big that it's able to influence political and economic decisions often against the interests of people who live here. >> opponents of the prince of wales in london says the same thing applies on a national level, raising serious questions about the conduct of the man who will be king. >> the rule set in stone is that the monarchy in britain is political.
2:40 pm
not only does the queen meet the prime minister, but charles is known to write to and meet ministers on issues he's concerned about. his critics say it's in breach of his powers to reflect opinions on to people. >> he has a world view, a combination of traditional views and wholistic environmentalalism putting him in the manor house with serfs on the field. that's kind of his mentality. >> his supporters argue that the people expect the future king to exercise opinions and join in national debate. >> the prince is a gab fly putting independent views. so long as it's party political he has the right to do it. if we don't want him to do it, we should define what the prince
2:41 pm
of wales manies. >> at a time when support for the british monarchy is weaning the bebait on his politics runs against the grain. they may want to clear up what may be a problem in the future. >> you're up to date with the latest from here. back to doha. >> egypt's interim government has introduced a new 2.4 billion plan to fight poverty. marures include reducing -- measures include reducing public transport cost, reopening factories and abolishing school fees. >> lately many egyptians say they are fed up with rising food prices. the government says in the last month the cost of tom artos went up by more than 7% and green beans by 36%.
2:42 pm
>> translation: food is too expensive. dates, the cheapest thing, are too much. we can't afford to buy fruit any more. >> sellers have been told to drop their prices or the government will fix them. vendors, say the problem is with the wholesalers. >> translation: i welcome any prices imposed. we'll try to abide by the government guidelines. sometimes the wholesalers sell at high prices we cannot buy. >> this month the government announced the minimum wage will increase by 40%, starting from january. many say that is not enough. >> translation: the government is increasing the minimum salary to $107 a month will go to the pocket of merch ants. >> the government waved fees for children in state schools and there's a 70 million plan to reopen factories that closed over the last two years.
2:43 pm
a bus may be cheaper as well. the government is talking about reducing public transport fees. not everyone is convinced it will make a difference. >> we hear this all the time. nothing happens. if it does, it is for a short period. this happens with everything - transportation and food. >> one of the reasons why so many demonstrated against former president hosni mubarak, and the muslim brotherhood, is because they want social exchanges, and the interim government knows it has to deliver on promises to the poor. >> translation: the government is scared. it seems they are seeing unrest with the people. there are enough reports predicting there may be a revolution of the hungry if you can't control the prices. >> fruit and veg prices are falling. it's too soon to know if it will be enough to keep the egyptians
2:44 pm
from protesting on the streets once more. >> israel said it arrested a suspected spy at tel aviv airport. the man is a belgium citizen, spying for iran. >> monsouri allegedly entered under a false name. benyamin netanyahu makes his way to the united states to attend the u.n. general assembly. he said he'll tell the truth about iran's nuclear ambitious. it was the first exchange, the phone call between u.s. and iran in three decades. >> a 7-year itch - and how? find out who he is and what he did in a moment.
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welcome back. china's trialling a new free trade zone in shanghai, part of the premier's effort to liberalise the economy. the promise was made despite china not being able to sustain a growth rate of 7%. >> as part of the chinese administration for economic liberalisition they've launched a free trade zone in shanghai, to help with the national growth rate. it's been built as a laboratory of economic reform. it covers less than 1% of greater shanghai. the chinese government wants
2:47 pm
this small part of the city to do big things. it's a half hour drive from the center of shanghai's business district. within the 29km there is less state control over policies, like interest rates and foreign investment. import and export duties have been removed. foreign companies could come in creating competition for telecom gints. >> they looked to shanghai to usher china into a new economic era. across the river that used to be farm land. the current premier is hoping shanghai will lead china into economic change. something from the program will not impact china's economy that much. >> translation: the premier pushed very hard for this free trade zone. it's to show his resolution of the economic reform.
2:48 pm
it's more symbolic than concrete. he wants to copy the experience from hong kong in a limited way. it's not a real free trade or a complete free trade zone. >> it's hoped that the project will help the growth in china's economy. some feel it is years off. it boosted the local economy inside the zone. >> translation: my company benefitted a lot from it. sales are twice as much compared to the last month. if you want to sell property, someone will buy it without hesitation. >> what most economists want to see is how that expansion will be realised on a national level. the government has been guarded with the details and plans for the free trade zone and makes it clear it's a private project. >> the government and economists
2:49 pm
will track the progress. there'll be early indications when the stock and trading market open in asia. >> poor communication has been blamed for the death of 19 firefighters in the united states. they died battling a blaze in arizona. proper procedure was followed. crews' radios were not set up correctly. >> former head of chile's secret police has been found dead. the general shot himself outside his apartment in the capital. he was serving a sentence for crimes against humanity and on day release. >> mexico has over taken the world in terms of diabetes. the government is trying to persuade people to reduce their use of a key ingredient.
2:50 pm
>> like millions of fellow mexicans, this man is facing a health crisis. he has high blood pressure and is diabetic. he can't work and hopes the clinic will help him get back to health. >> i'm not eating salt. food tastes different, but it's not like you can eat it. >> the head of the clinic has seen countless patients struggling with their weight for blood pressure. >> we are seeing an increasing problem. it's a health issue because we don't have the proper infrastructure to deal with the complications so we practice alternative medicine. >> a third of mexicans have high blood pressure and 30,000 die from diabetes. mexico city has launched a
2:51 pm
campaign to bring down levels of salt. it encourages restaurants to take shakers off the table. people have to go through the hassle of asking for salt and having it delivered to their table. the restaurant was the first to put the shakers away. >> every day fewer people ask for salt shakers. if you eat a certain type of mexican food, add lemon with salt. those people will ask for it. considering that, the program is dead on. >> but the fact is millions of mexicans eat in the street than upscale restaurants. >> this food, tackos and sandwiches is salty. if it was not salty enough, most add a dash or two before digging in. >> it's not just street stalls, processed food is found
2:52 pm
everywhere, packed with fat and salt. some say the government should regulate junk food - something unlikely to happen. for many n restaurants the shakers are off the table, and that is a start. >> very interesting stuff. 50 cars have been sold for half a million at auction. that's in nebraska. built in the 1950s, "60s, and "70s, they went under the hammer with fewer than 30km. they were sold by a car dealer, storing them on his farm sips they were knew, didn't put anything on the clock. clever man. now he gets lots of money. >> jo has the sport. >> kenyan runner wilson kipsang broke the record. he's a four-time winner in
2:53 pm
berlin. he took control in the last 10km. he held off a strong field. not even publicity seeker at the finish line could stop him shaiching 15 seconds from the record. finishing if a time ahead of his pat patry ots. the previous best time was set by patrick makau, another kenyan. it's wilson kipsang's first win of the year. one/two finish in the imens, florence kiblagat won in a time of 2 hours, 55 minutes and 13 seconds. >> on to football. there were eight yellow yards. a penalty conceded with minutes left. the goalkeeper saved blushes
2:54 pm
blocking anders fernandez - for a player to rebound. >> elsewhere: >> in english premier league norwich won at stoke, liverpool beat sunderland at the stadium of light to go second in the league. it marked swoour ez return after a ban for biting an opponent. it was a combination that helped the reds to a 3-1 win. liverpool go above tottenham on goals scored. >>? sooerie a juventus won. intermillan lost ground on the top three.
2:55 pm
latsio could only draw. third place roma kicked off against berlonia. >> english goaler david howell ended a 3-year winless streak. he won in a play-off. he birdied the second hole finishing 23-under par. >> it's a dream come drew. it's a big event as well. i have a habit of not winning many. when i do, they are good ones, this is really pleasing to knock this off. i am obviously delighted. >> vos won the women's road race. 61 of 208 starters finished. that included britain's tour
2:56 pm
winners, bradley wiggens quit the race. costa and rod reeg ez were left to contest the speech. the portuguese riding claimed the goods. >> marc marquez inches closer to his motogp world title. the rider started from pole for the seventh time this season, looking to extend his lead. pit team pat dani pedrosa and jorge lorenzo -- team-mate dani pedrosa and jorge lorenzo made the best start. dani pedrosa crashed while marc marquez reeled in the counter world champion to win by a second, going 39 clear in the race for the title. 100 points remain. >> i wasn't deliver many laps. when i catch jorge lorenzo, he
2:57 pm
wanted to break, to stop me a little bit. but i overtake him quite quick and i tried to open the gap. that 25 points is important. >> to major league baseball, anxiety petit finished his -- andy petit finished his career. he played for the eastern astros, conceding one rough on five hits, striking out five in his first complete game since 2006. marilands the boston red some lost 6- -- red socks lost 6-5. >> that is all the sport for now. >> jo is back in a couple of hours. as always the news continues on
2:58 pm
al jazeera. take a look. five hits, striking out five in take a look. his first complete game since
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
welcome to al jazeera america. i'm david shuster in new york. the us government is headed to its first federal shutdown in 17 years. house republicans approved a spending bill overnight delaying the affordable care act known as obamacare, and that republican bill will be dead upon arrival in the democratic controlled senate. president obama promised to veto a resolution targetting his health plan. it provided plenty of verbal rhetoric on both sides of the aisle. >> the man leading a movement to defund obamacare, senator ted cruz, defended the house vote. >> the house at 12:30 in the morning voted to keep


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