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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ . >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm steve in doha and these are the top story, the refugee prime minister is in indonesia after a boat sinks and 40 are dead in iraq as bombs go off in sheer areas of baghdad and the prime minister and an aim at peace talks with kurdi
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kurdishs. >> reporter: could obama stance to iraq lead to a rocky relationship with israel and also ahead. >> we keep finding carcasses poisoned by poachers using cyanide and i will show you what is happening inside a game park in zimbawbe. >> reporter: but first it is one of the biggest challenges facing southeast asia in years and that is thousands of refugees setting off by boat to australia and many drown to the journey to what they hope will be a better life and at least 13,000 have already made that journey in the first six months of this year. the newly-elected prime minister tony abbot made immigration a
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priority and he is in indonesia where the boats set out from and this is days after 28 people died after a boat carrying seekers sank off the coast. and he wants to send boats like that one back with the help of the australian military and i'm joined by al jazeera steph who is in west java and tell us more about where you are and why you are there. >> yeah, i'm here at the place where actually 28 of the survivors of this boat accident of last friday are being kept and basically being questioned by police and immigration officials about what happened, what they were planning to do and most of all who organized the trip to australia which people smuggling organization is behind it and paid a lot of money, $10,000 and promised a trip to australia and arrive
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quickly and the boat was fully equipped is what they were told but what happened was an awful act and they were at sea for more than four days and many lost relatives here and i'm here with a survivor who had an awful ordeal at sea himself and lost relatives as well and he is from jordan and, yeah, i'm wondering what was exactly the most dramatic moment at sea, your experience? >> we were standing for four days, maybe like five days, and at the second day we run out of food and the third day was water. we were going in circles. the captain didn't know idea where he is going. at the fourth day we run out of fuel and everything and the engine was killed. >> reporter: you asked the
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australia navy to come in for help. what happened? >> we asked the indonesia government for help but nobody was able to help us, i don't know why. >> you saw your relatives drowning around you at the end. >> everybody died, children, women, my relatives, everybody was dying. >> reporter: you knew that the australia had a more restrictive policy and basically nobody can go to australia any more and every one will be send to new guinea but you were willing to take the risk. >> i heard about it and i just got to take my chances, that is it. i was here in indonesia and paid already the money and i said maybe they will like make some arrangement for me, maybe they will hear my story and they will believe me. >> reporter: you must be really desperate to find a better life to do this.
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>> of course, of course, of course, we were so desperate, all of us, not just me. there is people from lebanon and people from iraq and just war and savages and militias and everything like that. and they were running from war, from killing to peace country to. >> reporter: will you try it again or not? >> no, i'm not going to try again, i lost it and i'm not going to try it again. >> reporter: what is your option? >> my option is going back to my country if i can. if they let me. >> reporter: okay, thank you very much. from jordan and this is coming the same day and moment as we speak so tony abbot the new prime minister of australia is meeting the president of indonesia and discussing the new policies that tony abbot proposed and one is towing boats
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back to indonesia and buying the boats of fishermen and all policies are being discussed right now. >> reporter: many thanks for joining us, steph. some more background on the refugees heading towards australia. here is where that particular boat carrying 80 people sank just a few days ago. as you can see it's off the southern coast of the java island and victims came as far away as iraq and lebanon but it's one of the many in the past year alone and 400 carrying asylum seekers arrived in australia and 45,000 people landed on australia shores and that is the reason why the new australia prime minister tony abbot started this controversial plan, quote stop the boats. and i'm joined live by andrais
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who is with the human rights watch and they go to australia seeking a better life and many don't make it, what are your concerns of the human rights organization about perhaps tony abbot's plan? >> our concern is that it's not humanized these people, it's not humanized with the asylum seekers because when they are in the high seas and indonesia waters the danger is pretty big. meanwhile they themselves don't way to stay because they are detained and can't move and kids cannot go to school and staying is not an option. they want to go to australia prior to getting into the country where they would like to accept them. what abbot should do is ask the government to sign and ratify the refugee conventions because
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that is the mechanism to protect the asylum seekers. >> why is this not happening at the international convention? >> it's not a priority because we have 20,000, 30,000 refugees inside java but that is an island of more than 100 million people and corruption is a problem here and poverty is a problem here. >> reporter: would you prefer tony abbot not to take any action or would you prefer him to stop refugees leaving indonesia because of risks they encounter when you just heard that tragic story from the young man who lost a lot of his family? >> well, tony abbot cannot work alone and he needs the cooperation of the indonesia government and this is not just a problem for australia, this is
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australia and indonesia and afghanistan, i ran and iraq and many other countries and they have to work together and what is the mechanism for them to work together, the refugees because the international and u.n. has a mechanism and humanitarian mechanism of dealing with asylum seekers and they need to sit down and talk about, hey, you need to follow this convention, both of you. the indonesia and australia government. >> reporter: they are talking at the moment and for the moment thank you very much indeed. at least 48 people have been killed, almost 190 are wounded in a series of bomb attacks in the iraq capital baghdad and they share areas of the city and are targeted and caroline
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reports. >> this is one of the deadly attacks of the day and a bomb went off in a parked car near a busy intersection in baghdad. >> a white vehicle here and workers and suddenly the bomb went off and in two parts, the first there and the other part there. >> reporter: people scrambled for help and four blasts hit other neighbors and parking lots and an outdoor market and places resulted in a large number of civilians injured and killed. security has been tightened across iraq as repeated violence claims more and more lives. even a northern kurdish region usually a more peaceful part of the country was hit on sunday. the coordinated suicide and car bomb went off, the first major attack since 2007. >> the need for new political approach to win over especially
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those people in the area that feel and the sunnis and the government has not done enough in the street. also now what is happening it could reflect the increasing role by some of the iraqi kurdish leaders in syria especially in the kurdish, syria area and the relation between iraq and syria is so much interlinked that whatever happened in syria will go to iraq. >> reporter: the u.n. refugee agency is increasingly concerned about people running away from violence in iraq. and 5,000 people have been displaced in the country this year. joining more than a million others for many previous years of violence. and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: there has been a suspected u.s. drone strike on a residential compound in pakistan, it happened in north waziristan on the border of
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afghanistan and three people have been killed and another person was injured. in kenya apparel menry hearing on the westgate mall attack allegedly involving the head of the intelligence service is postponed regarding the siege at the mall in nairobi and these pictures have been released and reports say the government was warned a year ago of the possibility of an attack. and we are at the mall in nairobi and a committee on defense and attorney relations and administration and security is going to have a look at the mall. what is the purpose of that visit, what do they have to achieve? >> well, all of these come from all parties, steven, want to see for themselves what is going on because no one else has been allowed into the area, the media only foreign forensic teams have had access.
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they want to see for themselves before they get into interviewing and questioning thoroughly all of the security chiefs at state level, the head of intelligence services, the defense minister and a number of other officials. they want to make sure that they have their act together with respect to what evidence there might be and they are laymen and not forensic scientists and questionable how much can be achieved with this visit due to take place in a few hours and questionable as to whether or not the media will be allowed for the first time behind the security court steven. >> reporter: the inquiry has been postponed, as you hinted there, so many unanswered questions, forensic examination continuing and death toll and figures on missing persons, i mean is anybody coming up, with any answers to these questions?
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>> it's a situation and for kenya who has missing people still it's an incredibly distressing situation and mourning loss of loved ones it's a distressing situation because the government is careful in the way it's trying to manage the information but in being careful some believe it's a big mistake. i have been speaking to the secretary general of the red cross who seems fairly angry that so many people are getting distressed because the figures don't add up and the figures the government get and the figures the red cross is getting and the fact that the interior minister joseph is insisting that there are no more bodies of hostages in the rubble. when we have the figure from the kenya red cross of 39 reported missing. and that is a lot of people still very distressed and some of those reported missing cases may not be relevant to what happened here, but something does not add up, none of the
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event, the interior minister and his address on sunday said categorically there was though way the attackers could have escaped through a tunnel. we have seen the tunnel and know you can access it from the mall. it's connected to storm drains in the wet land behind me but insists, no, we sealed the entire area slip and he slipped on citizen television later on that the plans for the building and blue prints of the building were not accessed by security forces until monday. now the attacked happened on saturday and according to sources and other media organizations, the map for the building was acquired by attackers a month if not more of the event taking place and that we are sure of because we also know that they had a shop, this has been fairly well publicized and leasing a shop in the
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building, probably, i'm assuming but we don't have proof, because they were there planning attack weeks and weeks in advance and other armaments and other weapons supplies and ammunition could well have been in the building beyond the three teams that attacked the building from three different places and the carnage that ensued. >> lots of allegations of security irregularitys. you are watching the news hour and still to come murdered while they slept, we report from nigeria on an attack by the radical armed group boco-haran and the political crisis threatens to divide them and find out who scraped in the playoffs and we will have those details in sport. ♪ the prime minister announced a
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long awaited package of reforms, and it's part of a push to address concerns by minorities in the country to reenergize the peace process for the movement of pkk and why are they driving the changes. >> we will declare a set of provide urs and they will never be the last and will be followed by other procedures in order to increase freedom and democracy in turkey and we need to boost and support the steps taken by editor for turkey to be a modern and developed country. >> reporter: let's look at how turkey reached this point with the kurds, the party was founded in 1978, 6 years later it began an armed revolt against turkey and the 30 year conflict killed more than 30,000 people and in 1999 the pkk's founder was
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captured in kenya, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment and called for a cease fire as a result of talks for the tushish authorities and declared the fighters were beginning to withdraw on the 8th and on the pkk said they halted the withdraw because of lack of positive steps on the turkish government side and we are live from the predominately kurdish city in turkey. tell us more about these proposed reforms omar. >> he made the point that he calls it his historic points of critical time in the history of this nation, let me run them by you quickly and allowed the reforms and education in another
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language at private schools, change of names and kurdish villages and allowed to restore names and if the bigger ones would like to change the names it's up to the people to do so and also something we knew and also increase in punishment for crimes or what they call hate crimes to curb discrimination and the hate crimes are based on religion, ethnicity or belief, there is possibility and they said we are open for the possibility to lower the election threshold and this would allow parties and particularly turkish parties and will talk about that and addressed other minorities. he gave a chair to the otherwise naming a university after a leading figure. of course he returned the tushish state returned and land confiscated by the state at some point and returned it to a
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christian foundation and also the band, lifting the ban on women wearing headscarfs and this is new and the ban will not be lifted on the military, in the military of the judiciary or police and finally with regards to the roman people the government will allow the establishment of institutions to develop their culture and language, so this is what the prime minister called the historic reform package. >> reporter: okay, we have yet to see whether they are historic or not and it's a bit early days to say they are historic by the prime minister but what is more important perhaps, omar, is there is a lot of detail with these proposals but are they generally aimed at perhaps restarting some kind of impetus towards more or greater reconciliation with the pkk? >> yes, what the government is
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saying that this package will reflect the desire by the government to implement the goals and their promises throughout the ten years in power and they do not want to call it, it is a push to appease the worker's party. however, the package reform, the reforms are concentrated and focused on addressing those issues, so in a sense, yes, they are aimed at pleasing the kurds. let me give you some reaction. we spoke to a politician from the main, the biggest kurdish party here in turkey and says those reforms do not meet the basic needs of the kurds and we cannot call them revolutionary and it will be up to the pkk and the jailed leader obdala to give the final say with regards to the peace process or call those reforms historic or not. so we are yet, we still have to
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wait to see the results of those reforms proposed by the government. >> reporter: and we do and omar many thanks omar. protests against austerity members are continuing. [chanting] they demand the president resign over charges which led to a big rise in fuel prices and dozens were protested outside the embassy in cairo. gunmen opened fire at policemen in northern sinai killing two and wounding some and it's the latest attack in what is a volatile peninsula and they opened fire in two towns and wounding five soldiers and a civilian. israeli prime minister is due to
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meet president obama in a few hours with iran at the top of the agenda. u.s. and iran have been moving closer together with caution, but israel seems to be sticking to the hard line stance towards iran's nuclear program and we look at what each side wants. >> this photo op summed up president's barack obama relationship with the prime minister in the term and united states was refumed by him and smiles by the u.s. president in israel, the first foreign trip after reelection and meant to smooth over the rough relationship but the president's resent speech at the united nations may have made it tougher and appeared to be pressuring israel on what he says are the top two foreign policy priorities. >> real breakthroughs on these two issues, iran's nuclear
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program and israeli palestinian peace would have a profound and positive impact on the entire middle east to north africa. >> reporter: on iran the president is not talking about attacking but talking and putting the focus on the diplomatic solution and he made it clear what he wants and literally drew everyone a picture at the u.n. last year and wants a red line drawn, a threat that the u.s. military will bomb nuclear facilities sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the israelis are fearful that president obama will go and taking off the table of a military strike and the president wants time and patience and let the americans pursue the diplomatic approach and if it fails to trust the united states to take care of it. >> reporter: it seems to have made that an easier sell, at least for the american people,
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as he is consistently described as a moderate unlike his predecessor. >> they don't have nashad and he was the gift that kept on giving for the iran haters and the chest thumpers around the world and the joke in tehran or maybe not a joke, with the departure they lost their best agent in tehran. >> they may fear they are losing the backer for the military strike and he will push from tough words from the president and the definitive timeline and if he doesn't get it the relationship may look less like this but this once again. patty with al jazeera washington. >> and dozens of nigeria students are in hospital after an attack by suspected islamic fighters, several ambulances were seen leaving the school and
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members of the group are said to have killed dozens of students as they slept in dorms and they set fire to classrooms as well. boca-haran translates to western education is fore bid enand the group formed in 2001 and they create an islamic state. the movement was violent in 2010 when the group attacked police during a jail break and 700 people died. a year later as the president jonathan was sworn to office bombs went off and 15 people died and they attacked a prison and police post killing 55 people. and joining us now from mike, he is the former director of nigeria state of security service. why, mike, did boca-horan single the students out and murder them? >> well, welcome, i cannot
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explain why they did this act because if you recall that the 14th of may when this was declared, they have been on the decline and recently there is an approach of isolated attacks and the reason for this is to break down the leadership of boca-haran and they have not properly organized the group and the process and these are isolated attacks but the purely war crime, a crime. >> reporter: and cold blooded killings against students who are asleep at the time.
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how would you describe the organization boca-horan? >> well, the opposition that is there, you know, this is by some powers that be, but has not turned out to be the practice that they can no longer control. but the worry aspect is that the attack on innocent citizens and initially it was regarding al-qaeda and it's a terrorist group and the united states has known that and it's a terrorist group and the government needs to come out to take action. >> reporter: mike ejiofor thank
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you and we are coming out of that interview because the sound is breaking up to be honest but thank you mike for talking to us. >> thank you. >> reporter: more than 140,000 people have been moved from coastal areas in central vietnam as typhoon closes in. the storm sunk two chinese boats and 75 fishermen are missing and the waves are battering the north central shoreline and let's have a look at the weather with richard. >> thanks, steven, and it's an intense storm system and you see on the satellite image moving in toward vietnam and made landfall as we speak and you see the track is likely to take across vietnam and before it begins to disintegrate and 1800 today and we will see winds of 120 kph sustained and gusts of 150 and quite stormy conditions expected. and the main issue is the rain
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as the system begins to move across. we are expecting another 100 millimeters of rain and for northern parts of time we had wet weather and we don't need more rain at all. and it's weak to wednesday and start to lose it then as a significant feature. meanwhile on the other side of the pacific, the weather has been a particularly unsettled also, not quite in the same league as we are but seen very heavy rain and some snowfall in the columbia mountains developing from this particular area of low pressure. so seattle has a reputation of being a wet place and at the moment very heavy rain monday on through into tuesday with some snow in more elevated locations. steven? >> thanks, richard, you are watching al jazeera, the news hour and described as the worst ever poaching incident in zimbabwe and elephants are being
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killed and bad news and rafael will explain what that means in a moment. ♪ ç]
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♪ welcome back, a reminder of the top stories at al jazeera, australia prime minister abbot is in chicago meeting the indonesia president and talking on refugee policy stopping people from going from indonesia to australia. 48 people are killed and many more wounded.
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parliamentary meeting and they were due to face questions and leaked reports say the government was warned a year ago of the possibility of an attack. the leader of the golden dawn party and other members are due in court on sunday, the second in command of the party is the latest to be charged of belonging to an organization and debating to cut the state funding to the far right party. it looks like australia is governing the coalition may have gained votes and less than support on parliament on sunday and reached a majority it needs to potentially stay in power, the partnership is made up of social democrats and the conservative people's party. there is just -- well there are just a few hours to go before deadline for u.s. politicians come up with a deal over their budget, some government services will then start to shut down but
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as jooen reports from washington d.c. they are not close to making a deal. >> reporter: they are playing the blame game. >> this is a terrible destructive strategy and totally unnecessary. >> reporter: the president is saying i will shut down golf if you don't give me everything i want on obamacare. >> house will be in order. >> reporter: in the wee hours of sunday morning the republican-controlled house of representatives did pass legislation funding the government. >> i said this on the floor and i say it again, this is it. >> reporter: but the democraticily controlled senate has already promised to reject it because of two amendments tacked on in the house, one delays for a year implementation of the affordable care act, so called obamacare. the other eliminates attacks on medal devices such as wheelchairs that would partially fund the healthcare law. mr. obama's existing healthcare
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law is the real bone of contention, conservative republicans tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to repeal it and democrats say that is the goal here. >> calculated strategy to drive us to the cliff and say give us what we want in the affordable care act or we will shut down the government. >> reporter: it needs changes and democrats have not been willing to address them. >> so far majority leader harry reid told the american people to go jump in a lake. he said i'm not willing to compromise, i'm not willing to even talk. >> reporter: a member of the house republican leadership says we will not shut down the government but there is no clear way to avoid it. >> senate, where art thou. >> reporter: house republicans rallied sunday urging the senate to come back and take action, but there is no sign that either party is softening the position and at the moment no way to
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avoid a shut down at midnight on monday and jean with al jazeera in washington. >> reporter: they attempt to push italy to new elections may be heading for failure. the multi-billion air will talk about the decision to pull five ministers from the coalition government and facing increasing resistance from within his own party. let's find out about italian political machinations and we will go live in rome and sanya over to you. >> the political storm is a little one here in rome. however, the politicians have been digesting the resent event, the prime minister has two days and he goes to parliament to face the vote of confidence in
6:37 am
his government and also to workout exactly what possible options there are to save the country to avoid for it to be dissolved and we will discuss this, a professor of economy at the university, what are the options for the italian government at the time? >> the options are it will go wednesday on the house and try to collect 24 votes it needs to have a confidence vote, the problem is that however he will try to get this vote is not going to be able to have a majority that this uniform on what these supposed to be done for this and this is a danger and they will have confidence but held by the same vote and he will collect in the house. >> reporter: there has already been suggestions in the press that the crisis of the weekend has turned from a political crisis effecting the government
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to affecting the pdl and how is that affecting the pdl from what you can see? >> the pdl is clearly in a difficult stage right now and to voices for the first time since he went into politics his party is showing withdraw support and the problem is they are withdrewing support because of what he did on friday, asking a member of the cabinet to step down or ask member of the cabinet to step down because he sensed the party is kind of going away from him and once again in the last 20 years there are links to the sort of the liaison party. >> reporter: transferring itself to the market and the economic situation here and let's talk a little of the impact and have seen some of that in the market this morning. >> the market acted abruptly and
6:39 am
the spread difference of the italian and the german one and 25 points and the stock markets are down. of course any turmoil on the political side will become in this fragile economic situation italy is in and europe has been for the last three or four years and will translate. >> reporter: we seem to have lost him in rome. talking about that teetering left, right, government. and he may not have his own way it seems from latest reports out of the coalition party. let's move on to jordan, the king hoo sane had an obsession with cars. the museum showcasing his collection is the most visited in the country and we explain why it's now being seen as a window into jordan's history. >> reporter: some of the rarest cars in the world are found in
6:40 am
the capitol in jordan and the late private collection at the royal automobile museum. here you can see vehicles as old as this 1916 cadillac given to king hussian in the 80s and this car was the first to enter the country, this 1952 convertible was first used by the royal palace in england before it was brought for the core -- coronation when he was 18 and this with the god-winged doors was his favorite. >> this is one of the most important historic cars in the world from a sporting perspective and jordan from a historic perspective, not only is it a very unique and very desirable sports car right now worldwide but also it can -- he started racing hill climbs in it in 1955 with his friend.
6:41 am
>> reporter: he survived two assassinations and he called it the blessed one and drove the 1952 ashton martin studying in the uk and the 61 lincoln convertible was used for official and private events including the wedding and coronation and used by the royal palace today. all the cars are in working condition and are driven once a week. the museum receives 10,000 visitors a month and the most visited in the country. >> it's the condition of the cars and what they collected over the years is phenomenal. >> this is a memorial one for jordans and the late king was last seen alive in public in this car upon his return from cancer treatment in the united
6:42 am
states in 1999. after his death, the car was never used again by the jordan royal family. even though he was living his last days the king insisted on greeting his people through the sun roof of the 1975 pullman model and this is a reminder of a leader they loved for foreivis and showcases the cars. >> and still to come we will have a look at sport around the world including we will be meeting the man who brought the football the world cup to africa and begins his new job. ♪
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♪ welcome back, zimbabwe is home to the large herds of elephant and poaching is increasing and more brutal methods are used to kill the animals and we report from the largest game park. >> they say this is the worst incident of poaching ever in zimbabwe and the elephants were poisoned by porchers using cyanide and more are in the game park. police found cyanide stashed in villages and porchers have been arrested. >> it has gone on so long but not forever. we will not allow the porchers to do this. we have also in the past few days saw the jailing of criminals for 16 years and
6:45 am
anybody involved in this industry and this poaching exercise will deliver the system in terms of sending them to prison. >> more than 90 dead elephants have been found and they believe the tusks are sold to dealers in asia where they are in high demand. cyanide was put in the water but impossible to know where it started and managing the crisis is difficult because it's huge game park and dealing with animals and you can't put up a sign that says please don't drink the water. government officials say they are struggling to deal with poaching because of targeted sanctions imposed on zimbabwe more than ten years ago and no money to protect the animals and animal rights groups fear more will die. >> the downstream effect of all animals that will die because of this and poisoned is alarming
6:46 am
and i would like to think they are doing their best, yes, but they are constrained because of a financial position at the moment. >> reporter: this is home to africa's largest elephant herds and no way of knowing where or when poachers using cyanide will strike next, the game park. >> and let's look around the world at the world of sport. >> thank you very much. the man who brought the football world cup to africa begins a new job and he was president of the south african football association over the weekend and returns to the job with distinction between 1997 and 2004 and he left to head up and host the world cup and returns with the national side struggling after they failed to qualify for the 2014 tournament in brazil. and this will miss the matches
6:47 am
including the tie with celtic on tuesday and he picked up an injury of 2-0 win saturday and he was forced off after 28 minutes and on sunday he had an injury to his right thigh and he will miss the saturday's home game and the injury is expected to keep him out 2-3 weeks. and on sunday also in spain he missed the chance in madrid and third place and they had the first loss of the season to go to 11th and this score. and louis scored goals on return to the english league and he had served a 10-match ban for biting an opponent and his double and the goal of giving liver pool 3-1 win at the stadium and moves them in second on goals scored and liver pool saying that they
6:48 am
are as good as anywhere in the league regarding partnership. >> and really coming to the team and it's great for the team and supporters because his talent and supporters deserve to see someone of that quality but his talent deserves to be on the field and not the stands and we are working hard to make sure it happens this season. >> and producers announce and liver pool supporters and for us we need to be two points ahead and we will complete the top four and evenerton could go if they beat them on monday and you are 12 on the table. and argentina and when they are at home and they lead the premier division and scored in the 20th minute by rodriguez,
6:49 am
and perez sealed the win in the second half in the 70th minute and score is 2-5. rodriguez to over turn a doping ban is heating up with an appeal and he was suspended on august the 15 but can play until the decision and a decision will expect the following 24 days. and a-rod battles for his future the mlb is half qualified is cleveland indians and secured a wild card birth as they entered the post season for the first time in five years and a 2-run homer in the first inning and beat the indians 5-1 and the clinch begins on tuesday.
6:50 am
the indians could face the tampa basis in the wild card and they were 7-6 on sunday to set off with the texas rangers for the second wild card spot and they beat the la angels and they smashed two home runs as texas went out 6-2. to the national league and the cards clinched home field advantage after beating the chicago cubs 4-0. the win saw them sweep the three-game series of the cubs to steal the best record in the league. down in florida, the marlins pitched a no hitter against the detroit tigers and allowed no base hits and removing the batters in the 9th but still had to wait for the no hit.
6:51 am
and they managed to score when luke had a world pitch sparking celebration and he is the 5th player to throw a no hitter the season is going in nfl and the first win of the campaign and let's go to london and the vikings beat them 34-27 and peterson had two touchdowns each and were at home on the other side of the atlantic. >> yeah, man, it was electric and coming out of the tunnel, you know, and just looking down and seeing the purple yellow, it was a good mix and we trumped them a little with the purple going out there but it was full of energy, you know, and it felt like a home game. >> mark edged closer to the world title after winning it in spain and the honda rider
6:52 am
started for the 7th time this season and looking to extend his league at the top of the standing but it was teammates that got the start and mark made contact with pedrosa and he crashed by the finish and he will wane and goes 3 points clear in the race for the i the title with 100 points. >> and i was winning by some laps and i saw that he was like wanting to break and stop me a little bit but i got up to him quick and tried to open that up and got the points. >> reporter: on two wheels, he won't the race at the world championships in italy and the weather took its toll as 61 of the 208 starters managed to finish included the tour de
6:53 am
france riders and quit the 272 race around florida and it was the spanish rider rodriguez for the sprint at the end and produced what is the biggest win of his career. and there was another victory for portugal on the tennis court and won this for the first portugeese ever to claim a title and he won 3-6-2-6-7-4. ended a 7 year endless streak at the links championship and beat peter uline, the former ryder cup player and they both finished 23 under par. >> and it's a dream come true and big event as well and i have a habit of not winning many but when i do they are good ones and
6:54 am
this is, you know, really pleasing to knock this one off and this is nice to chat. >> reporter: massive step closer to automatic qualifications for the 2015 cricket world cup and had 155 runs on sunday for second in the world cricket league for the associate nations to reach the world cup automatically and they have top spots and they occupy second place the progression is not guaranteed and afghanistan has two games and could go to the world cup instead. lots more sport on our website, check out al forward sport and detail how to get in contact with the team with twitter and we have blogs and clips from around the world. that was a bulletin. >> i enjoyed it especially the
6:55 am
cyclists pulling out in florence. mexico is trying to kick a dangerous salt habit and they love the food but with diabetes, health problems and obesity on increase experts say it's time to make changes and adam reports. >> reporter: like millions of fellow mexicans he is facing a health crisis. he has high blood pressure and is diabetic. it's so bad he can't work anymore. and now he hopes this clinic will help him get back to health. >> translator: i'm not eating salt and it has not been hard and food taste different but you can eat it. and people who are healthy should not eat too much salt. >> reporter: the head of the clinic sees countsless patients everyday struggling with weight and blood pressure. >> translator: we are seeing an increasing problem, it's a health issue because we don't have the proper infrastructure
6:56 am
to deal with the complications of the patients and practice medicine and early detection. >> reporter: nearly a third of mexicans have high blood pressure and around 70,000 mexicans die every year from diabetes and they have a campaign to bring down levels of salt consumption and encourages restaurants to take shakers off the table for people having to go through a hassle of asking for salt and having it delivered to their table. the restaurant was the first to put the shakers away. >> translator: everyday fewer people are asking for salt shakers and if you are eating a certain type of mexican food or taquilla add lemon to salt and will still ask for it but considering that the program is dead on. >> reporter: but the fact is millions of more mexicans eat in the street than upscale restaurants. and this food is tacos and
6:57 am
greasy sandwiches is really salty and what people eat on the street of mexico and if it's not salty enough people add a dash or two before digging in. >> it's not just street salt, processed feed is found everywhere and most is packed with salt and fat and critics say the government should regulate junk food to really attack the program and unlikely to happen any time soon. in many restaurants the shakers are off the table and that is a start. adam with al jazeera mexico city. >> reporter: russian rocket blasted into space from kazastan and providing internet to africa and middle east and the first launch since a rocket carrying a satellite cost $200 million and crashed in july.
6:58 am
and it will be taking off in just a few minutes. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy feyman, a research assistant at
6:59 am
the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely. they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them. >> jen, the young invincibles are in the 18-34 group.
7:00 am
>> the final countdown to a shutdown lawmakers in washington have 17 hours to strike a deal to fund the federal government. hopes for a last minute compromise are looking grim. president obama welcomed israeli prime minister to the white house. why when it comes to iran the talks may be tense. >> back to court, b.p. faces the prospect of a penalty in the next legal phase from the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. >> love and life and now elevated for posterity, the late pope john


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