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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. >> violence eruptses tens of thousands take to the streets on cairo. protesters marking the attack of forces at the signi. >> those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but not hide. >> secretary of state john kerry speaking out hours after two raids were lunched targetting members of the al-shabab and al
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qaeda. >> inspectors have started to destroy syria's weapon stockpiles. >> the sixth day of the government shutdown - without any movement in site. >> violent clashes in egypt again. that stand-up between egyptian security forces and anti-coup protesters killed 15, injuring 85 others, according the the health ministerry. rallies are held to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1973 war with israel. procoup demonstrators gathered at trair. they had glass with abdul fatah
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al-sisi. -- they had glags with abdul fatah al-sisi. >> we spoke to a correspondent in cairo, who is remaining anonymous for security isecurity reasons. >> for the past fewer hours security forces pushed back anti-coup protesters. the march happened at 2 o'clock. we were at the head of the march, at the beginning of the march. there were easily 2,000-3,000 people there. certainly the biggest protest there has been in egypt since the violent crackdown in mid-august. that march made its way towards tahrir square. more joined it. perhaps 5,000 people. as got to 1.5-2km from tahrir square, they were met by the security forces, using vollies
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of tear gas and firing live rounds into the air pushed the protesters back and scattered them. they were on the main road, tar rear street, but scattered down the roads off tahrir streets and the security forces made it difficult for them to regroup. they kept up the pressure on them, firing the tear gas and the live rounds into the air. >> elsewhere two raids - one continent, both targetting accused terrorists. special forces launching separate attacks in libya and somalia - aimed at members al qaeda and al-shabab. secretary of state john kerry said it is sending a message to militants in north africa. >> we hope it makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its efforts to hold those accountable who conduct acts of terror, and
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those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run, but you can't hide. we'll continually try to bring people to justice in an appropriate way. >> meanwhile in somalia a navy seal team launching an operation against a senior leader of al-shabab happening in barawe along the coast. peter greste is in the capital with the details. >> we don't have much information beyond what the u.s. acknowledged - that is that they were involved in the attack on the beach house in the south of somalia. unofficially we had a number of sources confirming it was seal team six the unit responsible for killing osama bin laden in 2011. the target was saleh ali saleh nabhan, the leader of al-shabab.
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the americans acknowledge they failed, and one person was killed in the offensive. we understand from al-shabab he was only a relatively junior guard. the fact that al-shabab was able to fight off an elite unit, an elite special forces unit suggests that they were well prepared, they knew in advance that this was coming or they must have anticipated it. it suggests that they are well organised - to fight off that kind of attack takes considerable skill and suggests that al-shabab may not be as weak as commentators suggested. that, combined with the skill and organization behind the westgate offensive suggests that they are something of a threat. we are expecting to see continued operations against al-shabab by the americans and allied forces over the coming weeks and months. >> as we indicated the other raid happened 4,000 miles away in libya. this time a suspected member of the al qaeda was the target.
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pentagon confirming the target was abu anas al liby, wanted by the u.s. for more than a decade, with a $5 million bounty on his head. libya is demanding that u.s. provide answers on the capture of that suspect in libya. >> we are joined by jeanne meserve, and what exactly is the u.s. saying about the arrest? >> the pentagon press secretary is saying that abu anas al liby is being lawfully detained under military law at an undisclosed location outside of libya. they are not saying what that location is. right now in washington, democrats are saying democrats and republicans are not agreeing on much. several republican lawmakers have issued statements applauding the operation. collaboration between military organizations. they urge that he be intergated to be exploited fully for what
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he might know about the al qaeda network. we received a statement from caitlin hayden, the spokesperson from the security council. she indicates that is the case, and says that the president urged when possible that suspects be taken alive so they can be intergated and that is what they had done to order to elicit valuable intelligence, and bring a dangerous terrorist to justice. where he will be brought to justice is a question. abu anas al liby is under indictment in the u.s. in the district of new york for his involvement in the embassy bombings in 1998. very much a wanted man. he had a $5 million bounty on his head. >> do we know whether the u.s. communicated with their libyan counterparts before this arrest happened? >> there have been reports that the u.s. had communicated with the libyan government.
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as you have mentioned the libyan government is saying publicly that there was no communication, that it wants an explanation, and this was a kidnapping of one of its citizens. the u.s. government is not saying publicly anything more about their interactions with the libyan government. privately we don't know what conversations are taking place. >> jeanne meserve joining us live from washington. thank you. >> weapons inspectors have started to destroy syria's chemical weapon stockpiles, the spokespersons not identifying where the weapons were or what was destroyed. they have until the end of the month to disable syria's kepton building facilities. syria is thought to have up to 1,000 tonnes of chemical weapons stored around the country. president bashar al-assad appears to be cooperating with the inspectors. >> imran khan reports on the first day on the job. >> disarmament experts prepare
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for a day in the field, removing a chemical weapons arsenal in the middle of the civil war. the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons is responsible. it is suggested that bashar al-assad is cooperating and some stockpiles of weapons are now being destroyed. it's difficult to assess how big syria's stockpile of weapons are, and where they are located. a report suggests several of the armed dumps are in active war zones, making the job harder. according to an analyst the mid-2014 deadline for destroying the weapons may not be realistic. >> deck call challenges are to be able to destroy the weapons and the chemical components in a safe and secure way in the middle of a war zone. it's never been done before. u.n. inspectors never had to go in and seize, control and destroy weapons of mass destruction while fighting was
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still raging. >> others are skeptical about bashar al-assad's motives for cooperating with the community, suggesting that he could be disposing of his arsenal for political gains. >> he has a bracket around him, protecting him from attack until he delivers on the promises he made on the chemical weapons, and the process of getting another security council resolution through would be so laborious and difficult that bashar al-assad could calculate that the process going into the middle of 2014 could see him coming out on top. >> syria's stockpiling of weapons could be seen as a deterrent attack on israel. on the outskirts of damascus - disposing of chemical weapons is the mission of the international community. >> this may be coming at the cost of negotiations for a long-term political settlement.
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the u.n. syrian say it's not certain that the talks will take place in geneva. >> bashar al-assad at the moment is cooperating with the international community. his motives and goals are far from clear. >> iranian authorities arrested four people for trying to sabotage a nuclear plant. the location and the arrest of the sabotage site has not been revealed. it's been suggested that foreign governments are behind the plot and several attempts have been discovered and stopped. iran has been under international sanctions over its suspected nuclear weapons program. >> troops have been killed during a joint military operation, according to a report by the associated press, the attack happening in the kandahar province. the soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb. in case you are counting it is
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day six of the government shutdown on saturday. chuck hagel ordering 350,000 civilian defense workers on the job. the house decided to provide them backpay. congress - no closer to resolving the impasse and ending the shutdown. >> we have been trying to fund government. and harry reid says no, he doesn't want to. >> every day we don't fund operations of the government we are losing $so billion. >> the american people have been fighting their way out of the worst recession since the great depression. the economy is coming back, they don't need politics in washington to bring the economy down. >> john terrett is standing by live in washington with more on the story. the sun is out in the nation's capital. what about optimism in the air? >> not much of that.
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but the sun is out, it's a beautiful day, 90 degrees. apart from the sunshine, the dod, department of defense, is recalling 350,000 furloughed workers, civilians on the job monday or tuesday. they are ordering them back saying the military can't survive without them. i have interesting figures. 350,000 workers, then, 90% of the furloughed workers working for the department of defense. 86% will be outside dc, 14% in. it shows the reach of the pentagon across the country, around the nation and overseas. chuck hagel, defense secretary, saying his lawyers interpreted the law president obama put in about backpaying the military, can bring servants back.
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a large number m furlougheders workers on the job next week. >> i was stuck in an airport because there weren't yourself customs officials on duty. according to the talk shows that i listened to, it seems neither side will back down. >> the senate and the house met yesterday on capitol hill, and spent the day having a go at each other, blaming each other for the shut down. republicans were blamed, and the democrats were blamed and it went on and on until both houses adjourneded the late yesterday, the senate going until 5 o'clock in the evening. let's look at the sunday broadcasts. we have heard three people speaking on them. this is ted cruz, the junior senator from texas, the guy that spoke in the senate for 21 hours to filibuster to get the barack
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obama health care lawy, the obamacare that he hates - and this is what ted cruz had to say. >> senate democrats - over and over president obama said he will not negotiate or talk. they won't move an inch. when you have one side compromising and the other isn't. it's not fair to say neither side is negotiating. >> john terrett that was, joining us from washington d.c. the house and senate will be back in business tomorrow. >> secretary of state john kerry is in indonesia, on monday he'll attend a meeting of asian leaders. secretary kerry standing in for president obama who had to cancel his trip to asia because of the government shutdown. >> it's a $50 million grant to build. a new building voted for on the same spot where sandy hook
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elementary school stood. >> and the fight to become legal. a movement that sent thousands the people in over 100 cities into the nation's streets.
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the push for immigration reform was front and center saturday, in more than 150 cities and 40 states. thousands took to the streets calling for an end to the legal limbo of 11 million people - all described as undocumented. >> reform that will carve a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. and keep families together. >> families are getting destroyed. the children are getting left alone in their homes. they don't know when their parents are coming back home. once they find out they don't have anywhere to go. >> in new york city demonstrators talked about what
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life was like without citizenship. >> phil's family is in mexico city. >> i haven't seen my mother or family. my son wants me to take him out. i can't, because of citizenship. felix and others will not give up the fight. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solid ardyy -- solidarity across the bridge. they are not alone. this is happening in 100 other cities. >> we are all here for the same thing. we are american, we've been americanised, our roots are here. >> the sentiments echoed in chicago, miami... >> chant chant
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>> ..phil delifia, and they are calling it the national day of dignity and report. one demonstrator stood out saying they should tighten border security. >> i don't care, i care that they go back to their own country. i don't care how it happens. >> these rallies were a prelude to a larger protest planned for the national mall on tuesday. >> and those protests coming three days after how's democrats would introduce a bill to reform immigration laws. a biker caught on video smashing his motorcycle helmet into an suv window has been charged with
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assault and criminal mischief. he will be charged today following a driver being pulled out of a car and end. the driver reportedly hit a scik lift with his car before fleeing. >> residents of the newtown conneticut voted to rebuild sandy hook elementary school. the vote on saturday centred on whether to accept $50 million in state grant money to rebuild. in may they voted to rebuild the school and it is to open in late 2015 or early 2016. >> it's a rainy day for many people moving across the eastern us. we are seeing the rain in parts of the south-east along a cold front that continues to pick up moisture from the gulf of mexico. karen is a remnant low, but
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brings rainfall along the coast. pensacola and panama city - we are watching them closely. they have already had 2 inches of rainfall and could receive 2-3 inches. if you have travel plans, the rain cutting into georgia. expect heavy rainfall. you may be hit hard with the heaviest of the rainfall. moving eastwards, and seeing rain enter northern areas of florida. into the nation's mid section, the rain is coming down into lexing tonne and kentucky. it's here where we have picked up over three inches of rainfall and we are expecting to see more of that as the front works eastward. more rain about spread across ohio to the north-east. flood watches have been issued from ohio.
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south work and kentucky. quite from new york. spotty rain showers are moving across the area. with the rain we'll see the clouds sticking around throughout the remainder of the afternoon and evening. light rain showers through today. as we start of the new work week it will be heavier and persistent. look at the warm-up. temperatures will climb, and once we dry out behind the front we'll see the cool down, and fall-like conditions expected. here in the south-west, we could use additional moisture to help with the wildfire threat. red-flag warnings are out for southern areas of california, and temperatures are climbing into the low to mid 90s. >> thank you very much. long distance swimmer diana nyad says she's ready for another plunge, another swim. she'll raise money for victims of hurricane sandy.
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fresh off a record-breaking swim from cuba to florida, these announcing she'll attempt a 48 hour swim nonstop raising money for storm victims, she'll dive into the water tuesday in a giant tank built at new york city's har old square, outside of macy's. a community hit by the government shut down, no financial assistance or programs. americans struggling to survive. all of this during the budget
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another bloody day in egypt where thousands of protesters took to the streets, on a day commemorating the october 1973 war. 15 are dead, 85 reported to be injured. u.s. special forces launching raids in africa on saturday aimed at members of the al qaeda and al-shabab. the outcome - the capture of a
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high-ranking member of al qaeda. officials are trying to bring him back to face justice. >> associated press reports chemical weapons inspectors are starting to destroy chemical weapons stockpiles, citing a station that the operation is carried out by chemical weapons watchdog group based out of the netherlands. the pentagon telling most of the civilian workforce to get back to work a week into the shutdown. lawmakers in washington are back in session on monday. >> the government shutdown is hitting native american communities hard, many depending on the federal government for things like health care, housing, senior citizen services and managing resources. a tribe that is struggling to survive is in washington state. >> as the federal shutdown bore down on the jamestown s'klallam tribe, chairman w ron alan scrambled to leverage assets -
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land and a casino - taking out a $750,000 loan at 6% to replace lost federal funds. the tribe needs the money for social services, food aid and scholarships. >> it costs more money. we are carrying out federal functions with our money, subsidising federal government to carry out legal and moral obligations to the indian communities, including mine. >> without federal wildlife agents on the job they are not legally allowed to fish. this shutdown hits after years of federal government brinkmanship. budgets were hurting indian service, head start programs and food aid. the national congress of american indians said: >> the jamestown s'klallam tribe
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is business savvy, and self-governing. many other tribes are less fortunate, and all rely to varying degrees on federal funds for services like foster care, college scholarships, nutrition programs and health services. >> here at the tribal health clinic patients and staff remain anxious about the shutdown. >> there's so much misinformation about the budget, obamacare. we spend an enormous amount of time trying to calm folks down and create less stress. there's a lot of stress out there. >> american innedian communities are among those that bay benefit from obamacare's expansion of health coverage. tribal leaders want to get the process under way and return to their own businesses and budgets. >> some essential services will continue during the shutdown, including law enforcement and firefighting.
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thank you for watching al jazeera. 101 east is nest. >> in southern tajikistan a family gathers for a celebration. 19-year old nafisa is getting married. it should be a day of joy - yet like many marriages here it's tinged with sadness. her groom, farruk, is getting ready to take on new responsibilities. but to do that he will very soon have to leave his wife and go to russia. his father explains he has no choice.


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