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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: we, it's so interesting. the speaker of the house could allow the bill to go forward on the floor and vote on a clean spending bill. no de funding of obamacare or anything else. just federal spending bill to get the government reopened. he said he doesn't have the vote. the democrats disagree. the white house disagree. members of the white house were on twitter saying they don't buy that at all. speaker boehner holds the house for allowing the vote and for political reasons it would be hard for him to go forward. that would deflate the balloon that they've launched here. speaker boehner has a line of
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choices with his tea party group, the caucus, the conservative in the house. if he were to allow the vote to go forward it would deflate that and potentially harm his speakership. we're not seeing any movement there either. >> thousands of government workers went back to work, thousands are still off the job, this has got to be devastating. >> reporter: we see those who are partners of defense civilians who are allowing to back to work but so many others who are not allowed back on the congresclock. even for workers who are affected b by furloughs get back pay, they would not get it until they went back to work. and the irony, republicans who are at the heart of it, who complain about the federal government and workers not doing enough, they're going to be paying federal workers now to stay home and not work.
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so a lot of irony here and a lot of frustration for those who work for the government. >> libby casey joining us live from washington dc. two raids went forward one in somalia, which did not go the way expected but the one in libya captured an al-qaeda leader. it is cleveland he is behind the 1998 embassy bombing in kenya that left 128 people dead. >> this is where his family, where the operation captured him. >> masked men came out of the car but the driver was not masked, and one of them was adjusting his mask as he was coming out. from their features they were
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obviously libyan. they were all armed with silence weapons. they have broken the window on my husband's car and it seemed that they had drug him. >> reporter: he has been wanted for 15 years by the fbi. by the way with which he has been detained has angered libyan government who wants to know about he's whereabouts. secretary of state john kerry spoke about the operation. >> it was a legal operation force. >> reporter: ihe is responsible for attacks in 1998 where 200 people were killed. his brother said he deserves to be tried at home.
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>> this is the work of piratcy n foreign trips to kidnap my brother. they were supposed to present legal documents. my brother should be tried here in libya. >> reporter: instead, he is seized by u.s. command dose and is reportedly being interrogated on an u.s. naval ship. >> that other raid in somalia where u.s. forces were looking for leaders of al-shabaab. that leader is expected to be responsible for the attacks in kenya. they withdrew $4,000 trying to buy a car to drive to the westgate mall. that car was found later found at the entrance of the mall al-shabaab is claiming responsibility for that attack in kenya, an we take a look at e challenges somalia changes in
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rooting al-shabab. >> reporter: this is the tip of somalia against al-shabab. they snap to attention on parade. these men have had a checkered history at times fighting with the government, sometimes with al-shabab. for now they are the government's defense in the south. serving along kenyan forces to drive al-shabab out of their hometown a year ago. the kenyan troops have been confined to ski installations like the airport. they have the equipment to hold them back but they don't have the knowledge to complete the complex task of managing internal security. that is the heart of the president bush. >> --the heart of the problem. >> the only solution, the best solution is to support somali
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government so we can take care of our internal security and fight al-shabab. >> somalia is style trying to kerecover from two decades of w. it is easy for al-shabab to move about undetected. they're trying to control the town, but we were warned that members of the islamist group are everywhere. unsurprisingly the security services say the solution to defeating al-shabab is to give them the training, the capacity, the equipment so they can take on the enemy. they say that they are the ones who know the language, that understand the culture that really understand what they're dealing with. but they have a reputation for discipline. they say things here are not
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perfect but there is a solution. >> we can do this job. we can fight the enemy. the biggest problem that we have is that we don't get help from the outside. it's important for them to understand that they can't beat al-shabab if they don't work with us, the somalis. >> reporter: so the somali government international sponsors face a difficult choice, turn away from the local militias and give their military resource tots african union, leaving the state weakened or create a fighting force out of men with questionable loyalties. al jazeera, somalia. >> not long ago, secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister were at odds over the syrian war. now kerr why is praising assad. a sued blast and explosion
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that left four dead. earlier there were funerals from clashes that violence that stretched late into sunday night. ouour correspondent in cairo, wo we do not name for security reasons. >> the protesters that led mars on friday, they call themselves the anti-coup alliance against the rule in egypt, they're saying they're going to start ratcheting up the protests. they're going to he will us that there are going to be more protests over the coming days. we're expecting to see more on the streets in the next few days. but quieter today so far. >> filling in for president
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barack obama, mr. kerry adding the shutdown back home was, quote, a moment in politics, al jazeera has more from bally. >> reporter: as the apec summit began in bali all focus that president barack obama was not here. but that came out of news side line that secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart said they were both a happy with the progress going on in syria, and kerry said he had the most productive meeting with his counterpart when it came to syria. i spoke with one diplomat from singapore said the fact that president obama is not here sends a bad message to the partners in the region. another speech that came up that would have been delivered by president obama was the
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trans-atlantitrans-pacific parta peace treaty that they want to push through by the end of the year. many say that will be difficult because of the lost time at the meeting because president obama was not here. with we've heard from leaders from russia, china, and if the trans-pacific partnership will be able to be moved forward despite president obama was not here and the side line meetings that we spoke about fro about s. >> secretary john kerry said it's understandable that president obama was a no show saying he would have done the same. jennifer glass reports. >> reporter: they say the coo cooking business was not good under the taliban. he remembers the day the war
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started and he hoped for change. >> we didn't have any facilities. then there were no roads. there were no security and no buildings under construction. no businesses. no industry compared with then it's 100% better. >> reporter: he now ships cookies all over the country. something he couldn't dream of 12 years ago. then the streets were policed by taliban vice squads. now filled with shoppers and businesses. it's clear that this city is flourishing but many here wonder how long it can last. 12 years after the united states came no afghanistan, their biggest concern isn't freedom. it's security. the new prosperity has brought crime, notebly against the wealthy in the form of kidnapping. but the taliban is not a major threat in the city. women are not only out on the streets but in schools. that wasn't the case 12 years ago. this teacher spent most of
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her high school years studying in secret. >> i remember the taliban. we were at home. we did nothing. >> reporter: she was six years old when she had a run in with the taliban. she went to the local shop for candy. the taliban objected. >> they're having their guns to mme saying what are you doing here? you are a girl. what are you doing here? go home. >> reporter: under the taliban virtually no girls went to school. there are about 4.3 million enrolled today. 41% of the student population. more than 5.5 million afghan refugees have come home. it is mainly peaceful here near the border of iran there is still fighting across the country in afghanistan east and south. afghan attacks charge of security and they have put power back in the hands of the afghan
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people, but it isn't over yet. jennifer glass, al jazeera, afghanistan. >> up next dave warren has your forecast and keeping the roads safe. making driving in bad weather safe. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >>they share it on the stream. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories.
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>> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist dave warren. it is severe weather tracking through the northeast. this line is moving to eastern pennsylvania and down towards baltimore and washington, d.c. this red area, a tornado watch, the storms have a potential to spin there, already seeing gusting damaging wind. that's what is in effect now. the last 12 hours quickly moving across the state and pushing through pennsylvania, new york and new jersey in the next hour. this line not a solid line but severe weather moving through
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eastern pennsylvania. we're seeing damaging wind gusts closer to the capitol here, washington, d.c. moving through baltimore, maryland, all of this will move east. these storms moving 30, 40 mph, and so a quick storm is what we have throw th through the after. it is a warm front so the temperatures will drop once the showers and storms move through. we are in the 60s, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. dry and comfortable. dry across the midwest. still dry in the southwest. we need rain, the dangerous fire conditions with the wind picking up and no rain in the forecast. just a few clouds there across cal and more winds coming in the northwest with rain in washington and oregon. temperatures are cool in the midwest and out wist but there is this warm up, 72 in new york. once the rain clears out the storms move through, temperatures will drop a bit. the wind will pick up and the
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temperatures drop in the 60s over the next few days. dry weather the close up view with radar and clouds in california not seeing rain there unfortunately. no one in the forecast. the typhoon of winds 140 mph. there is japan, and a powerful storm expected to turn north and move through the sea of japan most likely causing wind and rain problems there up the entire western coast of japan. >> dave warren. thank you very much. record rain paul in washington state cause major falling. but it has little to no affect because cities like tacoma is experiencing with pavement that absorbs the flooding. we have more on how these unique streets work. >> reporter: in tacoma washington, two inches of rain in two hours. the worst downpour on record. but nearby in this suburban
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city, a street made of porous asphalt pavement. >> amazing. before we would get our shoes soaking wet, muddy just getting out of our cars and going to our front doors. this street doesn't have anything on it when it rains. >> reporter: this street is part of a pilot program to minimize run off. the sidewalks and the street surface let rainwater flow through into the ground rather than rushing into storm drains and carrying potentially hammer unfortunately chemicals. these concave rain gardens manage any overflow. >> well, it solves the water issue for one thing. they don't have to deal with standing water. but it's a bigger issue it's going to go all over the state of washington and maybe all over the country. our population is going to continue to increase. so we have to be able to handle the water.
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chemical laden run offs can affect wildlife. jennifer is examining how fish handle the impact of unfiltered run off. >> it was acutely toxic to juvenile coho. within seconds they were showing overt signs of toxicity. gaping, rolling over. >> reporter: they join regional neighbors tacoma and seattle seeking environmentally friendly solutions to handle the water. this may be part of the fix to keep waters clean and safe. al jazeera seattle. >> cars of the future hitting the road in australia this week. solar powered cars from 40 countries are meeting for the bridgestone world solar challenge. the race is 1800 miles, and cars have to get 90% of their energy from the sun. [♪ music ]
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>> some good news. drivers are seeing more savings at the pump. the latest survey of gas stations finding the average price for a gallon of unleaded fell $0.14 in the past two weeks to $3.38. that by the way is $0.45 cheaper than it was this time last year. boeing shares are down after the plane maker lost out on the big contract. japan airlines is buying 31 jet liners from airbus. macy is the second big retail for put the brakes on its internet plan in china. they were to begin online sales of private label brand in the spring but now the company is concerned about china's slowing economy. it is a vision that few people have ever been able to experience coming up next, a new
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view of the deep blue sea. uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. share your story on tv and online.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are your headlines. a series of bombs in baghdad have killed 25 people and left dozens more injured. we're getting reports up to eight bombs that have exploded across the city. as always we plan to have more on this story as it developed. more bloodshed in egypt. six egyptian soldiers were killed outside of cairo. a massive car bombing near sinai at least three people were killed there. a little less than an hour from now the house of representatives goes back to work. the stand off in the government shutdown remains and lawmakers still refusing to negotiate. secretary of state john kerry said that the u.s. is pleased with syria's comply with
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chemical weapons inspectors. oh nobel prize has awarded three americans for their groundbreaking working on cells. the trio working at u.s. universities, and it is the first week of noble prize announcements. a network of cameras off canada's specific coast giving scientists and amateurs a window to the world of discovers on the world of the ocean. al jazeera takes a look. >> it moves really quickly. >> reporter: with just a laptop and the internet the undersea world comes alive for martin. the geologist he uses the neptune network of cameras to track teutonic plate movements. but the sea life keeps him
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entertained in between. >> there is soming in on the fish. another one coming towards the camera. attracted by the lights and the lasers. >> reporter: another camera modulated before heading to the keeps off canada's west coast. images and data collect ready streamed online and put in an archive. scientists from the public are invited to watch and send in descriptions what have they see. here is the hag fish. another animal pops into view and eats the finish. it's an he wil elephant seal ane has seen them at such depths before, no one until a boy from the ukraine watched them online. >> i want to be a biologist. when i found this network i just kept watching. now they ask me to make another discovery.
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>> reporter: the projects uses robotics and a tethered rover called wall-e run remotely from germany. it's daily walks on the sea floor help the network gather vast amounts of new data on sediment and biological life deep in the pacific ocean. >> this is the beginning of a 25-year project. we're going to be gearing these long-time series of data at frequent intervals. that will allow us to characterize what is happening in this environment and how it changes over time. >> reporter: eventually the goal of the scientists who pioneer these undersea networks is to make it possible to replicate their work setting up more nec networks and adding to the knowledge of the world. >> thank you for joining us. from the deep blue sea we take you to the stream a.m. that's next and for updates throughout the day, go to
12:30 pm we continue to watch washington and wall street as the dow falls as washington tries to do something about the debt ceiling. hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you're in the stream. young adults can make or break the affordable care act. but are they buying in to health care reform? >> looking out -- we have a ton of community engagement on this. everybody oh is curious about obama care. how does this effect the generation. that's what we're going to dive in to. >> we actually have a poll. if you are eligible for the


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