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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america. w a look at today's top stories. >> it is not our position to tell our client whether they should go live or not. >> the blame game. contractors responsible for creating the troubled point fingers at the government. >> everybody wins here if we work together to get this done. german chonslor angel merkel says spying among friends can not be tolerated.
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the center piece of the healthcare reform law came under attack today. a house committee grilled the contractor whose built the federal website where people can buy health insurance. they want to know why the roll out has been plagued with problems. and kimberly, it was a hearing that was about getting after the problems and the reasons for the problems with the website, and then it turns into a debate about the law that created the website. >> that's right. that in fact it is where millions of americans are suppose to go to choose plans many of people doing this for the first time, that have been denied health insurance. but this hearing wases in about trying to fix and solve problems but it quickly deteriorated into
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almost blood sport, with domes trying to defend this program, saying this is something that will help millions of americans. republicans mostly charging this the problems with the roll out of the affordable health care act, are simply another reason to scrap this program all together. democratting firing back, saying they are simply trying to sabotage the opportunity to get health insurance. >> one again, we have my clears trying to scare everybody. >> no,ly not yield to this minuteky court. >> this is not a monkey court. >> do whatever you want. i am not yielding. i am trying to tell you -- >> protecting american citizens -- >> every existing condition -- >> legitimate condition. >> preexisten don't matter, there's no information in the process, you are asked about your address, your date of birth, so why are we going down this path? because you are trying to
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scare people so they don't apply, and so therefore the legislation gets delayed or the affordable care act gets defunded or it is repealed. >> wow. so did congress -- citied the house, did the american people get any answers today? yes, there were some answers. there was a little bit of clarity, we now know that the contractors, there were four of them helping butt this together, and maintain it, they did say that look, here is what happened. we all did our testing and we did our testing independently in advance of this october 1 roll out, and everything was working fine, but the problem is we never tested between us, so when we finally launched this thing, it all fell apart, because we had never done any testing among ourselves integrating these systems and that's where the break down occurred. that's been outlined but the problem is that no one wants to take responsibility for it.
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saying look, we told the administration, but they said keep on going, so ultimately it is the obama white house to blame. >> yeah, and that at some point the various agencies involved from the government side were suggesting changing in the changes had to be incorporated and it just became this mess. so this is the first of what is likely to be -- wouldn't you say, many hearings on this issue, and the secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius, she plans to testify next week, so kimberly, based on what we saw today, how rough a go will she get on capitol hill. >> i expect it to be worse. she has been on the republican hit list for some kind. they have tried to repeal it, legislatively 40 times.
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it doesn't seem to matter that -- repealing the reform, and so expect that these are going to be similar tactics. we will see once again, really the republicans are trying to roll back this law and they will do it by any means they can. so that will mean tough questions. kimberly, appreciate it. canning da's largest contractor blatche >> this is a really interesting company. despite having 70,000 employees and contracts all around the world, billions of dollars in business, it isn't that well known in canada, primarily because it doesn't deal with consumers.
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to most agencies of government, and of course it works in the healthcare center. >> this is an incredibly successful company, it has done very well on the stock market. it is well regarded. it is considered to be one of canada's showcase technology companies. it is canada's largest technology company. >> but c.g.i.'s current problems aren't the first time it has faced challenges with healthcare. the canadian providence terminated a $46 million contract to build a diabetes data base. >> the corporation, couldn't connect its systems with the systems that exist in the public healthcare system here. which serve as population of 13 million people, and it is a big system. and the weather it was the fault of the company cbi, or the fault of the public health system, is a matter i think of legal debate. >> cgi says it is in talks about that dispute.
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one surprising fact, most large technology projects involving government or business or both, end in some sort of failure. and experts say that's because of complexity and because systems are not tested adequately. >> this is a highly complex project. but the people doing it were actually very very strong good competent practitioners and yet it has gone off the rails. so we always look at the structure more so than bad people involved. >> debate about those issues probably lie ahead, and fixing the bugs in the website that could take much longer, it all guarantees that a canadian company adverse to publicity could look forward to a lot more of it. >> with the shut down over and the debt crisis dean for now, president obama is tunning his attention to the issue of immigration reform today. today mr. obama called on the house of
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representatives to take the bill that passed the senate back in june. the president said the time has come to fix a system that he described as broken. >> obviously, just because something is smart, and fair, and good for the economy, and fiscally responsible and supported by business and labor, and the eadvantage jell call community and many democrats and republicans that does not mean lit get done. there's a good reason not to pass this common sense reform, i haven't heard it. >> so anyone still standing in the way of this, should at least have to explain why. a clear majority of the american people think it is the right thing to do. the speaker has not said if orr when he will butt the senate bill to a vote in the house. germany has joined brazil, mexico, and france, in confronting the u.s. over alleged spying activities. the foreign ministry has
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summoned over alligations that the nsa tapped german chancellors cell phone. this report from brussells where ministers bra the european union have a meeting. >> angel america arrived at this summit in angry good mood. not just in germany, but across music. with regards to the national security agency, i have made it clear that spying between friends is unacceptable. i said this in june, and also yesterday in rah phone call. it is not about me, it is about the privacy of all german people. between allies there must be trust, and this trust must now be rebuilt. >> other leaders gathering in brussells lined up to express alarm about the latest revelations on the extent of u.s. upon tapping. >> . >> we can't accept this
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systematic spying. we need to take measures. we need to take european measures as well. >> there was at this moment of levity from the irish leader. >> i always use this phone. >> french president francoise whose country was another tag for national security agency spying is meeting his german counter part coordinate a full response to washington. >> u.s. am was tors have already been called in. a rift between the united states and europe, the like of which has not been seen in recent years. angel merkel grew up under a regime that spied as a matter of course. she may have expected bet fresh the united states. this is meant to focus on immigration and the economy.
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it's been overwhelmed by the controversy. western governments always knew that the u.s. was watching its citizens to the extent of the operation by whistle blower edward snowden has shocked and angers politicians. already prompting cause for the suspension of u.s. operation on certain data sharing. washington will have to move swiftly to calm the mood here. al jazeera, brussells. >> two soldiers are hospitalized after a shooting outside a u.s. navy base in tennessee. >> we had an active shooter, at the national armory here in militant, we had two victims that were shot, which transported to the regional medical center with gunshot wounds. the shooter has been detained by the police department, he is in custody at this time. >> the victims were taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. law enforcement official told the associated press the gun mapp was a
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recruiter who had been relieved of duty. pirates struck yet another ship off the coast of africa, this time u.s. employees were taken by pirates. it happened wednesday in the gull of ginny. now according to the captain and an engineer are still being held. it has been six month since the collapse of a high-rise garment factory that killed over 1,000 workers. it led to an international outcry over labor conditions there. six months ago she wasn't sure if she would ever work in a factory again, or visit one. she used to be a garment factory worker. more than was thousand died when the building chanced. experience left her scared and fearing for her future. >> i didn't think that i would be able to do this again. when the generator starts i get scared but then i
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think this building is only one floor, and maybeky do this. >> that's when his friend stepped in. shocked by the death, they set up a facebook group to help. then they had the idea to set up a fair labor factory where they are paid decent wages and share in the profit. >> we saw the horrors of the collapse, and realized that the contributions didn't end with just donations. there's been this tragedy because of one mind. so now to the rest of us to step up and help out. people are trying to ensure the future is better than its fast, but problems remain. >> working in the industry is still dangerous, just this month a fire killed seven people in this factory, it raise it is question of how much things have really changed since the disaster.
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the government says it is trying to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> the latest fire was an accident, these things will happen, but before rebecoming more careful, we are taking more measures. many others are hoping for a reyou remember toed garment industry will give them a safer and more secure future. a government is starting to release dozens of women prisoners it is a quarterback of a deal made with rebel groups. more from the lebanese boarder waysyria. >> this is the website she is accused of maintaining. it is mainly poem for her country. arrested she was charged with spying for a foreign country. her name was at the top of a list of female that
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syrian rebels wanted to see freed as part of the prisoner exchange. >> the list contained the names of 126 women. so far half of them were released. the majority were brought here to the boarding crossing between lebanon and syria, but most of them if not all of them, prefer to return to their home they were handed over late on wednesday evening. no one was there to welcome them. a stark contrast to the celebrations that surrounded the release on saturday. they were part of a group of 11, who were seized by syrian rebels in may 2012 after touring holy sites in iran. after the capture, kidnapped two pilots in august, and posted a message online saying they would be released only after lebanese hostages had been freed.
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athletes six my more women should be released in the coming hours for the three way swap to be completed. al jazeera must now with the boarder with syria. in australia, the fires rage on, strong winds cause the blaze to player up in the blue mountains just west of sidney. etch though it has cooled down the area is still at high risk, especially as they warn of the dry season ahead. hungs of homes have burned down across tens of thousands of acres of land. >> is i'm meteorologist, we are talking about the fires now, the wind really picked un, but today it has died down a bit. and cooler temperatures are helping a little bit. with less wind they are able to drop some water
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down. actually lighting fires to get rid of the fuel there and that has helped just a little bit. still dry, that storm has really moved off the coast can, so even though it is clear, and dry, not nearly as winddy. the situation is not over, sidney is in there, there's the blue mountains. so the smoke still going, and the fires continue with no rain in the forecast, at least wind dying down is good news, they do need some more moisture. we are getting cooler temperatures here across the eastern united states and new england. strong storm developing intensifying picking up that wind, keeping the cool air in place, no warm air yet, but with that cool air going over the great lakes we are seeing lake effect snows. see which area had close to a foot of snow, how long they will stay on the cool side, it is all coming up. i will have that later. >> thank you. still ahead. detroit has been without a major grocery store
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chain for decades. we will tell you why that is finally changing. and lawmakers in florida are looking to crack down on hit and run drivers. the tougher penalties they are proposing inen a effort to save lives. closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> how old are you? >> nine. >> how old were you when you first started working out here? >> seven. >> fault lines how children are hired by us agriculture to help put food on america's tables. >> in any other industry kids need to be 16 years old to be able to work. you don't see any of that in agriculture. >> they don't ask, "is she 12?". they just want their job done. >> how many of you get up before 5 o'clock in the morning?
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>> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. has ordered a retrial. serving 20 years for the death of his neighbor back in 1975 when they were both teenagers. he was arrested and tried for the crime after her murder. the judge granted her a retrial, saying his lawyer did not provide adequate representation. woe asked former congressman patrick kennedy what he thinks about the case, and here is what he had to say. >> obviously, for him, if
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there's a chance to have more evidence revealed that will exonerate him, that is the part of our system of justice is to make sure those issues come to light. so i am happy whenever the justice system prevails. >> and you can watch the whole interview here on al jazeera america, tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. more people are hit and killed by cars in florida than in any other state. in addition, there have been 70,000 hit-and-run accidents there since last year. to try and stop it, officials are considering increasing the penalties. reports now from miami. >> the driver michelle lives three miles away, and he is already served his time. >> so angry, i can bare i even talk about it.
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i feel like no justice was done. it is almost embarrassing the obvious lack of sense that it makes. >> aaron was riding his bicycle with a friend along the scenic stretch of road, when he slammed into him. he left the scene called his attorney and turned himself in hours later. investigators found evidence he may have been drinking but driving away made it possible to test his blood alcohol level, he was sentenced to a year in jail for leaving the scene. patty is still working through her grief, and doing her best to raise her son and five-year-old daughter. her son barely remembers daddy. >> i really have tried to look at this as a challenge and not be a victim. now this widow is finding take to push for passage of the aaron cowan act.
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marcus wagner helped draft the bill. >> the state leads the country in the statistics on a per capita basis. >> current florida law gives drunk drivers anen isn'ttive to legislative the scene, they know they will be less time when they drive off. the proposed accident poses a mandatory sentence for leaving the scene of a fatal accident. right now there is none. it would also increase sentences so they are more aligned for those of drunk drivers that still. >> this is not a short term project. other states such as oregon, new york, and delaware, have already passed laws protecting cyclists and other users of the road. >> patty hopes if it becomes law, fewer will have to live with the void. >> you can try to change it, and you can try and
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improve life for other people. the legislature will consider this bill when it reconvenes. and sign a petition on she believes the aaron cowan act would be a fitting legacy to her late husband. >> the california sheriffs deputies who shot and killed a teenager who was carrying a pellet gun have been put on lead. they say when he didn't comply, they opened fire. police suggest the gun he was carrying resembled an a.k. 47 assault rifle. the boysn't pas say they are convinced they son would have dropped the gun if he had a chance. it may be a shock to hear one of the country's biggest cities hasn't had a major grocery store chain in decades. even as the city faces bankruptcy, we have more. >> detroit, beautiful
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from a distance, but different as you get closer. there is blight, hunger and crime. and to make matters worse, detroit has had no major grocery store in decades. without a car, it's hard for locals to even find healthy food. i have to spay one if i want to catch a cab. i have to get the cab, and wait when i'm done shotting. >> without any transportation, often it is just the corner market is that is the only place you can buy food, but it isn't good food. in this store, the onlying os for protein, were eggs ba loney, or this bacon, which expired in less than a week. >> a pack of meat or whatever, you go and get your greens or something, they are womenned. or you open them and they are sour, where they have been there too long. so it is almost a nonwin situation, really. >> but a win is exactly
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what whole foods market is trying to create, the national chain opened a detroit store in june, despite skepticism. how could a upskate organic grocer survive in a bankrupt city where the death rate from heart disease is almost 50% higher than the u.s. average. regardless of what the studies may show, our shoppers are here in detroit. the gambling appears to be paying off. the check outs are packed. some drove more than ten miles to get here, saying nutrition is worth the higher price point. obviously it is not possible for one city to feed the and i, so many rely on grass root needs for getting fresh fruits and vegies. that offers residents fresh produce. >> going up and down the streets we are there to make sure that people
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have -- if they don't have transportation, we are still there. there are people that want healthy food, and maybe they are in wheelchairs and cannot get out. there's a number of reasons they can't make it into the market, so we go to them. >> a pineapple, some plucks, mushrooms. >> not too bad, and getting better. a reflection of the spirit of detroit. >> we do what we do, we are survivors. the ce oh, of whole foods says the market in detroit is exceeding expectations. a former university of california police officer caught on camera pepper spraying student protestors will receive workmans compensation pay. a judge has approved the $38,000 settlement with the system. he said he suffered from security agency presentation, and anxiety after receiving death threats. take a look at the video
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here. he was suspended then fired. a fewn't mos later. a medical break through for organ transplants. the new treatments that could reduce serious complications.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. tony harris. rah chel kerry is here now with a look at other stories making headlines today. >> let me get to it, police in portugal are reopening the case of madeline mccann. she disappeared in 2007. authorities say they have identified 38 persons of interest. hern't pas say they are glad this case is renewed. they had never stopped searching for their daughter. madeline was three when she went missing. south africans upset about a lack of services. take a look at this. some set fires and threw bricks. some are even armed with home made machetes. they are upset about a lack of water, garbage
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collection. >> the food and drug administration says dog treats made in china appear to be causing pet deaths across the u.s. the illnesses have caused nearly 600 dog deaths since 2007. the fda is moving to remove the treats from the market. former heavy weight boxer wants to be president. he will run to the highest office in his native ukraine. the election p had next year. he will run despite a recent tax ruling that say as person that pays taxes abroad cannot claim ukrainian residency. he trained in germany. in france, more than 100 street artists are taking over a building. they have decorated 36 apartments in this soon to be demolished building. it is said to be one of the biggest urban projects. you can tour the building but you have to get there before the end of the month, and i hope you are
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hungry, tony. a french restaurant is offering far from the usual fair, insects are on the menu. >> oh yeah. >> wait for it, scorpions, grass hoppers, the chef says why not. they are cheap and a great source of income. >> i'd give eight go. >> i bet you would. >> grasshopper maybe earn a cricket, maybe by accident. a football game in texas, few yo are are talking a lot which i do, you may accidentally come close that a cricket. >> wasn't that bad. >> it was not, it is protein. >> you will more. >> yeah. >> and you are buying. a house committee went looking for answers today with the problems for the website that helps people buy health insurance.
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last week, robert ray talked with people who are frustrated by the website's glitches. >> after 20 years of working for financial advisory firms, recessly welch decided it was time to open her own business, but now, she will need her own health insurance. >> my clients who also are self-employed i have told them to just wait until november or desks because i knew they were going to be glitches. >> she is talking about the website that is supposed to allow consumers the opportunity to sign up for coverage, but that's been riddled with software glitches. >> they clearly weren't prepared for an october 1st roll out. the long term implications in a year or two, this will probably be a distant memory. >> for welch who lives in georgia, one of 36 states that did not open up their own exchange, she finds relying on the website frustrating. >> do people in the state of georgia, and
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specifically you, have any assistance in navigating through this. >> in reality, no. people have their personal advisors. i am working with my clients. but there's no assistance from the state at all. there's supposed to be a roll call, i think the state of georgia has approved six people. that's not meaningful. >> so for recessly, she is on her own. that's because the state of georgia has decided they don't really want to assist people in getting insurance, and that's by design. the governor has said to the federal government, i don't want your money to expand medicaid, that is effecting some hospitals especially here in atlanta. >> well, i think part of it is not wanting to appear supportive of a policy of the obama administration. >> and that decision is hardest hit here. grady hospital. one of the few places that the uninsured and poor school for affordable care. >> we stand to lose
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$45 million a year. >> administrators say operating grady is a break even situation. this means clinical services like mental health, would be eliminated if state lawmakers fail to resolve the budget short fall. it has provisioned aimed at helping hospitals that care for the poor, but in order to benefit from them, states need to be fully onboard, with the affordable healthcare act. without sign oning, specialists have some potential negative outcomes. >> so there would be a huge loss of care within the community, and what we would end up with is increased prison population, and increased homelessness. so there's not a upside to the decision. >> welch's determined as a consume tore wait it out. >> it can be a significant cost savings. and if it was something else they were waiting for, a movie ticket or something else, they would be willing to go through the hassles of course aing people to get a new i-phone. >> al jazeera, atlanta. >> so joining me now to
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discuss today's house hearing is al jazeera political contributor michael shore. good to see you. look, a couple of things. were we having two conversations during this hearing today? one where the roaches are saying we told you so, and if we got the delay we were asking for, and the democrats were saying, the roll out stinks. but fix it don't mess with it. that did you see today? >> you bring up the landscape that happened in that energy in commerce today. whats happening is you have the republicans basically in charge of fixing something they didn't want in the first place. because they have the majority, they are the chairman of these committees you will see next week catherine come back before the committee. a very important part of this, which is the center for medicaid and medicare. she is going to go before
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the committee on government oversight, so you will have this happening all the time. it is a very difficult place for the republicans to be, and the democrats also, a lot of these democrats went to bat for this legislation. and what they are seeing now is come on, we did this for you, we did the work, why did you not get the work done. but at the end of the day, you are no closer to finding out who is accountable for this. that was the shame of these, is that nobody apologized. everybody passed the buck. and that's what happened. >> so politically, how damaging is this bull question roll out of this website for the president? >> you know, i don't think you look at it first for the president, one of the telling things i saw was senator kay hagan a democrat who is running next year in 2014, in a very red state who has been supportive of the law saying wait a second, we have to have a
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delay. so you are seeing how it is playing into politics in the local way. you have people that had supported this, are going to go back and say listen, but i am also fighting to extend this, we have to delay the amount of time you have to enroll. we can't themmize you for something the government did. if it is a fiasco, it will hurt the president in a legacy way, not necessarily in a political way. >> as i was listening to the hearing today, it was clear to me that the state exchanges in most cases are performing better right than >> yeah. >> so i asked the team to pill up this graphic here. what do we with have here. the states that run their own exchanges. and there you see those, then there are the states that have a joint exchange. right. and then you have is the mix there with the government as well.
4:39 pm
right. >> there are states that chose not to participate, and they chose not to participate for political reasons. and those states that are relying most heavily on the sites are the states living people living there are having the most difficulty. >> i would say that's true. a big part of that, is these states that didn't anticipate, they are waiting for them to do a victory lap, and it is far too soon for that. this is just weeks old. to assume that glitches wouldn't happen is totally naive. and then when they -- i can only imagine what it was like when social security started. we have all waited on hold, making phone calls 15 years ago before there was internet, so these -- these do take time. so it is too soon.
4:40 pm
but california wanted to be the face car here, they wanted to have -- to take the lead on this, they had preparations for it, and the problems they have had, they did have slowness on the website, they had to close it down over the weekend, some of their problems were their made editorial decisions that were not received favorably. >> ouch, that hurt. our political contributor. for tens of thousands of kidney patients in the wrights, a transplant can provide a new lease on life. but successful organ transplantation comes with potential risks and a lifetime of expensive medication, but medical researchers are hoping to change that. when 40-year-old was diagnosed he knew eventually he would need a transplant. >> shows up on an mri. and basically, it's cysts on the kidney, and
4:41 pm
wherever those form, that renders that portion of the kidney useless. >> so when it came time to find a donor, older brother shane stepped up. we have always had a close relationship, it is a difficult decision, but i don't think there was ever an consideration not to do it. >> in the midst of medical misporch which you know, they found a knew week opportunity. >> it was a chance to take part in the second phase of groundbreaking trials here. research that could achieve the ultimate goal. the transplantation without rejection. >> for the last few years he and his team have studying the potential of stem cell research. >> the holy grail, in our field, has been to achieve donor specific transplantation tolerance, where you don't need antirejection drugs to control the immune system. >> that idea is being tested by infusing the
4:42 pm
patient with stem cells from the donor, to help achieve kaymerism, where in effect a dual immune system is set up to trick the body into seein seeinge new kissny as its own. >> you will have radiation, which will kill your immune system. and create room in your bone narrow for the infusion of the stem cells. >> the radiation are patter of the strategy used to reset the immune system is. if successful it can mean avoiding the need for daily hand fulls of pills that increase the risks for certain cancers diabeteses and organ failure. >> the antirejection drugs are in many respects poison used in the right amount to control the immune system. >> taking those for the rest of her life, is something lindsay has been able to avoided.
4:43 pm
her stem cell allowed her to wean off the drugs after only a year. she has been off them now for more than two years. >> up ward of 25,000 a month on medications. and the nearly 100,000 people in the u.s., it mean as chance at a better quality of life and a greatly reduced cost. al jazeera, chicago. it will sell self million shares between 17 and 20-dollars the that right? alexis? that value at almost $11 billion now analyst expect the initial public offering to happen in a couple of weeks.
4:44 pm
another stop moving hire today, electric car maker that's following an announcement by governors of eight states to promote zero emissions vehicles. the states want to make it easier to build charging stations and provide incentives that will get more cars on the road. the idea is to have 3.3 million it is zero emission vehicles. right now there are about 160,000. in death, the king of pop is the king of cash. forbes annual list of top earnings ceased celebrities has michael jackson at number one. the magazine estimated he earned one hung $60 million. apple has recently come under fire for stashing revenue to avoided paying for the federal corporation income tax, but a new analysis shows that to many other large
4:45 pm
companies loopholes to pay an effective tax rate of zero. here to explain is forbes magazine contributor alexis lick. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> we have heard these stories about apple and other big companies. is it the right thing to do what they are doing? particularly at a time when we know the u.s. economy is struggling? is it may be legal, but is it right? >> first of all, it is legal. >> while the federal corporate tax rate is 35%, the effective tax rate the most multination corp. races in the united states is paying is roughly 16%. so that 35% rate first of all is one of the highest tax rates in the world. so first and foremost. now is it legal, yes. is it appropriate? well, let me ask you this. >> sure. >> is it -- when you factor in the tax rates that they are spending in
4:46 pm
other countries as well, one could argue is it really net net coming back at the same effective tax rate we are talking about here in the united states, the key as far as i'm concerned is what are we doing here in the united states. to insent vise companies like apple, to take that money they have put in offshore subsidiaries and bring it back otherwise known as repay treuation to the united states? and it is a t maker of our tax laws or a matter of healthcare, legislative risk, pension costs. >> so are you saying it would be helpful to lower the tax rate. >> it would. i understand that individuals pay a lot more, and a lot higher tax rate than corporations do. but first and foyer most, we have to make the tax code simple her. second we have to create a competitive tax
4:47 pm
structure with what is going on around the world, but third and most importantly, we have to incentivize. the problem is if we are continuing to keep money off shore, or apple's case, we are not incentivizing them to create more jobs here, build more factories here, reinvest in that made america company. >> right. >> you know what, i don't have time, but the follow up for me on that, is has it been demonstrated that lowering the corporate tax rate, would lead to the kind of economic activity in the investment in r & d that you are describing leer? so of on back and we will discuss that. >> yeah. >> sports still ahead including. >> stand by. >> i'm john henry smith, live from boston where the red sox already can take a strangle hold over
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the 2013 world series. i will be back live with a preview in a few minutes.
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>> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified
4:50 pm
here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. the red sox have a chance to put a real strangle hold on the series. any recent history is an indicator, last night's blow out of the cardinals put them in a commanding position to win this year's world series considering that the winner of game one has won nine of the last ten world series. but this time a year ago, you would have been hard press to find anyone that thought boston would be in this position now.
4:51 pm
but, all it took was a few key additions. hitting the corner. and the grand slam. is red sox are flying high. last season on bobby valentine. the team judged wept an extreme makeover. and pike napoli. this group right here, all year long, people doubted us and doubted myself. they come out here, and give them all. it's all you can ask. >> this trio understand what it takes to make it on to the biggest stage
4:52 pm
with four world series appearances among them. and they have added new blood and character to a team that truly plays and likes one another. backin spring training hes toed around two ideas of growing beards and now the red sox are a badged of brothers. >> this is the only team i have been on, where just the starting pitchers don't hang out. everybody happens out together. everybody had a good time. >> joining us now from boston is john henry smith. last night's win was extra special painful who suffered bruised ribbed when he robbed david ortiz of that grand slam, what is his status for tonight? >> well, after the injury last night, he had a c.t. scan, and he had x-rays they both came out negative. so according to john farrell -- i'm sorry, the st. louis cardinals manager, bell tran is a true game time decision. the real question is
4:53 pm
whether he plays or doesn't, how effective will he be with bruised ribs? we saw with hanley ramirez with the dodgers had a rib injury, and it is difficult to play baseball, to stretch out, chase outside balls. whether or not he actually played through this injury, the run in with the law that carlos beltran had last flight could prove to be quite pivotal. >> and also could be more painful since he will be batting from the left side of the plate, facing john like lighty. well, there was some mild controversy, when he suggested that john lester was using a foreign substance in his gun. what has been the response of the red sox and major league baseball on that allegation? >> well, that player has since pulled that tweet. i think he got blow back that he probably didn't expect. he tweeted out that hey,
4:54 pm
is that vaseline, and now every party involved has come out and responded to this. moments ago, john lester himself was out here and he responded saying it was just resin and his manager commented that he also said it was resen, and that john sweats like a pig, his exact words mixingt the sweat mixing with a resin caused a viscous substance to appear in the glove. major league baseball put out a statement, saying they didn't find anything, that said hey, we see nothing wrong here, it amirs at this point to be a nonissue. and that minor leaguer has taken that down. >> a little controversy never hurts. more from john coming up in the 6:00 o'clock hour. game two coming up in boston. >> can't wait.
4:55 pm
>> nasa plans to launch a new spacecraft. the 13,000 square feet sail will be propelled by the suns rays, the space agency says the sun jammer should be able to explore up to 2 million-miles into deep space. a once dormant vol skein know is at it again, mount sinob has been spewing volcanic ash almost two-miles into the air. people have been advised to wear masks when outside. it had been dormant for 400 years until it erupted in 2001. dave warren is next with your national forecast. hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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on august 20th,
4:57 pm
now temperatures show what is happening there's some very cold air that has come down from canada, to minneapolis, heading over to new york.
4:58 pm
and already seeing the temperatures warm back up in houston up to 82. 24 cool air cake in quickly, and now moving across the northeast. there is a few snow showers that's the cold air coming over the warm water, you can get these lake effect snows. streamers that go over the same area, get tremendous snow. as when you get a situation like this. often happens this time of year. this is the lake effect snow warning. a lot of frozen wayings in effect, the first time that temperature will hit 32 degrees freeze warning issues at the end of the growing season, there's some frost advisories. maybe not down to freezing but frost can form on surfaces. but a lot of the areas dropping to 32 degrees overnight tonight as that wind dies down. now the wind will die down, the showers will clear out. the temperatures have warmed up just a bit. most likely this is coming down to snow, and over the same area.
4:59 pm
pop up rain or snow showers will continue for the next few hours. seeing a lot of snow here as that 40-degree air goes over the water. pulls up a lot of moisture, and then dutches it east of those lakes. we can question snow amounts close to a foot, and closer to six inches across western and northwestern pennsylvania with these lake effect snows. 10% in new york, will stay in the mid to low 50's, dries out a bit breezy and cold, there's the chill in the morning but closer to 60 by monday and tuesday. there's the warm air that will come back, it will start to move its way east, so a look at the temperature in dallas after a thunderstorm on saturday, 70 and 80, that's the warm air returning. get ready for a nice weekend there across much of the country. tony is back with the headlines.
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