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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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> break down in peace talks. heavy fighting in democratic republic of congo between rebels and the government. >> i'm in london with all the
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news from europe - including a new political party scores big after elections in the czech republic. and the former first lady of yugoslavia is laid to rest in belgrave. iranians >> welcome to the show. the iranian government has reportedly hanged 16 members of an armed suny separatist group. it happened hours after 14 iranian border guards were killed by armed men. according to the official newsagency that attack took place on friday night in south-eastern baluchestan prove jips. it took place on the border of sarav saravan. we talk to a prove store. >> it appears that guards,
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police and a smuggler - there was an ambush last night and l early hours of this morning. it's frequent. this type of squirmish between traffickers from pakistan and afghanistan, using iran as a transit route from that part - from afghanistan to europe. so we get frequent squirm ishes between iranian security force and the smugglers. it's difficult to say whether or not the people who were hanged this morning were part of the group that laid ambush last night, but it appears that the iranian authorities have made a point to try to demonstrate their resolve and the fact that they will not back down from
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fighting drug traffickers. >> we have more from tehran. >> the president of iran wants a full investigation into what happened on friday night in sistan-baluchestan on the pakistani border, the killing of 14 guards and policemen on patrol. the iranian government and officials say they were attacked friday night, killing 14. in response iran hanged 16 men connected to those responsible for the attacks. it's not clear exactly who the men are though. one iranian source says it's a group called the party of justice. an iranian sunni group supposedly defending the rights of the sunni minority. they claimed responsibility for the attacks on iranian police, military and roadside bombs in the area before. it's not clear who exactly is responsible, but the iranians are not happy. the president, as i said, asked
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for a full investigation. the national security commission of the parliament is heading to the region on monday to investigate and the president has also asked pakistan for a security agreement and to shore up their side of the boarder. >> in bordering baluchestan province, a bomb attack killed two paramilitary soldiers. it targeted a convoy carrying shiite visitors. troops went to check on a suspicious car and it exploded. the government stepped up security after an increase in attacks on shiite visitors targetting those sites in iran. >> an afghan soldier has been killed in a gunfight. several others have been injured on the outskirts of kabul. an argument between an afghan and foreign soldier got out of hand. they opened fire on each other.
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the u.n. syrian envoy lakhdar brahimi says iran must take part in peace talks scheduled next month. the syrian's opposition rejected their inclusion at the geneva ii. lakhdar brahimi is in iran as part of the a tour aimed at drumming up support for the talks. >> >> translation: the secretary-general and the arab league secretary-general and also me - we all believe that iran, the geneva conference is natural and is necessary as well as fruitful. so we are hopeful that this invitation is made. >> meanwhile inside syria weapons inspectors from the u.n. and opcw are continuing their job of dismantling syria's chemical arsenal. pictures of inspectors have been found destroying the components. the assad government is
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cooperating fully with their inspection. >> at least 100 people are known to have died in a car bombing in damascus provins. it happened outside a mosque after friday's prayers. both the government and rebels blame each other for the blast in the town. meanwhile rebels have been battling for control. they have captured more than 20 deposit buildings. and this is reportedly the scene in holmes. government forces are said to be targetting fighters from al-qaeda-linked group in control of a christian village. >> kurdish fighters have taken control of a border post on the front ear with iraq. the border post had been in the hand of fighters from the islamic state of iraq since march. >> the u.n. says 5 million syrians are displaced in their
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own country and warn the war is preventing aid agencies from reaching people in need of help. bernard smith has more. >> syria's civil war is creating a nation of refugees. this is the aftermath of a rebel-held damascus suburb on friday. trying to escape - 5 million syrians are refugees in their own country. many are sheltering in emdi buildings and schools. others are in more formal but basic camps. nearly all are reliant on outside help. but the u.n. says increasing violence and bureaucracy reduced aid deliveries to a trickle. >> as much as we have seen our aid cross some front lines, some steps to provide better access. there is still not enough access to the enclaves, not enough free
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movement of aid, so the parties on the ground are taking only baby steps to allow aid to get from one area to another. >> a security council statement at the beginning of october urging increased humanitarian access has not made much difference. >> i have expressed deep disappointment to the council that the situation on the ground has not changed fundamentally as a result of the statement. we are doing everything that we can to look at ways in which operationalisation of the statement would help us. >> the security council resolution on syria's chemical weapons threatens consequences for noncompliance. barry amos says the syrian government and rebel groups ignored the humanitarian appeal because it is unbinding. both sides are accused of daily
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attacks on schools, hospital, power plants and medical personnel. amos says no one is taking seriously obligations under international humanitarian law. >> heavy fighting has broken out between m23 rebels and fost troops in democratic republic of congo to the east. the congolese army is using heavy weapons to bomb rebel positions. neighbouring you -- uganda says shells landed on its side of the border. the u.s. mission in congo says it's assessing the situation. >> peace talks in kampala have stalled. the two sides failed to agree on what will happen to m23s leaders after a possible peace deal is reached. that is crucial.
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it dictates how much influence they'll have in the region after a deal. the congolees army is trying to push the rebels back. forcing them to come to the table, signing a deal on their terms. >> the extent of the u.s. surveillance program seems to be getti getting broader. the nsa may have been listening in to conversations of 35 world leaders. there are suggestions that the american government has intensified data to collect information from its own citizens. >> every day here in the suburbs outside washington information gathered by 17 different u.s. intelligence agencies is collected retained and analysed. this is the national counterterrorism center, where americans not suspected of terrorism come under scrutiny. that is something yasmin and
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isaac want stopped. they are walking the halls of the u.s. congress, meeting with any politician that will listen to their plea to put in place laws to symptom domestic spying. >> for me it's personal. working or the arabic community, it is constantly the one triggered by is lot of the post 9/11 counterterrorism efforts. >> they are literally vacuuming up everyone's information and combing through it. it's alarming. it contradicts fundamental principles of our constitution. >> the information is not just collected, it's being stored. sometimes for decades. according to a new report, the fbi is able to keep intelligence the longest. >> 20 to 30 years - basically on the theory that this might be useful in the future. that information will only be gotten rid of if it's going to be of no use to the fbi or any
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the other 16 agencies in the american intelligence community. >> those agencies include the nsa, and the u.s. counterterrorism - they can search information about a person's phone use for five years, even if never suspected of a crime. every month it's reveal the nsa's supersecret key score tracks more than 41 billion communications on the internet. so much information is now being collected by the nsa that a massive data center is under construction, holding 300,000 square metres of americans personal information. privacy advocates say that monitoring is a violation of u.s. squil liberties. >> despite concerns, the foreign intelligence surveillance court approved applications to continue dragnet surveillance of domestic, telephone and internet
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communications. it is changed the way some americans now go about their daily lives. >> you don't feel as free to say what you think. even the most mundane phone conversation about, you know, what you'll have for dinner with your spouse, about what your child is doing. you wonder if someone is listening to you. >> it appears they are. just in case what is said now becomes useful later. >> controversial stuff. our correspondent joins us life from a protest against the spying program. it's being held in washington d.c. what is the turn out like? >> well, it's quite noisy right now. we ha band -- had a band start behind us. several hundred at the foot of the u.s. capital calling for an end to nsa programs, which they
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say violates their constitt usual heights. joining me is kevin gilligan. what is your tobz what the -- your objection to what the nsa is doing? >> i think they need to have more transparency, it's a government intrusion. let the american people decide what is in our best interests. >> a lot of people say thank you edward snowden. is that how you feel about snim. >> i do, actually. i feel he's had a positive influence on disclosing the programs affecting all americans. >> what do you say when the u.s. government says we need the programs to keep the u.s. snaf. >> i think to a degree they have a point. i think the bureaucracy - the people that run the bureaucracy are doing this with good intention, and i feel that there are elements that are security threats. i don't think they are going about it right. they need more transpersons si
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>> thank you for joining us. organizers have passed out a statement which is reportedly from edward snowden, concluding by saying, "we declare that mass surveillance has no place in this country. it is time for reform. elections are coming and we are watching you." >> interesting stuff. jeanne meserve there in washington d.c. more to cox including:. >> i'm in a valley in west bank where palestine farmers say that israel is stopping them earning a living. >> we meet people sticking their necks out to save kenya's giraffe population. m >> and in sport - will a goal be enough for barcelona to beat real madrid. >> first, a detained chinese
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journalist confessed on television to defaming a state-owned company. the reporter accepted taking bribes and fabricating stories. the latest in a series of televised confessions by suspects in high-profile cases. the 27-year-old says he feels guilty and regrets his mistakes. trance trans-i definitely -- >> translation: i hope the entire journalist industry learns a lesson. for myself i'd follow basic journalistic ethics. >> there's no clear decision on who will form a government. >> the center left democrats are ahead. the winning margin is likely to be smaller. the government collapsed in june
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when the prime minister resigned amid allegations of corruption. the social democrats were expected to win. the center right party, the action for alienated citizens is trailing behind. let's look at the result. the social democrat party has more than 20% of the party. the center right party, the action for alienated citizens has almost 19% and the far left communist party has under 15% of the vote. conservatives has around 12%. well more on that from our correspondent in prague. >> nearly 60% of czechs voted on parliamentary elections, and the polls give the social democrats most chances. however, not majority. so they won't be able to form the new government by themselves. now the main question is who
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they will form a coalition with. there is possibility they'll form a coalition with communist, which never before, never gave up its communist bull shavic ideas from the past of the one part of the society sees that crushing back with past and deja vu moment. however, the rights have been heavily affected by this affair, corruption affair, which led to a fall of the government in june. meanwhile, disparties stood for the biggest, strongest party - now it can be the biggest loser in the elections. there's talk about the pop u lift party formed by a czech billionaire, one of the richest
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checks. the media refers to him as check b -- as czech berlusconi. there's a chance the social democrat might form a coalition with his party. in that case that could be very, very dangerous and democracy itself could come upped real question here in czech republic >> let's go greece where hundreds of anti-fashists protested against golden dawn, the far right party. >> the demonstration passed through central athens as well as a golden dawn strong hold. police separated protesters from the group who were staging a rally. members and supporters have been blamed for violent attacks against immigrants and left-wing
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opponents. >> another 137 migrants have been rescued from a boat off the coast of cystly. 700 migrants were rescued off the coast of north africa. it follows a summit where it was decided to increase aid to countries handling the brunt of the crisis. >> italy's tallest volcano erupted. streams of lava were september into the sky. there were no evacuations or damage caused, but flights have been cancel. >> georgia votes to elect a new president. the candidate has been given the lead. voters are frustrated by the slow pace of change. from the capital we have the story.
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>> access to decent health care is a critical concern for many georgians as their attention turns to this election. there's a new fleet of ambulances on the streets since the current government swept to power. health care spending has almost doubled. this doctor had a pay rise. >> well, with the new cars, we can... >> a big entrance was made at the closing rally. the government's chosen candidate has been the front runner in the campaign. two other candidates pose a challenge. the closest rivals are consistently behind in the polls. one is associated with the outgoing incumbent. he's packing his bags after a time term of office. despite implementing important
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reforms, georgeans showed anger with his administration at the ballot box last year. the country's ailments include poverty and unemployment. in a poll 31% of respondents said jobless and looking for work. health care was top of the list of priorities for reform. >> the election is more about progress. it is also about whether we will have divided power or we'll have a consolidated power. >> the governing coalition's chosen candidate owes his popularity less to his experience - he's a political newcomer - and more to the perception among georgeans that electing him may gift the government a greater mandate to fulfil its prime minister. >> on the streets a woman
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collapsed. she refuses to go to hospital. >> i would have to pay for the cost of treatment. i don't have money. the government doesn't take care of us. sometimes i don't have enough money for food. >> whatever ends up driving georgia after the election - there's much work to be done. >> the former first lady of yugoslavia has been laid to rest. she was laid next to the grave of her husband. we have this report. >> she had lived the later part of her life in povert poverty. she was laid to death by her husband, a man who ruled before its break up.
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she was tito's third and last wife, a life full of contradictions. >> she met tito while fighting the nazi occupation. she spent three decades as first lady. after his death she was accused of plotting against his allies, and as the cult around his parliamentary changed so did her place in society. she ended up stateless and lived in poverty. >> many came here in protest as to how the government treated her. she was put under house arrest in 1980. she was deprived of passport, stripped of almost all income. kept ipp house without a court order. >> more than 30 years after the death she was granted full military honours. >> translation: it's time to admit we have committed a lot of
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wrongful doings to evanka and our own history. by forgetting her we forgot ourselves. >> few here have forgotten what yugoslavia was right before it crumbled and split into new nations. >> translation: whenever yugoslavia is mentioned i get goose bumps - i was, i am and always will be yewingo slavian. it was the number one country in the world. look what we have now. >> translation: in the other times we had everything. while tito was alive we could travel freely, we have free education and health service - today we have nothing. >> now it is too late. evanka in the end won her final battle. her request to be buried next to her husband was granted. >> finally from europe - the man
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credited with inventing the kebab died in germany. he set up a stall selling the food in west berlin in 1972 after emigrating from turkey. another turkish man disputed the claim saying he sold them a year earlier. two years ago norman was recognised as the invendor by the association of turkish donor manufacturers. he was 80 years old. >> and that is it from europe. let's go back to doha. >> votes are being counted in madagascar's presidential election, the first poll since the military backed take over. three canned tats contested -- candidates contested the poll. presidential hopefuls are
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policemening to rebuild. madagascar struggled to lure back tourists and investors since their leader swept to power in 2009. we have more. >> this is where the results are being coleated from the polling stations. it's slow going. so far they've only been able to double check the numbers from 275 of the polling stations. the voter turn out is 55%. it's a slow process. 80% of mada gas cans live in rural areas, remote villages. sealed ballot boxes had to be moved on boats, moses -- motorcycles and town. it's hoped this will bring an end to the economical crisis that gripped the country since 2009 when the counter president came to power. neither he nor the man he
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deposed can stand in the election. voters have 33 candidates to choose from. we'll have preliminary results some time in the next 10 days. if no candidate gets 50% of the vote, the top two will go through to the second round. >> more to come - including the drive for women in saudi arabia pushing to get permission to get behind the wheel. >> reopened for business. why it's taken two decades to get somalia's petrol stations up and running. and in sport - sebastian vettel closes in on a fourth straight formula 1 title.
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conversation about you
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hello. these are the headlines on al jazeera. . the iranian government reportedly hanged 16 members of an armed sunni separatist group. it happened hours after 14 iranian border guards were killed by armed men in the
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south-eastern sistan-baluchestan province. >> this is about the unconstitutional, unethical and immoral action >> protesters in washington dc are reading out a statement from edward snowden, the fugitive american whistleblower. hundreds gathered in the u.s. capital to protest against spying by the national security agency >> and the congolese army is firing heavy weaponry against m23 rep else at the eastern democratic republic of congo. >> the french military released video of a joint operation targeting al-qaeda-linked fighters in mali. several hundred soldiers from the up, france and mali are involved in the operation. it follows a suicide attack on wednesday that killed two peacekeepers at a u.n. check
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point. thousands of french troops arrived in january to force rebels from northern mali. >> one of sudan's prominent politicians split from the national congress party. he is seen as the pain reformist within the ruling party. it's expected that sudan will hold presidential elections next year. >> armed gunmen attacked a civilian convoy including a bus full of passengers in central mozambique. one has been killed and 10 wounded. the assault happened on the road to the coastal city. it's the second attack after the rebel movement declared on monday that a 1992 peace deal was over. >> this may come as a surprise. in somalia petrol stations opened for the first time in more than 20 years. the violence that ravaged the country meant that oil companies did not want to take the risk of
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opening up shop there. >> for the past 20 years, this is what a petrol station in mogadishu looked like - street vendors filling up tanks using jerry cans. the security in the city has been to bad that no company wanted to risk investing in the somali capital. a significant but fragile calm has been destroyed, allowing three petrol stations to reopen. >> translation: the improved security situation encouraged us to open. it made a lot of drivers happy. they can buy good quality petrol at a reasonable price. >> function at the petrol pumps means drivers don't run the risk of damaging cars with corrupted petrol. >> translation: this petrol is pure and clean. before it was ruined because it was not stored properly. hopefully the petrol stations
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about get rid of the problems >> with some some articlians making a living from selling petrol. the deposit is making a move to appease them as it opens the drive to open more petrol pumps. >> translation: we are in consultation with the street vendors, they have a grace period. soon we'll ban them except for licensed petrol pumps. >> the sale of fuel on the black market cost somalis their life, resulting in fires breaking out, destroying entire neighbourhoods in some cases. >> the hope is the reopening of these stations means that one part of life in somalia will be safer. >> conservationists warn that giraffes will become ex-contingent in the next few decades also something is done to address their rapid full. human encroachment on their habitat is seen as the biggest
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threat. >> in africa's harsh and beautiful savannah lives the world's tallest animal. they may not be as threatened by poaching as rhinos and elfantastic but they are in danger. conservationists are worried about humans encroaching. from 140,000 giraffes in the "90, only 1,000 remained in 2012. >> the trend across the african contain ept is worrying. the numbers -- continent is worryi worrying. the numbers have declipped. two subspecies are listed as endangered. >> rare species are found in kenya. this is a subspecies from the west of the country. because the existence was threatened they had to be put in protection, about two decades
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ago. >> to increase numbers the giraffe had to be kept in protected areas, such as the giraffe center, where they can breed. these are the lucky ones. the vulnerable giraffes are outside game reserves, and are isolated from one another. >> because of human settlements, agriculture, because of clearing of the natural areas, we have ended up in a situation where we now have fragrantissimalets of habitats across the country. this fragment is where you'll find the giraffe, this is where you find other wildlife. we know from our own research that most extinctions in this wild have occurred in habitat fragments. >> the endangered giraffe may be saved. it's a comprehensive policy to guarantee this. what is now being done
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aggressively is sensitising those living close to wildlife to help the animals. >> our main mission is to create awareness and conservation through learning institution, some society organizations >> it's a hard sell when you consider fast-growing population and a wildlife competing for limited space in a rapidly industrialising country. conservationists say this is a fight that must not be lost. losing africa's wildlife is not an option. >> activists in saudi arabia say 60 women have driven cars as part of a campaign to improve their rights. women are banned from driving in the country. female drivers have been fined and imprisoned. the protest revoked a split reaction from saudis.
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>> translation: demonstrations and campaigns for driving - they do not need to drive. they go everywhere and do everything they need with a private driver. there's no reason to drive. >> a woman is living in honour or dignity, like a queep. demands and needs are met, why trouble herself. >> i'm with the women's driving campaign, a lot of things are disrupting us. a woman needs a man to drive her. it is safer that the woman drive herself rather than with a foreign person. >>. >> >> translation: i'm going to take my sisters to do work instead of waiting for the driver or someone to take them. they'll be delayed. we decided to do our work by ourselves. i drive carefully and drive well. there's to danger for us, god willing. >> here is the official reaction from the saudi arabia interior ministry on the website. they say:
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>> palestinians deny that they agreed to allow israel to build settlement blocks in exchange for pripers. the secretary-general -- prisoners. the general of the palestine organization says reports are false and malicious. israeli media says it was part of the understanding in reent peace talks, coming as farmers in the north of the occupied westpacing are driven -- west bank are driven off their land. the area has been declared a native reserve and polluted with untreated sewage. >> this is a picturesque valley in the north of the d outlined west bank. for palestine formers life is becoming increasingly difficult. this summer israeli officials
2:41 pm
marked with red paint 2,000 olive and citrus trees for destruction. >> translation: i was working on my land when the parks authority arrived saying they are marking trees younger than two years. i told them to leave the trees alone. >> israeli authorities told al jazeera the area has been declared as a nature reserve due to professional ecological reasons. israel's decision to declare the area a nature reserve and frequent harassment by israeli settlers have meant there are limits op area that can be cultivated. >> this man used to own 25 cows, now it's down to seven. >> translation: since they declared the area a nature reserve, we can't get tractors in or get fodder for our
2:42 pm
animals. >> whether they have trees or grazed cattle palestine farmers athe israeli farmers designated this area a nature reserve to stop them using the lapped. at the same time some jewish settlements surrounding the valley are creating environmental problems of their own. >> above the valley, two settlements pump discharge downhill to areas where animals graze. >> translation: i think the waste water coming from the fact ris contains toxic materials. among the human population we see a lot of rashes and food poisoning. especially among children. >> elsewhere dirty water flowed in the val eye. scientists at the university confirmed that it contains untreated sewerage. wherever it comes from, the farmers say this pollution is the threat to the area's natural beauty. they are struggling to make a
2:43 pm
living in a tough environment. still more ahead, including we are in thailand to find out why tourists are told not to have a tattoo on a particular part of the their body. >> pakistan tries to avoid an inages defeat against south africa. we'll tell you if they managed it later in sport.
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[ ♪ theme ] india's government is facing a constant challenge to provide food for its population of more
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than a billion. now a vegetable crisis is threatening the stability of delhi's state government. a reason is farming is declining. one state in particular is trying to challenge all of that. we have more on the disciplined approach to food security. >> these cadets are getting ready to plough of fallowed fields of the state of caro la. armed with practical skills and technical know-how they'll join comrades and helping to rerive the local agricultural industry. this is the front line in the push to become more self sufficient. >> we need good expansion. that is through training. highly disciplined and committed and productive output.
2:46 pm
>> new recruits spend 20 days learning about everything from fertiliser and seeds to planting seasons and machinery. since the first session in 2003, more than 3,500 cadd et cetera known to their community as service providers have been through the training. >> over the past 40 years the state of caro la has seen a decline in the number of people willing to work in the field the the food security army is trying to lure people back to the land, its mission to start a national movement to make sure that all indians have enough food. india is one of the security army's first options. this woman supervises more than 40 service providers, running a business worth $130,000.
2:47 pm
>> translation: my income has quadrupled sips i started doing this. my life has changed. now i own an acre of land scpr savings. >> in the 1970, the state of caro la produced 1.5 million tonnes of rirks and today produces one-third of that. >> for farmers, a shortage of labour has been a persistent problem. >> compared to before. production increased. other farmers in the village started using the service, and gone back to the land. >> this grassroots initiative captured the tapes of the nation. >> as the indian government looks to provide food for all of its citizens, it could turn it into reality. >> now, as any tourist to thailand knows the buddha is
2:48 pm
everywhere. there are buddha statues, paintings and bars. wherever you look you see the image of the buddha. that may be about to change as rob mcbride reports from bangkok. >> for visitors arriving in thailand it is a giant bill bored difficult to miss, and a message to match - don't disrespect booudism. >> paid for by knowing buda, campaigning against offensive uses of buddha. from the tops of toilet seats or advertisements. commercialism can cause offence. >> once we address the issue and people are aware of this campaign, we believe we can make the world listen to us. it is time to speak out. >> if the offenders don't listen to petitions, products are
2:49 pm
boycotted. with 95% of thailand's population being budist images are synonymous with thai culture. it presents campaigners with more than enough cases of apparents misuse. >> for devout budists, misuses are offensive. none more so than when the image is tattooed on the human body. >> with the approach of peak holiday season, the tattoo parlours of bangkok are gearing up for the rush of travellers. the face of buddha is becoming increasingly popular. tattoo parlour owner sees no problem with that. hindu gods and budist scriptures adorn his body - its his form of worship. >> translation: art has to be placed in the appropriate location. if the tattoo is below the waist
2:50 pm
lain - no motor the religion - we'll refuse to do it. >> this is an obvious case. you should never be allowed to have it into the body. >> so far the thai government resisted calls to legislate against tattooing. the prospect it might sounds an alarm for those concerned about how to implement such a law. >> they are in bangkok, and they are arrested, they are harassed. what you going to do with this. it's going be very serious. >> almost completely budist but with a secular government. for many religious tolerance is a great asset. a virtue worthy of the buddha himself. >> and it's time for your sport. here is andy. ism barcelona won the first classico of the spanish league season beating real madrid.
2:51 pm
naymor and gareth bale making their first appearances. naymar had the bigger impact giving barcelona the lead early in the first half. the second half saw real madrid with plenty of chance, cristiano ronaldo going close. as did benzemar who replaced bale mid which through the second. barca got the crucial second goal. finished to all but make the game safe for the team. rod eeg es stole a late goal for real. but barca hung on for the win, going 4 clear at the top of the stable. >> defending english premier league champions manchester united produced two late goals to over stoke. the away team were 2-1 up over
2:52 pm
david moyes team, but second-half goals from rooney and hernandez gave united a 3-2 win. moyes' team down in eighth in the table. arsenal beat crystal palace despite having a player sent off. liverpool are two points behind them in second. louis suarez with a hat-trick. everton beating us. fc seoul needed a lit goal in the final. jou ling gave the chinese visitors a 2-1 lead. the sixth goal scored by ibra mm hm inovic. >> baseball's world series. it moves to st louis.
2:53 pm
cardinals and red sox split the first two. >> it is the calm before the storm as game 3 of the world series shifts to st louis, which means a change in rules. now the national league rules. mike napperly out. david ortiz, a hitter for the boston red sox is in. the pitching match of jake peevy against joe kelly. jake peevy trying to redeem himself from a game 4 lose in the alcs. he says he's fired up. >> i'm plenty enough comfortable to go out and execute pitches and make adjustments. obviously i'm an emotional guy. emotions are - but at the same time, i'm 13 years into this. i'm as excited as i will be for a start not to go tout tomorrow. >> -- go out tomorrow. >> first pitch 8:07 eastern
2:54 pm
time. for game 3 of the world series. >> serena williams overcame her opponent and injury to reach finals in istanbul. williams overcame jelena jankovic. she'll play li that, who is up to third in the rankings. williams will aim for her 11th title. year. >> sebastian vettel took a step towards winning a fourth straight formula 1 world title. he be in poll position. sebastian vettel needs to finish fifth or better to win. the german will have nico rosberg, compatriot racing beside him with mercedes. mark webber is third.
2:55 pm
fernando alonso qualified in eighth. >> it's a great circuit. i like the track around the middle sector with the high speed corners. it's not a secret in your car behaves the way you want to through there, and, for sure you'll enjoy that a lot. i think we did that today. a great result for the team. obviously mark is on a different strategy. we'll see what the race brings tomorrow. >> the motogp title could be decided within the next 24 hours. defending champion jorge lorenzo will be on poll. marc marquez could win the title in his debut year if outscores jorge lorenzo by 8 points. marc marquez is second on the grid. >> i'm happy to get the second pole position in a row after phillip island. last time i wrote it was nothing. i have good memories about the race. at the beginning i was careful,
2:56 pm
not so much confident. little by little i think we have been lucky to have time to get the confidence. we started to do better. >> south african cricketer faf du plessis has been fined for ball tampering. a partnership of 197 - trying to avoid annin innings defeat. caught behind off the bowling. shafiq was the final wicket stumped on 130. pakistan out for 326. south africa winning by an innings and 92 runs. >> englands cricketers arrived in australia ahead of the ashes starting next month. for the first time in 40 years the countries are winning in back to back series.
2:57 pm
england beating australia 3-0. >> it doesn't seem like any time in history that we play 10 test matches, within six month, it is strange for us. it doesn't seem that long ago since we are here doing the same thing in perth in 2010. yes. it is different. >> there was a live live finale to the argentinian game between arsenal and their opponent. arsenal angry when they thought the opponents may be time wasting. the referee halting the match is sent off no less than five players. >> plenty on the website. check it out. that's it from sport. >> thank you. stay with us here on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is straight ahead. thanks for watching. bye for now.
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straight ahead.
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this is al jazeera america live from new york. i'm jonathan betz. calls to rip in government dpi spying are louder. some carried signs denouncing the nsa. others held messages thanking edward snowden. rally organizers hope to collect half a million signatures calling on congress to protect the public's privacy, coming as a report say thats the nsa may have been spying on german chancellor angela merkel since 2002. >> in syria 100 were killed when a car bomb exploded


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