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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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race there is makingrs national headlines mike is in tyson's quarter just outside washington, d.c., and mike, if you live in that market, my understanding is you have been treated to a nasty you sure have, and the sitting attorney general, very conservative, attacking terry, time and time again, but being outspent by the democrat, he, of course, the consummate washington insider, so what you have here is a team affiliated
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member of the already of the state government. and a washington insider no less a person than terry mccollough, who is a party functionary. and quite famously a very close friend of bill, clinton that is. he has led in the polls over the course of the last several days and weeks by anywhere from five to 9-points and in some polls even more in others. one thing that is very interesting of the split within the party, is organizations that are part of the so called republican establishment, let's take the chamber of commerce, the nation's lambest business lobbying group in washington, d.c., whereas they gave to the republican candidate four years ago, bob income donald himself, now mired in controversy and ethical standards they have not given dime one to him, and as he has tried to compete in those t.v. ads throughout the state of
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virginia. now there are interests in every state, in northern virginia you mentioned transportation a big item here, grid lock not the sort you see across the river in washington, but literal grid lock on the roads. he has been behind it, that's another reason why he is ahead in the polls. >> one more for you, can you say this is a big barometer for the rest of the country, where the tea party stands right now. >> well, it's a very interesting dynamic, because this is trending blue, particularly in presidential years. president obama took this state, he tack it in 12, and yet in off years the state zillion trends republican. so a very interesting dynamic here. if he does pull this off. >> in tyson's corner virginia. good to so you from virginia to the garden
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state, now new jersey gubernatorial race has been heated. a state senator wants to knock chris christie out of the governor's mansion, from as bury park in new jersey, john, good to see you, that raise has been getting a lot of attention, and it is because of the sitting governor chris christie and the message think wants to send tonight. >> because of the sitting governor and because of the way he handled hurricane sandy a year ago. to valentine island, just before presidential election back in 2012. luke, at the local level, you have barbara bueno who is his democratic opposition. she is trying to oust him, she wanted to raise taxes on the new jersey people, on the other hand, chris christie wants to cut them except for multimillionaires. there are a lot of things you can say about chris christie. and new jerseyians do criticize him. for instance, he is against raising the
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minimum wage, his economic record is not really that great. but it is his ability to reach out beyond the aisle, that partisan hand that comes out, and you saw that with the arrival of president obama back in november october time last year. that has brought him to the attention of the national republican party, and why people are talking about him. as top of the ticket in the 2016 presidential election, many people think hillary clinton has a run nor for the democrats. >> i want you to spend more time on this. talk to us about the political landscape there in new jersey. it is staunchly democratic, while the governors a republican, talk to us about how he has been able to transcend, and ensure that it was his response in the aftermath of super storm sandy, and the way
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he imbraced the president, but talk to us about why he has been able to bridge the divides there. >> you know it really was the reaction. they don't know who barbara is. she has been working hard for years but they don't really know who he is. he raised five times more money, he is on television all the time, she is not. that's why the polls indicate she has an advantage. but the thing about governor cristty is that he managed to appeal to a great speck strum of people in new jersey. the 20 or so people% of people that claim to be republicans the 33% claim to be republicans and the 47% who are swing voters and that ability to reach out, to people of all spectrums has brought to the attention of the republican party, and why he is being talked about a potential contender. >> john, good to see you, thank you, from state leadership to the head of
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some of the nation's largest cities a new mayor will take over in the motor city and it's bankruptcy problems. but first, in new york city, bill is poised to become the fist democrat to be elected mayor in nearly a quarter of a century, joins me now from brooklyn, good to see you, so the challenger, joe lotus and everyone will be surprised when the votes are counted tonight, why does he think he will actually win? well, joe let toe is making the point that the city is in pretty good shape. in the first half of 2013 alone. of course that means more johns. crime is down. all of this occurring under the leadership of republican mayors. 12 years with bloomberg, eight years with giuliani, heavies he will continue the same
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policies, so he is hoping when people go into the booth, and they ask themselves are things better under republican leadership, the answer is yes, therefore, lota. that's his hope. but all of the polls are saying not going to happen. that debels owe will be the new mayor. >> so break this down for me. what are the major policy differences? >> well, one policy, the big one that took center stage during this past months of campaigning, stop and frisk. stopping what many say is an inordinate amount of african-americans. lotus says he will continue. he does not agree with profiling. but he also thinks that the stop and frisk. >> no matter how you cut it it ends up being a
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matter of profiling. he has a by racial son, and many voters say that's the kind of guy they want to elect as the next mayor. moving now from the big apple where voters are also choosing a new mayor. and detroit can elect the first white mayor in 40 years. will you talk about the dynamics of the race there. the former hospital ce oh, his name is mike dougan, he is vying for the top job as well as the wayne county sheriff here.
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right now the city of detroit is facing $18 billion in long term debt, and right now there is a federal judge that is expecting to determine if indeed the city is eligible for chapter nine bankruptcy. what's interesting aside from this bankruptcy talk, right now an emergency manageser in charge of the city. this despite the fact that the city has a mayor, and this emergency manager is name is kevin orr, he is supposed to be in place for at least the next year, so a lot of voters are asking what's the point of having a race right now, why have this election, when the person who is eelectricitied they may not be fully in control. they may not have full power of their seat. and as you mentioned how the race plays into this. in the most recent poll, mike dunn can was leading napoleon by a 2-1 margin. and i talked to a political analyst about this, and he says this speaks volumes and shows that people are ready for
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new leadership regardless of race. how much power would a mayor hold, is it clear? >> i am being told by sources that the power the current mayor that it is very limited. there's only so much they can do. it was given the power to control everything. so i am told that it is important that whoever is elected into office that they work closely with the emergency manager. all right, appreciate it. in detroit, and joining me now from washington, d.c., is mark roam, he is a professor of government, and public policy. good to talk to you, let's start with the race in virginia here.
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a win to the governors mansion in virginia? >> the implications are great for the democratic party. they have elected somebody who is a dealer, who is a probusiness, who is an operator, and that will give the middle in the future. the call selection does not bode well for them. >> is said to be a hero of the tea party. if you would, what are a few of the positions that he holds with tea party members? and 24 will be illuminating for folks across the country. >> couch nelly is very proreligion. very strongly pro-life. is very opposed to the concept of climate change, he believes that the smallest government and the lowest taxes are the best. but his biggest name has come from his socially hard edged issues such as
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abortions and the women's right to choose. >> is would his defeat have broader implications for the tea party? >> i don't want to overinterpret a single election. let me put it this way, virginia nominated a hard edged conservative, who looks like he will lose in a closely divided state. nominate add nice guy, conservative, but one that is willing to work across the aisle, and it looks like christie is going to sweep to victory. the margin of victory for chris christie tonight, is that important in terms of a message he is trying to send about moderation from the republican party moving forward? >> no question about that. look, new jersey is a
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solid lick democratic state in presidential elections. not only to win re-elections to the governor seat, but to crush his democratic opposition, suggests that this is the kind of republican, conservative, but not a hard edged one who can win in a deeply democratic seat, and would likely have a strong race there should he be nominated. >> appreciate it, thank you so much. a professor of government and public policy at georgetown university. >> thank you. >> and our election coverage is just getting started. voters aren't just choosing leaders later we will take a look at the issues on the ballot. and we will also find out the billionaire coke brothers have taken a burglar interest in a small town election in iowa. you can also find complete coverage at, we also have a live blog and the very latest on the voting and the results as soon
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as they come in. hopes for peace in syria appear to be dashed or at least delayed for now. diplomats fail to agree to bring both sides to the table, still, u.n. envoy says he is striving to have a conference before the end of the year, meantime, in syria, the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate, a new report says nearly 9.5 million people living in the war torn country need help. that's 40% of the population, 6 1/2 million syrians are currently homeless. 2 million people have left the country, and 4 1/2 million more are internally displaced. ericawood has more. the refugees are seeking shelter elsewhere. the situation is getting worse. they are estimated that
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will rise to half the population by years end. >> it is not one single event. it is a gradual innux. because the conflict continues to deteriorate day after day, hour by hour. >> the 2 1/2 years they have met many syrians without proper sanitation, sufficient food, water, or access to medical help. those that have fled to neighboring lebanon the biggest and aleppo. which shows sha syrians are suffering the most. but for those that have been able to escape the violence, more than 100,000 are seeking shelter in egypt. more than half a million are in jordan. lebanon has the most with eight hub thousand syrians and together turkey, and iraq, have around 700,000.
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medicine, vaccination for children and so on, that we can actually reach those who are in need. syria and the people in syria displaced or not, in need oasis tans are going into winter, it is going to be very cold, they will need more aid and we can't reach them. >> so as hundreds of thousands of syrians continue to lead the country, those left behind struggle to stay alive, and the families with humanitarian crisis appears worse than ever. ericawoods al jazeera. >> a secretary of state
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john query made a brief detour stopping in poland as part of his ten day trip through the middle east and north africa, while there, he addressed the issue of spying by the nsa. kerry vowed that a review of the surveillance activities will result in the right balance between security and privacy, his next stop israel, where he will focus on the peace talks. terrifying moments inside a new jersey mall, now a gunman's family is speaking out. jonathan best joins was a look at stories making headlines. >> the story of rich which will shupe the man who killed himself after firing shots in the mall is speaking out. he says he does not know what drove his brother. he said he did not intend to hurt anyone but health, and no one else was hurt when he started filing into the mall ceiling, he was found dead in a corridor. the street began hearing an appeal for a poisoning conviction case. the federal prosecution of a woman who tried to
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poison her husband's lover. they tried her violating the chemical weapons convection. the justices will cur whether federal prosecutors should have used that treaty. her attorney says it should have been a similar assault case. oklahoma senator has a recurrence of prostate cancer. the 65-year-old has surgery to treat it back in 2007, he was also treated for cancer two other times. one for mel known that in 75, and for colon cancer in 2001. the pentagon is preparing for budget cuts. the indian space research organization is the fourth space program to go to mars after the
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united states, the soviet union and the european space agencies. it is expected to arrive at mars next september, it will be orbit the red planet for six months and second data on the atmosphere. a lot more crowded up there. >> absolutely. jeff, appreciate it. good news good news for the economy. a new report shows that business may be picking up, is the recovery stronger than we think? plus, a verdict has been handed down from bangladesh that puts more than 100 people on death row, you are watching al jazeera america.
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business by now.r and atop the business news for the day, wall street, let's take a look at the numbers here. stocks ending the day in negative territory here, investors really waiting for reports due later in the day. and the october jobs
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report, dow fell as you can see just over 20 points today. some positive news, about a vital part of the u.s. economy, the service sector, a new report finds nonmanufacturing business activity, expanded at a better than expecting rate last month, and hiring was up as well, despite the government shut down, services such as restaurants and retailers make about two-thirds of the and i as we tell you often here, and k mart wants to turn turkey day into blue light special shopping day. the discounterclaim is throwing open the days at 6:00 a.m., thanksgiving day? and will stay open 41 hours straight, all in an effort to get a jump on the competition. and the important holiday shopping season. joining us now to talk more about the business minds. nadia, what is this idea? opening up -- i guess they had a sluggish holiday shopping season last year, so they are trying to shake things up a little bit, right. but this is an all important season for
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retailers. >> it is a huge season for them, and they depend on this for their sales forecast numbers. if you look at some of the other retailers they are opening if not in the evening of thanksgiving but still on black friday. so k mart is doing something very unconventional here. >> can we talk about this twitter i.p.o. >> yes, let's do that. >> i am lining up my pockets with every dime i have now, to see what i can get here, this is a big deal i.p.o. and are you hearing about it? the price gets set tomorrow, the i.p.o. is the next day. >> on thursday, that's right. obviously they have increased their share price range that they are going to offer. what's the range now. >> 23 to 25. >> what does that say to you? >> which is what facebook did as well, so some people are pointing out they aren't making the same mistake by offering the same shares. increased both the range and that, and they are taking precautions not to change any guidance, they are being completely transparent, and we have
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heard that the book is completely overprescribed. yet we keep hearing that young investors in particular aren't that keep on twitter as an investment, because everyone is wondering how it will monotides itself. has twitter works that out? >> it is funny you say that, because i remember -- everybody always asks what is twitter going to be when it grows up, and now it is going to be a $14 billion company. a company that needs to make sure it does stay with the trend, social media can go out of fashion almost tomorrow. >> right. >> so obviously facebook has done that, group on has done that, so they have to make sure they have a good advertising model. they have a tiny patent portfolio. >> so -- tell me the story and it looks like it is a tremendous success story, with tesla. >> yes. job there.k there, one
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i think that the earnings people are expecting somewhat of a comfortable quarter. people are expecting there to be about they will still meet their 21,000 cars they will sell this year. so people are confident but they have to al have a certain growth to them. they are coming out with model x, they need to talk about china and the expansion they need to do there. >> right. >> and the problems in october, they took a hit to their share price when they had the battery problem. >> are we ultimately just filing stories now on the demise of blackberry every single day here? >> that company, remember last time i was here i said i had a d ten, i just got the i-phone. >> so you chucked it? >> it broke on me. after a few months of owning it, but that was probably my fault, i think i dropped it. >> it is really where we are? >> well, blackberry is a company that just received financing from fairfax, a large investor of $1 billion which stabilizes the situation,
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they just got a new ceo yesterday, they announced john chen. who is known in the circles of the very highly regarded in mountain, and software, soy think he will do well for that company. obviously terrific, huh. yawed yeah, and as always, great to have you on the program. >> come on back and see us. >> mychal ease is here with a look at the sports headlines. >> yeah, in more ways than one. it was just more than a game in the division, also cost them their starting quarterback for the next three weeks. suffered a broken collarbone on the first series. the injury is not expected to require surgery, the loss also in
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the four game winning streak. gabe dubiak was released tuesday, after suffering a ministroke during thursday's game. he should make a full recovery, but the team has yet to say when he will rejoin the squad, although he definitely won't be back for this weekend's game. and in the nba, chris paul posted a second straight game. of at least 23-points and 10 assists as they conclude to 3 and 1, those are your sports headlines news on free agency coming up later. >> appreciate it. and stimahead on al jazeera america, 2013, a update on the top political races and issues we are following
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tonight. plus, embattled toronto mayor admits to smoking crack cocaine, but says he intended to run for re-election next year.
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in virginia a governor show down between a family confident and a tea party favorite, in new jersey, the outspoken governor chris christie goes head to head with a state senator who wants to unseat him. the merrill show down are
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we looking at the first democratic mayor in two decades? and to motor city, are we looking at the first white mayor in four decades. voters in colorado are heading to the polls today to cast their ballot on a controversy school tax. the amendment could be the largest voter approved tax hike in state history. paul is in denver. >> state elections getting a lot of national attention, first as a proposed retail sales tax on marijuana, there is of course the state succession movement, as well as efforts to roll back fracking but the issue that will effect the -- is a proposed overhaul of how the state funds public education. it is called amendment 56, and what it is is a billion dollars state income tax increase
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follow that money directly into public education. it will toss out the flat income tax, and that is what has generated a lot of controversial here. business groups of course saying that it will hurt families and small businesses, supporters of it saying it will revolutionize public education. and secretary of education has said that this is a model for other states to follow, so a lot of eyes both here and nationally following the fate of amendment 66, as the votes are counted here in colorado today. >> joining me now from -- sorry, paul. joining me now from colorado springs is josh dun.
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are they likely to approve a $1 billion tax increase, which is being call add sweeping overhaul of education in the state. >> i would be very surprised if it passes. it wouldn't bet my house that it goes down. but this colorado and the default position is that tax increases will go down, or you can say tax increases are always guilty until proven innocent. >> so professor, if you are right and this goes down, i'm wondering what coloradoians and particularly the kids in the state would be missing out on what does the state want to do with the money? >> well, that's part of the problem for amendment 66, is there's not a lot of clarity on how it will be spent. it doesn't tell you where it is going to go and it is tied to another piece of legislation.
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so unless amendment 66 passes then this doesn't go into effect then the school districts have flexible in how to spend the new resources. but that's been part of the problem is explaining what it is going to do other than increase funding. >> has something like this been put before voters. >> yes, just a few years ago, and it was 66% of the voters rejected it. so it it gives you an indication that the opposition they are facing. >> the chief architect of the plan says it is time for citizenning of the state to trust the state on education matters. how well is that argument going over? >> well, i think they have done a much better jonathan they have in the past.
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senator johnson is very well spoken. and i think he has done a good a job as possible, in trying to sell this to the voters of colorado. so like i said, if any increases or tax increases to support education is going to pass, lit be this one, but it is a long shot. >> appreciate your time, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> voters will decide today whether to enact a strict gun control. we will hear more on that in a moment, first let's go to texas where proposition 6 is on the ballot there. >> and had there been day more likes this perhaps there wouldn't be a drought or a need for proposition six. what it aims to do is take 2 billion-dollars from the state rainy day
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fund, and move it into a account that can be used to create low interest loans. you have texas conservative, rick perry, and the environmental group the sierra club on the same side here. but there are opponents that say they don't like the idea that a three member board appointed by the governor will have so much power making the decision on who gets the money. >> voters here are considering what the ballot called a gun safety ordinance. measures would require owners to keep gunned locked up if they are not in lose. it would also to require a missing or stolen gun within 48 hours. it would require ammunition sellers to keep track of customers and require magazines that have rounds more
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than ten to be turned in. sunny vails mayor is the one pushing for this ordinance, new york cities mayor donated $3,000 to get this measure passed. the nba promises a lawsuit if the voters here do indeed pass measure c. >> in corralville iowa, look, you were following a particularly interesting race, why has this election gained such attention? >> yeah, tony, little corralville of only 20,000 people, well the reason it has gotten attention because of a group called americans for prosperity. which is backed by the coke brothers has jump intoed the race. n group is an anti-big government, low tax group, that has been peppering the and i with these fliers.
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now the city did take on significant debt, to build a hotel that you see behind me, a convention center, and a shopping area, and as a result of that, moodies lowered its bond rating, now the current mayor who is not running for re-election, and some voters say there shouldn't be outsiders involved and some the priors are miss leading. in a commute our size, we have never and i have been involved here for over 50 years and we have never had anything like this before. it's always been local. and if there was someone had an issue, they took it up local, and came to the council, and we took care of it. >> .
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>> i contacted the candidates and asked who could be sending these negative fliers. >> now, i tries to get ahold of the local president, because the national group called the local chapter which we did to ask them why they are getting involved in this particular election, asked them about the fliers, they did not return our phone calls. tony. >> well, dianne, show me what does it say? >> what are you holding up there. >> well, it says what do you value more for your children, their schools the hotel or a brewery. they are actually -- in some instances they have been comparing the city to detroit saying it has taken on too much debt, and there is a debt crisis but the city says it has a plan to pay back the debt, and it should be able to pay the debt back probably in another 25 or 30 years. >> all right, got you. good to see you, thank you. and for complete coverage
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of this election day just go to, that's where we are following the key stories and we have a lye blog, updates on the voting and the results. a major turning point in the conflict in the democratic republic of congo. the rebel group in 23 have layed down the weapons and called an end to 20 years of fighting. the remaining fighters have fled, and the troops have moved into their last hill top positions. some of the troops we have spoken to say the driver of the general leader surrendered. they said that he himself fled into neighboring rwanda, that is not far from here. people are waiting to find out if that's true, and see what the government is going to do with him. in the meantime, the government is being
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consolidated it's new ground and bringing in new troops. it would be difficult now for the fighters to continue from beyond congos boarders so after 20 months of rebellion, it seems the government finally has control of this part of the country. >> there are over 600,000 people homeless in the united states. aid groups have helped that number go down. but in new orleans,one group showing a troubling trend, in the other direction, michael gray reports now. >> new orleans, where tourists from around the world rebel in the night life and the history, but the party on the streets is hardly that for everyone. you always say if you can survive in new orleans, you can survive anywhere.
4:41 pm
>> hidden from the visitors is a chronic homeless population, some individuals have been without a permanent place to live for decades, in the past year, support groups have seen that population shifting. >> the women are more homeless than men, and so right now we are trying to provide shelter for the women. >> according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development, a number of homeless women in the city has increased over 65% in just one year. >> in new orleans, this is known as the bridge. a place where hope gets lost, an area where homeless people flock to to set up their new home, you can see the tents behind me, many with addictions and mental illness, it is the last stop for so many people on the streets. also a place where kendra found herself. >> i've been raped. >> suffering through a painful childhood, kendra has been homeless since hurricane katrina. >> this is our home away from home.
4:42 pm
>> staying in abandoned buildings sprung out on crack and alcohol, the 39-year-old hit rock bottom under this bridge, a dangerous place. and then she found the new orleans mission. >> this is the women's facility right here. this is where we house up to 20 women. >> sober now for over three months she lives here, one of the small number of women the mission is able to house. >> we are going upstairs. >> though they are trying to ex-fan. >> to the right and left. >> the new orleans mission has only 14 beds in all of the shelters in the city, there are fewer than 70 beds for single homeless women. >> this place saved my life. >> across the hall in another room of bunk beds lives stacy grant, a former dancer, she thinks she knows why there's a surge in the number of homeless women. >> there's a limited number for domestic violence incidences and so women are being turned out into the street with nowhere to go. >> recently a city
4:43 pm
official called the state one of the most dangerous plays to be a wife, mother, or girlfriend. >> people make mistakes every day, but i don't stay down. >> inside the mission are women who have been able to escape violence and have a safe home. they are getting a chance to start over. >> they hope the city can add whatever it takes to prevent more women from falling victim to the street. >> robert gray, all al jazeera. >> a shocking confession from the mayor of toronto. and we mean shocking. rob ford spoke publicly for the first time after admitting to smoking crack. ford said he will not leave his job, and he
4:44 pm
also apologized and pledged to regain the trust of the people of ton the. ford said he did drugs sometime in the last year. they found a copy of a cell phone video which appears to show him smoking a crack pipe. >> i know, i embarrassed everyone in the city, and i will be forever sorry. >> there's only one person to blame for this. and that is myself. >> also new developments on a train accident last year in texas, federal investigators are blaming a lack of safety planning in h the city of mid land texas after a freight train slammed into a tractor trailer. finally for the first time in history, the
4:45 pm
olympic torch will be taken on a space walk. lit be zone to the international space station onboard a russian spacecraft this week. and in case you are wondering the torch will not be lit, it is just the torch. no flame. >> how did you know the question. >> it seems dangerous to bring a flame on to the space station. so they are not going to do it. >> sempling for a bedder life, puerto ricans are leaving their island in droves what's behind the exodus. and still ahead, baseball may be on the merge of it's first $300 million player. that story, next in sports.
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>> a senator under investigation and only al jazeera america is there. uncovering the corruption opening the files... >> are you going to resign if your're indicted? >> breaking the story real reporting, this is what we do... al jazeera america
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>> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news.
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double digit unemployment and rampant crime is causing more to leave puerto rico and head for the mainland. al jazeera meet as family looking for a better life. >> the family have sold just about everything they own. his wife have set off on a well worn path, taken by tens of thousands of puerto ricans before them, struggling to get by, they are moving to florida. >> there shall better schools a better education. right now my sons don't have a social studies teacher, their teachers are missing, they will have a shot at a better education. crime here is sky high.
4:49 pm
>> unemployment is at a two year high, and there is talk of default. lived here for 25 years but is thinking of going back to the dominican republic. >> the people running the country have us all bankrupt and it is going to stay that way. right now we are running the business ousts and we are doing it for free, we are not making any money. >> the more inequality you have the less healthy is our country. if we don't stop this circle we are in a race
4:50 pm
to the bottom. competing with i don't know who, and competing for what. and it should be heading towards default. the u.s. government says it is monitoring the situation, but without financial aid life for the 3.5 million people that live here could be about to get bleaker. al jazeera, puerto rico. >> our three part series on puerto rico concludes tomorrow with a look at the future of the island joining us as andy gallagher exams for the island will remain a u.s. territory, or if it will become the fifty-first state of the union. this hazing scandal with the miami dolphins it is really starting to get serious. >> it is. wend wonder how deep it
4:51 pm
will go, more and more details emerge from the hazing scandal involving offensive lineman, more and more people are paying attention to it, including finally the players association. after initially saying they would not launch an investigation into the investigation the union issue as statement says it would be monitors the leagues investigation, says we expect the nfl create a safe and professional workplace for all players and that owners executives and players should set the best standards and examples. in other news, green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers is expected to miss at least the next three weeks after suffering a small fracture in his collarbone. the injury which occurred to his nonthrowing shouldser not expected to require surgery. last week the red sox claimed their third title in the last three years.
4:52 pm
today free agency opened. and for teams to bolster their rosters for next seasons playoff run. joining us now, is u.s.a. baseball writer bob knightingale, and let's not beat around the bush, the number one free agent on the board, is yankees second baseman, and pretty big numbers have been thrown around. could he really eclipse alex rodriguez record deal of $275 million? and if so, who is the most likely to give him that money? he wants $300 million but there's no way he will get that. he may get two husband, and the only team that will pay that is the new york yankees. i think he stays in new york. >> why do you think the 275 mar, or even the $300 million is unattainable? just the way the market is? the state of baseball? >> the one team that
4:53 pm
makes sense would be the los angeles dodgers that have the bigger payroll, but the dodgers just got a second baseman, so they don't need one, so it is supply and demand, and no one has that kind of demand for a guy like robinson cano. he will be one of the highest paid in baseball, but he certainly won't eclipse a-rod. >> do you think these contracts that we saw for alex rodriguez we also saw for albert pujols, and the numbers not living up to those dollars that that will steer clear of a lot of teams getting -- excuse me, a lot of playering getting those contracts. >> i am not sure. teams talk about that but they give them out. then you had the joey vatto contract. so they are stilling giving them out, remember next year the national t.v. revenue doubles so everybody is making a kiming. just do they want to now
4:54 pm
that kind of money at these players or just use it for themselves and pad their bank account. >> is there another player that can alter it for everyone below them? >> the one guy that will eclipse cano, but he is not a free agent is chain kershaw of the dodgers. he still has a year left on the contract, but they are talking about giving him $250 million so that will help all the other pitchers. even though it is a very weak pitching market, if he gets that money then lit be a frickele down effect. let's talk about boston for a second. free agency helped this team get ready for a deep playoff run, do you think
4:55 pm
they will open up his wallet to spend whatever it takes to keep this team intact? they dutched about 250 million-dollars in contracts so they have plenty of money to spend. i think they try to upgrade it. i'm not sure they think he is worth that kind of money, but a catcher like brian mccain of the braves he is a free agent, and i think they won't bring about giving him five years at $8 million maybe getting the pitching help as well. he is not a free at, so not a great class of free ats this year. >> we always talk about the small markets in baseball, cincinnati not a huge market in terms of television and radio deals but they are trending for a lot of money. is he worth that money in terms of the way the
4:56 pm
market is? and if so, how can cincinnati pay him? i am not sure they can either. i don't think they can afford him either, remember, he is representing by scott borus, who had jacoby ellsbury as well. >> bob knighting gale, thank you for the incite, it should be a very interesting free agency period. this t.v. thing, it should have done baseball, they get paid a lot of money. >> thank you you doing okay here. >> not bad. >> a part of the northern midwest, see their first snow of the season. your national forecast, that's next.
4:57 pm
>> audiences are intelligent
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. to the election pollsed this evening not really across the northeast over the southeast, all clear. southern plane as few showers out west, it is all clear, but it is this one storm developing here over the northern planes that will start to get
4:59 pm
snow coming down. moving to the northeast around minneapolis. now it has been coming down, the last few hours you can see that rain snow line coming south a little bit and that snow area moving in. the next few hours this is central time, polls close at 8:00, and in minneapolis, well, it looks like there will be light snow around 5:00, can, timing not the best, but it will accumulate a little bit. grassy surfaces roads can be slushing. nebraska, south dakota, a little snow in iowa, there's another area where we can get a bulls eye of 489 inches of snow. visibility has come down, we are see that can move. so that's around indication that snow is getting heavier. that will be moving ahead of this rain as this storm moves east, so areas in the northeast, rising temperature as the rain comes in on thursday, headlines coming up.
5:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city, i'm tony harris with a look at the day's top stories. toronto mayor, his first public appearance since he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. he apologized but said he'll stay on the job. there is no confirmed date for syrian peace talks. they have been hoping for a conference later this month. things could be turning around for the affordable care website. you may recall it had a problematic roll out to say the least. a senior obama or official said that it's easier to sign up now. the website will be running smoothly for most people by the


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