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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. burning brightly. tonight, the mem reiterates of an unfinishes the men ri memorin unfulfilled life. jfk 50 years later. an emotional day, as americans remember the life and death of john f. kennedy, recollections of camelot. >> we will have complete
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coverage of today's events honoring president kennedy. but the effort to stop iran's nuclear ambitions. secretary of state john kerry is making an unexpected trip to geneva. nick shiffrin has more. >> today the u.s. hopes to make a deal that would stop that building and convince iran to give up the capacity to make the bomb. >> it is the president's policy that iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> think of a bomb as making tea. right now iran is enriching uranium, like to 20%.
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building a bomb would be more difficult, time consuming. allow u.n. inspectors more access to facilities. >> about the purely peaceful nature of its nuclear program. >> in return the u.s. would lift $7 billion of sanctions. what iran doesn't have to do, tear down its nuclear infrastructure. that's why centrally post oppos. >> it's a bad deal. >> secretary of state john kerry hopes to secure a deal that the u.s. believes will make iran more peaceful. >> diplomat disagreement for the first step with iranians. >> and nick joins us in the studio. gif us some idea what effect
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this will have. >> right now this is creating strange bed fellows. boast oppose a nuclear iran or a program in iran, leaked out to the press that if israel decided to attack iran, they could use saudi air space, no one thinks that would happen. they are coordinating on a two-state solution and that would have a big impact on whether the u.s. could push forward on that. >> nick, thank you very much. here in the u.s. people across the nation pause today to remember one of the country's articulatest moments. it was 50 years ago that john f.
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kennedy was assassinated in dallas. the trip was part of a two-day, five-city tour. an eager crowd created the first couple before the motorcade sped off. as the motorcade neared its destination, it happened. >> it appears as though something has happened. >> president kennedy was hit. a member of his security detail jumped onto the trunk of the limousine. as the car sped to the hospital, about an hour later. >> from dallas, texas, the flash, president kennedy died at 1:00 central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago.
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hundreds of thousands of americans traveled to the capitol to paid their respects and dozens of representatives from across the world attended the kennedy funeral. the late president was finally laid to rest at arlington national cemetery in virginia. buttists that day that we recommend in d dallas. we turn to heidi zhou-castro. >> john f. kennedy was gunned down 50 years ago. and the people of dallas did come out to mark the day with a solemn ceremony. a day that was grim and gray. ♪ >> under rainy skies, pomp and circumstance for a fallen president. thousands of people gathered at
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daly plaza where president kennedy was killed, 50 years ago. >> the past was never in the past. this was a lifetime ago. now, today, we the people of dallas honor the life, legacy and leadership, of the man who called us to think not of our own interest, but of our country's. >> historian david mccullough remembered the hope and promise that came with kennedy's presidency. >> he spoke to us in that now distant time past with a vitality and sense of purpose such as we had never heard before. he was young to be president. but it didn't seem so if you were younger, still. he was ambitious to make it a better world. and so were we. >> 50 years later, people in dallas recalled that terrifying
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day in 1963 and what it means to them now. >> i was 13 years old. so it was quite a coming of age, a shock. like 9/11 was for our children. >> i think dallas has turned a corner in how they're approaching what happened here that day. it's time, time to honor it in a more sophisticated manner. >> in boston, a rain-soaked wreath lain in front of a house where a statute of kennedy stood. but dallas will always be the place where kennedy's story ends. he was here to give a speech but never made it. now a memorial in the plaza is inscribed with the last lines of that undelivered speech. >> for it was written longin lo. accept the lord, keep the city.
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the watch manwakeeth buman wake. >> 14,000 applied to be here today, but only 5,000 were chosen. you saw how they turned out despite this cold weather paws this day is so engrained in the history of dallas they felt it was that important to remember it. >> heidi, a remarkable speech from the mayor of dallas today as well as david mccullough. this is an important day for the city of dallas it seems. tell us how you reacted to what you saw. >> sure. 50 years ago dallas got the u
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unforfeit city of hate. but it held a dignified, a solemn ceremony here and infact notably the city has made an effort to erase any sort of voyeurism of murder as the words of the mayor. they pulled up the two xes painted on the asphalt as a show of respect today. >> heidi, thank you very much. >> the second victim j.d. tippet, who stopped oswald for questioning. >> you can see behind me, maria tippett, accepting hugs, from other officers, speaking how she
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asked j.d. to a church function and six months later they were married. she said he was a good father, he made tree houses for his kids, he played ball with his kids and he read the bible to his kids. here is maria tippet. >> i appreciate everybody come out and honor j.d. and honor him. it is wonderful that you remember what happened if i years ago. >> 50 years ago when tippet died, maria tippet did not get an american flag at j.d.'s funeral which was traditional. tonight, she got a make
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that right. they had a candlelight vigil and they dimmed the lights and played amazing grace on the bagpipes. not only all over dallas but all over the state there were officers here, john. >> talk about what happened in dallas with j.d. tippet then. >> he was 39 years old and had heard there was a call out for a suspect and he saw a man walking down the street, didn't know who he was. but it was oswald, he pulled up with him and that's when oswald shot him four times and went a couple of blocks away to the texas theater and that's where they found him and took him into custody. my widow said, my husband was killed by the killer of the president and that helped police got oswald in custody sooner. >> mark, thank you. on that november day journalist sid davis was
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reporting for a radio station in dallas, he was behind the president's motorcade. i asked him what he heard and saw as the shooting started. >> i looked out the window to see the crowds that had gathered a moment ago. holding their kids on their shoulders to glimpse history. i saw women running in their bare feet, i saw a motorcycle cop trying to go up the grassy knoll, he heard what he thought was a ricochet, he almost fell off his motorcycle. i saw another cop pounding his fast because he couldn't do anything about it. i god on the phone and told them what i saw. they heard the president might have been shot, three shots were fired. he had the same number of shots being fired as i did and i found out where the president was. he was in parkland hospital.
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i sauce mrs. kennedy just as i got there, they were wheeling the stretcher, she was pulling the stretcher with these hospital orderlies. they wouldn't let me in the hospital. i went up to the second floor, commandeered an office and called my office. >> when did you hear he had died? >> i saw two nurses in the area and i was on the air to my boss, i said i want to hear what the priests are saying. as i got to the priests one of them father oscar huber said, he's dead, all right, i just gave him the last rites. >> you announce the president is dead on the basis of a priest's decision? my choice was not to do it. so we held it off the air until
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malcolm killdup, associate press secretary, opened the door and turned it into a pressroom and announced barre barely that pret kennedy had died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> let me skip to the flight back, you were one of the three reporters that went back with president johnson and the president's body. >> yes. >> could you tell us what happened then? >> as we got to air force 1 mrs. kennedy helped carry the 600 pound casket into the airplane. incidentally they had to knock off four handles because it wouldn't fit in the hatch. lyndon johnson was already aboard air force one. the few minutes he was on board he had had two discussions with the justice department one with bobby kennedy the president's
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brother and it was decided that the oath be taken to dallas. johnson asked if mrs. kennedy would like to, as he put it, stand with us for the swearing-in but she said yes, i need time to compose myself. she took a few minutes and then she about appeared in the compartment. i will say this: she didn't lose any sense of where she was. she knew she had to behave like the first lady, she kept herself as calm as she could oin her performance. she decided to tell the president she would like to come forward for the swearing-in ceremony which i think is one of the greatest gestures of patriotism and courage. she didn't have to do it. she felt her place was in the potential photograph attending -- official
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photograph. the sobs wer were audible in tht compartment. >> 50 years later what does this mean to you? >> i think it shows the greatness of our country, the strength of the constitution and the greatliness of public life. >> sid davis, thank you for share. >> you're welcome. >> later, the mystery of the iconic pink suit that jackie kennedy wore that day. and the solemn dignity she brought to her husband's administration. >> well, it must be winter. los angeles getting rain today but as we go into the sierra nevada mountains, this is where we're getting wind gusts tonight anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour. they are very blustery here.
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but also for elko, nevada, to new mexico, 40 to 50 mile-per-hour gusts, we have low pressure just off shore. those two coming together are creating these downhill winds and they are a unique kind of wind, very localized. they are called monowinds, with a lot of moisture. what's happening in a bigger picture is all that moisture is coming in with cold air and we are seeing some wind advisories, wind warnings from california to nevada but because it's freeze warnings in texas, we have a wintery mix pummeling the mountains, tonight we'll have more details on that forecast coming up. john. >> rebecca, thank you. taking stock, did wall street hurt another record today? and then the push back to
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allowing cell phone calls on planes.
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o. >> mistakes are high as afghan tribal leaders talk about keeping u.s. troops inside that country. they are discussing a tentative agreement which keeps u.s. troops in the country after the 2014 deadline. but hamid karzai, with chuck hagel says u.s. troops will be in jeopardy if agreement is not made by the end of the year. clashes between egyptian protesters, taken to the street, after mohamed morsi was forced
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out of office earlier this year. several killed, including a teenager in the capital city of cairo. another record day for the dow. it's the 41st record this year. blue chips continued and finished the week at 16,000 and above for the second time in a row. the s&p also closed for an all time high of over anne 00 for the first -- 1800 for the first time ever. seven straight weeks of gains. things are not looking ois bright for j.c. penney. penney's is leaving after losing more than half of its market value, shares are down in after-hours trading. it didn't take long for
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people to react to using mobile phones in mid air. the federal communications commission says it will consider the possibility next month. not everybody is on board with the idea. john terrett explains. >> the fc banned the use of cell phones in 1991 because of the possibility of blocking transmissions. today the technology is vastly improved, and this can be attached to planes allowing incoming and outgoing calls. here the idea has created somewhat of a backlash to say the least among passengers for whom quiet flights are a chance to doze, read, and catch up on paperwork without being trapped in a seat next to a babbling
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passenger. >> disrupting. i like my peace. >> most of my travel is work so it's very difficult to unplug so i need to be connected. >> passengers do not want the that. passengers don't want cell phones and i can tell you, flight attendants don't either. >> the fc chairman tom wheeler has said in a chairman that he looks forward to working with his colleagues. the faa and the airline industry, on what he calls this review of mobile phone users for consumers. after the pilkington period is over they could vote quite quickly to move the plan through. airlines of course will be obligated to carry the equipment, once one does, you know what happens, they probably all will. but sneaking a quick 40 winks at
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30,000 feet may be a thing of the past. >> john terrett reporting. and servers at starbucks are getting burned, apparently. baristas must continue to share their tips with the shift supervisor. a suit for $5,000 or the tip rule, but supervisors carry out the same duties as baristas and unable to fire them. well, michael eaves joins us with sports. and the denver different has reached a decision about whether to pursue charges against one of hoik's best players. >> simeon varlerov has been charged with assault after kicking his girlfriend. the second degree kicking charge was dropped.
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scheduled to appear in court december 2nd. the avalanche has yet to make a public statement in today's news. former world series, pier borges after his all-star season, a wrist fracture preliminaried borges to just 50 games this season. profane and derogatory statement to offensive lineman trent williams, during the red sox games. avoid personal confrontations with players and be respectful of players at all times. the nfl's referee union says it will challenge the decision with an immediate grievance. those are the headlines john. >> we'll talk to you later.
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a scandal, chemist at the center of the controversy is going to jail. prosecutors said annie tucan falsified lab results so she could appear more productive. forced the release of hundreds of defendants due to erroneous charges. the day in dallas that changed the future. >> i was a student at university of texas in austin, i was having lunch at a restaurant. the waiter said something's happened, the president's shot. the rest was history. classes were discontinued for
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several days because nobody could concentrate. power of the people until we restore
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>> welcome to al jazeera
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america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. secretary of state john kerry is on his way to geneva tonight. russia's prime minister arrived earlier. phil edner is here with the latest. >> it is no longer a question, it is no longer cautious optimism. there is a real sense of anticipation that a deal is imminent. the news that secretary of state john kerry is set to fly in expected early in the morning saturday morning really has got the atmosphere here bolstered on the idea that there is a deal that is been hashed out. we've known for quite some time that there's been a draft agreement, that has been circulated among the various delegations and it is the wording of that agreement not the substance that has been gone over and over. so the questions of whether or
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not iran will get sanction relief in exchange for some sort of agreement on two primary issues is afoot. those agreements include iran heavy water plant this produces plutonium and the surplus of enriched uranium that iran has. if those two issues have indeed been worked out we are on the verge of a first step, a trial period, a six month trial period that will finally lead to a final resolution. nobody says this is the last, it is the first step, but this first step looks like it's about to happen.
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>> americans have remembered the death of john f. kennedy 50 years ago, a commemoration was held at the site of the incident. >> he spoke with a vitality and sense of purpose is up as we -- such as we had never heard before. >> anyone who was alive at the time, can tell you exactly where they were this time 50 years ago, november 22nd, 1963. >> we are still the key stone in the arch of free tom. >> president john f. kennedy spoke the of future for his country. >> and i any we will continue to do as we have done in the past, our duty. >> 30 miles away, 30-year-old buell fraser drove lee harvey
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oswald to work. he placed a long package in the back seat, curtain rods, he said. 30 minutes later, air force 1 arrived in dallas. a crowd of 2,00 2,000 greeted president and mrs. kennedy. mrs. kennedy tressed in a favorite of hers, a pink seut, soon -- suit. >> it was a sunny day, so the secret service removed the car's bubble top. >> the president's car is now turning on to elm street. >> 250,000 cheering spectators craned, turning towards a intersection of tragedy. no secret service were in his car. at the request of president
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kennedy. >> if i didn't get out and shake hands with people, i couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> said mr. president you certainly can't say, dallas doesn't love you. >> and then the gun shots that changed history. >> there appears as though something has happened. >> agent clint hill jumped onto the trunk of the presidential limousine. 30 minutes later, doctors conceded they could not save the president. >> it's official, president kennedy died at 1 o'clock central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. >> the death of president kennedy is seen to be the first
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event reported nonstop. for four days, the network suspended regular programming. and the traumatized nation watched. police found the rifle in the schoolbook depository. after oswald left the schoolbook depository he went home and grabbed a pistol, j.d. tippet stopped oswald for questioning. several people saw oswald fire, killing tippet. oswald was arrested for murdering police officer tippet. then he was accused of assassinating the president. >> did you fire that rifle? >> i emphatically deny these
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charges. >> mrs. kennedy, alongside lyndon johnson, assumed leadership. >> this is a sad time for all people. we have suffered a loss that cannot be believed. >> then another shock, on live television, night club owner jack ruby shot and killed oswald as he was being moved from the jail. then the motorcade as americans mourned their lost president. joie chen, by the way, welcome back. >> thanks very much john. yeah, we're going to follow up on your coverage with more reporting on this historic anniversary. our coverage is going to include
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some different twists. with an insider's look at the journey that brought two presidents to washington, the slain president and the quickly sworn in president. some new insights into the history, we're going to follow up on the iconic outfit mrs. kennedy was wearing. it was a pink chanel suit, turns out there is more to it. we'll have it at the top of the hour. >> the fixer of the health care website says improvements are on the way, jeffrey zeitz says it should be able to handle about 50,000 users at once. since its beginning, it has been riddled with problem.
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kerrcree deeds, some wounds won't heal, your prayers and your friendship are important to me. an american woman's plea to north korea asking that her husband be allowed to come home. 85-year-old merrill newman had been on a sightseeing trip to the country, his family says he has been pulled off the flight home and they haven't heard from him since. the north koreans confirmed that they have detained a u.s. citizen but did not identify him further. this is a dreadful misunderstanding, right? >> john, you can agree how distraught the family is. his wife issued that statement
8:38 pm
earlier today and she also added that merrill newman has medication he needs and it is uncertain whether the north koreans are administering that medication to him. his son came out to say he really couldn't comment presumably because the state department is working and negotiating with the north koreans for the release of newman. the united states government is making every effort to seek to resolve the co consul arar c. not that one new one that you refer to but also for kenneth bae who has been in custody for over a year. >> it's very difficult to negotiate with the north
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koreans. the north koreans will milk this for every bit they can. they have food aid, hundreds of tons of food. it will be very difficult to make the decision john. >> kenneth bae has been in custody for over a year. how realistic that the north koreans will release these men any time soon? >> we are looking at a country that is run by a dictator. kim jong-un, just for his father kim jong-il. depending on what this young dictator wants, john. >> all right melissa, thank you. more than two weeks after one of the worst storms ever recorded, relief efforts are picking up, food water and medical aid is arriving, trucks
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and helicopters are being dispatched. more than 5,000 were killed, more than 16,000 more are missing. supermarket collapse, death toll rose to 51. two hours later as rescuers searched for survivors a second collapse occurred trapping and killing firefighters. police have opened a criminal investigation into that disaster. presidential elections in honduras are being held sunday and the race there is close. the wife of an ousted leftist leader is running against the ruling party. center stage, the issue is drugs and violence. that has made honduras the murder capital of the world. a tight result could spark street protest. honduras tops the world in
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homicides. there are nearly 92 murders for every 100,000 people living there. el salvador neighboring countries have also announced high murder rates. first lady and fashion icon, 50 years after the death of her husband, we'll look at the impact jackie kennedy had on america.
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>> we find the fault lines that run through communities. >> the shooting happened about 30 minutes ago. >> companies... >> the remains of the fire are still everywhere here. >> the powers that be at home and around the world... >> not only do they not get compensation but you don't even have to explain why? >> well thats exactly what i said. >> we question authority. >> so you said we could get access... >> that's enough! >> ... and those affected. >> investigative journalism at it's toughest. >> i'm michael eaves with a look at sports.the florida prosecutor
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leading the investigation into an assault by jameis winston says there's no decision whether to press charges against the heisman trophy candidate. said today four or five things still need to be drawn before any conclusions are drawn. a conclusion likely wouldn't be drawn before tuesday at the earliest. meggs is expected himself to decide whether there's enough evidence to pursue charges. spoke to graham watson about the case. >> we have heard from the victim and she claimed some misdoing by the tallahassee police department. we learned that the dna matches the dna collected 11 months ago from the victim and the dna
8:45 pm
collected from jameis winston are a match. what we think we already knew, that these people were together and they did have sex. now where we go from there, that's the next question, i think. that's what everybody is waiting for is whether the sex was consential or something else is going on. >> whether he is going to miss the bcs title game? >> well, the states attorney willie meggs said he would not press charges or move forward with this case unless he thought he could get a conviction. there are a lot of eyes on this case and he needs to be sure that jameis winston did something wrong. the dna is probably not enough. if there are other things that we haven't seen, photos or other eyewitness accounts that show that maybe this wasn't consential, i think that's the only way he could move forward. and we are supposed to know
8:46 pm
hopefully before thanksgiving. >> let's say jameis doan face charges will this affect his heisman chances? >> oh, absolutely. i spoke to desmond miller earlier this week, and he said his name even being mentioned with allegations is bad for him. ballots have already gone out. a lot of people liked him, a lot of people wanted to make him the heisman trophy winner. in such a prestigious award, would people shy away from putting him to the top of their ballot. >> tallahassee police deterred her from making this charge, why did they feel this, if there are
8:47 pm
others waiting to come in? >> you can't keep this buried, if somebody is going to leak something, jameis winston's name wasn't attached to it. the connection of the two, somebody knew something and knew enough to leak it to the media. and now it's just become this snowball effect. now i don't understand why the police felt the need to tell the victim that her life would be made miserable, that she might want to rethink pressing charges or going forward. all that stuff was going to come out and now it's been made worse for pretty much all parties involved. >> in nfl news, embattled lin lineman richie incognito, four game suspension has been postponed until after the nfl
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concludes its investigation. on this 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination, love of sports went far beyond just participation. kennedy was an avid sportsman as well as an avid sports fan. he threw out the first pitch of the 1962 major league all-star game and attended the 1961 and 1962 army-navy football games. but the decision of pete roselle's decision to play games just two days after his funeral, that decision still resonates together. >> there is a divergence of opinion on whether the game should have occurred on that sunday as you mentioned. some of the thoughts are -- some of the thoughts are that it shamed the nation. in fact on the monday following that game one of the most prominent sports writers of the
8:49 pm
era red smith said it shamed the nation. decades after 9/11 that memory of the games being played has continuously been invoked as a moment whether commissioners of any sports should have games continue in the wake of a tragedy. >> rosell was shamed by his decision until his death but was told that john kennedy would have wanted the games to be played. the pink suit worn by the first lady hasn't been seen by the public since, been kept out of public view at the national archives. at the kennedy family request, the suit won't be seen in public
8:50 pm
until 2023. only at their approval. leslie, good to see you. >> i should have worn my jackie outfit i totally blew it didn't i? >> it's been in the news for days. what did it bring to you? >> she brought that whole slim clean attractive look. you got to remember who came before her. they were kind of little grannyish. mamie and bessie. she was so beautiful, so young, she was 31 years old, she was decades younger than them. she brought in designers, she brought in flash, she brought in dazzle. >> what does the pink suit mean to fashion today? >> it's still coming down the runway. karl lagerfelt, it was a knockoff. that's his icon.
8:51 pm
jackie o. >> clearly jackie kennedy had enormous impact on style at the time right? >> yes. going forward it doesn't matter. we're still wearing those short little sleeveless things. michelle obama, the reason she is wearing those sheaths and well-known for that is because of jackie o. all those boxy jackets you see still coming down the runway. >> so at the time she pushed fashion forward? >> yeah yeah yeah, she absolutely did. she brought in oleg cassini and had him design a whole collection for her. >> what about the pearl necklace? that was getting a lot of attention. >> pearl necklace, before then, you had to wear one little strand of pearls and they were so fake. they were done by kenneth j.
8:52 pm
lane. wear something fake, a little bit bolder than this teeny little demuir thing that she had. >> because it's been put away in the national archives does that make it more iconic and more interesting to people? >> absolutely. i would like to see that suit out. but more so, the conspiracy about the hat, the little pill box hat, what i heard is it disappeared, went to the fbi and then it went to her assistant and disappeared forever and we don't know where it is. >> we don't know if we have the picture on the plane. but the picture on the plane doesn't have it there with the had on. >> it's kind of grim that it has the blood on it and will be looking like it was when he was shot. >> i was hearing the story of jackie kennedy in dallas and the importance of the president bringing her to dallas and having an impact on the crowds.
8:53 pm
the crowds would dobl when she showed up. >> you have to remember, they were like royalty, we don't have royalty in this country and you have to look at how young they were and they were both so beautiful. she looked like a movie star so to the american public they wanted to follow her. and every time he brought her somewhere the crowds would double. and she had such style and such grace. remember she did the video of the white house. she brought people into the white house for the first time. people had not seen the interior of the white house. it was a video and televised for people to see. she was all about style and they were -- >> and what about art? she cared so much about art. >> she was an art hi historian. you are allowed to move the art around whatever you want, wherever you wanted it. she restored the furniture in the white house to what it had been. she was very intellectual, quite
8:54 pm
smart, but she was quite gorgeous and everybody wanted to be her. >> a lot of people are comparing michelle obama to jackie kennedy. >> absolutely. the ladies of the sleeves, to be able to show your arms and you're in the white house, that's very gutsy. to women it's a big thing. for both of those things, both of them are extremely beautiful. look at michelle, she set off an incredible style tsunami if you want to call it that. she brought in designers whom nobody had ever heard of. she brought them up. >> thanks jackie, and we'll be back with weather right after this.
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>> and now, a techknow minute...
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>> when we talk about a wintery mix of weather, many times we're talking about difficult travel. and ice in the southern plains
8:57 pm
and north texas, oklahoma and this is even threatening sleet and ice and snow across parts of arkansas. very interesting weather set up and big concerns because we are heading into thanches wee thank. not only stretches of nevada and into wyoming, denver, colorado, this is a big storm coming in a lot of moisture with it in the southwest. mid to upper 20s, in the north, arctic air moving down. high pressure in canada pushing incredibly cold air down into the central plain states. and that is creating that high pressure on that side of the rockies, that strong wind we have going for california now into parts of southern california, wind gusts in the
8:58 pm
mountains have been anywhere from 50 to 60 miles an hour. then add in the snow you've got zero visibility in places. now the low pressure system that is just off the california coast is pulling off a lot of moisture, while you've got that moist air coming up from the southwest, freezing cold air coming down from the north, meeting together and the cold air is going underneath the warm air so it falls as rain, freezes when its hits. that's where we get our ice accumulations. and we're seeing that happen right now in places north texas into oklahoma. it's a mix because parts of oklahoma like oklahoma city reporting freezing rain right now but if you go a little further north they're reporting light snow and other places have a light snow mix. spots that are most treacherous on the roads are the pink mix, through oklahoma and parts of arkansas. temperatures now for texas, 26° for lubbock, already getting hit
8:59 pm
by those north winds pulling in the cold dry air. new mexico, mid 40s, this storm system will be tracking east through this week and that means we're going to have trouble traf traveling east so tonight the winter storm warnings and the problems with ice and rain and snow is going to be in new mexico over to texas. and then as we get into texas this weekend we're going to continue with a winter weather advisory and this winter storm system is going to travel up the coast, up the northeast coast. and in fact we're going to see primarily rain it looks like now along the northeast coast but farther inland we'll get snow, in fact significant lake effect snow into thangz.
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thanksgiving. most important for ice accumulation on the roads. >> welcome to joornlz. al jazeera america. secretary of state john kerry is going to narrow differences. tech fixes is on the way for, president obama's health insurance. by the end of the month, jeffrey zeintz will be able to handle 50,000 at once. 800,000 a day. publ


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