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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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. . final moments - secretary of state john kerry heading to geneva where an historic deal on iran's nuclear program may come through. a plea for help from a family of a u.s. army veteran held in north korea. and kennedy, the moment in dallas that changed history. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the possibility of a deal on iran's nuclear program is on the
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agenda again. this time straight-john kerry is travelling to geneva at this -- secretary of state john kerry is travelling to geneva hoping to boost talks between iran and six powers. negotiators have been working since thursday trying to hammer out a deal. the talks were scheduled to end friday. they were extended ahead hopes of a breakthrough. >> for 10 years iran admitted to building vast infrastructure. it could be for peaceful energy, but could create components of nuclear weapons. today iran is being convinced to give up the capacity to make a bomb. >> it is the president's poll say that iran not make a nuclear weapon. >> think of making bomb like tea, right now they are brewing
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uranium. the brew would be lighter, just 5%ful the deal stopping construction of iran's plutonium plant, allowing u.n. inspectors more access. >> we need iran to provide complete and utter reassurance about the peaceful nature of the program. >> in return the u.s. would lift $7 billion in sanctions. iran doesn't have to tear down nuclear structures. that's where iran opposes it. >> it's a bad deal affecting our survival. >> the u.s.'s top doiment is arriving in geneva. secretary of state john kerry hopes to secure a deal making the middle east more peaceful. >> we are closer than we have been in a decc dated to achieving a -- decade to achieving a peaceful agreement. >> if there's no agreement after
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this round of talks harry reid says congress will push forward with a bill with greater sanctions. >> a plea to release an 85-year-old man held captive in north korea. merrill newman has been detained whilst entering on a tourist visa. >> you can imagine hour distraught the family is. what is heartbreaking is merrill newman wrote postcards in north korea to family and friends. right about now family and friends in the united states are receiving the postcards. in them are the messages about how wonderful the trip has been, and how wonderful the weather has been. he was on the plane about the complete his trip when the north koreans decided to detain him. merrill newman's wife issued a statement on friday asking for his release saying this has been a misunderstanding, and that her husband is in need of
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medication. she's not certain whether the north koreans are providing the medication that he needs. merrill newman is not the only american to be held in north korea. there's kenneth bay held at this point for about a year. >> that was al jazeera's melissa chan. merrill newman's trip to north korea was inspired by a return trip to a battlefield he was deployed to in his youth. >> typhoon haiyan is the deadliest ever recorded in the philippines. aid agencies are working to reach remote areas. 4.5 million people were forced out of their homes. government health officials say there's a new fear, and that is pneumonia. >> thaws aned of supporters of -- thousands of supporters of
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mohamed morsi protested in cairo. two have been killed, including a 10-year-old boy. the protest marked 100 days since the government launched a crackdown. 600 were killed. >> search and rescue operations under way in latvia's riga. 51 were killed, and three firefighters when a roof caved in on friday. police opened a criminal investigation, trying to figure out what was the cause of the tragedy. the mayor suggested that construction material left on the use was a factor. >> president john f. kennedy was killed in dallas 50 years ago in 1963. the city held its first formal commemoration of the assassination today. heidi jo-castro reports.
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>> under rainy skies pomp and circumstance for a fallen president. thousands of people gathered at dealey plaza where president kennedy was killed 50 years ago. >> the past is never in the past. this was a lifetime ago. now, today we the people of dallas honour the life, legacy and leadership of the man who called us to think not of our own interest, bit of our countries. historian david mccullough remembered hope and promise that came with kennedy's presidency. >> he spoke to us in that now distant type past with the vitality and sense of purpose such as we had never heard before. he was young to be president.
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it didn't seem so if you were younger still. he was ambitious to make it a better world and so were we. >> 50 years later people in dallas recalled that day in 1963 and what it means to him now. >> i was 13 years old. it was a coming of age, a shock. like 9/11 was for our children. >> i think dallas turned a corner in what they are approaching. it's time to honour in a sophisticated manor. >> in boston a rain-soaked wreath laying in a house where a statue of kennedy stands and this arlington a stream passes by the eternal flame. kennedy was here in dallas to
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give a speech, he was never to make it. there's a plaque where the last line of that speech. >>... anticipate the lord, keep the city -- accept the lord keep the city, the watchman, awaken in vain" >> 50 years after president kennedy's assassination new de.s about the man who killed his brother robert. he has been moved and was originally sentenced to death, but commuted to life imprison. he was denied parole for the 13th time two years ago. >> a virginia state senator was released from hospital. cree deeds was stabbed by his son. deeds tweet in a first public statement: >> the tech expert called in to
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fix the website says improvements are on the way. jeffrey zion says by the end of the month it should be able to handle 50,000 users at once. that's 800,000 a day. polls suggest glitches with the government health care website are diminishing public approval of president obama and his party. we two to rome georgia where some tea party candidates are trying to use the troubled roll out of obamacare to their advantage. >> in rome georgia, chatter about what is happening in washington is familiar as the main street. >> those people up there don't have a clue about what is going on in the united states. >> in the foot hills rome is home to conservative rub can tom grace. he voted to continue the government shutdown.
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he finds plenty of supporters in rome who blame the president. >> there'll be people who will be disposed to opposing him. and people opposed to the affordable care act. it helped to energise the tea party. >> here in rome there is a lack of confidence in washington. specifically with the president of the united states. that is not really surprising. back in 2012, his opponent, mitt romney won the region by more that 73% of the popular vote. the problem-plagued roll out of the affordable care act website and the bickering that led to a shutdown of the government adds to dissatisfaction, contributing to singing ratings of president obama. >> i think it hurt him tremendously. >> charlene has been an independent pharmacist in rome for 30 years.
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she thinks barack obama's policies are anti-small business. with the affordable care act it will get worse. >> independent pharmacies are not a preferred pharmacy, which will cost our customers more if they trade with us. >> in the local barber shop the hope is gone. >> when he was elected he had an opportunity as a black man, being the first black president of the united states, that he could make some changes. >> retired factory worker roy hudson supports the president. for him the anti-barack obama trend is about something else. >> i think they hated him from the day he went into office because these an african-american. >> some thinking that makes it difficult for the south to work wore race relations, raising
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issues that cannot be ignored. >> some are attracted to the tea party because of racial objections. tea party organiser are more likely to express views than those not associated with the tea party. >> for the g.o.p. growing anger for towns like rome could bolster the parties leading to the 2015 presidential bid. >> the white house where are says the affordable care act is helping economic growth by slowing down the rise of medical costs. >> two large storms coming together across the states and today we were looking at the storm bringing in a lot of moisture and rain for arizona near the mexican border. it's turning into snow into the mountains, and that would be including mountains of arizona,
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colorado and wyoming. winds have been powerful 50-60 miles per hour with wind warnings easing into the day. the winter weather - head to texas, you have serious sleet and snow coming down for the western portion of the state. this is from an alba curbingy station. it's a snowy picture for arizona, where we usually hear about sunshine. we have a forecast of the high pressure pulling down the cold arctic air. the air rushing from high to low pressure creates the strong wind for california. it seizes up as low pressure moves east. it will create a wintry mix. we'll see sleet, snow, icy roadways. as we get into the first part of our work week we are skipping over the weekend.
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it will be filled with ice and snow. today's biggest hazards will be in texas to oklahoma, and parts of oklahoma. the winter weather advisory is because of slippery spots on the road where there's a mix of snow and rain, and iceaccumulations for freezing rain across oklahoma as a whole. we will stay cool for the rest of the states too. >> more on that day in dallas 50 years ago, a series of events that changed a nation. jackie kennedy will tell you where her iconic pink sued is now. -- suit is now.
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>> presidential elections in honduras is set for sunday. the race is thin. the wife of manuel molaya is
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running against the ruling party. the state department called on candidates to wait until results are declared and a victory declared to avoid election unrest. >> in london a case of modern day slavery where a couple suspected of holding three women captive is on bail. the victims say they were treated like slaves. our tim friend has the latest on the story. >> the anonymous streets of south london shielded a secret - three women held captive in domestic slavery. police said it was the most alarming case they ever had to deal with. the address has not been revealed. a man and a woman have been arrested and released on bail. noib ours in the nondescript street had no idea what was going on behind closed doors.
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police say it could take them many months to cyst through the evidence and peace together the women's story. police say the women were beaten and mentally abused. one aged 30 had been in captivity all their lives. >> if people walked along the street it may look like they were not control. it was all about psychological control. a charity helped to secure the woman's release. they are traumatised and looked after by specialists. they are doing well, considering the amount of stress and trauma that they've been under. freedom charity are doing the best to ensure they are safe and well. for two of them to rebuild their lives, and the youngest victim in this is to try and start her life. it will be a long journey.
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these ladies came out with nothing at all. >> the arrested couple had been detained by police in the 1970s. detective refused to give details. as they step up antihuman trafficking efforts, cases of modern-day slavery are coming to clight light. >> the former state lab member from massachusetts pleaded guilty to tampering with results. close to 350 people have been released from prison as a result. >> canada is taking new steps to end cyber bullying. after several high-profile cases of teen suicide, canadian lawmakers are considering a bill making it illegal to share intimate images on line. daniel lak tells us why.
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>> canadians were can't vated and appalled when a plaintiff video by 15-year-old amanda todd was seen across the country. posted on youtube it went viral after she killed herself, a victim of bullying by extortionists, who persuaded her to take obscene webcam pictures and black mailed her. retaya parsons was 17 when raped at a party and pictures posted online. she killed herself, as did todd loyt an a 15-year-old from the canadian prayeries, bullied relentlessly. >> a lot thing on line they can be anonymous. the anonymity contributes to it. it's also the fact that it's 24/7. >> cyber bullying is mostly
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sexual and aimed at immature scenes that are not equipped to do deal with it. canada's government acted. ministers in ottawa, announced a bill banning the sharing the images of people online without consent. >> when bullying reaches the level of criminal behaviour, we need to assure laws address it. we need to make sure young victims of cyber bullying move us to action. >> hacking group "anonymous" took on psycher bullying as a clause. intervening in both cases, threatening to search out and expose bullies and extortionists. government support groups and parents say the goal is clear, making sure that some day there are no more amanda todd's. >> he was charismatic and
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americans loved to take pictures of president kennedy. 50 years later iconic images of j.f.k. it may be the end of an era, why it may be too late for an indian chess sensations home town.
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>> the chess world crowned a new king, norwegian magnus carlson. the sensation held the title since 2007, it may be the end of an era, his home-town is in the game. >> a game of chess and a cup of tea are the perfect way to start the day in this household. it's little wonder why. this husband and wife due scro is the first grand master couple. they have devoted their lives to
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an intellectually changing games in the world. >> this is more than a profession or sport for many. it's serious business even for children. some of them come from a poor background. they prefer that than going to school. for them it's a matter of making a life out of chess. >> through their academy they are trying to nurture the next generation of chess prod anies india has 34 masters. >> india should become like other countries. few if any of these enthusiasts will go on to compete at a
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global level. they not only need to master the moves but build mental stamina needed in the competition. that's something local superstar ran out of on friday. match 10 ended in a draw. giving 22-year-old norwegian magnus carlson enough points to win a championship. >> but despite the home-town disappointment the tournament put geni on the global chess match. >> he is the role model for chess. more players want to be like them. >> when it comes to chess, india is making the right moves. many are hoping it's a matter of time before the country produces another world champion. >> check mate.
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>> he took up chesz when he was 15, becoming the grand master three years later. a new photo exhibit in new york looks at kennedy's assassination through the eyes of the people who witnessed it. in fact, many of these photos were taken by amateur bystanders. >> they are images taken by americans who wished to shake his hand or get close to the charismatic president. >> this passion for him, a sense of intimacy and a dire to get close is what fuelled the personal photographs. >> pictures of john f. kennedy taken by bystanders adorned the walls of the international center of photography in new york, taken during a time when cell phone cameras were not imagined. >> how is it different to bystanders with iphones? >> the same. i'm making the argument that this is the prehistory of
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citizen journalists as we know them today. >> the most famous photo as taken by maryanne morman. >> this is the photograph that went out to united press international. it was in newspapers and television stations around the world within hours. this is the only photograph that captures the moment of impact. >> to my knowledge. it's the photograph that shows a unique look across the grass ni kneel. if you look closely in the photograph you see shadowy figures. it is one that generated the most debate and is reproduced in all of the conspiracy books related to the assassination. television stations went into coverage in the aftermath of
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kennedy's death. >> the intersection of these types of photography. a lot of people took photographs from their home television set to remember the moment as witnessed on television. >> including the shooting of his assassin lee harvey oswald. all moments making their way into family albums. >> they put them into scrap books, save them, the magga scenes. there was a personal relationship to this event. people trying to understand and assimilate the news into their own lives. >> captured images that had meaning for those what took them and based together history. >> and the iconic pink suit the first lady wore the day the president was shot - it hasn't been seen since. it was in the national archives and will not be shown to the public for another 90 years, and only if the first family
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approved it. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford. i'll see you again at 4am eastern. time. the whole world is now my living room. >> the living small movement doesn't stop at tiny houses. microapartments are popping up in many areas from seattle to new york city. but concerns over zoning. downsizing, is the american dream changing with the idea that less is more? or is bigger better? joining me, elise, an author and organizer, and she became quite famous after a video of her living in


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