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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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check >> you're watching al jazeera america live from new york city. midnight is the deadline. most of the problems have been fixed, with the government's heath care website. >> an 85-year-old veteran accused of killing some through the korean war. >> how a picture perfect view of the white house is now causes
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controversy. >> today marks a deadline for the white house, when was supposed to be fixed, something the administration says it has largely done. problems plagued the centrepiece of the affordable care act when it launched. small business owners cannot enrol their employees. the administration says the site should work for most. >> we are definitely on track to have a significantly different user experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment. >> the goal was for the website to handle 50,000 users at once and 800,000 people in a 24 hour period. the obama administration says 90% of users can create an account on the system. at a sign up center people rolled without problems. >> it was fast. i was surprised and i did forget my password. i recovered it quickly. it was great. the helpers - diane was able to
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help me to pick the plans. >> tech experts have been working around the clock for five weeks to fix the system. the white house is claiming success. the problem has taken a toll on the president. >> it started with a promise of affordable health care. >> through marketplaces you can get health insurance for what may be the equivalence of your cell phone bill. >> technical failures turned into political disaster. launched on 1 october. immediately people faced long waits, broken website links and a host of problems. >> a lot of information i had to re-enter or reverify. >> congress demanded answers from health secretary kathleen sebelius. >> i apologise, i'm accountable
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to you to fix the problems. i'm committed to earning your confidence back. adding to the embarrass, as kathleen sebelius testified the website crashed. the president issued apologies and made promises. what i will do is make sure we get it fixed. by the end of the month it will work how it's supposed to. >> november 30th is the deadline the administration set to have fully functioning. having hired contractors and performing stress tests, administration says the site can handle 50,000 on one time and the 6% error rate was down to 1%. the white house pr campaign goes on. >> we love you, but it's time to get covered. >> that's it health insurance. >> tweeting this to encourage
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their son to sign up for cove cover ridge. >> 100,000 people picked up cover in october. a fifth the number predicted. >> video released by north korea shows an american veteran allegedly apologising for decades old war crimes. the u.s. is calling on korea to release the 85-year-old, saying: >> al jazeera's alan fisher has more. >> 85-year-old merrill newman was about to leave north korea after a 10-day tour in october. he has now appeared on tv reading a confession.
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>>... attacked a communication system killing three incident operators. used explosives obtained from attacking the mine. attacking kpa and harassing the rear face 10 times in the area. >> the statement which contained oddly constructed sentences and errors said merrill newman tried to meet with soldiers he trained during the war. >> i asked my guy to help me look for family and relatives and i gave a document with addresses and email addresses to the guide. >> the confession was allegedly recorded on 9 november but there was no comment from merrill newman to confirm details. one korean watcher says the timing of the arrest is odd. >> it's created problems with the relations.
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the united states at the time where they need good relations. it's creating problems with the tourist industry at the time when the north korean government is serious about threatening foreign tourists in north korea. >> merrill newman's statement says if he returns to the u.s. he'll tell the truth about north korea. >> let's bring in jame walsh, an associate at mit. he's been to north korea and met with government officials. what do you make of this alleged confession. is it good news were mr newman. >> i think it is good new, as bizarre as it is. this was a surprising turn of event. it doesn't make sense for anyone here but the good news is when you have a public confession that that sets it up for him to be released. he is 85 years old.
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he has a history of heart and health problems. that is a good thing. obviously the confession he wrote he did not write. you know. in it is the south korean line hostile policy. he doesn't know about hostile policy that's a north korean government phrase, and it signals that they wrote it. when they say if i come home soon to the united states - that's probably a strong indication that he'll be released. >> is that critical that one line grabbing on to it "if i come home to the united states." it's the line and stepping back. it's also the fact that there's a public confession. we have not heard anything from kenneth bay, another american seized. sadly and unfortunately, there is a history here of americans who ended up being captured and imprisoned. sometimes they are missionaries
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folks who wander over the border. this was the most surprising of all to have someone on a legitimate tourist tour in a group then being snatched off the plane at the last minute. that was what was strange about this. also at a time when frankly north korea has been signalling that they want to have better relations and been on a peace offensive. in contrast you remember jonathan that the first half of the year we had the missile test. i must say it's a bunch of confusion for folks analysing north korean behaviour. >> why do you think north korea targeted mr newman especially since you mentioned other americans go to that countsry and leave without problems. >> without any problem at all, including korean war veterans. number one the answer is i don't
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know. it's my professional obligation to say that. north korea is the least understood country in the world. we know the least about it it's dynamic. there's a leadership there are political transitions, it's sort of a moving target about which we don't know much. at the end of the day maybe this individual was stationed as an intelligence operative in north korea during the korean war. and maybe there was a misunderstanding there. maybe this is a bid to try to force the u.s. - maybe it's something else. i wish i could tell you. i don't know. >> as we move forward, what can the u.s. do. maybe not even do to try to ensure mr newman does come home. >> obviously i can tell you glen davies is a special representative, someone i spoke to within the last month or so.
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he works full-time to get both - americans have their back and get this on an instructive road so we can deal with the issues. >> there were murmur, is that kenneth bay would be released. someone will reach out or we'll do the bill richardson jimmy carter, or bill clinton who goes to north korea on a humanitarian mission, and hopefully released with kenneth bay. we'll see what happens. 85-year-old merrill newman. thank you for your time jim walsh. >> vice president joe biden will spend next week in asia. on the top of the agenda easing tensions between china and the east china sea. all pilots are required to
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identify themselves before entering the disputed air space. japan is refusing to comply. major american airliners are following advice. they are notifying china the flight plans. the u.s. government has not accepted the new rules. two major japanese airlines will fly through the airspace without notifying china. >> al jazeera broke the news about the destruction of syria's chemical weapons. the 500 tonnes of chemicals will be destroyed at sea on board a ship. they are thought to be too dangerous. the arms have to be out of syria by the end of the year. the u.n. is warning of a lot of generation in syria, an amounted 1 million children have been displaced because of the civil war. many are growing up in refugee
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camps. 2.2 million have fled. those in camps across the border face a difficult whipper. >> zeina khodr begins our coverage in lebanon. >> we are at a tend settlement in lebanon. people here live in miserable conditions, and they may be safe, they no longer have to face the violence in syria, but are warning of the danger to come. that is the cold. in this region temperatures drop to below zero. people barely have anything much the ground is mud. the plastic sheetings do not provide any shelter. when the rain starts - just look around. just a few weeks ago there was rain and the whole area was flooded. people here are worried. they are calling on the re-examinational community to
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help them. they can onward do so much. they have to deal with their economic problems. this is how people live. estimate four to five families in one tent. people are talking about their children suffering from respiratory problems. pneumonia and social workers are warning of the possibility of such diseases spreading. miserable conditions in the next few days and weeks, temperatures are going to drop. it's going to be below zero and people have nothing to protect them from this new threat. >> meanwhile in jordan better shelters are arriving. there's from from the zaatari camp in the north. >> for 18 months the refugees weathered storms, and sand storms. the only shelter is a plastic
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tent. a freezing winter is coming. these new trailers couldn't arrive soon enough. >> in the winter the rain caused floods. tents collapsed on people. if a tent is connected to electricity, when it rains, it catches on fire. i can't describe our suffering. >> the people that have been here longest are the first to get a trailer. there are rules to prevent people getting the trailer from taking advantage of their good fortune. refugees in the past would sell trailers for hundreds of dlarls to those living in tents. refugees have to sign contracts promising not to trade camp property. >> this man has been in the camp for a year. the u.n. man argues those
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getting trailers have been here for a year and a half. each trailer costs $2,500 replacing tents so far cost $35 million. thousands are waiting for a trailer. 3,000 families live in tents like these. the u.n. refugee agency says the hope is to replace tents with trailers by january before the whether becomes unbearably cold. refugees are getting therm at blankets. winter clothing and shoes are given to the vulnerable - children under the age of 5. there's not enough money to provide everything they need. conditions in the camp are difficult. >> i don't think we were prepared for the crisis to last longer. it took many of the donors not by surprise but they'll look if there's more money available.
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>> these refugees have no idea when they'll be able to return to the country. they could suffer for more summers and winters. >> in egypt voting has begun on a new constitution. >> the army ousted mohamed morsi. >> ones that draft is complete. the president was a month to call for a public vote. egypt is scheduled to hold presidential elections next year. >> the leaders of afghanistan and pakistan met in kabul. they are making plans to have peace talks with the taliban. a senior leader was released from prison to show good faith. >> it is the official end of the
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hurricane season it was one of the quietest ever. forecasters predicted more for 2013, but one storm made landfall. according to experts, the reasons we didn't have storms is because of dry windows from the north. >> the typhoon season was one of the active in the philippines. not just that it was active but the power and energy in the storms that developed. one of the strongest storms that i have seen to hit the philippines in the last month. let's talk about the u.s. we don't have a lot going on which is great news for travelling home after thanksgiving. we are bracing ourselves for the next incoming storm. the first thing it will do is a lot of rain to western washington central cascades. we'll look for flood watches - we do have one for western
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washington. any concerns off rivers coming off the central cascades. incidentally the rain may be heavy at times tomorrow. next to the olympic mountains, stretching across seattle. there's a rain shadow. we are not getting rained out, but to the south you get heavy rainfall. otherwise you look at the great lakes. tonight we watch snow showers to the northern parts. it will continue in canada in the form of showers. temperatures are cold out there, another chilly night tonight. there's a big weather pattern change. we'll tell you how things will switch up on us. >> see you then. >> a boom for a border town in texas. a new tax for many stores.
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>> a bill to help gays adopt make its way through congress. we look at the impact it could have.
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. more and more gay couples are trying to become parents. the number of adoption by same-sex calms is growing. opposition is high. we are introduced to families who hope the act becomes law.
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>> when don and andrew decided they wanted to become parents they were willing to take any child that needed a home. >> we were hope. we gave a broad range. we were open to ethnic groups mixed race children. we expected that we would be - i don't like the term but a rainbow family. >> it today very have two little girls, isabella eight and valerie s. >> i would here the parents say, you know, "so and so came home from school and told me that isabella has two dads. what a ripper what a rip off i only have one." >> there's 33 states where couples face barriers. despite that there has been an increase in gay adoptions due in part to growing societal
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acceptance to changing laws. the percentage of same sex parents increased from 10% in 2000 to 19% in 2009. >> there's a lot of kids that need homes. this is an opportunity to have more people that are comfortable with becoming foster parents and adopting if that is the case. >> after more than two years of waiting, hope and disappointment gerard and casey found a match. a team mum looking for an open adoption selected them to adopt her unborn daughter. >> after the mother you deal with will the father sign away his rights. >> casey and gerard say being a
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gay couple may have worked in there favour. >> a lot of mums choose same-sex couples. they are the only mum. >> expecting to bring their baby home. they know their quiet nights are numbered. looking forward to the laster and love a family brings. >> earlier i spoke with the executive director of the family equality council. he's pushing for a law for couples to adopt. across the country there's a patchwork of laws and policies presenting barriers for loving lbgd adults. so it depends on where you are. the bottom line is we are not serve our country's children best. we have 400,000 in foster care. 100,000 are eligible for
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adoption. >> for gay people some states that make it difficult for them to adopt. what do they face? >> they face a host of legal and cultural biases. virginia passed a clause allowing agencies acting on behalf of the state to put their bias and discriminate against the best needs of the child. they could face legal issues as they try to finish the adoption. they can face cultural issues. >> how hopeful are you that this time the country is ready for this type of legislation? >> this is a commonsense piece of legislation, putting the needs of the children ahead. we are hopeful. we have supporters on both sides of the aisle. we are hoping children will be put first. >> how big an impact will it make on gay families.
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>> it would be huge. they had be able to be part of the foster care solution. children that need homes most, can find then. >> time for sport. it was quite an upset today. alabama versus auburn. >> the game of the season 83,000 fans tiger fans will remember this one forever. the game was tied at 28. alabama taking a 57-yard field goal and the win. it's short. chris davis hauling it in. there's no way he'll run. davis takes it 100 yards to the happy face. let the celebration begin.
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34-28 is the final. today the seminoles put a hurt on interstate rival. jamesin winston threw three passes. michigan held off. the buckeyes extending their winning streak to 24 games. did you hear about north carolina. the dukies are a powerhouse. number 20 from the country. they beat the tar hills 27-25 and play florida state. there's drama in nebraska the corn huskers worked by iowa and after the game bo pelini said, "if they want to fire me fire me." the ath lettic director shawn eichorst is supporting the coach. he had history when a taped
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conversation of the bo pelini ripping into nebraska fans became public. alabama down to auburn. a live report from michael eaves in auburn. >> they are celebrating. still ahead on al jazeera, it's called small business saturday. today is the day shoppers are encouraged to buy local. we go to the border between the dominican republic and haiti where tension is escalating over an immigration crisis.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. the obama administration says it will meet the midnight deadline for fixing repairs should allow more people to log on at the same time. questions remain about the stability of the site. some of the issues that plaiged the roll out have been fixed. >> u.s. is calling on north korea to release merrill newman hours after a video was
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released of merrill newman apologising for actions during the korean war. swedish embassy officials were able to visit him today. no news on his condition. >> over 2.2 million have fled syria, half children growing up in camps without an education. >> customers spent $9.7 billion on black friday. there's a lesser known tradition, called small business saturday. president obama and his daughters shopped at a local book store in washington d.c. the president tweeted his support for small businesses. al jazeera's kilmeny duchardt spent the day visiting small business in manhattan. >> small businesssmall business saturday
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started by american express in 2010. is lured mx customers into stores who get a credit by shopping locally at stores that register and sign up for it. i'm in lower mann hat then at a children's boutique. with me is stephy cruz. four years you guys have been here at this location. four years you guys have participated in this program. how has it been working for you? >> it's been working out great. people have been coming in using the american express card. i have an additional 15% off savings, free incentives and gifts which people love. >> social media is big part of this. how much do you guys rely on social media for advertising? >> we rely on it a lot. we use it on pinterest, instagram and facebook.
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it helps us get closer to our customers and let them know what is in and out. >> despite the fact that a lot of businesses find the benefit in using the program, other small businesses don't like the fact that american express is sponsoring it saying american express takes some profits away from small businesses by charging high swipe fees. regardless a lot of businesses say it has done a lot for their advertising and to bring in new customers. last year in 2012 on small business saturday $5.5 billion in revenue was zerntd from that day alone. retailers in texas get a boost from across the boarder. a sales tax driving shoppers to the u.s. that is expected to help towns like el paso where the sales tax is 8.25%, half of what it is
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across the border. shoppers are expected to boost sales by $220 million. >> hundreds of hatians could be forced to leave the dominican republic. those important after 1979 could lose citizenship. kath turner has more. >> the border between the dominican republic and haiti, down the road behind me is busy. lately there has been more activity. 400 hatians have fled the dominican republic because of tit for tat violence that broke out in the sworn remote area of the dominican republic. some say they have been forced to leave before they were deported by officials. others say they asked dominican official to escort them back. it could get worse between the
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two countries. a dominican court ruled anyone born in the dominican republic after 1929 to non-documented migrants may not qualify for citizenship. we spoke to a young 24-year-old, born to a dominican father a haitian mother. no paperwork. if the ruling stands she could be forced to come to the boarder and go to haiti. she has never been in and doesn't speak the language. that's a potential situation facing 200,000 people, the majority hatians. the political talks to resolve the issues and talking about options has broken down. if it hasn't resolved soon the relationship could get worse. >> iran is facing a population crisis as the country ages and young people choose not to have
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children. >> this is a message from the iranian government to its citizens - have babies and lots of them. not the standard message in a country of 75 million, but iran is on the verge of a crisis. its population is ageing and the birth rate has dropped to 1%. politicians say the country has no choice but to procreate. >> we want to encourage the young people to marry as soon as possible. we want to help them for employment to help them have a house, to help them have a stable economical condition, and help them have more children in one marriage. every marriage should have two children. >> this encouragement is being ignored.
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divorce rates have rich people are getting married later. with a bad economy, convincing iranians to do otherwise is a challenge. >> as for having more children we are from the working class. i'm a worlder. i should life in a way where i can manage my expenses. today's children need facilities, i need to see if i can provide what is needed. >> if iran's population continues to decline, the government says it will threaten productivity and national fertility. it scrapped family planning programs and increased money for new families. there's a catch. the government wants the educated to have more children children. >> this is the group the government wants to educate. children will not be a burden. >> that means no burden on the
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state either. many of those pushing the program agree rapid population growth is not the solution to anything. it will make the problem worse, and it will be a long-term solution rather than a short-term 1. after all it was a baby boom in the 1980s that created this problem. it doubled iran's population. for poorer families it made economic conditions worse. for mean politicians, they agree the biggest challenge they faced is not repeating the mistakes of the past. >> famous arab neighbours iran has a young population half the citizens under the aim of 35. antigovernment protests took a deadly term. in the capital of bank cock fire erupted. it's not clear who fired the fatal shots.
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thousands of demonstrators seek the removal of yingluck shinawatra citing ties to her broth. the prime minister urged protest leaders to enter negotiations with the government. a request refused. >> if he loved the countries, please do not hurt the country or the economy. i not have any bias i not have right. it doesn't mean who will bin, who will lose. lose is the country. >> five people have been injured as protesters enter their seventh day in parliament. >> thousands of demonstrators have been call for the ukraine president to step down after he refused to sign a trade deal with the european union, instead deciding to keep up ties with russia. >> this time the protesters are
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ready for the riot police rehersing tactics to block the streets where the demonstrations are focussed. >> another all-night vigil is being mounted. calls for the resignation of viktor yanukovych is growing. the cathedral dates back to the 12th century. it was rebuilt when ukraine gained independence. it is a powerful symbol of the country breaking away from the yoke of moscow. there was still shock and anger among the protesters here at the way they were evicted from independence square and the renewed determination to put for integration with the european union. >> on saturday my country will be in europe and unfortunately
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since sunday we are in our country, and i'm worried about the future. >> the soviet union - i don't know. it's terrible i want my children and - i want them to live in a free country. we want to build new country. >> my eyes are full of tears. it's sad. i want my country to become better. >> president viktor yanukovych condemned the use of force. he regretted the events that took place and vowed to bring those responsible to justice. the move against the pro-european protesters was prutal and swift -- brutal and swift in a predawn raid.
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trudgeons were used to disperse the crowd, some whom were sleeping. they were beaten and dragged along the ground. it was move expected but none thought it would come so soon. >> recovery crews continue to search for survivors after a helicopter crashed into a crowded pub in scotland. it happened in the largest city of glasgow. 120 were packed inside the pub attending a concert. eight killed dozens hurt. >> the scale of the disaster is gradually emerging. it was a friday night out on the down that turned to horror as debris choking dust and rubble crashed on more than 100 people. it's known that the three people on board the police helicopter were among the dead. >> this is a complex operation.
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it will not be quick. it's complicated and dangerous. i pay tribute to those from emergency services working in and around the scope. >> many were trapped, one said it was pandamonium. another talked of a horrific scene. you could hear people scraeming. they were - i could hear them screaming. they were screaming because of what they were seeing. >> during the day, investigators were trying to discover why the police helicopter crashed out of the sky. >> i was 50 yards from the pub when there was app explosion and a cloud of smoke. it ran in front of the pub. i knew right away that something
8:43 pm
series had occurred. >> at one point those that escaped from the pub formed a human chain to help out others. hours after the crash emergency services were searching the wreckage for survivors. >> when i arrived at the pub, i think a few moments after the helicopter clash there was people pouring out of the pub. there was dust coming up from nowhere. out the roof and door and out from the ground. there was no panic. it was quiet. >> a large area of glasgow city center was cordoned off. as 30 were rushed to hospital. 14 seriously hurt. scotland's first minister described it has a black day for scotland. >> sport is next talking about a big upset. >> also the white house makes a
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move raising concerns for the press corp. why these photos are sparking controversy.
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>> news organizations are up in arms about photographers having limited access to the white house. a change in policy suggests that the white house will use their own photos. shihab rattansi explains. >> sometimes it seems that the white house press corp is spending too much energy covering the mine usualia. the white house didn't have a
8:47 pm
problem allowing the photographers in for this the welcoming of the annual christmas tree. the new policy is clear. for other events no independent observation will be allowed. onlies photographs like these will be released. what we have done is we have tried to provide - use technology and the photographer as a way to provide insight to what has happened at the white house. that is why n.b.c. will ask us if we have a photo you can release. we want to provide access. >> some in the press corp argue that many of these event are official business. photos distributed shows the white house recognises newsworthy innocence. 38 news organizations, it is
8:48 pm
accused of replacing individual quotes of journalism by press releases. >> it's a sense of what is happening in the lunch, we released a photo. >> it's a photograph that has them smiling. >> the washington eddoor of mcclatchy, which operates 30 u.s. newspapers announced that its publication won't run it the the photo unless there is a securedy reason for not allowing an independent photographer to attend. basic journalistic access which is to take pictures. then we don't feel we should run those that are issued. we have seen a lot of measures we have never seen before to this degree to crackdown on the flow of information. >> back at the white house the photo op is over. contemporary reporters and
8:49 pm
historians will have plenty of documentation to escape the analysis of the record at the white house christmas tree photo. >> so we are back with ross and sport. last night when you were here you were convinced, alabama is going win tomorrow. >> did i say that. did i say that? >> you were convinced. >> this game lived up to the hype and hoop la. the number one game of the season. it was an instant classic. all the hype and hoopla a lot of things doan live up to it. they'll remember this forever. alabama - they got the one second back. officials resumed the play. they decided to go for the win
8:50 pm
on a 57-yard field goal. the rest is history. pump up the volume. 56 yarders. it's got - it does not have the legs. taken to the end zone. ran out to the 10, 25-30 45-50. there goes davis, he's going to run it all the way back. they'll win the football game. he ran the missed field goal back. they're not going to keep them off the field. holy cow. >> holy cow is right. they are chanting war eagle. chris davis. 100 yards back to the happy place. let the celebration begin. everybody start. it was a sea of orange and blue. look at that. as the auburn tigers pull off a
8:51 pm
shocker knocking off the national champions 34-28. it was quite the scope, as you see in auburn michael eaves was there in the middle of the madness. all i have to say is wow. have you seen a finish like this? >> you know i haven't. i've been to some really tremendous games and finishes in my professional career including the u.c.s. notre dame game. for this to end in this fashion, for them to put a second on the clock for a freshman to come on to a tip, a 56 yard field goal and a senior run it back in the biggest game of his career is hard to put all that emotion into a moment and describe it including from the auburn players that i talked to after the game.
8:52 pm
. >> this wasn't just any other game. >> i think the only way to describe the scope on the field in the stadium was bedlamb. the fans were in a frensy. they knocked off the champion their number one rival. giving them a chance to go to the game. all that emotions wrapped up into one. >> alabama is going to look back and say would have should have could have. their kicker is probably kicking themselves now. he had a rough night.
8:53 pm
>> he missed two field goals and had one block. because of that you seem that's why nick staven went to the freshman. so many plays went into that. i was talking to a local columnist. he said before the game in auburn was to win, it would be is devastating loss. now you get to this situation, it is the way it is. there's no question this is the most devastating loss. his team 2-time defending champion will not get a chance of a three-peat. >> what do you make of the d.c. s victory? >> here is the thing. we do have championship games next week. ohio state does not look good.
8:54 pm
florida state looked good. they pretty much call the lot. if auburn beats missouri. the last two wins are way better than ohio wins over michigan. you throw together the computers and rankings. you can make the argument that auburn deserves a chance. will the voters and computers put them there. we have to make a week to find out. >> auburn's unbelievable finish. thank you very much. let's catch our breath. it was a tlal of a ball game and quite the ride. let's look at the highlights. up in the third. auburn had to rally back. they tied up at 21 from a touchdown pass. in the fourth quarter, barack obama on the attack.
8:55 pm
garrett back. you can kiss him goodbye. a 99 yard touch down past the longest completion. tied up 28-21. game over we are thinking. 32 seconds left. nick marshall pauls a rabbit out of his hat. they were thinking they were going into overtime. griffith the field coal and the rest is history. chris davis pulls off a miracle pulling off 100 goals. improving to 11 and 2. the scc championship game next up. it was a classic. a lot of time the games have hype. they don't live up to the hype. this was a show best of the season. >> i had not seen the ending. i'm working all night.
8:56 pm
that was something to see. >> it was a classic. >> holy cow. i feel bad for that kicker. >> weather is nest.
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>> well if the turkey is gone it's time to go home. a lot of folks will be travelling. it will be a rough day for some spots. we have a few showers in places around georgia. a few light showers not amounting to much. it will make for some slick roadways. as we go to the north, you know we have areas of dark green, indicating a better chance of rain. what that is is a better chance of snow in maine. we have a concern, an issue, a winter weather advisory for 3-6 inches of snowfall. we can see the snow working to the east from the great lakes. it travelled through canada, brushed the great lakes, around
8:59 pm
wisconsin and michigan and now is going eastwards. slick roadways, a little snow too. another spot to watch out for, especially tomorrow and monday. flood watch is in for washington. as the rain moves in it will move past the mountains and across the seattle area. some spots of seattle dry out by the time the rain slams into the cascades. the central cascades we'll get 4-6 inches of rain in the river system. mainly we'll look for that on monday. otherwise it's a big win and mountain snow event on monday because the storm is coming in. two things are coming together. moisture and the jet stream. everything together is going to bring in cold air for the week ahead.
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i'm john johnathan bet with the headlines. >> the goal is to handle 50,000 users at once. the questions remain about the overall stablity of the site. >> thev.p. joe biden is gearing up for a week-long trip to asia. the reason is to ease tensions. who controls the group of islands in the south china sea. >> the u.s. government is calling for the release of


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