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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we'll see you next time. good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america the 85 year-old american hs been released from korea. a world without nelson mandela. help wanted. a december surprise on the job front more companies are hiring but does that mean the country is turning around. the luck of the draw. the world cup selection is set. the u.s. is facing some tough odds but don't count the team out.
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and we begin with more news, breaking news out of north korea. american citizen merle newman has been frie freed after beingd bheldby north korea for a month. new dollarsman wags was te detaa sightseeing tour. melissa is live in san lan witht developmentses. developments. as you can imagine the family has been zpi distraught. the north korean's famously unpreictable. the u.s. state department had this statement. >> we are pleased that
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mr. newman has been allowed to depart from the dprk and rejoin his family zplmp. this positive decision shows the continuing detention of mr. bay who has been in dprk custody for over a year. the dprk the official name of north korea. vice president biden had comments about merle newman's release. >> it's a positive thing they have done they have mr. bay who has no reason to be held. he should be releaseddeded reley and wimmediately and we are goio tip to demand his release as well there is one ray of sunshine today that mr. newman will be reunited with his family. >> as i said he will be home for thforholidays. >> we'll get to kenneth bay in a
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second. do we have any information on why mr. new flman was held? >> we are learning that newman was not an ordinary soldier he was part of secret unit called the white tigers so from the north cor korean officers persps not a normal soldier. >> we are getting pictures in from beijing. and they are the first pictures of merle newman being released. they are not live they are taped picture. we have just received them. he is coming off the plane in beijing and ?riel smiling and ay day after a morchl month in cap. we are talking about kenneth bay
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who is still being held is there more hope that ke kenneth bay my be released as well. what did kenneth bay do? he was in north korea spreading the word of christia christiani. , ththe question is if he is evr going to be let go. we have the pictures and clearly merle newman is in beijing tonight heading home. >> newman fought in beijing. and i asked the hosts of vit veterinariaveteranradio what th.
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>> i'm happy he has been released. this is a man that did some great things 60 years ago and i think he deserved a little more respect the than this. >> we are always battling korean politics and we have to be dare full odare -- careful on anythie do. especially people traveling to that country. what sthou should we do. they had their moment san and im happy that he is okay. now to the passing of nelson mandela thes. these are live pictures outside of the mandela home. a memorial wall bein being creae canada focreatedfor nelson mand.
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>> he died yesterday at the age of 85. we turn to nick schfri.n. >> we are talking about the loss of an icon. mourning the master of fo forgiveness. so many people call him the reconciler is. and that is what he was. >> nelson mandela dreamed of a rainbow nation. south africa is not perfect but maybe this is what he had in mind. outside of the home where he died they remember the man they called tata.
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>> to see this many people across borders and races singing together and honoring an amazing man. >> we are here because of mandela. we lead the same life as other people we live in the same soul. i can say he was the greatest father in the world. >> during apartheid black south africans couldn't even walk the streets now they come to sing. an old protest zoning. -- song. >> they dance to songs about mandela's life. mandela empowered them. he spent a third of his life in prison and then he forgave, his most powerful lesson at all. >> what have you taken from his
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leadership? >> unity. unity and to be able to give. >> union tie and peace and consolconsolation and that is te message that we have to teach our children and our children's children. >> it's not about sadness or mourning it's about generosity and astounding grace. >> as a kid i remember when my parents called me into the house just to see when he came out of jail. >> your commitment and your discipline has released me to stand you today. >> i could see. he is a father to all of us. >> to black and white south afteafricans. >> we are all the same. the overwhel only thing that acs is a little melnonin in our
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skin. >> maybe, just maybe that walk to freedom is a little shorter thanks to tata. >> all of this will last about ten days. early next week there will be an official memorial service and incredibl out powering in africa's largest stadium and then he will be buried next sunday. he always said a man's life should end where it began. he will be buried in a smallvill village where he was born 85 years ago. words of sympathy to nelson mandela's widow. president obama called nelson mandemandela's wife to express s condolcondolences. john takes us through all of the events that will honor nelson mandela in the coming
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days. >> south africa is preparing for a whole week of morning for mour nelson mandela who died in his sleep peacefully. sunday is being designated as a national day of prayer and reflection. which the country's 52 million people are being asked to remember nelson mandela in their thaitthoughts and prayers. the next poir important day is tuesday. that is when a memorial will be held at the soccer stadium. it is known locally as the calabash. a calabash is an african cook beincookingpot from wednesday tn mandela's body will lie in state in the union building in
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pretoria. there will be many memorial services throughout the country during those three days. there will be a state funeral. however we have information because at that funeral mandela's family and the world will say ghoob t goodbye to thet black president and nobel peace pricprize lauret that the county fer had. ever had. and this is important. the final details of the state fufuneral have not been worked out. many people are reporting it will be sunday the 15th. sunday the 15th is the day that nelson mangl mandela will buried in his ancestral home and that is of the graves of three of his children and other close familiar loy members thafamily l
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buried there. it's a place that nelson mandela will lie in peace forever. thank you, here in new york there is this tribute. the nein new york the empiefer e building is lit in blue and greefn. we have ice from texas to the northeast. airlines are cancelling flights in someplaces we'll have more on that in a little while. now to the economy an-for-a change so many good news. the november's job's report shows the unemployment rate fell to an all time low. the u.s. economy gained moore jomorejobs than expected. and the gains are wide spread in low and high conditions.
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it's i something that is key to today's economic news. >> i always kind a reason to find i this report shea shairky. the unemployment rate is down and we have created 200,000 jobs every month but a quarter of the jobs were higher payin paying j6 an hour or more. that is what wei we are concernd about. 1:5 is still low paying. that is part 69 problem. >> of the problem. it's not gang busters and teabs noit'snot a raw numbers thing.
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sgenerally speaking the qawl quy of jobs is higher. >> at first glance it would appear it's a big deal, but is it? world gets ou obsessed with the unemployment rate. >> i couldn't care less. that number measures a group of people in a changing group of larkehearingerlarger people. i do don't care about that number. more than 150,000 joan because that is the number of more people that come into the work force every month than who retire or pass away. everybodeverything above that i. and those things tell me that
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it's good if i were you an everybody else i wouldn't boa bt 5%. the white house has been waiting for this for sometime and whether seven percent matters at all. the millions of peel tha peoplee out of work and given up looking for work it's good news for the obama administration. >> one of the ironies here with in34r0eu8inemployment insuranced to finish in the next month. and then on fl friday down to sevensevenpercent the lowest in. the unemployment insurance has to be ex-temedded. extended.
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jay carney made that announcement. we need to address that problem and to extend the unparliament beunemploymentagain benefits to those individuals. it's a per citie persist persist would be terrible to tell families that they're out of benefits. we are hoping that congress will address this challenge. >> one. interesting thing about these good economic numbers the economy has improved and the unemployment rate went down despite the head winds that were supposed to hold the economy back. you won goar how good the greefort would be woit the government shut down that threatened the economy over the course kft last month and from october to november trchlts good
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news for the white house and the country's economy and we'll see if it sustaineds tes sustaine sh quite er and if th -- quart qua. we continue owr coverage off the life and death of nelson mafmandela. joining us is a professor of an anthropology. she is here to talk about the future of the state since the passing of nelson mandela. >> let'thank you for being hereh us. thank you for inviting me. where is the future headed now that nelson mandela has passed away. >> it's a profound question and a simple question. the south african's will go on
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living. they have been living with nelson mandela since he retired from politics. but the profound president is how nelson ma mandela's after m. this. and it's how the younger generation is going to react. so for the next 20 years it will be very important for a young generation of south africans to chasshape it's own future. >> what challenge does the country face light right new? >> it's unemployment. it's an imphotographe above im .
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and one. major challenges of the and the education system is always a challenge. the healthcare system is always a challenge. and those are the various issues that south africans have to make. the death of nelson mandela reminds everyone about how far they have gone. how far the south african government and people have come. are those row minders because of his death in some ways, are those reminders that will help spur the country forward, did you think? rvetion nk i thinkthink. >> i think the revelation will be inspiring to south africans and it's not something that they will change soon. >> zplrvetion. >> i think to change the few cuss of the world and when the wrrbled looks at us and talks
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about the legacy of nelson mandela. how can we convert that into international goodl good will ao elect better leaders and run our country better and continue to be a democratic society. how do south africans teach their children about what happened in the past. >> there are different ways. and south africa has a yum of -- a number of museums. and there is also a intergenerational conversations that go often in fa families where a gran grandmother will tl the children about what it was like glowing up. and the younger stories that seismic about what if meant to go grow and the integrated
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schools. they are all earring all ears wo know who this great man was. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. it's not winter yet but you wouldn't no it in the weather. a mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain has dragging across the country eyein icing s across the northeast. hahazardous conditions causing pile ups on the roadways and claudkef kevin is here to tell us what to expect. >> it's not winter yit. winter r
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in meteor logical winter. and with these wair weather pats and this icing it poor trays that portrays that. when you factor in the wind. bismark, north dakota, -25. now earlier we saw massive ice stormstorms pushing through tex. it went through arkansas and now it's a big problem. we have a lot of snow an ice on the ground here. temperatures are below freezing. it's not melt being and whe melt does melt tomorrow it will refreeze the night after. a dangerous situation even though it's passed through. up next, e exposed a troublg new development about stolen
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radioactive material in mexico. and plus america's world cup draw. let's just say it couldn't get much worse.
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on monday thieves hijacked a truck with c cobalt 60. some sanctions against iran will be lifted. many see the agreement as a good first step over iran's nuclear program. israel has voiced their opposition to the deal saying
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iran can to the be trusted. well today in brazil a tough draw for the world in nec next years' soccer game. >> soccer took the stage as fans waitin anxiously. we'll start with group a with the host country and the 10th rank team has a terrific shot at advancing to 16th. they placed two powerhouses at group b. they to contend with the netherlands. the team they defeated in the 20,152010 time. >> group c japan may be ranked well below the competitors the next group is by far the second tougtoughest draw.
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uruguay and italy and the inning english media branding this the cup of death. the swiss government may be neutral but their country's team is anything but. the swiss are the favorites to win group e after beating champion spain back in 2010 ssment2010switzerland did not ao the next round. group f has one elite country argentina should runaway with this group behind one of the world's greatest players who will look to leave his mark on this tournament. and now we come to the group of death. the 14th ranked united states has to contend with 9,000 miles of travel and deal with the likes of second ranked germany and fifth ranked por port portud plus the team that has
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eliminated the u.s. in the last two world couples ghana. and i now the final group. group h. the bel bell belgins are lookine a lot of noise in this league. that is the eight group draw for the 2014 world cup in brazil next summer. up next fill mandela's shoes. he was able to rise above all of that with humor and humanity and with grace. and take the hand tha of his en. a tv star with a familiar face explains what it's like to portray nelson mandela on film. and the best man at mandel mandela's wedding talks about the man we didn't know.
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south africa has begun ten n
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days of remembrance for nelson mandela. people have been placing flowers and ca candles outside of his he in johannesburg. mandela will be buried a week from sunday. u.s. unemployment rate dropped to a low of 5%. despite the sol li solid gains e wages barely increased. merle newman an 85-year-old american veteran is freed tonight. he was detained by north korea for a month here is new video of him arriving at the airport in beijing. melissa chan is following the story from san francisco tonight. and melissa we saw the images of mermerle, newman in china. >> well merle new maman is homer
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the holidays. the north core agre koreans arey unpredictable. the one thing belearned about newman is he was not entirely a normal soldier. he was part of the white tiger a special unit. so see ci see cit secret we didt it until the 19 1990's. kekenneth bay is still being hed what is the possibility that because newman was released that bay has a better chance of getting out as well. >> that san excellent question.
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>> what did kenneth bay d. now to a tragedy unfolding in africa and an important story. the images that we will see are graphic and disturbing they are out of the central african republic more than 300 people have been killed in the african city. we are there and on the front lines. >> an attack at the heart of this rebel government. gunfire echos through the city. some say this was an attempted coupe di de tat.
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a militia group that are mainly christian and loyal to the former president. the target the mainly muslim security forces. the streets of this once bustling city are almost desserted. >> those that venture out risk ending up like this. this woman lost her son. she didn't want to give us her name. >> i don't know what is happening in central africa republicarublickrepublic right e state of the country where can i go? >> this is where the injured have been brought. most of them have bullet and rbg wounds women are being treated along side of government sold
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soldiers. this woman asked god "why has this happened" there are muslim and christian victims of this conflict. >> muslims and christians used to live in this country peacefully. but the rate hat hatred and vioe difficult for people to forget. the french will be sending in soldiers soon to back up the force. on the streets it's the rebel government that insists it's in control. >> the enemy attacked u us and e routed them we completely desstroitdestroyed them. >> these fighters are out for revenge. they are searching for the militia that still pose a
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threat. this is an endless cycle of fighting and killing destroying this country. >> the situation has gone from bad to worse. we'll continue to bring you more. in 1 1976 the so soweto upre brought attention to people. it was the home to nelson mandela prior to his imprisonment. the uprising occurred when nelson mandela was in prison can you talk about the significance to the anti-par tie anti-aparth. >> there was fighting in the
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street behind me. and in all areas of the e epi center. and it was the uprising of the youth and it was the beginning of what grew into a revolution that culminated into the uprise of the apartheid government. while this was happening nelson mandela was sitting in prison on robin island. and they heard little until those that were arrested began to funnel into the prison and where they met ma mandela and te other anc lieder leaders who wee heavily influenced by them. the older men learned a lot by the youth that came into the island and it became an ep pi center of two give generations
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discussing how to end the apartheid government. that is why it's so significant in the nature of this country and the legacy of nelson mandela. >> it remained wi winnie's homer a number of years did nelson mandela ever go back to the house? >> he go he spent a short while here when he came out of prison. the first thing he did was come home where he was greeted by hundredses of thousands of people from this particular area his wife remained here for much of the time he was in prison. she was removed from the house and banished to a remote town hundreds of miles away from johannesburg both as punishment and to remove her and mande mans
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influence his daughter continued to remain in the house i. it gives you a taste to see how bad and repressive that they were at that time. and a 17-year-old daughter left to fend for herself in this house. >> describe the impact mandela and his policies had on the townses liktowns like soweto. the image of mandela was out lied and the africa national congress was outlawed and the speeches of mandela were not heard by people in this
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township. it was something that was covered and pushed aside. for the vast multitude of south africans the first time they saw nelson mandela was when he walked out of prison. it was something they kept concealed and the word and the writings of the nationa africanl congress. it became the do dominate forced was the force that united the country's people and got rid of the apartheid regime through the work of nelson mandela and others. mike hanna live in so wes sh africa. we spoke to the son of martin luther king iii and the
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personal loss unique to these two families. >> as i think about president mandela, the first thing i think about is the gigantic human being who taught our nation and the world how to forgive. >> i remember the day when he arrived in atlanta where there were thousands and thousands of people to greet him. >> what it ry reminded my of, although positive, in 1968 at the time of my father's funeral there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people i that lined auburn aven. that was a very sad occasion. when mr. mandela came to atlanta it was a happy joyous occasion for people of atlanta and really certainly for people of our nation and around the world.
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>> how do you cope while everyone else is mourning? >> i think what we are sad about is the loss at the same token the confr contribution to the ws so incredible. he is now in a better place as we see in the christian tradition. he has gone home to rest with god. he has paid far more duce t duer world community than the average individual would be able to. and for that we are so thankful for this dignified leadership of nelson mandela. >> talk about the similar traits you see between your father and nelson mandela. >> i would say if we talked about various traits of nelson mandela and martin luther king
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jr. they both unrelenting. >> my dad was unrelenting and mr. mandela was unrelenting for his fight for justice and there are par parallels in those particular areas my dad used his voice to represent the poor and oppressed. president mandela used his voice to represent the poor and oppressed. there are many parallels between nelson mandela and martin luther king jr.. >> thank you very much. actor david hai harewood portrayed nelson mandela. i spoke about how he played such an iconic role and how he prepared for it. >> initially e excited and then
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deep roll and and then you hit this fear. how do you play a myth. how do you play someone who has been so extraordinary in his life the only way you can approach it is to read as much as you can and watch as much as you can. day after day he revealed himself as the ultimate human being. the ultimate warrior and ultimate soldier. and the more i read the more i got to know him. and he became less of a myth and more of a man. more of a human being. that is his testment. that is his legacy. i was surprised at how much i didn't know the more i started to uncover the struggles of the anc and the struggles of him personally with winnie and that was interesting. because i played him in the movie which was essentially about winnie mandela and i had no idea and i don't think anyone had any idea of all of these
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smiling shots of him coming out of prison he was going through a terrible time personally. she had kept his flame alive and he had kind of gone off the rails slightly and people in the anc said nelson you have to deal with this woman. he wroat al wrote all of these e letters and they wer he was goie out and they were going to be together. it was further from the truth. >> when you heard the news yesterday. >> i was deeply saddened. death comes to all us. i was really upset by it. and i it just so happened i was sitting in medema restaurant and i was stunned. here i was sitting looking at
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the walls full of pictures of mandela and he just passed. i think that was quite erie for me. i was sphruk by th struck by tht every single picture i was looking at he was smiling. that is a real testment to his humanity and strength. despite 27 years ago behin 27 yd despite the fight he had, he was able to rise above all of that with humor, humanity and with grace and take the hand of his enemy. >> talk about your feelings about understanding more about apartheid through the movie you did. >> going to south africa and johannesburg and i was struck. i went to the apartheid museum in johannesburg and they still have an entrance for white and
11:46 pm
an entrance for plaque. blacks. and that initially gives you the feeling that, oh we're back in those days. and you watch the video explaining to white americans what is going on with apartheid and having to keep these people under control and how--i mean the mentality of these people is almost beyond that. to think that people actually once did that. we have to continue to teach our children that these things not only happen abou but they happeh the silence of majority. and we must instill in them that these things must never happen again. great message thanks for being on the program. >> one final note. if you thought you recognized him he played the c cia director
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on "homeland". a close friend on the private side. >> plus the art world moves to miami and we will take you there live.
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every friday we turn our attention to the arts. tonight we are talking about paintings, drawings and stanleyy sculptors and more. some 50,000 people will expected to attend bazel.
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it's made it it's own. it features six thousand artists. it's success can't be easily duplicated. "fortune magazine" estimates it generates $5 billion in art sales and financial impact in miami-dade county. numbers like that explain why cities around the world are eager for the economic stimulus and the social cachet. that high-brow art shows deliver. since bringing art bazel to the beach the art scene in miami-dat-date-dade kourcht cou.
11:51 pm
when it started there were six galleries in miami-dade county and today there are over 140. this week the perez art museum miami opened it's doors with it's infusion of florida sun light. views of the biscayne bay and vertical guard ensz the architecture promises to be as big as a draw as the artwork. ultimately the cureator hopes the museum will become a social space where the people come to reflect and discuss art from the 1930's to the present. often in miami we are competing with other cultural institutions but with the beach and the beaches are really public spaces in miami and i think this museum and it's design it's location
11:52 pm
within this large park will really change that. it's has the potential to become this other type of social space. >> the museum only began building it's collection in is the 96 but in less than 20 years it's already clengted 1300 works of art and you might say that it's a metaphor for the art community in miami date county. it may be a newcomer but with a clear commitment the area is rapidly evolving into a destination known not just for it's sun worshippers but also an an emerging power in the world.
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most of us new nelson mandela from a great distance as a great leader but to jerry inzerillo mandela was also a close friend. and best man at his wedding and good sphawr to his daughter. i asked him about that froand friendship. >> one of my cel my cell my frit
11:55 pm
opened a bar and grill. and there was a particula tickee parade. he was like a rock star. he took the city by a storm. in between a lot of the yoi offl functions we just took time to talk. he was the best man at your wedding. my wife was from south africa and she was hosting "good morning south africa" and very fond of nelson mandela and i got to be with him many places around the world and travel with him. and when we walked up to him and holding hand he raised one of those big chubby fingers and said "what is going on here" arounisitandhe said, i want to t man. and we said "we would be
11:56 pm
delighted" and he said "that entitentitles me to be to a bab. >> hso he was the god father. >> it took us seven years to have a baby. he scal called from morocco andd "i named your child" i naimed it the one that took a long time to come. when she sees me she will see an old man and start crying. >> you know him. how ask tha is that different. >> when you saw him off the platform he was so natural and so inclusive. anyone who was around him,
11:57 pm
especially children he made a big deal with, there is great pressure with having that iconic status being the president and the expectations and what people expected from him. i witnessed myself hundreds of time when people made plo promis and he was very flirtio flirtcid he was a great man. many of us have had the honor and those that haven't met him to live in the period of nelson mandela is a great privilege. >> it's great to see you jerry. >> thanks for sharing your story. >> congratulations. >> thank you. it is friday night and all night long i have been telling you about the horrible weather
11:58 pm
across most of the united states. there is one place in the united states that is going to be the place you want to gh and tha gos do you know here towards the southeast that is the only place that feels somewhat like normal. as you see we are having a lot of rain showers in the northwest and mix of snow. and down towards southern georgia and the carolinas tomorrow nice. miami at 82 and orlando at 83 and savannah at 84. this little sliver of the united states is it. nobody else is soo seeing such d weather. miami 82, 83 and 84 and up towards the north east. things are different we are looking at that system we are talking about finally entering the picture notice the rain across pen me pennsylvania and w york. we have a mix of sleet, and freezing rain and snow. that is going to continue for most areas.
11:59 pm
>> the highs tomorrow are not too bad. because of the rain it feels worse. it's damp rain here in new york and 42° and albany at 30 and boston at 3 39°. snow is the in forecast and monday rain and mix of rain and snow on tuesday and not looking good at all. california in the picture now. we are getting rain and snow in the higher il elevations of they sierra nevadas. take a look at the highs or lows las vegas is going to reach down to 30° and snow is in the forecast. los angeles won't be too much of a ride to go north to see the snow all the way across parts of nevada as well as many places across utah. that is a look at your national weather. have a great weekend everyone. zwrojohn has your hid head linlt
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now. welcome to al jazeera america i'm john seigenthaler in new york. >> merle new man is a free man and is in beijing. newman was deported for humanitarian reasons. a jump in construction and manufacturing jobs helped bring the unemployment rate down to seven%. seven percent. >> the economy gained 200 new positions last month. the new numbers show problems with the healthcare exchange website


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