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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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to nelson mandela.goodbye federal regulators taking big step to prevent megabanks from making the kinds of risky trades that let to the financial cries us and a woman in the drivers seat of america's larkest auto maker. ♪ nelson mandela reminds us that it always seems impossible until it is done.
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south africa shows that it is true. south africa shows we can change. that we can choose a world depiped not by our differences, but by our common hopes. >> in a stadium built for sporting events gathered a crowd to celebrate the life of one man, nelson mandela. president obama joined dozens of world leaders both past and present, honoring the man that led south africa away from apartheid. inside for the moments honoring mandela. >> 6:00 a.m., in the stadium known as soccer city is quiet and empty, and then suddenly it isn't. the gates open and the energy floods in. pouring rain driving the arrival of the covered upper deck. where they have no problem staying warm. and no doubts about why they are here.
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>> that will make history. >> 800 miles from cape town to dancing the aisles anyone like this anywhere. so yeah, this is my final. >> in the stadium hallways roving bands of singers sweep people up with it. >> and gather outside in circles of noise and joy. >> we have been asking people all week long, whether this is a time of sadness or celebration, and on this day, the answer is clear. >> the rain never lets up, and of course it doesn't matter. >> in prison for 27 years just to be in the rain, come on. he has done so much more for us. and this won't dispatchen our spirits. >> further from the stage, the view is still just fine. >> the biggest roars in a
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long afternoon of speech making go to president obama. [applause] >> i loved his speech very much. so we are looking forward for now. is the biggest boos go to the kurt south african president. and the previously raucous crowd now thinning barely paying attention during his keynote address, through it all, one person commands the crowd's attention. >> he was somebody who spoke to all south africans truly united. and went out of his way to do that while we were not deserving of it. >> a day, and a message, for the next generation to remember. from inside the stadium to the crowds that surrounded it.
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just taking a look at allen's piece, what you love are the pieces. you visited one of the townships and took in the service with people from one of the townships. where were you, and what was their take on the events of this day. yeah, these are the people that respect lucky enough to be the 85,000 in that stadium, and i was in a township called deep shot. about 20 miles from that stadium, but it could not feel further, and it certainly wasn't the south africa that those 95 heads of state government were talking about when they talked about mandela. this is a place where poverty reigns, where the garbage is not picked up, where there are chickens and dogs in the streets and where sanitation isn't very good. having mandela give them their freedom, but then they say political freedom does not equal economic opportunity.
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on average a white south african will make six times what a black south african will make. so clearly today, was a day to give thanks to a man that sacrificed so much. they didn't think it would still be this hard this many days later. >> what are the issues that people are articulating to you? clearly there are inequalities. there's probably an education gap. so are they disappointed that they feel they would be much further along nearly 20 years of anc rule, than they are right now? >> it is the enemy of high hopes. i think the success in stopping apartheid let these people believe that their lives would get better very quickly. we are talking about beck
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kades and decades. so we have to be a little realistic in how quickly their economics, their prospects their hopes will improve. but that said, those hopes were very high, and they are seeing whites still dominate the economic situation here, and they are saying look, where is our economic freedom, we understand that mandela sacrifice sod much for our political freedom, for our freedom from segregation, but where are the jobs, where are the opportunities, where are the clean streets. why is there such a disparity between this township and the area right around the soccer stadium. so i think people will say you have had 20 years anc, that's the political party, you had 20 years since then, why isn't it better, and just now, they are beginning to get the cracks in the anc, beginning to get people to say wait a minute, you haven't delivered enough, and the popularity of anc always extremely high is now about 60.
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ageist here talking about it going down to 53, talking about a future that afc does not have a lock. >> that leads me to my next question, this is a country that goes into an election year, the people who you spoke with, today, do they see this election as an opportunity to change their porches what real choice do they have and what kind of a voice are they willing to put forward for change in this next election cycle? there aren't a lot of people out there. you saw that extraordinarily frankly embarrassing public rebuke of him. that is all about the economics in these townships. and so these people say look, we would like something better, but we aren't sure where it is. we don't see it right now. and mandela is just today. this is a guy that gave
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so much, people still have loyalty, they just wish that they had better leaders. and so it will be up to president zuma, it will be up to his people to change this feeling. they only have about four our five months before the election. if they can't change that, then they will see them chipping away. you will see coalitions come out and say look, we will chip at this, we will try to get 20 pest of the vote, very difficult. but nonetheless, if they get less than 60, i think people will smell blood in the water and that will mean much more. >> terrific, nick for us, great to see you, terrific reporting, thank you so much. and joining me to talk about mandela's influence on south africa and the continent as a whole, is john campbell, he is a senior fellow for african policy studies. it is good to see you, thank you for your time,
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sir. >> so what are your thoughts on the conversation i was just having with mick? moving forward, an election, april or so of 2014, so the country gets an opportunity to either stay the course, or chart a new course. >> right. >> with the issues we have talked about. >> right. >> inequality, dispairs in education, wealth, income, what do you see as the immediate future for this country after this this morning period ends. >> the issue is what are the alternatives. up until now, voting has been a racial census. in other words the 80% of the population that is black has voted overwhelmingly for the anc. the opposition party has been predominately white. so unless or until south africa breaks out of that particular mold, it is difficult to bring about rapid change.
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so is it too much to ask, the people in townships, is it too much to ask of the government, 20 years of afc rule, to have brought about the dramatic changes that have improved the lives of the people in the townships? >> two issues here. twenty-first is the overall rate of economic growth has been disappointing. it's a little over 3% a year, that's substantially less. than say in china. the second is the educational system has failed the population. for reasons can are obscure. not very similar. about a quarter of the country's budget is on education. that being the case, why isn't the delivery very much better. >> that's a question we ask here in the united states. >> we do. >> so -- no one wants to be thought of as being pessimistic, or apisms so
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what degree of optimism do you have for the future of south africa. >> oh, passive. >> why is that? >> strength of democratic institutions. probably the constitution that goes further in terms of guaranteeing basic human rights than an other in the world. very very strong civil society. free press. open and constant criticism of the political leadership. when you are in south africa you are in a free country and it feels like it. so i am extremely optimistic. >> your favorite moment or most interesting moments from the memorial today? >> probably the hand shake with fidel castro. i was startled.
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fundamentally pleased. because am -- i'm a former diplomate, therefore i believe in more engagement not less. and i thought gee, you know, the tube real service for a person who brought people together, here we see it. >> so i wonder if we have a video, because the political right in this country has hammered the president for this moment. shaking hands with hitler. and yet, allen gross who is the american who is being held in cuba, reached out toe the president in a letter and asked the president to do whatever he could to secure his release. i don't know if this was part of that response from the president or not. but the idea of keeping your powder dry for a moment, clearly doesn't apply to the political right in this moment in
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reaction to that moment. >> yes, a very interesting precedent. at nelson mandela's inauguration, f w declerk shook hands with fidel castro. >> well said. >> john, good to have you on the program, he is a senior fellow for africa policy studies. pleasure. >> thank you so much. >> good to talk to you. >> it is a memorial moment seen around the world, and gaining international headlines and we were just talking about it, we will continue to talk about it, president obama and fidel castro meeting face to face for the first time, and greeting one another with a hand shake, it is one of many unscripted encounters that were bound to happen with so many dignitaries in one place. jonathan is here with more. >> grief has a way of bringing people together, and that certainly aplayed to the world leaders today. as you mentioned it is getting a lot of attention. here is the video. shaking hands with cuban president, it is only the
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second time in more than 50 years a sitting american president has shaken the cuban leader's hand. it is sparking a lot of anger, been praised though from some who say it is a sign of falling relations. now, this has happened before, bill clinton shook fidel castro's hand. >> also today, president obama warmly greeted the brazilian president. he has not been happy with the u.s. so another chillily relationship by the afghan president, the two leaders actually sat near each other and briefly chatted at 1 point. he has been very critical of the u.s., and has refused to sign a security deal. now in the past they haven't necessarily led anywhere, back in 2009 there was this awkward hand shake. the venezuelan president who then gave mr. obama a
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book, in that same area, the president got a lot of criticism for vowing to the saudi king, right here, at a u.s. it is a no-no for presidents. he said it wasn't so much a bow as the president tries to shake hands. to show you how chummy world presidents can be, even the president is not above taking selfies. he pose to snap a pick of himself at mandela's memorial, he has been getting a lot of grief for that, and i think the best reaction, is one of the first lady, she was not include sod like we have been talking about this, we will show you. >> whether she was bothered because she didn't think she was a good idea or wasn't in it. >> i would love to know. >> the face say as lot. >> i don't think this is appropriate, mr. president. >> as the end of the year quickly approaching congress running out of time, only a few days remain, and there are really a lot of bills that need attention, like
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the foreign bill and the budget. our white house correspondent, you know, mike, all eyes reason othe foreign bill right now, because if it isn't passed, thousands can lose their food statutes right. >> the holidays. >> that's right. the larmier farm bill itself is the continuing outrage in terms of criticism. there are price supports crop insurance, a lot of billionaires get these, a lot of people who aren't even farm willing getting these as well. there are protections, price supports for commodities. in terms of the distribution of power in congress, sugar and corn, are the two most -- all of it adds up to billions of dollars and yet
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billions paid more in extra prices at the super market, because of the inefficiencies involved. one of the critics watchdog group is josh siewl here is what he has to say. >> we can create a safety net. that's not what we are seeing. a fight between commodities between the north and the south. not about saving family farms, it's about rewarding campaign contribute tors. >> and the farm lobby i have spoken with the farm lobby today. they need these because the e.u. asia and japan, their subsidies are even higher so they have to compete on a plain. if they don't get this done, and harry reid said he is not going to grant any more temporary. two house of representatives wants to cut $4 billion of an $80 billion program.
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the senate much lighter cuts so rah lot of this in jeopardy. >> mike, thank you, a second round of cold wet weather has slammed the east coast, they predicted it was coming. dropping snow up and down the eastern seaboard, this was the scene in temperature temperature, look at this. snow and ice. police say there were a number of accidents like the ones you say here, in this video, and the back ups that follow, officials say crews have been out treating the roads to prevent more accidents, dave is back now tracking this, dave? >> yeah, the temperatures are key here, they are treating the roads so the main roads should be fine. two temperature right about freezing. but this was the snow that came down this morning in washington, d.c. tail end of the morning rush hour. did you recollect the rush hour in d.c., up through philadelphia and new york, the snow came in late this morning and continues throughout noon, but by now, it is starting to clear out. these temperatures just above freezing and new york, so the road
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treatments oen the main surfaces are okay, they are wet. be uh the side streets will get a little slippery as that temperature drops. no more snow expected as a 1-2 punch, the second punch here, but nothing else coming in behind it. just looking at some cold arctic air. so the temperatures will not be going up, they will be going down. that's not until wednesday and thursday. highs tomorrow, colder than they are right now, temperatures not even getting up to the freezing mark. it will be pretty slippery, and that wind will be picking up as well. so we will talk about arctic wind chills down into the single differents and below zero in some areas. that cold air is moving in, how long does it stick around for and how big is the extent of this cold blast? a look at that coming up. >> ahead, stopping a widespread loss of an
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important habitat. the fed take as big step in preventing risky banking and the new face at the top of a giant auto maker, makes history.
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>> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period.
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business news.o some the dow falling 52 points. the s&p 500, after is thing a record high. investors pulling back abit, as they await word on budget talks and a decision on the future of the feds bond buying stimulus. and a mark decision in the wake of the financial crash of 2008, the federal regulators today approved the so called vol kerr rule. but critics say the rule will reduce small business lending and hurt job creation.
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check this out, shares closing about $50 for the first time ever. the stock is now worth twice what it was when the company went public last month. nadia, good to have you back on the program. let's start with the volcker rule. >> what is it. >> banks were allowed to do something called proprior tear trading to basically -- >> with their own money. >> uses their own money to make bets, shares on the stock market. derivatives what they are allowed to do to make basically what is called market making. and this is something that regulators are attacking. >> why was that a problem? it is their own money. >> but it also causes losses which impact the banks overall earning. >> okay. >> which is a big risk. >> you can't play with government money. >> no.
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and the volcker rule comes as part of a dodd frank provision, and of course what it states is that trying to put abandon trading. it is going to hurt, small business lending? it is going to hurt the jobs market. to some extent. >> i believe that. i think a lot of banks have already shut down the trading arms. i think j.p. nor ban needs to challenge it. i other banks are taking heed to this. so i think some will be effected. commercial banks don't even acknowledge this. >> what are your thoughts on g.m.'s move today? mara barra as the first ceo. the first ceo to lead one
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of the big auto makers. >> we broke a grass ceiling today. >> it is huge news. huge news. is she in the pipe line? >> reuters broke the story, about a month ago, saying that g.m.'s c.e.o. was going to step down, he is chairman and ceo of the company. they basically move four interim candidates.
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and how will they allocate that back to shareholders. >> quickly, twitter. closing at 50-dollar as share, terrific news, if you have shares, right? what do you think in terms of initial growth. great pop for the company. it obviously went public last hospital. one facebook went public in 2012. and now they just added this. >> caller: 's a little bit more of the data issue that may arise, but that is a good thing, because now they will have more advertisers. >> great to see you, come on back and see us again soon. >> happy holidays to you. >> lited's go to sports
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news. >> all right, let's get you caught up, ross is here with that ross. >> talking about the dallas cowboys. they struggled in the month of december, and they are off to another miserable start after get spanked by the bears. the cowboys defense was awful, once again, giving up nearly 500 yards. now the owner was critical of the defense. well today jerry softened his stance saying he still have -- cowboys a eaglesck from the eagles in the nfc east. in fact this game is so big, live with his prime time match up.
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>> hey, ross, for the first time since the eastern conference finals last summer, these two are going to renew the world championship heat. and of course not only does that mean the teams with the two best records more than that they want to take the top steed in the next playoff round. ly be back later a preview, ross back to you. >> live in indianapolis, we will check on him later in the show. and ahead, how new countries create problems in the heart of pencil town.
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thailands prime minister defied public pressure to leave office. tñ
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other 90 world leaders join the crowd in johannesburg, paying tribute to nelson mandela. hailing mandela as a giant of history, five years a the financial crisis to limit risky investments. general motors made mary boro as it's new chief executive officer giving her the honor of being the first ceo of any auto maker. query faced tough
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questions. some members of congress are pushing for more sanctions. joining us now, good to see you, what concerns do members of congress have and i'm wondering how the secretary responded today? they really spoke with a unified voice in many respects. members in both the democratic side and the republican side of the house, foreign affairs committee talking about how in the past, they voted to impose sanctions against iran. led by chairman ed royce, the republican of california, and elliot engle a democrat of new york, members of congress pushed john kerry on just what would happen if iran doesn't go through with its pledges and their major concern is whether or not iran is giving up enough.
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if country is going far enough. so secretary kerry pushed back. he reiterated statements and sent them terrifically to members of congress, that this is not about having faith in iran, that this is an opportunity for the u.s. and its allies to get more access. he said this should get them closer to a nuclear free iran. >> the issue here is what are we going to do about so it we don't have a sudden break out that threatens israel and all the countries in the region and ourselves. now the truth is you said it is time to continue recall aspects of weaponnization, no they haven't, because in order to weapon nice you have to have highly enriched
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uranium, and in our plan they are going the opposite direction. libby casey for us, appreciate it, thank you. >> the los angeles skyline as we know it could be changing forever. dwarfing the claimed capitol record. lies beneath the surface of the earth, joining us now from los angeles. i this i do know what the issue is, but i will let you explain it. >> the issue is directly behind me and beneath me, you can see the records building. would be on either side of the records building. what really gets to the heart of this matter is opponents says it is
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inherently unsafe. imagine hollywood before all of this, when it was citrus groves for as far as the eye could see, then came the walk of feign, and the iconic capitol records building. now, imagine two sky scrapers eclipsing the view from above, and overshadowing possible dangers lying beneath. these are more than 1 million square feet of apartments, hotel rooms, restaurants and shops. l.a. city council approved the project this year. >> what they have planned is high-rise development, instruction of neighborhoods. >> so long time hollywood resident is suing both the city and the developer. he is joined by rah coalition of homeowners and businesses who claim they with held critical information and evidence, that suggests it might no
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be safe to build there. this is a site that cannot be built upon. much less with two sky scrapers. >> to understand the controversy surrounding the building of the millennium towers, you have to get off the ground. >> from up here, you get the best view, the proposed site of the two towers is right down there, and it's 35 and 39 stories tall it will dwarf the same capitol records building but it is actually what is happening beneath the surface of the street that is causing the most concern. >> the hollywood fault, and the project site is about at this location here. >> john parish is the state's leading geologist. >> we are talking about surface rupture here. and surface rupture tends to destroy the foundation of the building. >> the city insists the
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project is safe and they say they stand on solid ground. >> where do we stop? if we base everything on fear of what might be and we stoop all economic development, then we are in real trouble as a city. so i think that everyone needs to take a deep breath, let the science come in, let the facts come in, before we jump to conclusions. ground breaking has now been suspended. leave the future of the most ambitious project very much up in the air. claiming the impact studies were not conducted. meantime, the developer for our story did say in a written statement, that
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this project has been designed with the upmost safety in mind, and they are willing to consider additional ground testing if warranted. all right, jennifer. the united states is pledged $60 million to help african union forced in central african republic. at least 500 people have been killed in a matter of one week. traveled to the nation just days after two french soldiers were killed. french troops have been trying to disarm rebels in the capitol. the so calm t sell carebels, french and african union forces are being sent into the country to try and restore some kind of order. in thailand, despite continued demands she leave office, the prime minister says she will not step down, at least five people have been killed. and hundreds of others wounded. protestors are accused her of being a puppet to her compiled predecessor.
4:39 pm
>> from bangkok. >> a day after aunderstand noing the disillusion, thailand's prime minister what is now her care taker cabinet. the voice cracking she said she could yield no more. >> i have listened to the president and all they have said about my family, i think we are all people. do you mean we can't stand here any more? is it going to continue like this? i have backed off to the point that i don't know how to go back any further, please give me some justice. today is constitution someday, the protest leaders says they want to
4:40 pm
use an merge constitution to see the king put in place an unelected people's council to run the country. hi says it will put an end to the alleged vote buying for many, that is stretching the constitution past the breaking point. >> it has to be an established practice that is generally accepted to be legally constituently binding. now the theory that if the cabinet resigns during the period, it gives certain ways for the king to provide a natural government. for the die hard protestors of the influence the billionaire nothing else will do. it will benefit red and
4:41 pm
yellow alike. >> today he and thousands of others are looking for instructions on their next move. >> ukraine's president said he will not give in to protestor demands to move the trade policy closer to the european union. he said any future for ukraine will include russia. he changed the trade agreement. they are rah national fresh sure, wetlands across the united states are disappearing fast. putting wild life and our own food chain at risk. more than 1400 square kilometers of wetlands have disappeared in the past four years.
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the rate of wetland disappearance increased by 25% from 2009, compared with the previous four years. the study claims destruction the rising sea levels the impact of is disappearing ecosystems for fish, birds and other sea animals. let's take a look at other stories making headlines today. a fox news reporter does not have to reveal her sources about the aurora movie theater shooting that's what a new york top court ruled today. how she knew about a notebook containing violent information written by the accused gunman. suspect james holmes sent the notebook to the psychiatrists before the shooting. investigators are delaying a hearing into their crash landing of a flight. three chinese teenagers died in the accident, the safety board wants to know if pilots were
4:43 pm
overly reliant on the plane's computer system. the hearing was postponed due to weather. rescuers workers say they have found a group of people missing in the mountains. temperatures dropped to negative 16 after the couple and four children were lost on sunday. the sheriffs department says everyone is in good season, and recovering at a nearby hospital. your gray is the first company expected to allow its companies to grow, buy, and smoke marijuana. it is scheduled to pass a law aimed at doing away with crimes related to the drug business. smokers over the age of 18 can buy a maximum of 40-grams per month from pharmacies and grow up to six plants in their homes per year. and the university of o orr football player is sitting out the team's upcoming bowl game because of a snowball fight that got out of hand. yeah, they felt the drivers near the school campus, and this video posted on youtube friday
4:44 pm
was picked up and has more than two. hits by the end of the weekend. >> that's crazy. they were targeting one of the teachers from the school. >> i can understand why you would want to, but it is the wrong thing to do. something else tells me brown is not one of the stars on the ducks football team? all right, appreciate it. >> ahead, little known tips that can bring big value to your social security benefits, our eyes are on the nba, where it is paul george verses lebron james, a rivalry renewed. ross is here with sports next.
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pugh researched showsar, there's growing concern about saving up federal regulators retirement. according to some experts believe an estimated $120,000 each of unclaimed benefits. business correspondent
4:47 pm
has been digging into the fine print of social security. are you kidding me? $120,000 each? so this is just about getting people more information. >> exactly. it is incredible. in fact, meshes get an average of 1,200-dollar as month in social security, in fact, half of us get half of our retirement income from these fund funds and aer of this get at least 90 pest of the money we are ginning to bruise from the program. look at this. >> how many pages in this. >> 2700 rules that govern social security. etch financial professionals. let alone people like you and me. many of us are not getting as much as we can from the program. >> husband joseph already retired and the own retirement a few years away owe thought when you
4:48 pm
decided to retire, you called them up, and said i want to start drawing down. >> she found out she could draw down much more. she is getting around 1,000-dollar as month. >> they are taking advantage of a little known rule, some planners call the viagra benefit, as long as one parent in this case judith's husband is 62 or older, they can claim a benefit for every child under 18. the child will get 1,000, and the money the child gets does not reduce the amount the parent received. to claim the care giver benefit, one parent had to be 62 or older, and the child has under the
4:49 pm
age of 16. your spouse, no matter how old, can get an additional payment that's half the size of yours. you get 1,000-dollar as month, he or she gets 500, the money does not reduce the size of your payments. but there is a limit that any family can receive. that's 180% of what you and your spouse get combined. for example, if your base benefit is 100-dollar as month, the amount your family receives. you can however delay receiving your payments to avoided butching up against those limits. they help people get the most out of social security. >> . >> they say another benefit are surprised to find out about is the divorce benefit. they need to be at least
4:50 pm
62 years old, and your marriage must have lasted for ten years. you can claim half of that amount, even if he or she remarried but you give up your own benefit, and if you tie the not, all belts are off. >> there are more than 2,700 rules in this handbook, even the most seasoned professionals have a hard time understanding them. experts say use websites like the social security administrations or the aarp to find out exactly what they qualified for. al jazeera, new york. >> we don't think about maximizing the benefits we think about loading up
4:51 pm
401 k, and things like that, and the financial planners are always talking about us about those, never think about maximizing our social security benefits. >> this has to become part of the conversation. as we mentioned half of us are getting at least 50% by retirement, most of us getting upwards of that, but the financial services industry they don't make money from social security. what is really important for people to do you have to start planning early. each year you don't touch it grows by 8%. >> so 63, 64 -- keep moving it down the road. >> but think about that early. when i reach that age, how will i work longer, how will i cut my expenses that's where the conversations have to be. >> can you put this on the website? if not, can you tweet it to me? happy reading on that. [laughter] >> a birthday is being celebrated in space, 15 years and $180 billion
4:52 pm
later, the international space station. after it was complete efforts are now focused on research. but it is not all serious science, you remember this guy, right. canadian astronaut chris hatfield introduced millions of people to life on the station earlier this year, with his songs and prolific photography. the station is expected to be operational for the next 15 years. sinks losing to the miami's, but tonight the pacers and heat will renew their rivalry, and that's where we find john henry smith for this must see match up, john?
4:53 pm
hey, ross, you know the conventional wisdom, there was teams that would give pacers and a heat a battle for supremacy in the eastern conference. the heat is the pacers have proven they are still the cream of the crop, and tonight they renew hostilitie hostilitid what may be the most heated rivalry. >> they gave miami a scare. >> we broke it down, it was less than 12 minutes of basketball that cost us the trip. >> in their familiar perch atop the conference standings. the match up within the match up will be super star lebron james, veries budding super star paul george. despite playing april
4:54 pm
lancely enough to win the nba player of the week award twice in november, it was george who took home player of the month honors. george is only the second player not named lebron james in the last seven nba regular season months to win that award. james' heat haven't been so hot having gone 2 and 2 in their last four games after a 14-3 start. hurting the heat is their rebounding or lack thereof. the heat are among the bottom 5 teams in the league in the rebounding department. for their part, the pacers are one of the nba's better teams. while 14 of their first 19 this season came against teams below 500 at the time they were faced with a three game gauntless, against nba power houghses san antonio, oklahoma city, and the heat.
4:55 pm
they lost to oklahoma city. >> against a team as good as indiana you can't allow those points. well, we talks about indiana's prowess on the road, but home is where the winds have been. they have gotten off to a franchise record. roz, back to you. >> dwayne wade has been sitting out a few games, what is the status for him tonight? dwayne wade is out there, he has been shooting for 20 minutes. that he might be coming back and playing in this game tonight.
4:56 pm
looking at the big picture, hopes to be ready for that playoff. >> for the bigger games in the facers. as a first step. thwarts getting the top seed in the eastern conference playoffs the miami heat don't care as much. early games in december. >> yeah, sure.
4:57 pm
thank you. >> meteorologist dave warren is tracking a cold wet system pounding the east coast, he is next with the forecast.
4:58 pm
out, this is the laker effect cold air moves in. >> the warm is clearing out, it will be in the next hour. the computer forecast shows that by 5:00 o'clock, 6:00 o'clock the weather advisory expires at
4:59 pm
6:00 o'clock. and here comes some snow developing notice it does not move. this is very cold air that is moving in wednesday. across the northeast. ant 18-inches of snow in one area. it is already coming down across the great lakes. we will have a chance to dry out maybe a few slippery sports tomorrow morning much colder over indianapolis at 7:00. the actual air temperature when you factor in the wind chill, in the 30 or 40 below. over the next 48 hours highs tomorrow, barely above the freezing mark, so there's the arctic air, and here is a foot of snow with the lake effect snow wednesday and thursday, a look after the headlines coming up.
5:00 pm
>> in al jazeera america, i'm tony harris live from new york city. lawmakers in washington and the pressure is on to end the year on a productive note. congress has to vote on a list of issues on the agenda a massive defense bill. a massive farm bill but the biggest issue is the budget. joining me is a member of staff as president struggles with public opinion and


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