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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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ajconsiderthis. we'll see you next time. hello. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz, live in new york. >> a rifle ammo and molotov cocktailment . the colorado shooter was ready to harm many. >> one year ago today a town was marred by unspeakable violence. >> one year since the new town shooting, we look at gun chrome. >> the world prepares to say a final goodbye to nelson mandela. >> the winner is jameis winston, florida state university. >> jameis winston wins the
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heisman trophy. an overwhelming yet controversial choice. >> tonight we now have a better idea of why a teenager opened fire at his colorado high school. the sheriff says karl pierson meant to till as many as he could. paul beban has the latest from centennial, colorado. >> here outside arapahoe high school another press conference from sheriff grayson robertson saying it will be his last, press releases from here on out, but giving tremendous detail and insight into what happened in the events leading up to the shooting and how things will proceed going forward. a few of the highlights - the shooter purchased the shotgun, a pump shotgun legally a week ago at a retail outlet not far from here. it's legal for 18-year-olds to
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buy shotguns or rifles. he purchased the ammunition yesterday, the day of the shooting. he was wearing a bandalier with shells, three molotovs and a backpack. one he detonated. he came in close to the library, his target was the librarian, the debate coach. he encountered clair esther davis, a young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was shot at point blank range with the shotgun. the shot taken in the head. upon the sheriff says hearing the deputy's approach he took his own life with a single shot. all of this played out in 1 minute and 20 seconds. a tremendous amount of detail from the sheriff. i want to get to one thing, he
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read a statement from the family of clair davis, a woman in critical condition today? >> our beautiful daughter, clair davis has severe head trauma as the result of a gunshot. she needs your continued prayers. we would like to thank our family, friends, the community and the equestrian community for their outpouring of love and support, as well as the school for their continued support of the students and teachers. we would also like to express our gratitude to the first responders and the trauma team at little tonne adventist hospital for saving our daughter's life and getting her into surgery quickly. clair is still in critical continue and your prayers are appreciated.
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>> there, again, sheriff grayson robertson reading a statement from the family of clair esther davis. a young woman, a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. shot with a pump shotgun at point blank range by karl pierson as he entered arlington national cemetery yesterday afternoon. it looked like he was prepared to do more damage as he was going to settle a score. many questions remain. >> paul beban reporting. >> across the country americans remembered the victims of another school shooting at newtown connecticut. [ bells toll ] >> church bells tolled across the state. it's been a year since a 20-year-old gunman killed 26 people, mostly first graders at sandy hook elementary. newtown asked for privacy.
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no memorials were held there. >> president obama and the first lady lit candles to honour the victims, one for each child and the six teachers. a minute's silence was hold. >> a year ago today a quiet peace of town was shattered by unspeakable violence. 6 education workers and 20 beautiful children were taken from our lives forever. as persons, as americans, the news filled us with grief. newtown is a town like many of our home towns. the victims were educators and kids that could have been any of our own. our hearts were broken for families that lost a piece of their heart. >> a national group formed called mums demand actions for gun sense. they rang bells to honour the victims, sending a message, it's time to make noise about
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gunvictims. more from miami. >> there were many events taking place throughout the nation. mums demand action for gun sense in america is a grass roots movement with 100,000 members and offices. they organise events like the one held in miami, and 35 states, to honour the lives lost at sandy hook and to remember other victims of gun violence. they rang bells to symbolize that they would no longer remain violence about gun violence in america. the goal to fight for gunchecks, ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds, and ban online sales of ammunition. the group is disappointed that since sandy hook no federal legislation has been passed for stricter gun laws.
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the president told me they are not looking to stop people not having guns. we want to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. >> mums demand action say that their fight for gun sense in america is just beginning. the group is actively campaigning on social media, using twitter, instagram and facebook. >> on the first anniversary of sandy hook, we spoke with two people on different perspectives on guns and how america changed. phil watson is with the second amendment foundation saying violence can be reduced without violating gun owners' rights. >> the question is really in a lot of courses that have addressed this in the past and continue to address it, some quite well is the difference between a regulation in an infringement. that's the real question here. some of the proposals made in
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the past few years, we have agreed with. things that limit crime and not go after law-abiding gun owners on par about that. but unfortunately in the polarized environment it's hard to get proposals through when one side wants their proposal to get through and may not be willing to see it both ways. >> what are some initiatives that your group support that will make a difference in stopping crime? >> that's a good question. we met with the atf this week and some of their proposals we liked. increased sentences for hard core criminals, and increased sentencing guidelines for those - for those infractions, those crimes, and better mental health services. we spoke with the stamford professor, who told us they have an obligation to make sure
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weapons do not end up in the wrong hands. >> there seems to be a disconnect between tragedies stimulating proposals for change and actions that can prevent the tragedies. you see from sandy hook that there is a benefit to the federal law keeping guns away with severe mental illness. but that can be undermined by people who disregard those warnings in the case of sandy hook, nancy lanza, the mother of the shooter made the full weaponry available to - her son, knowing that he had severe emotional problems, and under a proper system would not have had access to guns. >> what is the solution. how do we move forward and stop these mass killings? >> well, there are many different problems, of course, with american gun violence.
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one is gaming-related killings, related to the drug trade as well. but the mass shootings are different kettle of fish. and there one needs to, i think, learn from the lessons of other countries that do try to take greater effort to make sure troubled typically young men do not get their hands on sophisticated weapons, and the united states has been much more lax in that quay than most other industrialized nations. >> moving to south africa where nelson mandela's long journey will soon end near where it began. his state federal due to begin in two hours. nick schifrin is there with more. >> for the last week a lot of people here have been celebrating nelson mandela's life and the sacrifices he made. today it was about mourning, and
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saying goodbye. >> draped in the flag for which he sacrificed so much nelson mandela took a final journey home. they remembered nelson mandela as their father, the inspiration, a man that unshackled them from apartheid. >> we take the grandfather back to his final resting place. >> the military sent him off and flew his body near the village where he was gone. there on the way to the funeral site thousands lined the streets as the convoy trieve for 30 miles. some waited hours to get a glimpse of their home-town hero. >> the orange house, that's my house. >> yonela lingani called nelson mandela her ancestors, meaning he'd forever look over them. >> we are laying him in his final place of rest where we would want him to be.
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>> that man was one when nelson mandela was released. he speaks to her as much as anyone. >> you feel happy and privileged to be part of his era, his time. >> when the body arrived everyone needed to get closer. >> it's the last time having to do this, so i'm doing it one last time and letting go. >> some grieved, some seemed grateful. all cherished this last chance. >> we have to celebrate this night, this movement. it was so nice that we are all here together. black, white, green, yellow. we are here to face the moment.
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this family thank nelson mandela for their family. >> i grew up in a society rife with racism. i too was racist part of my life. because of what he did i'm completely changed and a lot of other people are. >> after the body left a time song. a song in xhosa, the language nelson mandela first spoke. it translates to "nelson mandela is sleeping here, nelson mandela is now sleeping." sunday's burial will combine the new with old tribal traditions. we'll see an animal skin cover the coffin, an ox slaughtered and a family member telepathically communicating with nelson mandela. it will be the poignant moment in the 10 days of saying goodbye. >> you can watch full coverage
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of nelson mandela's funeral live on al jazeera starting at 1am eastern. 10:00 pm pacific. >> archbishop desmond tutu will attend nelson mandela funeral. earlier he said his name was not on the guestlist. a spokesman for the president said it was a mistake. >> archbishop's desmond tutu name was number six. he was accredited for the fnb on the accreditation. like anyone wishing to pay their respects on the fine leg. >> the spokesman tweeted the retired bishop will be in qunu. he preached at the services of most apartheid. >> a growing crisis in the central african republic, why
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the u.n. is facing harsh criticism. >> back to the moon after 40 years. a newcomer arrives with big plans.
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first violence and now no food. the humanitarian crisis is growing in the central african republic. the leaders are too afraid to walk the streets. we have more from bangui. >> these people are waiting for a doctor to see them. they are sleeping at the airport with no shelter or mosquito nets. some of the children have malaria. doctors without borders criticised the united nations for not doing more. >> i think it's unacceptable. it's not like we are in a remote area. the country is next to the airport, the capital of the city. i don't know how we can ignore them. people say they'll go home.
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everyone wants to go home. if they are there, it's for a reason. they are here today. they need to help. >> surgeons are using a warehouse to operate in. you can see the conditions that these surgeons are working under. it's not a proper operating theatre. there's no ventilation. they are using chlorine no sterilise the wound. gunshot victims are a big challenge. >> a few hundred metres from this is the p.m. nicholas tiangaye. he will not leave his base for safety. like every politician, he has no control over what is happening. i asked him why he won't visit the tens of thousands of people living close by. >> you have to be realistic.
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i have to thing of my security. i don't have a car. do you want me to go on food. i don't have an armed security guard. you can't expect me to go where my safety is not guaranteed. >> this is what he feared, another victim of sectarian violence. these are the remains of a general, killed. this woman named her son francis hollande, as he was born the day the french president visited bangui. >> if i leave this place what, will i do? how do i bring the father up. they pilaged my house, they have taken everything. people here lost all hope of the state helping them. this is a country that has all
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but collapsed. they are totally reliant on outside help. >> here at home hundreds of flights cancelled across the north-east. always because of a storm dumping 14 inches of rain. police have been warned to stay home, it's a lot of snow falling out there. >> the totals are anywhere from three to seven inches. >> it's a lot. >> sounds like it's piling on top. that wasn't the problem we had. we had ice coming down, freezing rain in new jersey, stretching from the virginia, and that made things treacherous on the roadway, if you look to the east, you can see the storm riding up from the south, up
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into pennsylvania working to new york. maine will be hit hard and connecticut. 7-8 inches of snowfall expect. looking at the area of piece, that is a risk of ice, freezing rain. we have the warmer air transitioning in along with the cold air. so we have the snow coming down heavily which will continue for the great lakes. the arrest of the coast line transitioning to rainfall. it's the temperature difference creating issues. we have a tornado watch along the coast. look at the difference in temperatures. 54 in atlanta up to washington d.c. it is that airmass transitioning that is causing the problems. here is where the tornado watch is in effect. it will remain cold for the
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north-east. but new york the rain - it's coming. we'll get ride of the snow starting to melt away. >> good to know. as you know the middle east continues to see unusual spells of wintry weather. snow fell again in the jordanian capital of ayman for the third straight day. snow has fallen in israel, turkey and lebanon. the same storm is unleashing floods in other areas. high water for 5,000 people into emergency shelters in the gaza strip. the red cross is helping families. >> the same harsh weather is making life harder for syria's refugees. u.n. officials arrived in the call tall to discuss how best to help. most of those displaced live in temporary shelters. >> i'm extremely concerned with what is happening as a result of winter, the impacts that it's hg
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on sirrians not just here, but neighbouring country. i've been in lebanon and was able to talk to the team about the programs we have put in place to help people through the winter. >> and in thailand protesters had a chance to tell their demands to the country. military leaders held a forum. the protesters want the prime minister to give the power and an interim government in place until elections in february. the military supreme commander declined to take sides publicly >> china is on the move, landing its first rover there today. it is a big step for the country, and they want to put an astronaut there next. rob mcbride reports. >> the rabbit has landed. called yutu in chinese or jade rabbit, this was the moment the rover touched down on board the
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lander, "chang'e 3." arriving on target in an area known as the bay of rainbow, and watched live across china on tvs like the one in a restaurant near workers' stadium, beijing. it marks a milestone in the chinese space program, following in the footsteps of the russian and american exploits of the years ago. >> i'm happy to see the way the space program developed. i'm very proud. >> translation: i never expected to see this. i'm happy my country managed to do this. a tangible display to the world of china's growing technical expertise and economic might. the space program is a priority for the country's leadership. it looks to build the first space station on the moon in 2020. for ordinarily chinese citizens,
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a source of pride. at this store the scale model of the jade rabbit and its lander are selling fast. >> translation: in recent years as the space program developed there's more attention paid to chinese spacecraft, and the models are becoming more popular. >> the next challenge, the rover has to venture out to begin its work, conducting a number of tests, including the use of ground-penetrating radar to reveal more of what is below the moon's surface. so far, so good. >> it may be decades since others roamed the mood. as the people of china worked out there's only woun working rover on the surface of the moon, and it's chinese. >> certainly is chinese. earlier i spoke to jill stuart a fellow at the london school of economics who studies the
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politics of space. i asked if china was capable of building a space program to allow it to mine the moon. >> they have been moving quickly with their program. they have a long way to catch up on the other space powers, but they have been quite impressive in the speed at which they are developing technologies. the issue regarding mining, it is possible, and there are medals and other resources that could be desirable there on the moon and on other sellestial bodies such as after i said. >> should nasa be worried that china is investing into the space program and investing into the moon? >> worried is too strong a word. having a successful program indicates that the country has economic wealth, technological prowess and there's an issue that the space infrastructure is dual use. things that can be used for
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benign surface, such as monitoring the surface of the earth can be used for spying purposes. if you demonstrate the capability of putting a rocket into space, you are demonstrating that you have substantial military capability in terms of intercontinental missiles. >> it's a big development for china. there's a lot more ahead on al jazeera america. >> protesters in ukraine - some say they are there for the money. >> a federal judge calls into question a long-time ban on pal iing omy -- paligomy.
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>> welcome back to jam. i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. one student remains in critical
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condition following the school shooting in colorado. according to her family senior clair davis is suffering severe head trauma as a result of a gunshot. new details are emerging about the shooter, who police say planned to hurt many others before shooting himself. a human tarian crisis looms. thousands turned away from bangui, when they showed up hoping to get food. security and fears of mob violence. days of mourning. nelson mandela had a special place in the hearts of people in miami.
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a place where many fought against apartheid. >> it is you, the people here, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation strength and hope to go forth and continue the struggle >> 1990, and the end of an 8-city tour of the united states for nelson mandela. he chose to thank at his farewell the people of the san francisco bay area. commemorating nelson mandela city leaders invoked the area's own contribution to the movement. the strategy in the 1980, municipal and international divestment with companies doing business with south africa, involving billions of dollars. >> san francisco, the university of california and the state of california played a leading role in being the initiator of the
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divestment movement from south africa. >> antiapartheid student protests took place here in the 1980s at uc berkeley, including a continuous 100 day sit-in and rallies that brought together thousands of students. >> demonstrators scuffled with police. >> students, community people here, again, overnight, all day long in solidarity to ask our renaling ents to divest. >> nancy skinner what is a graduate student who led the divestment committee. >> we felt morally implicated in the regime that was denying the majority people of south africa their freedom, their ability to participate in government and any democracy. >> many others took action.
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not only opportunities. in 1984 larry white was a long shoreman, and he recalls how they refused to move cargo from the ship. >> every day there was a demonstration, they tried to negotiate with us to get the ship unloaded. we refused. >> the movement gained momentum until devestment was inevitable. >> until the world stood with south africa through means like divestment the struggle would never have reached fruitful conclusions. >> and so at city hall there was a dual honour for nelson mandela and the tradition of politician in the bay area. decisions made decades ago and 10,000 miles away could make a
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difference. >> a silent honour in arlington national cemetery today. volunteers laid wreaths on the head stons of 100,000 veterans. trucks were needed for the ornaments. the family members and volunteers wanted to make sure those what served our country are in the forgotten during the holidays. >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in vietnam four decades after setting food there as an officer. he manned a patrol boat there during the vietnam war. >> social democrats in germany voted to form a coalition. it sets the stage for parliament to reelect merkel on duece. barnaby phillips has more from berlin. >> the result was never in doubt. social democrats celebrated as if they had won the election.
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it's a resounding endorsement for the party leadership, to go into coalition. >> translation: the presiding officer said 76% of party members who voted said yes. >> so the path is open to another grand coalition here in germany. angela merkel will be the dominant figure - both in this country's politics and across europe, presumably for the next four years. >> angela merkel's party won concessions. she introduced a minimum wage and increasing tensions. germany's tough approach to weaker countries in the eurozone is unlikely to change. >> we are playing a good cop, bad cop game that germany is insisting on the rules, while
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the european commission can be softer. that was the idea in the last couple of years. they err on the side of the european commission. they won't let anyone off the books. >> after the celebration, it will be hard work in the days ahead. the new government will be announced. and on tuesday angela merkel will be formally sworn in. >> 100,000 protesters marched in kiev demanding the president sign a treaty with the european union. some demonstrators showed up to support the government. more from robin forrester walker in kiev. >> the implication that from behind the barricades, less than
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200 metres away the opposition is threatening to break ukraine apart. the government aparty succeeded in filling european square - iranic given the prime minister warned of the dangers of the european integration. >> translation: we have to fulfil certain conditions. do you know what conditions are these. we have to legalize same-sex marriages. >> you can see the thousands of people that have been brought in to take part, that come in in special trains and buses, we understand, but the reaction of the crowd so far has been subdued. supporters of president viktor yanukovych have been arriving on the regions all week. workers from ukraine's struggling industries, teachers on government salaries. i spoke to a pensioner off camera. we are paid to be here.
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"how much?" i ask him. "very little", he says. many we approached couldn't or wouldn't say why he was there. those that did are afraid what europe had to offer. europe says we need same-sex marriage. >> why isn't ukraine allowed to choose its own way. why are they interfering with us. the governing party of regions pledged supporters would stay on the opposition are worried. we are against provocation. we understand it's a huge responsibility for the people. it can be dangerous for the people. so closer the two sides. so far apart are their feelings. shame opposition supporters taunt. the risk of confrontation grows, the longer this goes on.
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>> senator john mccain is in ukraine, meeting with representatives on both sides of the conflict. he talked to the foreign minister and opposition leaders. mccain and others called for the u.s. to consider sanctions against ukraine if there is more violence against peaceful protesters. >> i'm proud of the people of ukraine, and their steadfast efforts for democracy for their country. >> both democrats and republicans condemned harsh measures during the protest. >> venezuela authorities evacuated a paris-bound plane scheduled to take off from caracas. they received wore of an explosion. the aircraft will be inspected. >> chillians return to the pole. a socialist is expected to win. a low voter turn out may alter
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the results. we have this report from santiago. >> it's time for part two of the race to see who will next fill the presidential palace. there seems to be little mystery about the outcome. this is like a romantic comity. we know what the results will be. a few things need to be decided. the end of the film is bachelor taking office on march 11th. >> chile's former president michelle bachelor fell short of winning against evelyn mata, an economist representing the right wing government coalition, it's precisely the widespread belief that the outcome is a given that michelle bachelet's opponents count on. >> the leading candidate is
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michelle bachelet. her campaign makes it sounds like she has won. supporters have no incentive to vote. that could turn the race around in our gafavour. >> the big unknown is how many will turn out in this election where voting is not mandatory. >> i'm not going to vote, it makes no difference. >> the choices between the two daughtersers of air force generals on opposing sides of chile's 1973 military coup. michelle bachelet's father was tortured and mata's father was a member of the military. >> chile may be the first country in the western hemisphere, if not the world, where the top political job is fought over by two women. the focus is not on the agenda
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of the candidates, but the startling political views. >> mata is a conservative who wants to preserve the status quo. while the left-leading michelle bachelet is promising substantial political retomorrows to across the world, including on al jazeera. you can watch full coverage. it starts at 1am eastern, 10:00 p.m. passicific.
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>> a federal judge shut down part of the polygamy war. cody brown and his four wives have 17 children. the ruling banning living with multiple partners. it violates religious freedom. >> with us to discuss the ruling is mark henkel a national polygamy advocate. thank you for being with us. i know you are excited about the news. what is the hope - that this will clear the way to allow pollic amy. >> it established freedom for unrelated consending adult pol iing ammists who do not have multiple marriage licences. it strips the tyranny to criminalize unrelated company,
11:44 pm
merely for cohabiting or purporting to be married even though they don't have additional licences. do you think we can see nationally laws allowing polygamy. >> this is what we have called for. we have the polygamy rights to end the debate, which is to abolish all marriage control for one man, one woman, but the reality is this decision has gone down the decriminalisation position, saying that marriage can only be based on the marriage licence, and utah cannot criminalize pol iing ammists with multiple marriage licences. >> that's right, the states cannot issue more than one licence, but they want to
11:45 pm
crackdown on married people that live with more than one spouse. >> how much do you think the same-sex marriage vote influenced this? >> it does come from the standpoint that the government can't intrude on cohabitation, but the limiting of it to marriage licences. prior to that utah had the ability to prosecute and pol iing ammize. by removing that it allows freedom for anyone purporting or cohabiting something that can beestablished state by state. there's a relationship to the texas decision used in the decision, but it uses the limited government perspective,
11:46 pm
saying the government can only define marriage as marriage licences. pol iing ammists, therefore, are not criminalized. that's freedom. >> what do you make of pol iing omists, some say it's a slilery slope, encouraging laws that may allow increst marriage with consending adults. >> anti-pol iing am yes led to same sex marriage. the government was not involved, those pursuing same sex marriage never had a reason to pursue it in the first place. that's why we pursue the polygamy right toll use. that's why we have equality for all, and on the right. apolish marriage control for unrelated consending adults.
11:47 pm
if people want to believe in one man, one woman, it's the freedom. it's a freedom of choice. that's why we have been here promoting that as solution to end marriage debate. then it doesn't have the worry about the idea of slilery slopes to increst. we are talking about unrelated, consending adults. >> it's an interesting ruling. >> mark finkel, a national poll iing omy advocate. >> college football's pre prestigious award was handed out. you called it. >> i was not the only one. >> i'll give you credit. >> virtually no drama and a large marge jig. jameis winston of florida state wins the heisman trophy. it was not close. he collected 2,205 points to
11:48 pm
a.j. mccarron's 704 points. a blow-out, like most of the florida state's games this season. jameis winston is the youngest winner at 19 years, 342 days, and he's the second freshman red shirt to win the award. johnny manziel last year was the first. with his lopsided victory jameis winston received 668 votes, left off 116 ballots due to the sexual assault accusation against him. the accusers attorney wants an independent attorney into the case much despite the controversy winston has been awarded the highest individual honour. >> i trusted in the process. the truth is delivered with positive outcomes. after all the things i have been through, i remember when my daddy chose the process.
11:49 pm
he risked his job and was jobless three years ago when i was out there doing whatever i did to provide for my family. i know he can do it, me and my momma paying bills, making everything happen, and that man can't find mement the truth prevailed. edgily i got me a scholarship. i kept my education up. we ate every single night. this is not just for jameis winston, it's for florida state and i love everybody in here. i can't be - i'm so blessed right now. it means so much to me. vi one thing to say. florida state, if we do a thing, we do a big thing. >> here is another look at jameis winston's margin of victory.
11:50 pm
668 first-place votes. a.j. mccarron of 79 in a bit of a surprise, jordan lynch of northern illinois finished third. >> ohio michigan, u.c.l.a. , alabama, harvard, yale - some of the impressive rivalries, but army navy is different. it's not about the navy, but the schools what they represent and the fact that the players won't play on sundays, but will serve our country. they met for the 114th time. it was cold and snowing throughout the contest in philly. >> navy up 10 in the second. he's on fire, 47 yards later, 17-0. navy reynolds 30 carry, 136 yards. midshipman reynolds in charge again 11 yards for the score.
11:51 pm
a navy single season regard, 34-7 is the final. matt brown, texas head coach will resign following the allah mow ball game. 16 seasons in austin, and he's stepping aside. >> a lot of people upset about that. >> it's called vertical forming or a way to produce high-end produce all year around.
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welcome back the snow storms barrelling through the north-east. we'll get showers for the rest of the day. sunday will be snowy and cold. but we'll get rain moving in from the south. we had a bit of storms moving up from the south-east from a whole different storm system causing a tornado watch on the carolina coastline that does not expire until 2am. snow in north idaho. maine getting a heavy amount. looking for warmer weather or sun shine. a much clearer day. the temp sturs starting to moderate. a chilly start. cool in the north-east. high temperatures for the sunday.
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single digits to the canadian boarder. >> when some people struggling with the mortgage payments, they are frozen, petrified. not knowing what to do, they do nothing. people taking action are more likely to get the positive outcome. making homes affordable is a free program. the former
11:55 pm
president. it will be a mix of tribal tradition, things like an ox will be slaughtered and full state honours. we'll cover live the event starting in 10:00 p.m. pacific. now tonight to chicago. a group is bringing farming into the city.
11:56 pm
instead of vegetables, farmers rely on warehouses, fresh food closer to urban tables. >> be neath a sun is the latest trend in forming. the fields grow on multiple floors in an industrial park, from if the midwestern fields that feed the rest of the world. greens are grown for chicago's celebrated restaurantures in water. >> our food systems are broken. we ship something 2,000 miles to get something to chicago. we can't do that. we poison the environment. we need to grow food where the jobs are and are consume. >> the plant doesn't grow the soy beans, it grows mushrooms, bayingel, microgreens on the
11:57 pm
plates of high-end restaurants. the fish supply the fertiliser. a handful of farmers across the u.s. and tenant farmers joined the urban farming industry. >> for 365 days a year we control the environment, providing the best environment to grow plants. we provide june 21st sun light. >> there's another advantage - quality. >> it tastes from your own hands or somebody's the day before. it tastes 10-times better. >> when this was a meat-packing plant huge trucks came, loaded up the heat and carried it off. now the loading bays are torn down. they don't need them because they carry the produce out the back on small trucks and bicycle, a few miles away in downtown chicago. this device is designed to make
11:58 pm
the plant energy neutral. >> by using creativity and reusing things that others think are waste or should be thrown away. you find the energy in a producture or the good workers, things that are cast aside. economies like that could encourage farmers to make the move indoors. >> we'll be back with more news in a moment.
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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with tonight's headlines. police say the teenager who opened fire in a colorado high school planned to hurt many more. he critically hurt a student. karl pierson entered his school with a shotgun, machete and three molotov cocktails. >> thousands gathered in bangui to get much-needed


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