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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2013 2:30am-3:01am EST

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rejoin that around "59... education appoint
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by mr nelson mandela. and assistant professor of anthropology at columbia. as we prepared to hear from jacob zuma in a moment, i do want to talk about the politics. the ruling power was stronger under nelson mandela, was it not. >> it was powerful. progress.voted for the party
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>> institutional racism though, the effects of institutional racism are lasting. it takes years and decades to
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turn around institutional racism and apartheid. >> yes, that's a legacy any government will have to deal with. also, there is a way in which there is a way that nelson mandela has gone, that they can relax in terms of the ethical standards, and the bar that he set. you can find that that's one of the effects of his passing. people think okay. we don't have a moral compass, so we can be relasted in our understanding of the constitution, that's a possible effect of his passing. >> are they loading the youth? >> the youth in south africa is divided. it is divided between the youth who are not benefitting from the change at the end of apartheid. in south africa you'll be seen as breaking off the youth,
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they are the ones that they will have trouble with in the future. >> this is a remembernd address
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issues in conflict. thank you for joining
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