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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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this is al jazeera. ♪ it is good to have you company for this al jazeera news hour, i'm david foster and in the next 60 minutes, carnage and 120 people killed from helicopters in allpeo and believed to be using child soldiers to fight. the groups are plotting a coup
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in the country as the former vice president is arrested, and the statute of the former president nelson mandela is unveiled in south africa. ♪ it will be hard for us to imagine how the war in syria could get worse but government forces in helicopters have been dropping barrels packed with explosives on people and 125 have been killed so far in these air tirades. and nicole johnston reports. >> no child should have to experience war like this boy. he is clearly in shock. many people in alepo will be feeling that way after an intense bombing raid on the
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city. bombs fell on agarage. >> translator: they call us terrorists but they are the terrorists themselves, may god take revenge on them and cars were burned with women and children inside. >> reporter: this is what is left after activists say is one of the worst attacks on the city. 11 districts were hit, buildings have been destroyed before and people killed but on sunday alone more than 100 people died and many more were injured. >> translator: we have not rested since morning. more than ten different areas came under heavy bombardment and shelled with missiles and this is the only equipment that the civil defense team has, we don't have any other tools or equipment. >> reporter: and al jazeera correspondence den inside is reporting that at least 50 people are still trapped under the rebel and that the syrian military dropped bombs on people below and this is not the first time they have been used in this
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and they are packed with t and t and oil and nails and bolts and pushed out of the back of helicopters. they are crude but lethal. >> translator: here a battle was dropped and 30 killed and three others are missing and hef machines to get them out of the ruins. >> reporter: as if syria wasn't miserable enough people are barely surviving the harsh winter and want an end to the war and all they get is more destruction, nicole johnston al jazeera. >> let's talk to political analyst joining us from beirut why would the syrian security forces be using such crude devices now? >> clearly the objective is to terrorize as many of the civilians as possible in alepo
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and this is by the government authoritys to separate the wedge that exists between the rebel forces and the population at large. the objective of this very crude reliance on helicopter assaults on civilian targets cannot be anything but to terrorize as many of the population as possible precisely to create a larger gap between what the rebel strongholds may be in the alepo region and what they are provided. >> reporter: is there a possibility that indicates the security forces are running out of more sophisticated weaponry? >> perhaps that is possible. although syria is not short of weapons. it is a heavily armed country. it has probably enough weapons to continue to go for a decade to come. i think that by relying on
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helicopter target, targeting by helicopter and barrels full of t and t and fuel, they are essentially saying we don't need to really use sophisticated weapons, rockets or whatever, what we can do is use the crudest methods possible and sell and save the real weapons for future targets where we might actually have to fight on an equal basis. but clearly the fighting is not on an equal bases. the government has tremendous advantages and the rebel forces are in no way able to respond in kind. therefore they might be running out of weapon symptoms, government sources might be running out of weapons but i think the objective here is to terrorize as much as possible. >> is it also the case the government is saying we don't really care what happens to you? >> the more we say that, over 150,000 killed, 6, 7 million
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refugees the government has essentially telegraphed the population and the world that it doesn't give a hoot about single syrian citizen. but i think at the end of the day lepo is strategic and the largest city and the bread basket and who controls that controls syria and the government will do as possible to squeeze as many rebels as possible so it can potentially think it can win this battle although we are very long way away from that. >> thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, david. >> reporter: israel has confirmed its troops shot two lebanese soldiers after shots were fired from lebanon killing an israeli soldier and the u.n. calls it a serious incident and israel said the soldier was shot by a sniper and the medical team couldn't save him.
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the shooter was near this town on the far western age of the border close to a border controlled by the united nations peace keeper and we will go to nick for more. does this have a potential to become more of a situation than simply two isolated shootings? >> what we are hearing from the israeli government and foreign ministries is there is no interest in an escalation but it was a bit of a surprise to find out that the israelis had opened fire on lebanese troops and the initial news that we found is an israeli soldier had been killed by small arms fire and perhaps a sniper and 6, 7 shots were fired as he drove towards a military check point in a coastal region the lebanese border. we just learned that israeli troops looking in the incident after it occurred open fire on lebanese troops, they suspected
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were involved in the shooting. we have confirmation of that from the israeli army. commentators here are saying it's unlikely there is an escalation. there have been cross border shootings over the border with syria, however they are relatively rare along the border with lebanon. >> reporter: they blame forces are hezbolah and they are talking about places responsible for this, wouldn't it? >> they are not making any accusations of that nature now and they are saying that they open fire on lebanese soldiers, so i think we have to stick to that, whether it be a soldier involved in the initial shooting was an lone wolf with hezbolah
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sympathies is unknown but no accusations of that kind at this point. you are right, david, when things occur like a leader being killed last week in lebanon happened and they blamed israel you never know who is behind some of the incidents. but in this case it appears to be an army clash. >> nick, thank you very much indeed, that is nick spicer updating us on the situation of the israel and lebanese border. south sudan president says groups are plotting a coup to over throw the government and heavy gunfire and fighting was seen in the capitol and the former president has been arrested. tension has been high since the president sanked the cabinet, in july there is a curfew in place in duba and a journalist is joining me on the phone from
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there and was there an attempt to overthrow the government? >> yes, well, the president did appear at a press conference a few minutes ago and said or described it as a failed wellments with the vice president which he dismissed in july and it appears, in fact, that was the case. unusually for him he actually turned out at the press conference. he usually presents himself in a suit but today he turned up in his full military suit, very somber and, you know, which was quite sturn. >> one often hears about the tensions between sudan and south sudan since the civil war but internal tensions in the country of sudan and tell us the way that that breaks down, who wants
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to oppose whom there? >> well, this was in july with the rest of the cabinet and he at the time made no secret. he was very forthright in his criticism and made it clear that he would run for the presidency when the next elections were due in 2016. since then he has been putting together a group of what he calls locally the elements of the splm and they have been having progressively more strident press conferences and calls for rallies. these people are generally at least have been kinds of disgruntled now they are out of power but it seems even though they were supposed to have a run on saturday which they called off because of the dialog, it
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was on sunday and this occurred overnight. >> and we are reporting there and we thank you. rebels in the central african republic are using child recruits in the fight against rival melisia and under the protection of french and african troops and most killed are christian and muslim armed groups. and andrew simmons is north of the capitol and reports of villages being burned and some kind of scorched earth policy. >> as you speak, david, we have a situation going on nearby where a number of houses have been burned. there are antifighters. we understand active in the area now, attacking muslim homes. we have seen the smoke, we had a
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report from an al jazeera staff member who has told us that reports of deaths, we cannot confirm that and may be retribution from some of the muslims but that is unclear. what we have is an microcausm of the crisis in the country and i'm standing in a camp which is housing muslims, around 7,000 who have all abandoned their houses after the most atrocias attacks and this means antimachete and defense groups say they have been attacked by the celica which is the former operators who actually formed the transitional government who were supposed to have been disbanded. we have celica nearby, we have the central african peace force here as well. we have the french army a short
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distance away. it appears none of them have deployed in response to what is going on down the road. the situation is very tense indeed, david, and to give you an indicator of what the mood is like on the way from the capitol to here a very long six-hour drive on very rough roads we happen to meet some malitia from a village and this is what the leader has to say. >> translator: they are human beings like us and if they live with us in harmony it would have been all right and they turned the guns to us and we lied in large numbers. >> reporter: you have children with you to fight as well. >> translator: all the children we have with us are ready to fight. >> reporter: is it right that children of this age are fighting? . >> translator: we are overwhelmed and when things are tough we have to sit back and have fear to save ourselves. >> reporter: you have the different international forces there and some people are talking about some kind of reconciliation but it appears to
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be escalating rather than a possibility of any kind of reconciliation. >> well, reconciliation is a word that really doesn't have any bearing on this situation right now. it has been the case that for the past ten days there has been some level of calm. this is a standoff because ten days ago the african peace keeping force actually fought very bravely to prevent a total massacre. there have been an unknown number of deaths here and hiding in the bush and frightened to come here and there is a camp of 36,000 christians and a hospital also full of people. this conflict certainly isn't being settled quickly and it would appear that it could only get worse unless there can be a reliable force in between and some attempt to try and stabilize a government that is
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effectively, the forces now are effectively on house arrest because this is the force that undid that brought down the previous government and we do understand from our sources that the former president may have some involvement in mobilizing the christian malitia and also make ing this smoke of a sectarian battle than it possibly should be. >> well, andrew thank you very much indeed, reporting on the problems facing not only the forces out there but also the people caught in the middle. and on that basis let's talk to nalia from the international committee of the red cross on the line from the capitol of central african republic bongi. do you believe, do you sense the situation is getting more difficult for those of the ground who are not actually involved in the fighting? >> well, i think definitely from our point of view, and even for other organizations working on
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the ground the number of people who have been displaced and remain displaced is quite important so we are still, you know, seeing people who are too afraid to go home. on saturday i was at the airport, i was also at an montesorry and people were too afraid to leave these locations and move back to their homes so these are one of many sites that are in the capitol where people have taken refuge since the 5th of december and are still there today. >> reporter: what can you do in a situation like this? what are your priorities? >> well, at the beginning following the eruption of violence we are looking at providing support with water and
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sanitation and the question is more about if the number of the displaced, and some fights there are more people who fights where people are coming everyday, i heard that some people have gone home but the number of those that were arriving is much more important than those who are going back. so i think there is also the medical aspect and supporting the evacuation of the injured and one hospital is working here and it's important that the medical personnel and staff and the red cross are able to do their work in all circumstances and that people are protected, the security for people to feel safe and that all the forces and authorities ensure the safety of the population because this is important today and more so every single day. >> reporter: and we wish you luck in the work you do to keep the civilian population safe and talking on behalf of the
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international committee of the red cross. coming up, in this news hour australia end the combat mission in afghanistan after 12 years. plus a scandal far from over. the u.s. national security agency is weighing the possibility of giving edward snowden amnesty and australia could have the first win in six years in cricket and we will talk about that and how a world record could help them do that next in sport. ♪ hundreds of people in the indian capital new deli have the anniversary of gang rape and murder of a student and it prompted the indian government to introduce tougher laws against rape and we have the latest from new deli. >> behind me you can see under
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the name of every state is the number of rapes that were reported in that state in 2012, in deli 700 rapes were reported. now the question that everybody is asking is new deli in india and is it safer for women? last year this crime led to violent protests not only in new deli but across the country and there has been an out pouring of anger and frustration and what it seems to be political amnesty. >> reporter: the indian parliament have strike laws on rape and harassment and includes a minimum 20 year prison sentence for rape and the death penalty if the victim dies, the definition of rape was extended to include penetration by objects of any body part.
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and courts have been set up to speed up trials but activists say the conviction rates are no better than regular courts. there has been increased attention paid to women's issues. in a high-profile case a leader of magazine has been charged with rape under the new definition and he is accused of sexually assaulting a colleague and similar accusations against the retired supreme court judge. let's talk to source chuck director of the center of human rights and joining us from new deli, 12 months after this case made headlines worldwide i would have to say do you think the situation in india for women is any different? >> no, it's absolutely not different. in fact, what is taken by the government is half hearted and they are not making effective judiciary more effective. in a nutshell you could see in
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deli there were more cases than reported last year and no improvement of the situation. >> reporter: what about the new laws? >> well, the law is effective to some extent but at the end of the day you have to say the government of india has refused to bring the security forces which are operating in india and effective areas in the current way of law. so if this is true the government of india is allowing security forces to commit more and if the government has a policy how can this happen in the country and get a sense of impunity which prevails among law enforcement officials. >> how does it work in india? the police have the greater powers of arrest, the courts have greater powers of sentencing so where in that chain of command is it actually
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breaking down? >> well, i think if you look at the number of police and the population, the issue is still very, very less. so there is no preventative measures which the police can effectively take and secondly the judiciary is over it and fast-track courts and leaving them very slow and delivering judgments in time and the government of india has refused to locate financial resources to make the judiciary effective. so outside deli, if you go to the areas the judiciary does not function and no techniques of forensic signs and to conduct the investigations. maximum number of cases is essentially let off and there is a problem with the lack of financial locations from the government of india and there are simply no commitment from the government and finally if the victims want to prosecute they declare huge amount of resources given the judicial delay which takes 15-20 years
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and the government of india has no support for victims except the cases that took place on the 6 and 7 of december last year. >> many words from your point of view but little action and we thank you very much in the news hour. >> thank you. >> reporter: what we're going to do is go back to one of our top stories which was the attempted coup according to the president of south sudan by groups he said are plotting against him and the government. it has been said the army was in full control in south sudan and now we see the president of the country in full military regalia giving a press conference. i think we can join it now. and this is in juba, let's hear what he has to say. >> translator: we would like you to brief us about the meetings that took place
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yesterday, especially that is reported that the amendments proposed were agreed upon. my arabic language is not that great and i'm not aware what the word the technician means. the goal of the meetings of the national liberation council were all men for one agenda. it is to have the document or the benefits, the constitution
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of the popular movement. both the documents were put on the agenda at the table of the meeting. the political bureau ratified the two documents in march, however, we did not have an opportunity for the council to further endorse the ratification of the political bureau and it is established that there were no further amendments to these documents. that's it. thank you very much. >> reporter: well that is the president of south sudan. you may be more accustom to
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seeing the trademark fadora hat and a press conference given there about an attempted coup. he came in just at the end of it here but there were a couple of lines i can tell you. we foiled a coup attempt and planned since yesterday it was a group of soldiers. we have arrested some of those involved he said. there were human losses. so obviously some deaths in the attempted coup. and he also said we understand beforehand that his former vice president, that is reca-machar is partly behind the coup and he had been arrested. statute of nelson mandela has been unveiled in south africa and hundreds of people were at the ceremony in pretoria after the funeral in mandela's hometown and joining us live from pretoria where the statute was and a fitting end to ten days of celebration as well as
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mourning. >> well, this is the beginning of the next stage, the official mourning period ended at midnight last night, all the flags in the country are no longer flying at half mast. what is happening today is an annual national holiday, called the day of reconciliation, the unveiling of the statute had been planned long before, it's coincidental it comes straight after the mandela mourning period. behind me, during this day of reconciliation and celebrations the president about to speak to invited guests. around me these are the ordinary people of south africa enjoying a public holiday here on the lawns of the union building, moving forward into the next phase of this country. earlier the statute of nelson mandela was unveiled just a little higher on the lawns of the union building behind me
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here and unveiled by president jacob zuma who in a speech said let me explain about the statute, this is a statute of the new south africa of the south africa that mandela helped create, the hands on the statute are open both of them open, the arms raised in embrace with jacob zuma said should symbolize the south africa that is now in place. so south africans moving on, the mourning for nelson mandela over, this is the transitional day in a way, a national public holiday which everybody is celebrating, we will hear a speech from president zuma within the next half hour but now it's very much looking to the future. now it's very much taking up those challenges that everybody has been speaking about through the past ten days, that is a legacy that nelson mandela left how to make it work, that is the reality that is now facing south
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africans today as they pause during the period of mourning and going back to their lives when all the work, all the industries and everything opens tomorrow after this public holiday. >> and mike just a quick one you had a chance to look at it, we will have our own opinion about works of art, due do you think it does mandela justice, "yes" or "no"? >> yes, it does, it does capture something of the man and that particular pose that they struck in the statute is one that we have seen him do on only the most joyful occasions. so, yes, it is fitting and it is something that he probably would like. >> reporter: well, we thank you, mike hanna with everything else enjoying the day of national reconciliation and the unveiling of the statute of the late nelson mandela. we have seen pouring rain in south africa. we have seen lowering skies and seen scutting clouds and everton will tell us what we have in
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store in that part of the world. >> it's not looking bad over the next couple of days and see the umbrellas used to keep the sun off the people in pretoria but one or two showers at the moment on the eastern side of south africa and it will be there over the next couple of days. the wet weather is further north and 80 millimeters of rain and half a month's worth of rain in 24 hours and that is the wettest weather over the next few days and zambia and zambeke and showers on the eastern side of south africa and not just through tuesday, a few showers through wednesday but pushing to the eastern cape and see the showers further north and staying rather stormy here and stormy and wintry weather on the eastern side of the middle east and pictures coming out of jordan where we see heavy snowfall, a good couple feet of
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snowfall. you see people digging themselves out and the snow still sitting around knee high at the moment. the heaviest snow is pushing its way to the high ground and towards the caspean sea and temperatures are fine and dry there for wednesday, david. >> reporter: they very much and we are there with the news hour weather. coming up, in the course of the next 20 minutes or so why taking one of these plastic rulers into school landed an egyptian teenager in prison. in sport liver pool had top numbers and a long wait for the title and details with joan in about 15 minutes. ♪
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hello i'm david foster, you are watching the al jazeera news hour and these are the top story es. the president of south sudan said they are attempting a coup they said at a press conference a group of soldiers was behind the plot. and al jazeera's correspondence den inside alepo, at least 125 people have been killed and 300 injured in the latest air raids there. the syrian military is accused of dropping barrels filled with explosives on people. israeli army confirmed it has shot two lebanese soldiers. this was a few hours after an israeli soldier was killed by gunfire in lebanon. representatives of the israeli
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lebanese army and peace keeping foerlss will have an emergency meeting later today about the incidents. with the harsh weather coming through syria and the war there as well conditions are getting worse if it all possible for those living in the country as well as refugees who found it necessary to go to neighboring countries and are helping out by handing out blankets to protect them from the cold but many have not been able to get those and the united nations are talking about money to cope with crisis around the world next year and part of the focus will be in syria and the u.n. biggest appear is 4, $5 billion and 3 is refugees and the rest aid inside syria and so far 60% of that has been raised. the u.s. giving $1.4 in humanitarian aid and we are live
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from istambul and i had a chance a couple weeks ago to talk about how much money was coming in and 60% and extraordinary and it had been down to 35, 40% but it's pitiful low given the circumstances and the conditions? >> it absolutely is. what we hear from the aid agencies and from the united nations is that their budget for 2013 is already spent and as we have been seeing from the weather forecasts we had on the channel the whether is still apauling and looks lovely but it's threatening for syrians inside and badly needed fundraising campaign but it's more than fundraising, david, it's actually getting those supplies to the people inside and that is the biggest obstacle and the ad agencies have been facing, access to syria through
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negotiation with the syrian government, the united nations having an enormous difficult time getting access to the places it wants to get to and the general situation of insecurity and the war and militia clashing with each other and the syrian government and it's not safe for people to go into and it has a direct impact in syria who are without question the biggest casualties of this. >> reporter: it's not just those inside but those outside as well and you get a chance to take a look at conditions in a number of refugee camps, the desperation and worried about the children and the children absolutely terrified and bewildered, it's an extraordinary humanitarian disaster, getting worse. >> indeed. the camp situation in every country you care to mention has its challenges but nothing that is going on outside of syria's borders compared to what is going on inside and because the
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insecurity has blocked the access by journalists in the regions you don't get enough of a sense of how the situation in every level, medical, a number of hospitals destroyed and not functioning and unable to access drugs and lack of shelter and lack of access to any meeting materials the destroyed towns and possibility of traveling and the spread of sorts of diseases and polio gathering in the headlines but what shows you civilization in the process of collapsing, all of that inside and not sufficiently documented but on a massive scale, 9 million people they estimate now, the spread of humanitarian agencies in need of help but the situation inside syria desperate beyond imagining and certainly one of the worst humanitarian and not the worst one this generation has seen with no end. >> and frost bite which were
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associated with more brutal conflicts and thank you anita in turkey. we are going to hear from the united nations two groups within the next hour and the amount of money that is needed and where it has got to go worldwide, and to help those in trouble and we will bring it to you on al jazeera. the military-backed government in egypt arrested people and a number of children a number of those detained and we will tell you the story of one particular student jailed because of a plastic ruler which he took to school. an arrest warrant is issued for his father and we have the story. >> in these uncertain times in egypt a small detail can say a lot about the bigger picture, a detail like the plastic rulers. last month 15-year-old took some to school with slogans calling the over throw a coup and the rebel city.
5:40 am
>> translator: the school said he warned students not to bring such things and looked in his bag and found a timetable and other things with the symbol and the police came and took him to security headquarters. >> so now instead of attending class at the secondary school he is behind bars in an adult prison and jailed for 15 days and extended for another two weeks. he had taken part in demonstrations against the egypt-backed leadership but when he turned up for school here he never imagined it would be a simple ruler that got him in trouble. they said he was distributing exam schedule of the four fingers and possessed a ruler with the same mark and spreading inaccurate information to the students. the area where he lives seen protests against the government and that according to the family's lawyer is the real reason he is being detained.
5:41 am
>> translator: they want to break our will. they arrested 19 people for technicality and minors and identified people because they protest in the coup. in the current situation only god knows when he will be out. if they respected the law, there is nothing they can charge him with. but we are living in a country that doesn't up hold the law and for now the family does not expect him to get a fair trial and not sure what will happen next and al jazeera. >> reporter: we know nothing says the iranian government when it comes to the whereabouts of a u.s. citizen who went missing in iran 7 years ago and last week there were reports that robert elevenson was on an unauthorized mission for the cia and they paid his family $2.5 million to keep quiet and not enough done
5:42 am
to find him but the u.s. government said that is not the case. >> there is progress in the sense we don't have him back but to suggest we have abandoned or anybody has abandoned him is simply incorrect and not helpful. the fact is that i have personally raised the issue. >> we know he is not incarcerated in iran. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> if he is he is not incarcerated by the government and i believe the government runs a pretty much good control of the country. if we can trace and find him we will certainly discuss this. >> reporter: so it is possible? >> everything is possible. but i'm saying that we have no trace of him in iran. >> reporter: the former intelligence worker edward snowden has been behind some of the most security leaks in u.s. history and now some officials at the national security agency say they are willing to consider
5:43 am
giving him amnesty and he is believes to have more than one million top secret files, only a tiny proportion of which have been made public and a white house correspondent patty has the latest. >> we know if you are anywhere in the world the nsa can find out who you are calling. who you are e-mailing. where you go on the web or on the planet, in some cases they can even listen to everything you say, whether you are a powerful politician or just a regular person but when it comes to the person who made sure we know that, edward snowden, turns out the nsa can't quite figure out what other information he has. the office he worked at in hawaii didn't have the technology to keep track. >> the "new york times" says we won't. >> we won't. >> what are repercussions. >> he has a negotiating edge on this because he has an over
5:44 am
hangover us in terms of negotiating. >> reporter: that is the big question in washington, should the u.s. government negotiate with snowden and offer amnesty for 1 point 5 million documents he reportedly has, the man lead this investigation says yes. >> it's worth having a conversation about and i need assurances that the remainder of the data could be secured and the bar would be high and more than an assertion on his part. >> reporter: the obama administration doesn't agree and they want him returned and prosecuted and said he will announce possible changes to some of the spying programs next month, the ones we know about that is. it's believed we have seen 1% of what snowden has, the other 99% turns out not even the u.s. government knows what that will reveal, patty with al jazeera, washington. >> soldiers finished their withdraw from afghanistan and marks the end of the they shun's
5:45 am
longest ever military deployment and thousands of soldiers have been pulled out where they have been based since 2008. about 400 soldiers will stay in kabul and kandahar in noncombat roles and hundreds have been killed and hundreds seriously hurt and andrew thomas has more from sidney. >> reporter: troops went in afghanistte afghanistan in 2001 and thousands served there, 40 of them killed, 261 seriously injured. but despite that the australian prime minister and the involvement in afghanistan had not been in vain. said for the country and alls -- australia and the world and australia troops served and conditions improved and they get an education there. they were not getting that when
5:46 am
australia troops arrived and when troops leave afghanistan they would leave with not defeat but hope they were leaving afghanistan in a better state than they found the country. no troops will leave, the combat mission is over but 400 will remain in a training capacity. tony abbot, all are aware and their troops have now left the fighting in afghanistan is not over yet. >> reporter: the soldiers are going back to australia and they set sale from that land to try and stop japanese whale for the tenth time and are prepared for violence and aggression from whalers this year and there are confrontation when they get in the way of japanese harpoon ships and hundreds are hunted and some are kept but some are
5:47 am
the endangered hump back and the japanese say it's conducting simply scientific research. still ahead on al jazeera marking their presence, the first pictures from china's mission on the moon. and we will tell you about the world's fastest man and his race and he cannot be the first, can he? go up in sport as well, a man and the top goal scorer gets another one. ♪ consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what.
5:48 am
>> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? ♪
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the sport with joe in a moment but the fastest man and challenges on the race track and even he would not have been familiar with the latest opponent in argentina and he was up against four and the metro bus and the six time olympic champion one without breaking sweat and he was in the clinic for athletes in the town and i suppose thanks to us he got the publicity he wanted for what was a rather boring stunt. great stuff and joe real sport. >> david, thank you, australia one day is away for a win in six years and took in the lead of 503 on the fourth day of the test. shane watson scored a century and george bailey 28 runs in the last over and included 3-6s and
5:50 am
decaying on 369 to 6 and england lost the captain cook and england order managed to fight back and bell and stokes went 251 and 5 at the close and face an up hill climb to reach the victory target of 504 runs on the final day. especially australia needs to take five wicket series 5-0. which teams will play each other in the champion league and 7 past european champions and all six finalists in headquarters in switzerland and include ten time winners in madrid and barcelona
5:51 am
will be drawn against the teams and 7 time european champions milan and no club from the qualifying group or from their own country. and we will hope to feature in that next season and up to second in the english table after a final thrashing and the first two in the ninth and 16 and 17 goals of the late-starting season and jordan henderson and joe fenigan were also on target and liver pool's biggest win and two points behind and the defeat keeps the pressure on the manager. >> well, i have to get to work, that is the only thing i can focus, the call up to make that decision is not mine because obviously i won't resign and i'm not a quitter. so you know the only thing i can do is work all over the place to
5:52 am
get them back on track for the results we all want. so this first and foremost we were not animals and we pressed and the hunger for the football was great and a complete performance and another victory for us. >> reporter: and united have a step to redemption with 3-0 win and the first half double and a third from tom sealed the three points for 20-time league champions and halted a four-game win and up to eight to win the league. and madrid is level on points of barcelona and two goals and denise holdman reports. >> in madrid is with barcelona
5:53 am
at the top of the league but going against valencia with the opening strike after 59 minutes. and garcia came off the bench minutes later to double their advantage. he had a chance to make it 3-0 and the penalty shot was saved he was given a second chance after a clumsy challenge in the box. no mistakes this time, wrapping up a victory with his 17th goal of the season. so the day got off to a flying start against athletics and coming in just the fourth minute of play but took bill just two
5:54 am
minutes to respond. that's where the scoring ended and staying fourth with 1-1 draw. and ralph were also locked at 1-1 at half time before they piled on four goals after the break. winless in nine matches and rock bottom in the standings. and alice holman al jazeera. >> and they beat them 4-0 and scored the first hat trick as they moved six points clear at the top of the table and looking for a third successive league title and beat them for the second win in five league games. in germany they had a shock home
5:55 am
defeat to frankfurt and they were trying to keep in touch with league leaders but frankfurt had a header and had 1-0 win and ending a ten-match losing streak and 7 points behind. and they won a title heading in the match with sam lorenzo had two point advantage over the opponents in a game of few chances and lorenzo keeper earned the wages in dying moments for a 0-0 draw and another match finishing 2-2 and was enough to see them clinch the title and first in the league since 2007. a judge in brazil ordered work to stop on the world cup stadium. it's pending an investigation after the death of a worker who fell 35 meters through the roof on saturday and scheduled to
5:56 am
host the world cup games in june. nba nuggets beat the pelicans and blocking one on the court and making 2 of 14 points at the upper end. and that was jjhickson and 19 points and 11 rebounds, final is 102-93. nhl leading chicago blackhawks snapped the six-game winning street and chicago won 1-0 and made a two-goal lead after the shots caped off the end to end play and put the final layer on the coffin and 3-0 with the extra man and he continues to impress the first spot on the olympic team and chicago and went on to win, 3-1. and that is all the sport for now. >> the coffin sounds very dramatic and historical and
5:57 am
thank you very much indeed. china's first moon rover has been sending back pictures from the moon's surface. and it shows the probe and you can see the chinese flag there, the red one, on saturday china is the first to land a space probe on the moon in 37 years. chinese officials say the photograph proves the landing was a success. and china plans to launch the next probe in 2017. these are new pictures of the new one and the rover will spend about three months gathering scientific data. and the mission marks the next change in the space program it eventually will put a chinese astronaut on the move in an american space craft and watching everything that is happening and that is it from me and elizabeth is next and thanks
5:58 am
for watching. ♪ job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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♪ an explosive attack in alepo syria leaves dozens dead including children and they reportedly dropped so called barrel bombs on the disputed city. >> angry and i just want to shoot everyone up. and that kind of thing can pass under the radar because guys say that kind of thing all the time. >> reporter: a community is coming to grips with the latest school shooting as a teenage victim wounded in the attack continues to struggle for her life. a building boom in the city by the bay, what is driving san francisco's growth and some residents aren't happy about it. for the first time in 40 years


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