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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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> hello from al jazeera's headquarters in doha and london. this is the newshour. coming up in the next 60 minutes: millions desperate for help. the u.n. launches its biggest-ever appeal for aid. $6.5 billion is needed for syria. >> all the children we have with us are ready to fight. >> we are in central african republic where rebels admit to using child recruits.
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>> i'm here with the news from europe, including - honouring the death. france holds a service for the soldiers killed in the central african republic. >> a spectacular show from italy's mt etna. there are concerns it's happening too frequently. >> the united nations launched its largest-ever appeal for aid, wanting to raise $6.5 pillion to help syrians cope after 2.5 years of war. 2.5 million have left because the conflict and it could rise to 4.1 million by the end of next year. for many who stayed behind the situation is dire. people cannot afford to eat. the price of food has gone up
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500% since the conflict began. food that can be bought is scarce. 80% of people are worried about food running out and access to clean water is a problem. james bays is live for us at the u.n. headquarters in new york. they are the awful statistics from the ground. talk us through the latest appeal by the u.n. to try to help that. >> things are getting worse. back in june i launched the headline today, launching the wigst -- biggest appeal, to tide them over this year. they got 60% of that, and now they are asking for next year's money, $6.5 billion. they believe the numbers that
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need help will grow significantly from 3.3 refugees to 4.4 million people in needs of assistance. they are dealing with other crisis around the world as well as syria. these are the comments in geneva from the u.n. humanitarian chief. >> this year we aim to reach 250 million with life-saving aid, including millions of syrians in need of food, heath care and shelter. i have returned from lebanon and brief visits to syria, where i was able to see for myself the impact that the harsh winter is having on communities. our support include communities in neighbouring countries like lebanon, turkey, iraq, hosting
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thousands of refugees. >> given that the u.n. wasn't act raise the full amount of last year's appeal, what is the plan this time around? >> it will be difficult. you heard her talking about syria and 52 million around the world. if you raise the money for syria, there's a knock-on, it will be hard to find the money for people in central african republic, or mali. they'll try to get the whole international community to one event on one day and write checks. that event will be as it was, in kuwait. the date pencilled in, not confirmed, is january the 15th. they'll ask every country in the world to come up with cash. it was difficult last time, and it will be difficult now. >> the question is how will the
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money reach the people that need it the most. are there any answers there? >> it's not just the u.n.'s figures, it's ngos and other agency suss. the u.n. will tell you they do their best to get their money there to help the people that need it on the ground in syria. so many more affected now than a year ago. the total number of refugees could go up to 4.1 million, nearly all in the neighbouring countries around syria, countries struggling to cope. few have been taken further afield. amnesty international has come out with a report saying the european union need to do more, take in refugees, because so far they've only taken in 12,000. >> the fighting in syria, it appears to be getting worse.
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the syrian army is using barrel bombs, which are packed with shrapnel. government soldiers have been dropping them from helicopters in neighbourhoods like aleppo. 125 people have died. >> no child should have to experience war like this boy. he's clearly in shock. many people in aleppo will feel that way after an intense bombing raid on the city. in this neighbourhood bombs fell on a garage. >> translation: they call us terrorists, they are the terrorists. may god take revenge on them. our cousins burnt, and there was women and children inside. >> this is what is left after what activists say is one of the worst attacks on the city. 11 district were hit.
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buildings were destroyed before and people killed. on sunday 100 people died and more injured. >> we have not rested since morning. more than 10 different areas in aleppo came under bombard m. this is the only equipment we have. >> al jazeera's correspondent inside aleppo reports that 50 people are trapped under the rubble. the syrian military dropped barrels filed with explosives on people below. it's not the first time they've been used in the war. they are made of large pipes packed with tnt, oil, nail and bolts and pushed out the back of helicopters. they are crude, but lethal. >> translation: here a barrel was dropped. 30 killed, others missing. there's no heavy machines to get
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people out. >> as if syria was not miserable enough, people are barely surviving the winter. they want an end to the war. all they get is destruction. >> rebels in central african republic are using child recruits in the fight against militia. the fighting is causing thousands to flee their homes. many are in makeshift camps in the capital bangui, under the protection of french and african union soldiers. another place where children are fighting are to the north. >> we have a situation nearby where a number of houses have been burnt. they were anti-balaka fighters, we understand, active in the area, attacking muslim homes. we had a report from an al
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jazeera staff member, tells us reports of death. we can't confirm that. there's a situation with a warning that there could be retribution from some muslims. it's unclear. we have a microcosm of the conflict affecting the country. i'm in a camp housing muslims, around 7,000, who abandoned their houses after atrocious attacks by anti-balaka members. anti-balaka means anti-machete, they say they are group that have been attacked by seleka, the former operators who formed a transitional government who are supposed to have been disbanded. we have central african republic peace force here and the french
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army a distance away, none deploying as a response to what is happening down the road. we happened to meet militia from a village. this is what their leader said >> translation: seleka people are human being like us. if they came to live in harmony everything would be all right. they turned guns towards us and we died in large numbers. >> you have children with you to fightal. >> all the children we have with us are ready to fight. >> is it right children of this age are fighting? >> translation: we are overwhelmed. when n -- when things are tough we have to fight back. >> the first casualties from central african republic were brought home on monday. >> the bodies of two soldiers were returned to paris under fuel military honours for full
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service involving the french president. >> the first two casualties of france's operation in the central african republic came home monday. their funeral accorded the full military honours and the presence of francis hollande. the decision to send french troops was his. >> translation: these then died for france. they were two brave soldiers from the eighth parashoot, doing a noble mission to save people in the central african republic. >> what of the french support? one showed a drop from 51% in favour to 44%. the two soldiers death, the humanitarian crisis, the sale of
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the problem is causing others to have second thoughts >> translation: there are no other solutions. the president shows himself taking a plane, kissing that person. doesn't make sense. >> compared to mali we have less of a grasp of issues. we understand there's a humanitarian aspect. >> this is the second major french engagement in africa. the first to mali was widely supported. this time it may be different. from those french people the central african republic is further away, chances of success far more difficult to achieve. >> francis hollande took a risk and made a bet. it can be a catastrophe, because
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we have to remember france intervened mean times in central african republic without any result. >> francis hollande said in the past france used to intervene to prop up corrupt regimes. now it's about protecting people. it's not clear the french public buys into that argument or wants france to act as policemen in its former colonies. the french government is asking e.u. partners for help. more french deaths and funerals may cause problems for francis hollande. >> simon joins us live from paris: tell us why there's a mounting public skeptisism when it comes to france's involvement in the central african republic. >> i think there is a feeling here in france, unlike the situation in mali that there's a great confusion in the public
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mind about what the french are there to do. there was, in the case of mali, a greater sense of familiarity. it was a popular country, had a reputation for music, political tolerance, and the military goals in mali were laid out by the french government. as days have gone by in the central african republic situation, the media images - there's two fremp soldiers -- french soldiers are dead, and it's norm near ag positive. it's only known for political inept attitude, corruption, years of characters - these are the issues and personalities that the french remember of this place. there's great skepticism about getting involved. the number of people displaced,
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the french public feel that francis hollande has committed to, buoyed by the success of the mali operation. there's a fear that the french have gone in without thinking about how complicated it is. the french minister made app appeal for partners to come in and talk to its partners, to try to broaden the responsibility of a complicated mission. thank you. >> hundreds of workers at amazon's german operation walked out to pressure the american online retailer before christmas. unions say they receive lower
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wages that others in retail jobs. a delegation of german workers will protest at amazon's hours in seattle. >> swedish police made dozens of arrests after a neo-nazi grouped attacked a demonstration in stockholm. the group hurled bottles, torches at the protesters. >> i'll be back with more news from europe a bit later. >> much more to come, includi including - he's behind some of the biggest terrorist leaks in history. can an amnesty by on the way for edward snowden. >> plus, the latest tribute to nelson mandela is unveiled, on south africa's day of
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reconciliation. >> australia's cricketers tighten their gripe on what could lead to their first ashes victory in years. jo with all the details in sport. >> the president of the south sudan said rebel soldiers have failed to overthrow him. gun fire and fighting was reported earlier in the capital. we have more. >> south sudan's president said he defeated a coup after fighting broke out in a barracks. >> translation: at 3 o'clock a meeting was scheduled. nos not present planned to carry out a coup. they attempted it, it was foiled. they ran to hide. we'll flush them out of hiding.
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>> a number of people were killed and several arrested. among those detained is former vice president. he is blaming the coup on soldiers loyal. this was after the president sacked some of the cabinet. it was presented as a reshuffle. it came after he was challenged for leadership. >> we have one man's rule. what is one man's rule. dress the in military uniform the president was ready for battle. >> translation: we were the front line. those people are criminal. >> oil-rich south sudan became independence. monday's attempted coup shows
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how tough it is proving to bee. >> five people died in fighting in bangladesh as the country marks independence day. four others died on sunday when security forces battled members of the islami party after a member was executed. >> in iraq a series of suicide and car bomb attacks killed 65 people. hundreds of others have been injured. the most serious attack took place in bangui, where four with bombs strapped to their bodies approached a police station. >> men on the way to diffuse a bomb in pesha war with respe
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respect -- were killed in an explosion. >> u.s. is looking at amnesty from edward snowden. >> we know if you are anywhere in the world the n.s.a. can find out who you are calling, who you are emailing, where you go on the web or planet. in some cases they can listen to everything you say, whether you are a powerful politician or a regular person. when it comes to the person who made sure we know that, edward snowden, n.s.a. can't quite figure out what information he has. of the office he worked at didn't have the technology he had. >> will we know what he has? >> i don't think we will. >> what are the reppercussionre? >> he has an overhang on us in
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negotiations. >> that's the question - should the u.s. government offer amnesty for edward snowden, for the 1.5 million documents he has. >> my personal view is yes, it's worth having a conversation. we need assurances and the bar would we high. >> the obama administration doesn't agree, they will announce changes to the spying programs next month. it's believed we have seen only 1% of what edward snowden has. the other 99% - not even the u.s. government knows what that will reveal. >> the united states will send 2 guantanamo bay detainees back
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home. they were suspected of being members of al qaeda. they were held for 11 years, but never charged. the pentagon accused congress. >> she entered the history books as chile's first female president in 2006. michelle bachelet is back after winning a run-off election with a promise to shake things up. michelle bachelet got more than 60% of the vote, easily beating her rival evelyn matthei. >> she's back - chile's popular former president, michelle bachelet. elected on the promise of reforms, promising if make chile a better economy. >> translation: it's time for a new constitution, a democracy
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that in the future will no longer be shut out by the minority. >> michelle bachelet's personal appeal is unquestionable. >> i am thrilled michelle bachelet is an amazing woman who fought for us and will guarantee my son will study for free. >> evelyn matthei was no match for michelle bachelet, whose real rival was the high abstention in the run-off. the low voter turn out a disappointment. >> the current government and future position making the point it matters how you vote. if not a lot of people vote, you don't have a mandate. you don't have a mandate, you can't do the reforms you said you could do. >> that will not be bachelor's biggest challenge. michelle bachelet told crowds people have high expectations and they believe, she can fix marital problems. this is an indication that those
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expectations may be unrealistically high. >> from free and quality i education to distribution of wealth and constitution, voters expect results. michelle bachelet may feel she was the weight of the world on her shoulders. on this night it was time to save our her victory. >> in south africa it's an annual national holiday to celebrate the day of national reconciliation, a day after the funeral of nelson mandela. a statue has been unveiled of south africa's ain apartheid icon and former president. mike hannah reports from pretoria. >> is a new era begins with the statue of the old unfurled. the flags on the union buildings
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no longer at half mast. the annual holiday a chance for the nation to pause for a nation without nelson mandela goes back to work. >> looking for the future i hope there'll be a refocus on values stood for, the need for reconciliation of human rights and equality. >> we have to see what we do to make sure it's right. >> the statute looks over the valley to the monument. under the previous fight regime it commanded victory over the black minority. it overlooks a wall in which blacks were feared and despised. nelson mandela changed the minds of many. he erat kated racism, ensuring it will not continue. >> we surprised the world. every now and then we get to the
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crossroads. the beacon must be nelson mandela's legacy. a man visiting from an older democracy can speak to the other challenges. >> too few have too much, and too many have nothing. you can not have democracy and economic poverty. >> canons fired but on this day of reconciliation, much to be done before the nelson mandela legacy is assured. >> freezing cold, but going nowhere. hundreds of thousands on the streets of ukraine demanding the president steps down. we'll be live in kiev with the latest. a client step for beijing. the first pictures from china's moon mission.
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. >> >> and two of europe's biggest clubs set to clash in the last 16 of the champion's league. jo with the news from sport. t
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story and bring you details as they become availability. i'm del walters in new york city. back to doha.
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>> hello again, you are with the al jazeera newshour. the top stories: united nations launched its biggest ever aid appeal. valerie amos is calling for $6.5 billion to help syrians in and outside the country. 6.3 million people are in need of food assistance. >> translation: those absent planned on carrying out a coup. >> the president of south sudan said rebels failed in a bit to overthrow him. his entire cabinet was sacked in july. >> central african republic are using child recruit. thousands fled their homes because of the fighting >> let's return to syria, and the u.n.'s appeal for aid.
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we are with the beirut office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees, and she says the organization is preparing to host syrian refugees for the long term. >> today in lebanon we are moving towards a sustainable program through which we are able to benefit the hosting communities and the syrian refugees. we have more than 800,000 registered refugees in lebanon, saying one in five is syrian. this is a tremendous number, an immense challenge because lebanon doesn't have a strong infrastructure to host refugees, let alone one million communities in lebanon. when i talk about sustainable, i do intend to say that we are moving towards long-term projects and programs. this is something mentioned in the last appeal in june 2013.
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instead of moving towards water trucking we are looking at areas affected by the presence of syrian refugees, and that have communities. we talk about more than 1.5 affected lebanese people. in addition to 1.5 syrian refugees in need of support here in lebanon. it is a country half the size of wales, hosting the largest population. a story that has not been told is the hospitality of the lebanese-hosting communities. there has been isolated incidents of tension, given that we have posted refugees for three years, that is understandable. but there is refugees hosted,
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and they are people who they had not known before who are hosting syrian refugees. that is a story that should be stressed more from lebanon. >> israeli and lebanese commanders are meeting in lebanon to investigate two shootings. in the first an israeli soldier was killed. in the secondst raily soldiers opened fire and possibly killed two lebanese soldiers. >> a sniper was said to have shot dead an israeli soldier, driving to a base near the see. israeli drones overflue the area, which had been relatively peaceful. the israeli government is not looking for an escalation. >> in the aftermath of the attack our patrols and
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investigation was ongoing. we recognised suspicious movement on the other side of the border, people ducking and diving in the realisation of what happened, it posed a threat and warranted us opening fire. >> the israeli army said troops shot at lebanese soldiers and hit one. it cordoned off the border between lebanon. the sniper is being questioned. the israeli defence minister wants to know if he was acting on his own or following orders. officials will meet to find out what happened. >> israeli officials don't want things to go further. hezbollah has thousands of rockets ready to strike israel. none of the players has any interest in seeing things get bigger or deadlier. >> south korea is increasing
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border patrols to prepare for what it calls rech also prove -- propaganda by the north. jang song-thaek was executed and considered the second-most powerful man in the north korean republic. transtrance when we look at >> translation: when we look at the development in north korea we cannot rule out reckless provocation. we will strengthen against various forms of provocation, including in the five border island and the national sea. we'll strengthen against north korea causing division and unity in the south. >> in china a police raid to arrest criminals ended in a
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riot. 14 people were shot dead. two policemen were killed. >> a member of ukraine's ruling party called for a government reshuffle, adding for the troubles of viktor yanukovych. no to the european news center. >> the call comes as the ukrainian president prepares to head to moscow for a critical meeting with vladimir putin in russia. politicians are demanding a 90% reshuffle. they are seeing thousands take to the streets. protesters occupied independent areas since november, following a decision to shun ties with the e.u., moving to moscow. rory challands is there. was there a sign that a reshuffle would placate
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protesters. >> it depends on whether it happens or not. at the moment it is a request for a reshuffle rather than the announcement of a reshuffle, and it comes from an mp called hannah herman, who is a member of the party of region's, the president's political party. she made similar comments before. last week she talked about a new cabinet. there's a big day of the parliamentary activity. we'll have to watch and see if there's further announcements. if it happens, it won't make much difference to the people here. they want the president gone and the government to go with them. they want a reordering. rearranging the seats on the deck of the titanic will not satisfy the people. it comes on the eve of president
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viktor yanukovych's visit. he'll meet president putin. my colleague looks ahead at what may happen. >> this is one of the last times they met in public, celebrating navy day. much rests on the meeting on tuesday between russia's president vladimir putin and the ukraine leader. president viktor yanukovych ditching a deal with the e.u. is reliant on russian money for the ukraine's floundering economy. will vladimir putin ride to the rescue, and at what cost to his neighbour. all will be played out in moscow as tens of thousands of protesters remain on the streets of key eve. fears among the people that viktor yanukovych will be forced to sign up to vladimir putin's union to get cheap gas to survive. >> the moscow-led union has
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three members, russia, kazakhstan and bell awe ruse. it's supposed to evolve into the eurasian economic union, a trade zone that could rival the e.u. in scope and power. it is opposed by the u.s., seep as an attempt to establish a ussr-style union amongst the soviet states. the head of the state newsagencies has an apok lip tick view of the russian system. the west will gain control over the ukrainian market, wealth plundered and n.a.t.o. tanks will stand at moscow's doorstep. scare monningering but they carry currency with russians today. >> the ukraine declared its independence from the old soviet union in 1991.
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to many russians it's as though it never happened. it remains a much-loved part of mother russia. it's a sense of shared history that makes e.u. membership for the ukraine nothing less than an act of betrayal. >> i want the countries to cop race with russia, i don't want the european union. >> translation: they'll be told what to do. ukrainians are not strangers, they are a part of our people and our hearts blad -- bleed for them. >> an e.u. wedding with viktor yanukovych will not be possible without the participation of the best man, vladimir putin. for brussels it may be one guest too many at this particular union. >> rory, that was a perspective from russia. there's been confusion over the e.u.'s policy towards ukraine.
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what is going on there? >> remember the statement from the e.u.'s commissioner for enlargement yesterday, who tweeted, basically, that all talks with the ukraine had been put on hold. he accused the u.k. of prevary occasions and the door was pretty much closed. there has been a readjustment of the message from other members within the e.u. we heard from the swedish foreign minister and from the dutch foreign minister. both of which said that actually let's not be hasty about this. perhaps the best message for the ukraine is the door is open: if the ukrainan government adjusts
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its message, yes, the door is open. >> rory challands in kiev as rallies continue. speaking of the e.u.'s position, ukraine is top of the agenda at a talk in a summit. most foreign ministers including blk top documents say the door is open to the ukraine to sign the deal. >> we are concerned when we look at the things said and my purpose in talking to president viktor yanukovych was to discover what the short-term economic issues are that have prevented him from signing. i feel that we can work with him to resolve those. >> there are concerns about increased volcanic activity at italy's mt etna. it erupted, coating the country side in ash and closing the nearby airport. this update from mt etna.
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>> this is the highest you can get on mt etna while the volcano erupts. this is a cable car that public takes to get to the crater. it's too dangerous to go behind the point while it erupts. last night it offered fireworks on display. it was a fountain of red-hot lava lighting up the sky, visible from tens of kilometres away. monday afternoon it was too cloudy to see the eruption. you could here the thunderous noise. almost defening from this point. there's tonnes of volcanic ashes falling to the ground. locals told us that the evenings was one of the most violent and longest eruption they have witnessed in recent years.
10:44 am
this is the highest and biggest volcano in europe. there are concerns that the activity is increasing. the nearby airport was shut down, affecting transport from the island of sicily as every time the volcano erupts. this is the 20th eruption. by the sound of it it may not be the last one. >> that is all from europe. let's go back to doha. >> fbi is investigating a racially motivated crime committed during america's civil rights era. many of the murders are unsolved. in small towns across the south some are working hard to uncover the truth. >> the archives of a local newspaper are a wind into the past.
10:45 am
there are stories some would prefer to forget among the pages. >> this is september. before frank died and the advertisement. he ran it almost every week. >> the man that died 50 years ago was frank morris, a successful business maup who owned a shoe repair shop. his customers let their children play in the shop. that was reason enough for the ku klux klan to target him. this is all that remains of frank's business. it was set on fire. frank was forced to stay inside at gunpoint. he was seen running from the building with his clothes on fire. he left bloody footprints from the road and died from burns four days later. >> this man pieced together what happened by talking to witnesses and going through police reports.
10:46 am
what he found shocked him. >> the more you dug, the more you realised is that there were some mad people here. if what happened then happened now, the murders and peatings and whippings, we'd be terrified. >> what has happened here is not unusual. across the deep south there's 70 unsolved murder cases, most brutal and racially motivated. >> the lord had a way of bringing justice. it may be a long time coming, but it get there. >> people like robert lee remembers frank well. there's comfort that frank's murder may not be in vein. somebody said at least, "let's find out what happened to this man and who was responsible." now the world knows who he was, and what kind of person he was and who was responsible. >> despite efforts to investigate the cold cases it's unlikely many people will be
10:47 am
brought to justice. witnesses are dying, memories fading and perpetrators taking the memory to the grave. the memory of frank morris lives on. >> australia crickets close in on a one-sided ashes victory. we'll hear from them in sport next. it's the axe for avb as tottenham coach pays the price for a big loss to liverpool.tñ
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>> of all the footage taken in the last 24 hours, this is literally out of this world. these are some of the first images beamed back from china's first moon rover. the jade rabbit is due to spend three months searching for minerals. china is the first country to land on the moon in 37 years. >> after the successful mission the moonexploration project will move to the next phase, collecting samples. the journey of changi-5 will be completedly 2017. >> australia's cricketers are one day and five wickets away from what could be a first ashes series win in six years. they took a second innings lead of 513. shane watson scored a century, george bailey equalled a world record 28 runs in the last over.
10:50 am
australia declaring on 369/6. england lost captain alastair cook on the first ball of the second innings. all three the top batsmen were gone before tea. the middle order managed a fight back. half centuries helping them to 251/5 at the close. they have an uphill climb to reach a victory target. australia needs to take five wickets to clinch the series. >> we can't get in front of ourselves. the english will fight till the end. we have to be at our best, turping up to be able to get results that we disefb. -- deserve. we've made the runs. >> hugely disappointing.
10:51 am
we had excitement. there was a massive challenge. that's what you play the game for. i don't think we showed anyone what we can play. hats off to australia. they caught and bowled better than us. it's disappointing that we have it in the dressing room to come out and do good stuff. >> on to football - a draw for the last 16 of the champion's league took place at yourselfa headquarters and threw up some testy encounters. >> manchester city football club. >> barcelona >> that's right, two of europe's biggest teams face each other. the spanish champions travelling to england. they'll have to be aware of the record. the premier league side averaging more than four gols a game at home. >> we should wait and see how the teams are doing in february,
10:52 am
how mann city stands and other teams are doing. i wouldn't analyse this quickly. it's true that a first impression shows a rival with good players, but there's a lot to do too. >> another exciting match up sees bayern munich against arsenal, with two of the best managers going head to head. chelsea will have a ru union with didier/drogba. real madrid will face shall ka. in the champion's league lost 16 there was a shock home defeat to frankfurt and accused them. trying to keep in touch with league leaders bayern munich. there was a header deciding an
10:53 am
it 1-0 win. david pierce job second, 11 points behind munich. >> a campaign in spain on a high. barcelona level on points. atl atlet coe beat valentia 2-0. >> atletico mad rid struggled to find a break through against valentia. dooego with the opening strike. garcia came off the bench doubling their advantage. costa had a chance to make it 3-0. the penalty shot was saved. he was given a second chance after a clumsy challenge in the
10:54 am
box. no mistakes. the victory wrapped up with a 17th goal of the season. off to a flying start against atletic bill bow. the opener coming in the fourth minute of play, taking billboa minutes to responds. that's where the scoring ended. billboa fourth with a 1-1 draw. real societie were locked even before societie filed on four goals. bett us winnless in nine and rock bottom in the standings. >> the draw for the round of 32
10:55 am
in the europa league took place. tottenham hits the road. their coach has been sacked a day after losing 5-0 to liverpool in the epl. tottenham are seventh, struggling despite spending $160 million for new players in the transfer window. >> argentine's side win a title heading into their match. they held a 2-point advantage. in a game of few chances, the keeper earnt his wages with a miraculous save in the dying moments. with the other match finishing 2-2. results enough to see them clinch the title, the first in the league since 2007. >> a judge in brazil ordered work to stop on the world cup
10:56 am
stadium pending an investigation after the death of a worker falling 35 metres from the roof on saturday. they are scheduled to host four world cup games in june. denver nuggets beat the new orleans pelicans. nate robinson started in fine form, blocking one end and making two of his 14 points at the other end. jj hick son tied double double, 19 points, 11 rebounds. 102 to 93. >> nhl, the black hawks snapped the la kings 6-game winning strooek. chris made it a 2-goal lead. patrick sharp putting the final nail in the coffin, scoring, making it 3-0. sharp impressioning as he looks
10:57 am
for a spot on the canadian olympic team. >> this is a popular sport and a win after they beat the thai resist. malaysia take on myanmar, who shared the bronze. thais continued domination on the track. holding on in the 4 by 100 metres race by a photo finish. the thai women completed the 4 x 100 metres double, crewing to goal. >> thailand are on top of the tally with 59 goals and 153 in total. they are ahead of vietnam. there's more on the website. check out and how to get in touch with the team on twitter and facebook. >> thank you, stay with us. there's another full bulletin of news straight ahead. stay with us.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you: barrel bombs raining down on people caught up in syria's civil war - women and children among the dead. >> the house goes home, the senate trying to wrap up their voting >> china on top of the world, first-ever photos from the moon.


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