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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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there's a possibility that brazil would consider asylum. >> seeking asylum, the journalist who helped edward snowden become one of the most controversial people, saying the leaker need as permanent place to call home. and picking mushrooms why some companies are using the fungus to replace styrofoam.
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mounds of plaster and ore debris dropped on to the 700 people in the audience. more than 76 people injured at least seven seriously, it happened in london's theater district, witnesses rotherred heavy thunderstorm is plaster began to fall from the ceiling before it collapsed. phil ittner joins us now wi they have numbers as being 76 wounded most of them minor injuries.
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51 were taken to the hospital, now seven people are in what is described as serious condition but not life threatens. the eyewitnesses say it was mostly plaster and some wooden support beams that came dropping down police and assistant services arrived pretty quickly. there is some very closeless stations and fire locations there was an emergency triage set up before moving on to hospitals even london's transport was drawn in to this, because a bus, a double decker bus was apparently used to transport some of the wounded. the only thing that
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remained quartered off, but the police already say that it certainly doesn't look like there was any criminal activity behind this. but they will be looking into why it is that this large section of the ceiling dropped in on some 70 -- 700 people who are watching this london, y much. and now to one of the largest hacking attacks on a retail chain this year. if you shopped at a target store since thanksgiving you might be a victim. 40 million target customers credit and debit card information was stolen, the secret service is now investigating. john has more, john? >> the bottom line is if you shopped at target between december 15th, then your credit and debit card information may well now be in the hands of cyber criminals
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tonight. this does not effect online shoppers only those people that flashed cards in targets what they call brick and mortar stores. if that was you, then check your statement and look for charges that you don't recognize, they could be big or quite small. al call your credit card company and your bank to help sheen sure you don't wind up paying for challenges. through december the 15th, if you swiped a debitor credit card, at a terminal in a target store during this time, then your information may well have been combo mised. to find out how this is done, and what may be behind it, we turn to an
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online security expert. take a look. >> it is not magic, there is science behind it. >> the pass ting years they have compromising one database after another. and this time of the year, holidays, this is the best time for them to strike. >> they say don't believe the motion that hackers are computer geeks who live in their mom's basement, this is organized crime on a grand scale. designs to steal the numbers of many as cards as possible. >> when you have a data breach that effects 40 million people, this is the absolutely most professional organized criminal syndicate you can think of. s that are people that their entire livelihood is structured around finding the vulnerables in these networks, planting viruses and ultimately getting paid. >> he says the syndicates are organized web mobs and they could be
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functioning here at home in the u.s., or overseas. and he says data breaches like target are not rare. >> this is probably one of the top 5, as far as credit card breeches go, but we have seen 100 million, juan hundred 30 million credit card number breeches happen in the past. and this will not be the last one. >> he also says online security will never be 100%. there's always going to be some type ovule innocenter. click add link, provided credentials to there's a number of ways that we can get hooked bety bad guys. >> target is advising scums to check their statements carefully. in a written statement, the cfo says target's first priority is preserving the trust of our guests, and we have moved swiftly to address this issue.
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we regret any inconvenience or concern this may have caused you. target has said it has brought in a outside firm to prevent such things from happening again. but these were less that happy that so many cards had been hacked. >> it is a trust issue. people trust target when they go in to make a purchase. >> definitely worries me that's why we pay cash. >> while customers may pay a little if te'o look an item on their statement, target will pay millions in updating its security. >> hacking like this is not a victimless crime. people financially, either the consumers, the retailers, and then the banks and the credit card companies in the end, even insurance companies do pay. >> as the man said, there is no victimless crime. even those target store cards. t.j. max, by the way, was
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hacked in the mid 2,000's. 36 million were potentially compromised. play station so bad was that the u.k. government fined sony. >> so obviously this hurts for customers but it has to hurt target as well at this time of two year. >> it hurts the customer, if they don't look at their credit card statements. very important to do that. if you see a fraudulent charge on that the bank will look after it. but target is in a bad shape, because first of all, they have this issue whereby now it's christmastime, desks november, that's about 20% of all their retail income for the year. so if customers are now going to not go to target because of what has happened then that's really not very good news. plus, they have hundreds of millions of dollars to put this right, which they have to do. >> right. >> and then on top of that they are a discount store, they don't have very big margins. difficult to make the money they want to make
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and so unchanged if ukraine fortunately they have had a rough ride. bob sullivan investigative journalist who focuses on technology crime, and consumer fraud, he joins us tonight, welcome, bob. >> hi, john. >> who do you think may have committed this crime. >> boy, you never know in times like this occur. we always expect that it is someone international, but in every one of these it is a group and every time it is a combination of hackers in america, working with hackers overseas because the further that they can spread these compromised cards around is planet, they are in the middle of a cat and mouse game. the further they can spread them. >> how do they get away with it? >> well, how they get away with is it how it always happens. some flaw somewhere, we will find out it is something rather similar. some mistake in the merchant processing software, some mistake in the point of sale terminals.
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and somebody exploited a vulnerable, the we will have all learn add lesson. >> how do they make money off the back of other people. >> that's the hard part. 40348 cards over two weeks we have never seen that before. in connection with this, that took place over two years. somebody took a huge pile of data very quickly. it is hard to turn that into money. it is a lot like the drug trade, they sell them off in lots and eventually they use the money miles to print up cards and actually physically go into stores and buy something and trade it. so turning numbers into money is not easy, and it is a long process, and right now because this has come out so quickly, i think the banks have an advantage over the next couple of days to shut those cards down. you think fewer will be compromise. >> i hope so.
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at this case they won't stole big bunch of data. i would assume to get as much as they can. hopefully because this all happened at one, butter victims will lose money or have fraudulent charges. but i think there's still a lot we don't know, and i am anxious to see the details. so what should consumers like me, and others do if they think it is one of the cards on the list, should they cancel the cards. >> the one thing i want people at home who are hopefully oning to the computer to look at their online statement and see if there's any fraud, is don't overreact. don't cadgesle your card, maybe not have access to cash if it is a debit card.
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you have automatic payment, it is a hassle to move those over. i think for most people is greater risk is losing money. let the dust settle for a couple of days maybe in a week or two, find out better than we thought. they have rung money out of all these cards we will cancel all of them, fine, get used to doing it, because you will have to look at them for the next month to see if the criminals proposal actively targeting you. one more quick question, are we seeing bigger cases? >> organized crime is now deeply involved. stealing this much data. it was a lot of us for show and bragging rights. now days there's big money here. when there's big money, we will see a lot more it. >> great to see you again, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> central london tending
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unemployment benefits. senate majority leader says the senate will vote in january on a plan to extend long term unemployment benefits for three months. the budget senator approved. long term unemployment -- libby casey has more on the story. they wanted them wrapped into some sort of deal, but they weren't willing to scuttle that modest budget deal for the sake of unemployment. that means they haven't given up though. that they want to see these extended and then of course majority leader harry reid leading the charge on capitol hill. talking about bringing this issue back up in january. it won't go away over the recess. expect to see ads all over the country, unions try to blanket the air
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waves in some locations to hit home, the point, that they would like to see these long term unemployment benefits reink stated or extended. congress wanted to give americans more than just six months to stand on unemployment benefits. so these are much longer lasting, people have to be looking for work, while they are getting these benefits. some republicans say it is time to end that crisis management, that the recession has really lightened up. it isn't as bad as it was. but democrats say until the unemployment numbers go down further, especially people who are long term unemployed they need to keep getting these benefits.
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those can retroactively be taken care of, and farm bill, a major multiyear fall bill this month, didn't happen, so they are going with the short term extension and members on both sides say they will tackle it in january. >> libby, thank you, and once congress returns lawmakers will also focus on iran. if iran does not give up it's agreement. president obama strongly opposes legislation like that and the foreign minister has warned any new sanctions could kill the deal all together. anyone still expecting investors to semiafter the feds decision to wind down spending were disappointed again today. amly valshi explains.
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the s&p 500 closing lower. 2013 has been a spectacular year for stocks. the s&p gaving 26.9% so far, but investors spent much of the year living in this fear that the federal reserve would finally pull the plug on this huge stimulus program. remember this came to a head when the feds said it may begin tapers this year. flashforward six months. after the fed announced it would stop tapers next month. so wall street is done a complete 180 on this. they are more confident that it can stand on it's own two feet. isn't 20/04/14 could be an entirely different landscape. while pri dictions are all over the map, on
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average, wall street expected the 500 to reach -- to gain about 10% for the year. where the markets really strong one year and really weak the next. 10% is really good. now that the fed is starting to pull back, they will look more closely at the actual fundamentals of the principles and not count so much on them getting buoys by this continuously rising market. because of low interest rates. investors will also have to watch how the improving job situation plays out. >> same-sex marriage is now legal in new mexico. the state supreme court ruled that it is unconstitutional to -- new mexico is now the 17th state to legalize gay and lesbian marriage. a deadly crash as a
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casino bus tour overturned on the interstate. one person is dead, 22 injured, the bus was en route to a resort casino, about 50 miles north of san diego. police say the driver was traveling 55 miles an hour, when the bus began to swerve. the driver lost control and the bus flipped on it's side. headed to trial, a michigan judge rules the man who shot a young woman on his porch, must be tried for murder. why officiating his son's wedding cost a pennsylvania minister his job.
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>> evey sunday night, join us for exclusive, revealing, and suprizing talks with the most interesting people of our time. this sunday, >> i spent my whole life thinking about themes and
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thinking about how to structure movies, so this is highly unusual. >> the director of the sixth sense, says there are five things we can do to fix education in america >> the united states has education apartheid, that's the facts... >> talk to al jazeera with m. night shayamalan sunday at 7et / 4pt on al jazeera america today.ig development it is the case of a man who shot and killed a young woman on his porch last month. the suspect is white, the victim lack. the latest from dearborn heights.
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on his front porch back in november. throughout his exam, the judge heard from several witnesses that more light. he tried to help mcbride, and she was bleeding but for some reason she walked away from that scene. what is unclear, is what happened from the point of that accident to the hours that passed that mcbride wound up on wafers front door. now, wafer has long maintained that he thought someone was trying to break into his home. and when he went to answer his door, his gone accidentally went offshooting mcbride. now the defense argued that wafer did not intend to shoot mcbride she also had marijuana her system.
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the judge in this case, he heard testimony for a day and a half, and during today's hearing he explained why he felt it necessary that wafer stand trial. take a listen. >> what are other things he could have done. well, he could have not answered the door. he could called for help. i know this is house and someone is knocking on his door. there is evidence to infer that he could have done just that, other options as opposed to shooting first. the family was in court today, they have been very vocal throughout this whole ordeal, and today, they said so farther pleased with how this case is proceeding. a pennsylvania minister is speaking out. he says he is shocked and disappointed that the
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united methodist decided to take away his credentials. he is calling on the church to change what he called exclusionary poll citizen. you know it took me many years of becoming a support every of her of lgbt issues soky not judge anybody. and that's what i'm seeing going on right now within our church as well. there are people that feel strongly on the other side of the issue, but i am hoping they will go through this evolution, and get to the sam place that i have come to p and expect all members to our church. >> the former pastor says he has already been invited to join several other churches. he talked about urge rest in ukraine, and the continued imprisonment
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members of a controversial punk band, he also made a surprise announcement as peter shape reports. >> he is already spent more than ten years in jail. it's a serious punishment. he refers to circumstances of the humanitarian nature. his mother is ill, and i think bearing in mind those circumstances, it's possible to make that decision. and i will soon sign an order about his pardon. earlier, still more good news, just two days ago he was offered $15 billion to it's trouble navy ukraine, a bail out to save victor's floundering economy from bankruptcy.
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apparently no strings attached. even some consolelatory words directed at the union once accused of wooing ukraine away from the russian embrace. we simply say we have to protect our economy. we cannot leave it unchanged. which arrived in prison for two years in a so called performance in the main cathedral. expected to walk free over the next few days. and the arctic 30 rounded up by police, in the freezing northern waters and the russian drilling rig, will also it seems be home for christmas. >> as for the fact that
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they are covered by the amnesty, and as far as i know they are covered by it, they are not doing it for them. but if they are covered that is good. >> thursday's news conference is an annual event, but it comes at a perfect time, to put presidential spin on recent events. just sick weeks before the start of the hill picks and the arrival of the army that will throw world spotlight on this country. and coming up, president obama commutes the sentences of crack related crimes. should brazil grant edward snowden asylum.
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hackers target target.
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the security grief is revealed just before the last shopping weekend before christmas. ceiling collapsed heaps of plaster wood and dust reign down on a packed audience to about 700 people in a theater in london. dozens of overs were hurt. and same-sex marriage, the state today joined 16 states and the district of columbia in allowing same-sex marriage. president obama reducing the sentences of eight people convicted of crack cocaine offenses. it was part of the white house's overall approach to drug sentencing and whether the punishment fits the crime. fast a longer sentence
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than somebody possessing the same amount of powder cocaine. criminologies originally crewed crack as more destructive, civil liberties call the focus discriminatory, since those convicted before poor and minorities. congress with bipartisan support passed the fair sentencing act. but it only applied to new convictions. people who have been convicted under the old rule remain in prison. a concern addressed last summer by attorney general holder. >> when he was a 22-year-old louisiana college student. his crime, introducing two drug dealers. today, aaron was one of the eight people whose sentence was commuted by president obama.
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>> in a statement the white house pointed out that each of them had served more than 15 years in prison. if they had been sentenced under the current law, many of them would have already served their time, and paid they debt to society, instead, because of the disparity in the law that is now recognized as unjust, they remain in prison. president obama also pardoned 13 people. al jazeera. >> he is the journalist at the heart of the ns asaphiaing revelations. glen broke the story in june, based on tens of thousands of secret documents leaked by former u.s. contractor. then he says it got personal. his partner david miranda was detained at london's airport for several hours under anti-terror laws. greenwald who lives in
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brazil with miranda accused the u.k. authorities of intimidation. in the second part of my interview with glen, i asked him and his partner about that or deal. i was -- they took me to a small room. they trapped my, to trick me, and put me into the jail. the entire time, to ask things about my family, my partner, about snowden, everything. it was not a good experience. >> glen, how did you feel when you partner was brought into in whole situation? >> i felt furious, and helpless. nine hours is a long time, when your partner is essentially imprisoned in a country, to which he has no connection, i was
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being told by lawyers that it is quite likely that he would be arrested. and it was clearly a very blatant assault on press freedom, because a lot of different reporters and other people that have worked on this, went in and out without any problem, and suddenly when someone much more peripheral simply tries to pass through, they detained him for nine hours. under a terrorism statute, which was really quite intended to be intimidating and ironically quite terrorizing. it showed the world how abuse the u.k. and the u.s. governments can be, and that was a good thing, but on that day it was quite traumatizing. >> . >> this week a brazilian newspaper published an open letter from snowden in it he offered to help investigate nsa spying on brazilian officials.
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he suggested his assistance would hinge on finding asylum sure. i asked why he wanted to help him do that in brazil? >> well, i think edward snowden is a hero. what he has been doing since hi left the u.s. and to go to china to give those documents it's amazing that he created for the entire world. and he helped my understand to understand everything that happens here, how the u.s. has -- and the population, and the companies here. and i wanted to help him to get asylum in a place that i think is with a really good democracy, and he can be have human rights defended. >> so glen, you want edward snowden to come to brazil, and do you think it is a possibility? >> i want him to be in
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any country that has both the willingness and the ability to protect his human rights and to ensure that he is not persecuted by the united states with beck kades in prison, for exposing the acts of the united states. whether that's brazil, or russia, or any other country that is willing and able to do that, i think that would be a very good outcome. i i do this there's a possibility that brazil would consider asylum. which is a lot of the reporting that came from the documents that he, edward snowden disclosed, showed very large scale and serious violations of the southernty and privacy of brazilian citizens and the government, and this country has been very appreciative of that reporting and understands how much of a sacrifice he made to be aware of this. lit up to the brazilian people, or the russians as far as how much they pressure their government
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to protect mr. snowden, but the public reaction, i think has been quite encouraging here. both to our reporting and to david's campaign, and i think all though no country wants to stand up to the united states that way, it is a real possibility. >> well, the u.s. is sending troops to africa in response to the understand stability. the white house says 45 troops are being sent citizensprotect citizens and property. the administration says the force will remain until the security situations improved. time to head down to washington, d.c. good etching john. tonight we will have the shocking ruts of an al jazeera investigation. into the isolation and
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the dispair of being disabled in prison. going to meet one deaf convict who sat through his entire trial without hearing any of the witness testimony that led to a very stiff sentence. disables prisoners -- and often goes unheard. things happen. it is -- i said that's going to be my son, i am going to be that person for him. because he has been through so much without nobody. >> that's the first part of an al jazeera exclusive investigation on the death in prison. ukraine's president is outsiders should stop interfering in his country's affairs. the comments came as protests continue over his decision this week to siren a trade agreement with russia, instead of
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with the european union. russia is giving about 15 billion-dollars in a bail out and supplying with it cheaper gas. the agreement is directly internal. now, the man hoping to be ukraine's next president, is familiar with tough competition, he is a world heavy weight boxing championship, who is giving up his title to pursue politics. ross, i guess he is expecting to win. >> you try to knock out your opponent, but this time around, he is stepping on the ring for his biggest fight ever, the heavy weight championship is giving up his title so he can concentrate on the political unrest in his native ukraine, now the 42-year-old has become the face of the prowestern protest and he plans to run for president in 2013.
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meaning he can fight for the title whenever he wants to. joining us live, the international editor, and cad yeah, not many people know that he tried to enter politics about five years ago, during the times of the orange revolution, he openly supported the owner revolution and any changes. and a year ago, which translated into english as punch. the ukrainian democratic alliance for reform, came in i believe second during the parliamentary elections. and ever since then, i think he showed and proved that he is very serious about politics. >> how are sports figures
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viewed in ukraine, and have any other athletes tried to get involved. >> well, he is kind of a different person, he brought fame to ukraine. huh put it on an international map. people know something act ukraine because of him, and that's why ukrainian people really like him. and there's also athlete that brought some glory to ukraine, it's a soccer player, who played for milan and chelsea, and he briefly entered politics a year ago, but it didn't last. i don't think he was serious, and he stayed and he proved that he is very serious about what he is doing. and i think the ukrainian people like their athletes and in the case of cleche coe, they like him because he is trying to do something good for the country. >> what can you tell us about the man and is he qualified. >> well, it is too early to tell exactly, but he seems very serious, and it seems like he has
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potential to realize. he said himself, i met him during my interview with him, where he was also speaking publicly in front of a group of people, and we spoke for about an hour and he told me he loved the ukraine. he could live anywhere, but he loves the ukraine, and he feels like the ukrainian people need him, and he is very motivated. >> does he have any unique advantages as he prepares for his run? >> well, obviously he is very prepared. first of all they like to dwight in the ukrainian parliament. so obviously everybody know whose is a better fighter, but i don't think he will do that. and also i think he has trained to understand that there is no victory without a fight. and that's why i think people may believe in him. he is not accustom to easy victories and he is determined. >> thank you very much,
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providing some insight, so yeah, 6'7", 240 pounds he has brawns and brains it appears. >> how important is the future of manufacturing industry? >> you're talking about something that's very complex.
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>> made in america equals jobs in america. >> welcome back. you're watching scenes from the documentary, made in the usa, a 30-day journey, it's a look at the workforce and consumers, and john paid that documentary, and he got interested in where the goods we buy come from after a plant closed in his hometown, and welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me, appreciate it. >> so talk about how the closing of that plant impacted you and the community. >> well, the film sparred from century aluminum shutting down in my hometown in virginia, and 650 people lost their jobs, including my father-in-law, david nelson, and as time went on, it destroyed our local and regional economy.
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tonight it is a very storm my night throughout salt lake city. we have delayed over an hour. the snow is beginning to dissipate slowly, but not enough by the time that the evening rush goes on. tomorrow we have another big problem, and that is going to be the development of a frontal boundary, and the severe weather that will be on the front. so here is the front right here, you can see from texas all the way up towards new york, look at the temperature difference. on the north side of the front, to the south side of the front. chicago, expecting 34 degrees, mel fighters at 70, when you have a temperature contrast that tight, that is prime conditions for severe weather. it only gets worst by the time we get to saturday, and this is where the severe weather is going to develop. i say sentence weather, i mean hail, damaging winds and also the possibility of tornado. across parts of mississippi, tennessee,
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even lower parts of indiana, so we will be watching that very carefully, temperatures extremely cold, we are talking about the teens in that region. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself?
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and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america governor scott walker to. >> disarm the killerses will be required to petition the state and will have to prove the name is discriminatory. the governor says forcing schools to change their team's names violated their free speech rights. the controversial decision from the school board in gainsville georgia, members have voted to allow trained security officers to bring military style rifles on call pus. the plan calls for a
8:47 pm
rifle to be kept in each of the city's high schools and middle schools. robert ray asked one officer about that program. >> we sent a proposal, we asked to keep rifles inside the schools. it makes no sense for an officer to leigh the threat, to go to their vehicle, to grab their rifle, and then engage that threat again. >> is this a military style rifle? >> it would be described as a military style rifle. it is commonly used by the military, as well as lawful. >> the weapons are expected in schools in a few weeks and school district officials say the guns will be stored in safes only accessful by fingerprint recognition.
8:48 pm
be child protective services we heard from someone that has been trying to fix the system for years. paul has that part of the story. >> there's no doubt that the system is terribly flawed. you can use any cliche. nobody within the agency thought to question it.
8:49 pm
somebody would have said maybe we aren't allowed to do this, let's find out if we are. the way they went about it is unbelievable. >> just last month is what finally brought these cases to light. the memo itself scalled the practice dangerous and unlawful, and goes on to call eight medicine that is worse than the disease. >> it lays out how abuse calls should be handled. >> they are rules and regulations specifically say they can't do that.
8:50 pm
they have no choice. >> cps may not have the man power to carry it out. in publish reports it has roughly 600 fewer caseworkers than it needs. one criticism is that the child welfare system is broken it has been managing from crisis to crisis for decades. my personal believe is that will also dissipater. >> people in arizona can only hope that f capable of
8:51 pm
handling its workload. >> this it is the job to make poli.
8:52 pm
so for people that need palm, thanks again. well, packaging made of mushrooms up next, find out why.
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but the real solution can be growing right under our feet. lindsaymore ran explains. >> every cubic inch of this soil is teaming with millions of inches. >> a walk through the woods in green island new york is pure pleasure. but when you are two barely 30-year-old geniuses, you are slur to stumble on something scientifically complex. and chances are it somehow involved a mushroom. >> we combine these two together, and we grow them in a mold to make a shape for everybody from packaging to auto parts. >> do you grow your own
8:56 pm
mushrooms in. >> we never grow mushle radios. we just keep them in this stage where it is always making more of this structure. the initial concept of using a mushroom roots a a rest sin was inspired when i saw it grows through woodchips and holding them together. >> it takes close to seven days for a product to be grown from beginning to completion. welcome to the tiny house. >> both of these walls are filled entirely with mushroom installation. >> what was really impressive about these materials was there their resistence to fire. >> that will keep burning for a while.
8:57 pm
overall you will have more time to get out of your house. >> do you feel like you are having an impact? >> really we see this as looking forward centuries not just days. >> and our correspondent agrees that mushrooms are the packages of the future? >> what i think that we will see in the years to come, is that this kind of packaging is really going to transform the holiday season. you think about the packaging we are drowning in, all of which takes tremendous amount of time. so i think this is the packaging material of the future. >> you hear about the stereophony and how many decades it takes to break down, how long does this take to break down in a landfill 134.
8:58 pm
>> it depends. but typically, it will break down in a matter of months. >> how complicated is this. >> when you see it being produced you have this thought, well, of course this makes perfect sense, to make packaging material out of waste. do you talk to people whether it's going to sell, or where they have these great things coming? >> the factory itself smells a lot like mushroom soup, but the materials they make, there's no odor to the packaging materials once they have been produced. >> and what other items
8:59 pm
may we see this used for. >> they have started to manufacture mushroom surf boards. k are not made from the hazardous materials that can contaminate our oceans. and then they are also using this material -- they are experimenting with it for installation. for home insoulinglation, and in addition to that, they are using it for kind of synthetic wood. similar to balsa wood, and right now they are producing desk orders, but the thought is to have this replace all kinds of synthetic wood. >> it is a fun story. exciting product, thank you very much, lindsay. >> thank you. >> that's our broadcast, we will see you back here at 11:00 eastern time.
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headlines are coming up. welcome to al jazeera america. and these are the top stories. a partial ceiling collapse at a heatner london, plaster and debris reigned down on hundreds of audience members. dozens were hurt at least seven seriously injured. a security breech at target stores as many as 40 million shoppers may have had banking information stolen by hackers. target says the security breech does not effect online shoppers. president obama reducing prison terms for eight people convicted of crack cocaine charges. his administration says that under tad's laws the sentences would have never been so severe.


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